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I originally posted this to wearefujoshi at livejournal, but then it occurred to me that I might want to link it to people who can’t join that comm and thus can’t see the member-locked entries. This is a set of pros and cons for various different stores that sell BL manga and is meant to help people who’re interested in buying so they can chose a store that best suits their needs. If you have any stores to recommend, feel free to comment with what you think the pros and cons of that store are and the link, etc.

Amazon Japan

  • pros: can switch site over to English, fast shipping, easy wishlist feature, site is easy to understand if you’ve ever purchased off the American version, good for bulk orders since they charge per book instead of by weight, has everything all in one place as long as it isn’t out of print
  • cons: only one insanely expensive shipping option for overseas orders–should not purchase from them unless buying in bulk, have to search using Japanese


  • pros: offers different shipping options, coupons (monthly, birthday, etc.), good selection of tankoubon and anthologies, does have subscription service for many BL magazines
  • cons: website is in Japanese only, annoying pre-order policy, doesn’t stock all magazines at all times, have to search using Japanese


  • pros: English website, offers multiple shipping options, free shipping on orders over a certain amount, offers coupons
  • cons: high import fees sometimes make the free shipping not worth it, selection not so great


  • pros: original Japanese prices, website can be viewed in English
  • cons: have to search using Japanese


  • pros: multiple shipping options, ships from United States, English website
  • cons: books have import fees, can be a pain to find items, if something is not stocked in Kinokuniya’s American stores then it has to be special-ordered (takes around two weeks), you have to pay double shipping if your items are coming from separate stores


  • pros: stocks pretty much everything
  • cons: doesn’t always stock everything in a timely manner, site is Japanese only, somewhat difficult to navigate at times, have to search using Japanese


  • pros: site is in English, incredibly large selection of doujinshi and doujin goods, shipping is reasonable and fast, staff is easy to communicate with, accepts paypal
  • cons: website can sometimes difficult to navigate, prices can sometimes be high, you have to pay double shipping if your items are coming from separate stores (rare)


  • pros: site can be viewed in English, somewhat good selection
  • cons: does not seem to quickly stock newer titles, prices are higher than the original Japanese cost


  • pros: site is in English, has a somewhat good selection of BL and GL manga, stocks some BL and otome games, also carries some magazines and anthologies
  • cons: might not have what you’re looking for due to limited selection, site may be hard to navigate, they have those damn paddles


  • pros: site is in English, carries licensed titles as well as a small selection of original Japanese, has a good selection of back-order magazines and anthologies, site is mostly easy to navigate, tends to have fantastic discount sales, they have coupons and shipping discounts
  • cons: selection of original Japanese titles is generally limited only to already-popular series and mangaka, international shipping is limited and expensive

Nippon Export

  • pros: site is in English, has reviews, carries a quite good selection of original Japanese BL manga, prices are at or near the original Japanese cost, you don’t have to use Japanese to search
  • cons: doesn’t seem to restock quickly–many items are up but not in stock


  • pros: has a good selection of novels, tankoubon and anthologies, might have certain things in stock longer than other stores
  • cons: doesn’t always restock older titles, site is Japanese only, only shipping choice is EMS, does not carry magazines

Comi Comi Studio

  • pros: store is BL only, sometimes offers promotional goods, very large selection of tankoubon and novels, also offers some doujinshi and doujin goods as well as CDs, is a review and information site
  • cons: site is BL only as previously stated so not a good place to shop if you’re also planning on buying non-BL items, site is in Japanese only, only shipping choice is EMS, does not carry magazines or anthologies


  • pros: site is in English, you can search by category, reasonable pricing, has a discount section
  • cons: carries only licensed English titles

23 responses to “Where to buy”

  1. withe meat says :

    i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you…..i don´t know how often i should say this but THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH XD

    if you´r interested…i also buy books and some magazines (canna for instance) at benippon (http://benippon.com/en/), well the shippment is quite expensive but you can choose between 5 options (oO), they are really reliable, you can also easily preorder some tankoubons (but not many per month) and sometimes they have really “rare” takoubons, which i didn´t even see at amazone or another shop^^

    and for the german speaking fujioshis out there….there is an onlinebookstore (http://www.bookstorenippon.jis.de/) where you can make any subscribtion you want for any magazine….and make any preorder you want for any book, that´s really fantastic, you only have to write an email with your request and they check it and send you a estimate of cost

    i really recommand this bookstore for subscribtions…hope it helps someone
    and ones again thank you some much for making the effort to list up the shops^^

  2. Suimu says :

    I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. Hate having to search through kinokuniya for manga all the time.

    animate needs to open in america seriously ;___;

    Also, I had no idea comi comi shipped internationally?! Just wondering, what source would you say you personally utilize the MOST for fujoshi needs?

    • Suimu says :

      oops. and i’ve been meaning to ask where you got it (i live in america)? i saw your entry about nessa no rakuen… and i’ve been trying to get my hands on it for a while now. i keep losing to people at yahoo auctions but its the only place i can find it in LOL.

  3. Maria says :

    This seems ridiculously difficult and expensive. I wish they had a way to buy it online so it doesn’t have to be so expensive, long to arrive, or difficult access. I live in Europe so many of the mangas are really hard to reach and the add tax makes me cry. T-T

    But thank you very much for these sites (I do plan on getting some mangas in the future).

  4. Alyx says :

    ARGH!! please tell me— how do you gat the CAB mags?? D: im dying to get a sub or SOMETHING but i cant find them D: how do i get to them??

    btw this blog is amazing ilu so much ;___;

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! Sorry for my late response! I buy all of my issues of Cab from Amazon.co.jp but I do believe they are also available on a variety of other sites such as BK1 and YesAsia.

      And thank you, I’m happy you like my blog!

  5. Val says :

    Hi! Bit of a lurker here (love your blog!) but I had to come out and thank you soooo much for this post **

    Also, I have a question: do you have any idea where I can find old (ish) doujin of a rare fandom (Crows x Worst x Crows Zero…) I’m going crazy here XD and you seem to know lots of interesting online shops!

    • ふう子 says :

      No problem—glad I could help!

      Hmmm aside from the doujinshi sites already listed, I don’t know many. Have you tried yahoo!Japan auctions? Granted, you have to use a deputy service to buy through them, which can get annoying and expensive, but sometimes if you’re able to find something you really want it’s worth the money!

  6. betawatcher says :

    Thank you for the links! I still am shocked at the shipping prices… some of which cost more than the manga I wanna buy. I guess I should save it until I have more to buy so I can buy in bulk and hopefully the shipping costs will look tinier then. ;w;

    This is random, but how much do you spend on all these manga in a month?

  7. nyu says :

    Hello, CDJapan is good?
    I bought Jyunjyo Romantica Illustration Book, came not Obi. Is this normal?

    • ふう子 says :

      I have personally never bought off cdjapan, sorry! However, it’s not that abnormal for a book to come without an obi. And obi is usually only included with a first printing of a book, so if you bought a book that is now no longer a new release then it likely will not come with an obi. Since an obi is usually just an advertisement for some current even/release.

  8. starry2night says :

    Hi how about Kinokuniya bookstore? Since they have pretty good deal of collections though there are quite expensive. I’m not from US but there is this bookstore at my place. I’m just wondering which is better, whether to order it online or buy/order through the bookstore. The shipping fees for online ordering just ways too high.

    • ふう子 says :

      ummm I really don’t know, tbh. I would assume the best way is to order through them, unless you have to pay for shipping to their store. Then it’s not really that great a deal and I’d just buy online.

  9. michi says :

    How do you make an order through BK1? i successfully registered an account there but when I try to check out, i can’t seem to find international shipping option(?_?) if you don’t mind, can you please let me know the way to order?
    Thank you so much for sharing the sites <3

  10. supernyo says :

    I’ve have been buying BL mangas from several online sites, but mine are not in your list at all. Actually your list is kinda unfamiliar to me 00~ I’ve been the customer of libre-pub.jp and toranoana.jp, of course these sites are in Japanese but there are lots of choices, the shipping is badass but…well, we always have trouble with that, right? ; A;~ I think you should try buying books from them…
    P/S: just talking, you don’t need to consider my comment as something annoying ; A;~

  11. GreataBrown says :

    Hi sweetheart! Thank you for this article. Well, I am thinking of taking up Japanese courses in order to learn the language so I want to know if there are any sites that sell yaoi mangas on Japanese in digital form. I want to purchase them online and store them in my computer. Could you help me? Thanks!!!

  12. GreataBrown says :

    Again, thanks for this great article. Could you help me a little? I’m currently living in Greece and I want to order some mangas from the sites above. But I’m kind of lost. There are so many sites!! Basically, I prefer the sites with the least shipping fees. What’s your opinion? Which company do you suggest? Also, do you mind my being a stalker? (hahaha) Your site is absolutely lovely with lots of interesting mangas and articles!!!

  13. luukim says :


    I am new in this kind of aspect you know. Can you give me some advice to buy raw? I would like to buy BL manga. But I don’t know what kind of mangazine that I can buy, which content is for Boy love. I really need information to look out all these things.. T^T

    I love Kono Ore ga Omae, and I really want to buy one. Lol, I found some Chinese raws, but honestly I didn’t like it at all. Can you sold it for me…. Just look at it make me want to….kyaaaa…by myself >.<

    Btw, do you know Silver Diamond? Have you got this series, I love it.

  14. Andrea says :

    Omgosh! Thank you!

  15. Ryoji says :

    Did you try cdjapan.jp

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