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today in BL manga

sorry about my general absence lately. Things have been stressful so I haven’t been reading much BL.

♔ → The cover for the novel Ootsuki Miu illustrated, Nagareboshi Furu Koi ga Furu, has been posted. Actually, it was posted a while ago. A quite sexy cover illustration, as expected of Ootsuki Miu!

I’m pretty excited, since it’s finally the official release of this book. Actually, I’ve been watching to read it ever since people started posting that illustration up all over the place. *w*

♔ → Yoneda Kou is coming back in HertZ in the next issue!

Frankly, I’m quite surprised she’ll be in HertZ instead of Craft, since that was originally the line she ran under. Does this mean a whole new story instead of a continuation of the ones she left off on?

♔ → Speaking of HertZ, on the HertZ line webpage a bunch of the POP illustrations for upcoming releases have been added for Moto Haruhira, Komizu Kiyo and Natsumizu Ritsu. They’re all very cute so I recommend checking them out if you like those artists.

♔ → LYNX’s site has been updated for the latest issue! The cover is super cute. *w* I’m pretty excited to get this one in the mail since it’s the continuation of a lot of the stories I liked in the last volume, plus it has some of my favorite mangaka. Though… sadly, after looking at the line-up for the next volume, I’m not really super excited for that one. orz;; It only has six or so mangaka listed that I really really love. But at least there are quite a few mangaka that I’ve never heard of. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Also, if you click LYNX’s site, you can see a preview for Suisei Summit by Akiyama Koito! There’s a sex scene, which surprised me since I was always under the impression they try to keep dirty-type stuff out off online previews. Maybe I’ve just been reading too much Rutile Sweet.

♔ → The Hanaoto releases for August were announced and they include a book by Chiba Ryouko!! I’m pretty happy since it feels like it’s been a long time since I was last able to read something new by her. Anyway, it will come out August 29th.

♔ → And finally, the cover to Komeri’s debut tankoubon Itoshi no Koishi no has been posted to Tokyo Mangasha’s site! Very cute, with lots of sweet, gentle colors. Also included is the cover of Cab, which is by Terashima this month and is very pink.

Then, as you can see in the information section, a drama CD for Koshino’s Samejime-kun to Sasahara-kun will be released.

today in BL manga

♔ → For those interested, I did a small write-up for one of the stories from Cab here. Originally I wasn’t going to link that but I’ve been lazy lately and skipping from anthology to anthology so I don’t know how long it will be before I finish anything and am able to post properly.

♔ → Rutile posted the latest cover to twitter last night! Very cute! I so wish I could buy this issue since Matsumoto Miecohouse’s story was so promising in the first chapter and Rutile has yet to even release a tankoubon of her previous chapters through them since Terebi-kun. I guess I can only sit back and try to be patient. /;A;\ Though also snazzy is the fact that Jaryuu Dokuro is finally officially in this volume again! And Techno Samata’s continued story was also really good. And Hirakita Yuya is in this volume. (….maybe I should buy it…?)

Anyway for more information including all the color inserts, a full mangaka lineup and what to expect in the next volume you can check Rutile’s site!

♔ → Kojima Lalako set up a tumblr account! This is super exciting aside from the fact that I can’t… follow… her… orz;;;; I guess that’s my punishment for running a tumblr blog that’s 100% copyright infringement.

Speaking of Kojima, she’s in Chara Selection this month! A story about childhood friends, one of which who’s an idol…? Hmmm sounds like her story that ran in b-Boy Cube. Perhaps a continuation?

♔ → Shockingly, HertZ already has their cover posted as well: click! Minase Masara! However, they still haven’t listed their full lineup. These days you can never go by the lineup listed in the end of the last book so I guess I’ll just wait and see who’ll be in this next issue. Also, Minase Masara’s Aishuu tankoubon cover was posted here. Very unusual and pretty.

♔ → Fancy that, I want to talk about more covers.

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BL cover appreciation blog ’11

is what this blog seems to be turning into haha. orz Sorry! But there are so many cute BL manga covers and I want to talk about all of them!

Wait! Actually first I want to point everyone in the direction of Rutile Sweet since they updated today and I absolutely absolutely loved both stories!  Both were just so cute! And also, I have completely fallen for Araki Sorairo’s art style! It has such an interesting sketchy sharp-yet-round feel to it and I’m really truly enamored by it—it reminds me in a weird way or Morozumi Sumitomo’s earlier art. Anyway, here is her blog! I hope to see more and more by her in the future. \*w*/

Anyway, onto the covers! First is Moca, with I recall talking about previously on here. I don’t generally buy Moca (which is an anthology released through Chocolat line) even though it’s usually full of great mangaka, but this time I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. Kojima Lalako and Sunae Hata and Matsuo Marta and Katou Setsuko and Hirakita Yuya and Yamada Torico and Moto Haruhira. *v*

And the cover is so pretty. ;v; Yeah, I really don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

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today in BL manga

♔ → First off, we must talk about the latest cover of Shousetsu Lynx.

By Takashima Kazusa. It’s so nice to see her beautiful artwork again—that cover is seriously the most beautiful magazine cover I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely stunning. *w*

♔ → Dear+ finally updated a few days ago after getting behind for a while (likely due to the earthquake). Mostly I’m just posting about it so everyone can go look at the gorgeous Hashimoto Aoi color illustration. Her art style seems to be evolving more and more into one that I really like. Also, if you click the next issue preview you’ll see that there’s a gorgeous Yamanaka Hiko color page. Kind of want. Must resist ahhhh! orz;;; If Yamanaka Hiko is continually in Dear+ then it hopefully won’t be too long until there’s another tankoubon release from her.

♔ → Some of the mangaka under Libre have posted sweet ‘ganbare nihon!!’ messages that can be read here. Includes mangaka like Nakamura Asumiko, Kuku Hayate, etc.

Aoi Seri also posted her own message here on her blog. She sounds quite down, understandably. ;w;

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Aniya Yuiji is currently on ITAN’s header: click!

♔ → I generally do not buy moca (which is the BL anthology released though Chocolat Comics) even though it almost always looks gorgeous, but while I was doing ~the rounds~ and checking the BL line and publisher websites the cover for the latest volume caught my eye. So I went to the site and they already have the new list for the next volume and it. Is. Amazing.

Shorts by Kojima Lalako, Moto Haruko, Manako, Katou Setsuko and Takarai Saki, full-length stories by Yamada Torico and Matsuo Marta, and then a pin-up by Sunae Hata. Is it even possible to get any more amazing? Thank goodness it doesn’t come out until May so I can start saving up for another book I don’t usually buy.

♔ → Finally, I have a small-ish recommendation thing in the form of a scanlation from Echochi scans: Hanamai Koeda ni Aimashou by Kazumi Maki and Kano Ayumi. It’s about a young man, Daisuke, who was raised as a girl in order to avoid him having to take on his father’s prestigious legacy and the sleazy-but-serious lawyer who is in love with ‘her’. A very cute story with snazzy art.

See? You should all read it!

HertZ band 42

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m spending the day with my cats and some BL manga haha. I hope you all have  lovely day regardless of whether you are romantically attached to anyone or not.

errr I skipped the last issue of this, didn’t I? Sorry about that—over December I had a lot on my plate. orz;;; But here I am to talk about the latest issue, so you’ll forgive me right?

Vague warning for R-18 content goes here.

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today in BL manga

♔ → re: this post I wanted to clear up some things real quick!

1. When I said ‘no cheating’ I meant you couldn’t go to someone else and have them give you the answers. It’s perfectly fine for you to do research on your own by going through your mangaka folders on your computer or your own book collection, or to go through iamfujoshi or this blog. Hell, I even reused some images from iamfujoshi for that exact purpose.
2. You do not have to have commented on this blog or emailed me before to participate. This is for everyone and is just my haphazard way to celebrating.
3. Yes, the thing I’ll buy for first prize has to be a tankoubon and it has to be BL. I can’t afford to send random people expensive BL anthologies and artbooks, and what’s the point in getting a shoujo manga as a prize for a BL competition? That’s just weird.

No one has gotten all thirty correct yet so there’s still plenty of time to try it yourselves! Good luck! I will post the answers when I get home from work on December 1st!

♔ → My Black Friday was really hectic and stressful (hello retail job and getting to work at 3AM!) but at least one good thing came out of it: I got part two of my BL purchase! /o/

So far I’ve only read the Moto Haruko one in full (oh my goddd SO CUTE AND SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! /two thumbs up!) and then bits and piece of Hitorijime Boyfriend (also cute!) and a bit of Boy’s LOVE. Not sure how I feel about Boy’s LOVE this time around tbh. Maybe I need to read it more closely. But it just doesn’t seem… uh… sufficiently dirty? There weren’t enough pointless sex scenes. And the Yamada Torico chapter wasn’t long enough booo.

♔ → Is it just me or is the HertZ cover this month (which I have officially dubbed “hnnngggertZ”) so very unf? I mean, really.

Oh god it is so beautiful. ;; Also can I just say I’m super super excited that Kojima Lalako is back again right after her series ended? Usually a mangaka will take a break from any certain magazine after she finishes a story, but not Kojima Lalako. No no she’s a very badass mangaka. I hope her first tankoubon is through HertZ. I would love to buy ten copies and build a shrine to them all. Or maybe eleven copies, because then I’d also have one to sleep with at night.

Anyway, I’m also excited about Konjiki Runa’s new chapter since there really finally seemed to be some valid romantic development. Same with Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s story, though that’s less about the romantic development (since they’re already a couple) and more about the sex rofl. I’m still mourning the whole ‘no new chapter of Hakumokuren‘ thing, but hopefully the sudden addition of Ike Reibun will make up for it.

♔ → Speaking of HertZ, the POP image of Takarai Rihito’s tankoubon through CRAFT (HertZ’s sister line) has been posted. You can see it here for anyone interested.

BL Purchase! /o/

I got part one of my monthly purchase freakishly early this month. I thought it was going to take longer (like, midway into November) since Kuragehime was supposedly out of stock until they could reorder in a couple weeks, but before I knew it I was getting a shipping notification. Not that I’m complaining. :9

Please ignore the Two-Face—I was getting my inner cat lady on while I was looking through my BL manga since that is the supposed fate of all fujoshi.

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