Snippets 017

♔ → The newest cover of Baby, themed “Kozure”, has been posted up to BK1. BK1 is evidently very good about posting their covers in a timely manner—even more timely than Baby, in fact, who released the anthology more than a day ago and still haven’t updated their site. Tokyo Mangasha #2 y/y?

♔ → Speaking of Tokyo Mangasha, they finally updated their site a couple days ago. Go there to see higher-quality images of the Nobara and Cab covers and also to see the line-up for Cab’s latest issue.

♔ → Good news for Kumota Haruko: Nobara is a compete hit! It was posted as a recommendation for the first week of its release on Chill Chill and is now currently at #4 on their manga ranking. I’m crossing my fingers for it to hit #1 any time now.

♔ → Kobato Mebaru updated her blog yesterday to talk about the Daria summer BL fair as well as the latest issue of Dear+. She also mentioned Ogura Muku’s meet & greet event for her upcoming release. I know it makes me a loser but awwwww those two are such cute friends! I love it when they talk about each other lol.

♔ → Joining the string of upcoming releases are two new book announcements under Chocolate Comics. The first is by Akira Norikazu and will be titled beast & feast. The second will be titled Teardrop and will be released by Asou Mitsuaki. Two very amazing mangaka, so please look forward to that!

♔ → B’s Garden, the website for Shy novels and CRAFT and HertZ comics, got a complete overhaul today. It used to be a sad, dreary dark blue but now is incredibly colorful. Just in time for the sunny days of summer. I definitely prefer this version of the site—nicer on the eyes and much easier to navigate once you figure things out. What do you think?

♔ → Speaking of B’S Garden, CRAFT (CLAFT, lmao) posted up the covers for their upcoming releases by Miyagi Tooko and Inoue Nawo. You can see them here. Hopefully in the next couple days the previews will also be posted.

♔ → Aniya Yuiji’s drama CD for Me wo Tojite 3byou comes out today! Exciting, exciting! /o/ Aniya Yuiji posted the cover on her site here and it’s so so soooo lovely. She is so amazing, I don’t even. BUT ANWAY, my sweet and lovely blog readers, I have a favor to ask. I do not run in drama CD circles because I don’t like seiyuu, so could anyone who finds a download for this drama CD when it’s posted please tell me? I really really want to listen to it because this is my favorite manga and. Yeah. PLEASE? 8(? I wanted to buy it but CDs are too expensive for me, especially since I’ll probably only listen to it once.

♔ → I don’t remember if I already talked about it so sorry if you’re hearing this twice, but Ootsuki Miu’s Melancholic Mellow Mellow will be getting a drama CD release through the same company, Fifth Avenue. The release date is set for July 28th. So congratulations to Ootsuki-sensei for yet another drama CD release from one of her plots!

♔ → BExBOY GOLD needs to post the cover already jfc.

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11 responses to “Snippets 017”

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    I’ll be sure to let you know when download links are up for Me wo Tojite 3byou. Because of Pyon I’m a total BL Drama addict. It comes out… well in Japan it’s already out, but I’ll let you know. :D

  2. Abscondite says :

    /o/ Asou Mitsuaki–I fell in love with her “Sweet Bitter Candy” tank and was SO excited to see that she’s doing the manga adaption of “Cold Sleep”~ can’t wait to pick up this tank! XD I’m glad you mentioned it.

    • Abscondite says :

      Ooh “Teardrop” is a Chocolate novel…? sad face. There are some seriously gorgeous novels out there… if only I had unlimited funds!!

      • ふう子 says :

        Chocolate is just the publisher and it seems to have ran in either Shousetsu Chocolate or Moca. Even though SC is a novel magazine, with every release there are about four or so comics as well mixed in with the novel chapters. I have one issue of it an it has comics by Ogura Muku, Kusama Sakae, etc. etc. Chocolate is also the line that is releasing Ogura Muku’s latest tankoubon.

    • ふう子 says :

      I fell in love with her tankoubon “Bitter Sweet Candy” as well—seriously adorable! I also loved the oneshots that scanlation groups have released by her. She’s very good at telling interesting, subtle stories. *A*

  3. mango says :

    did you see ichijinsha has started a BL line? I think it’s only a mobile comic but I don’t know how to get into it >_<

    I really want to read ぺぷ BL story since I am a huge fan of her doujinshis :)

    • ふう子 says :

      Hmm look interesting! /o/ Sadly I think they really are keitai-only. Maybe they’ll be released as tankoubon later, though?

      • mango says :

        Hopefully :) It’s great to see that there is a new BL publisher so I look forward to see if they will be publishing books in the future. I already spent a lot this month and my next order is in August! I like to accumulate and purchase 35 books at a time so I’m still waiting for more looks to be listed in advance ^.^

        I got this new book by a doujinshi artist named Kline it’s called 獣に涙 (GUSH COMICS)

        you should check it out I really liked it ^_^ I got a buncha other older titles.

        Anyways I too can’t wait for 日野ガラス’s first book<3

  4. Sora says :

    beboy gold updated their pic XD
    and preview for viewfinder was also up <33333333
    i'll notify you too if i see me wo tojite drama cd :D
    btw did you get the latest cab issue?? it came out few days ago and i'm just soooo curious about the castle mango X-(

    • ふう子 says :

      haha my friend posted that on twitter earlier! :D I was able to read the Punch Up preview so I’m happy!

      Thank you for keeping an eye out for the CD for me!

      Yep, I did buy the new Cab issue but it won’t be here until Monday or Tuesday so I haven’t read it yet. But I’ll try to update about it once I get the chance!

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