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interesting releases for February.

I know it feels kind of quick to mention February releases when a majority of the books for this month haven’t even come out yet but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to talk about them a bit.

⇔ As is the case every year it’s been released so far, a new volume of Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru will come out February 25th! tbh I only finally checked this series out recently but I’m kind of hooked. Does anyone know if this will be the last volume, or is it still ongoing?

⇔ Volume two of Takaguchi Satosumi’s Hone made Aishite! This caught me off-guard because I actually first read this story when it just started and I was still buying Chara Selection to keep up with that Sasaki Kumiko story, K no Kouzu, which has since been discontinued sob. I’m obviously pretty behind on this one (like going on four years behind) but I’m excited to hopefully pick it up again in the future!

⇔ New Rutile release for Mochimeko, Houjun na Gohoubi! It feels like it’s been forever since I last read something new by her.

⇔ Another book by Uchida Tsuchi, Bokura ga Koi wo Suru ni wa, through B’s-Lovely comics so I assume this will be a collection of all the stuff she ran in Ricottia. I’m so happy for her that her career in BL seems to have taken off quite nicely wahhh. ;; She’s one of the very very first random artists I bought when I initially started buying BL regularly, and it was her just-released debut. So I have a weird proud-mama feeling whenever I see her around.

⇔ Also through B’s-Lovely, a new release from Akahoshi Jake! You can tell I’m pretty damn behind on what the anthologies and magazines I’m not following have been running because I sincerely had no idea Akahoshi Jake was in anything other than drap. But I’m pretty pumped to read more from her, considering how wonderfully perverted her stuff is.

⇔ Through Gateau, finally after what feels like two years of waiting Amemori Gigi is getting a compiled release. Titled Crystal Palace, the book comes out on the 15th. Now I just get to wonder how long it’ll be before the stories she ran in drap are released in any fashion…

⇔ Koshino has a new book coming out through BexBoy less than a month from now, Michi to no Souguu. I haven’t been so into Koshino lately but I’m sure it’ll be great.

⇔ Also through BexBoy, Yoneda Kou’s NightS will be released on the 9th. Once again I’m not a huge fan of Yoneda Kou but I haven’t read anything from NightS so maybe I’ll like it? Then again I just went and read it was a yakuza story so maybe not… We’ll have to see I guess.

⇔ Through Asuka CL-DX Kinoshita Keiko has a new book Koi wa Sodatte Ai ni Naru coming out on the first. Moderately excited because even though I really like Kinoshita’s stories for some reason she hasn’t really broken into my life of favorite authors yet?? It’s kind of weird. But I shall keep an eye on this one because she has definitely released some stuff I really really love.

⇔ Of course, the one I’m most pumped about is Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke volume three (their high school years) which is also released February first. As much as I was skeptical about the timeline shift to their high school days I ended up really loving it and of course I am giddy to see what the extras for the book will have to offer. And the cover illustration! Has a teaser or anything been released yet? I’m kind of behind on following her twitter. orz;;

⇔ And let’s not forget Kojima Lalako’s Yume Yume Shinjuu. Admittedly not personally pumped about this one because I buy HertZ regularly and it’s kind of… a depressing story….. orz But I have been wanting to read the whole thing in full recently so this is definitely my chance!

One last one I want to mention as kind of a side note is that Chill Chill has another release for Rutile listed for February 23: Kyuugou’s Bokura wa Sore wo Hitei Dekinai. Initially I was really confused because Acid Town is running in Rutile, not this random title, and a new volume of Acid Town was just released not too long ago iirc. But after a Google search this popped up?? So maybe it’s something she had running in Rutile Sweet on the side? idk. I would be pretty excited if it’s true, because her Craft story is too depressing so I’ve dropped it until it’s complete and I still need to give Acid Town another chance (unfortunately I got too attached to the wrong couple and thus had to drop it until my palate was cleansed enough for me to digest the way the pairing was actually going to end up) so even though I absolutely adore Kyuugou I haven’t really been able to read anything by her lately. So if she has another book full of other random stories I would be stoked. Unfortunately though I can’t find any news on Rutile’s site and there isn’t a pre-order page on Amazon so I’m not going to hold my breath on this one. Here’s to hoping, though, because the first chapter was really cute and I’d love more of this fluffy, sexy Kyuugou work I’ve been missing.

upcoming releases!

well that didn’t last long. But hey, here’s something I can talk about without the necessity of a camera: books that are coming out soon.

♔ → first off, as many of you likely know Ootsuki Miu will be releasing a new book later this month through Daria called Ijiwaru na Hito. As if the fact that it’s Ootsuki Miu and the title that hints at adorable love-love bullying didn’t already leave you impatient for the book to be in your hands now, Daria has since posted a preview! It looks ridiculously cute and I can’t wait to get the book so I can actually read it. ;; Unfortunately, I have yet to find a cover illustration.

♔ → Shockingly, Uchida Tsuchi already has a new book lined up through Hanaoto for late April! It feels like just last month that she released her second book, Barairo Melancholy, and yet it’s already time for book number three! I really can’t say how glad I am that she’s not turning out to be one of those BL artists who releases one cute book and then disappears off that map. That happens all too often in the BL genre and it makes me super sad.

♔ → Then through Dear+, Miike Romuco has a March release. The world can really never have too much Miike Romuco.

♔ → One I’m personally reaaaaaaally excited for is volume two of Sakura Sakuya’s Oinarisama no Honey Bunny for release in late March. Even though I initially side-eyed the series after I finally gave it a chance I got pretty hooked. orz;;; I really can’t help it—Sakura Sakuya’s sense of humor and sex appeal are both ace!

♔ → Another Chara release, the final volume of Nanahikari is coming out in late March as well! It’s kind of weird to see this one end, because it’s one of the few series I got into fairly early on and then saw through to the finish. I really thought this one would never end. I’m kind of nervous to know who Hikaru ends up with! /o\ I wonder if I should buy it and take the chance.

♔ → basso has a new book, Naka-san no Nagare, coming out through Edge Comix on March 24th! This one caught me by surprise since iirc basso hasn’t even been in opera for a while now?? Perhaps it’s stuff that ran between all of her related series… Or maybe stuff that was originally published as doujinshi? I guess we’ll just have to see!

♔ → The HertZ/Craft releases are looking pretty glorious! For HertZ it’s SHOOWA in early March followed by Towa on the 22nd. If you go here and check it out SHOOWA’s release already has a cover and Towa’s POP is really cute. (You can also see Kano Shiuko’s and Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s covers now!) Then CRAFT’s release for late March is Okuyama Puku! Her POP is also adorable, and you can view it here.

♔ → Another one of my personal favorites, Koiwazurai Shibito, has a book coming out through Aqua in mid-March! The title definitely leaves me a bit curious: Wakaresaseya no Koi. Koiwazurai’s art and stories have yet to disappoint me so I’ll definitely be picking this book up.

♔ → Perhaps saving the best for last, a book I know many other people will also be excited to hear about: Junko’s annual Gush release has been placed for March 10th, Kasa no Shita, Futari! I’ve only gotten to see the Chinese scans for this one, unfortunately, so I don’t even know what it’s about aside from that there’s a teacher and three guys and sex. Though there seems to be less cute sexiness than Junko’s previous stories, I’m still pretty damn excited!

First Impressions, an encore.

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I got a package in the mail with a bunch of magazines/anthologies today so. Why not? Since I’m sure it’ll take me a lot of time to actually properly read them all and even then I’ll likely be too lazy to do a proper write-up anyway.

vague warning for NSFW content, though I don’t think I took many pictures of sex scenes.

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Chara 08/2011

I’m only going to talk about a few stories from this (literally, about three) because I stopped buying Chara regularly quite a while back and before this issue even I’m missing at least two issues. So when I read Chara I can pretty much only read the oneshots and the manga that only have one chapter so far. Which are very few. :< But I wanted this issue because:

1. Konno Satomi is in it this time.
2. It has the final chapter of Junko’s Konbini-kun.

Luckily, I didn’t have to buy it myself—I got it as a birthday gift. :9 Ehe.

Warning for R-18 images since Junko’s chapter was pretty perverted.

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Nanahikari 17 & 18

It has been… three months since I’ve done a post like this. Since I put off talking about the seventeenth chapter. Half-Baked Scanlations has gotten up-to-date with the chapter releases, which is very cool. I big ‘thank you!’ to them for all their hard work so I am able to better read the chapters in English. /o/

Anyway, onto some Nanahikari! Where did we leave off last time? Hmm if I remember correctly, creepy!Watari had just sent Hikaru the dirty video and pictures of him raping Shimogura and then showed up to be an ass to all of the sons that aren’t Hikaru. Hikaru was shocked by the videos. And Ashinuma. Uh. I don’t remember what he was off doing. Shinobu had just left the apartment, and Yuuma was starting to get pissy about how no one seems to think he matters in all this.

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Indecision, Part 3

As it nears that time of the month again (I’m talking about the end of the month when it’s time to decide what to put in a book order, obviously) these questions arise again and again.

“Should I buy this one?”
“Is that really worth the price if I only want two of the stories?”
“Maybe I should trade that book in and get this one instead…?”

So it’s time for yet another ‘indecision’ post!

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Snippets 007 / Release Schedule

♔ → Chill Chill has been pimping it, but I didn’t click on it until someone else talked about it on Twitter: Comi Comi Studio has put up the 2009 BL ranking! A lot of it is obvious and old boring news, i.e. Koisuru Boukun, Ze, Love Mode, Seven Days, etc. all placed in the top 20. However, some of it was quite interesting and somewhat unexpected. Under BL manga Yamanaka Hiko’s Ouji to Kotori placed 9th, and the Cab series placed third under best-selling anthologies! I’m very happy for them. ♡

♔ → Has anyone else read the first part of Asou Kai’s Tonari no Oniisan, put out by Shinmakoku Scanlations? Damn, it left off at a cruel spot. But it definitely cemented my ~true love~ for Asou Kai.

♔ → Also in scanlation releases, Attractive Fascinante’s upcoming release of Hyuuga Seiryou’s Amai Jouken something to get excited about. Such gorgeous art paired with a simple yet nonetheless interesting story. Plus, very good H scenes! /o/

♔ → Ogura Muku has two new novels coming out in April. Hoshikuzu Citron is under Cross Novels  and is written by Kawai Yumiko, who Ogura-sensei has done two novels for before—Sorairo Spica and Ryuusei Syrup. This one will be released on the 10th. The other novel, Giwaku no Koibito, is under B-Boy and is written by Kazumi Maki, author of the BL classic Yabai Kimochi. It will be released on the 19th.

♔ → Volume two of Kyuugou’s Acid Town will be released April 24th under BirZ’s RuTiLe line. Mmm delicious Kyuugou.

♔ → The amaaaaazingly adorable Sunae Hata will be getting her very first tankoubon release (!!) under BirZ’s LYNX line on April 24th as well! I’m super super excited because even though I just learned of her not too long ago, I would love to read her stories in a complete book. /o/ Congratulations, Sunae-sensei!

♔ → Another thing I’m very excited about: Takaguchi Satosumi’s Nanahikari will have volume four released, also on April 24th! That seems like BL manga’s magical number.

♔ → Hoshino Lily’s Nurse ga Oshigoto seems to be getting a rerelease? This will be released on May 20th.

♔ → Asou Kai will be getting a release Sorenari ni Shinken nan desu under Hanaoto. There will be two books, and they will both be released on May 29th.

♔ → Under drap comics, Tennouji Mio’s Critical Lovers volume two will be released on May 1st. Also under drap, a tankoubon by Aoi Levin by the name of Otoko no Ko da mono will be released May 29th.

♔ → Episode two of Monchi Kaori’s anime adaption Seito Kaichou ni Chukoku will be released on April 30th. :9 Awwyeah. I don’t watch anime but I think they did a rather nice job with SeitoKai.

♔ → Takanaga Hinako’s Benkyou Shinasai! from Asuka Comics will be getting a tankoubon release April 1st.

♔ → Under GUSH, Junko’s Kimi Note and Amagi Reno’s Oni ni Hatsujou will be released in tankoubon form on April 10th.

♔ → Also on the 10th under B-Boy, Nae’s Amai, Nigai, Ichijou Lemon’s Hanaretai Hanaretakunai, Moto Haruko’s Hug Kiss Akushu (!!), volume two of Yamato Nase’s Kyoushi mo Iroiro Aruwake de, and Honjou Rie’s Arera wa Yoru ka Ame no Naka will all be getting book releases.

♔ → Shimizu Yuki’s Ze fanbook will be released April 26th, followed closely by volume nine’s tankoubon on the 30th under Dear+.

♔ → The lovely Konjiki Luna will be releasing a tankoubon under Hanaoto on April 3oth for her manga Shounen Tsubaki. It’s nice to see more work from her, since her art style is so beautiful.