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upcoming releases to get excited about.

sitting here bored, so I figured I could do a post about recent or upcoming releases I’m excited to get my mitts on eventually! I literally have 50 books currently01 in my amazon.jp wishlist, though admittedly some of them are there after going through and trashing my magazines and being reminded of authors that I enjoyed but had somehow forgotten. Still, there are plenty of new and upcoming books I’m excited about as well.

first off, a book by a debut artist I’ve been excited about ever since I started to read her story running in Daria, Haji’s Double Hound. Her art style is really interesting and I love the facial expressions and proportioning of her characters, as well as the relationship between the two mains for this particular book. Unfortunately 02it’s currently on back-order so I’m gonna have to wait a while before I can read it.

as for Dear+, Miike Romuco released a book by them late in December that I accidentally missed out on even though it looks super cute. (tbh as a free! fan I can’t help but be reminded of Nagisa and Rei’s previous track teammate…) Then this month there’s Ten Count volume three, which I’m stoked about even though that story admittedly went in a direction I definitely wasn’t expecting. Then next month is Ogeretsu Tanaka‘s03 book through them. If you follow my personal blog you’ll already know how much I loved the story that had her debuting in Dear+. Admittedly a little disappointing, though, is that Masao Sangatsu still hasn’t released anything for her newest series…

for onBlue this month there was a new book released by Nobara Aiko that’s getting a lot of fanfare! Unfortunately, though, it’s also a backorder so there’ll be a bit of a wait before I can personally read it. A lesser-known bl publisher, Fleur Comics, released a book by Nishi Noriko that looks really cute—Focus.04

through Chara another book I missed out on in December is this lovely-looking book by Natsukawa Shiori. Then this month they’ll be releasing a book by Minazuki Akira, which is always something to look forward to.

then we have a double-release by Kojima Lalako for Paradise View: one and two. Admittedly I’m a bit nervous for this release, since it seems a bit angstier than most of her stories and admittedly as much as I adore her overall I’ve always been more of a fan of her fluffier, more gentle stories. The double cover is really lovely, though, especially when placed side by side.

05 06

Rutile, ever the big-time releaser of some of my favorite stories, has a lot to offer me recently. Firstly, this month they released a new book by Misaki Usio, who I’ve really been loving these last couple years. Then next month they have a release by Uchida Tsuchi, and then something by one of my all-time favorite mangaka Hirakita Yuya as well. And lucky for me Hirakita is also releasing a book through Chocolat.07

Rutile’s less-innocent sister line, Lynx, is then releasing a book by Ootsuki Miu! It feels like it’s been forever since there was last a new book by Ootsuki Miu through Lynx, which used to be one of the most active publishers of her work. I’m excited to see what kind of new stories she’ll have through them. And then drap is releasing a book by Shinozaki Mai, who iirc I’ve never read anything by but her cover is just beautiful.

finally, an anthology by Poe Backs Baby Comics, Hentai Play. Because I’ll be buying so many fluffy Rutile books I figured I’d better balance it out with this delightfully perverted-looking anthology that contains many great artists, such as Akahoshi Jake, Pii, Fujimako, as well as many artists I’ve never heard of before while us always a fun discovery experience!

Anyway, how about you guys? Any new or upcoming releases you’re particularly looking forward to?

July ’13 Purchase

my order for July finally came wahhhhh. I had a lot of drama over this order, because part of me wanted to buy through Honto again (for the cheaper shipping) but Honto doesn’t stock Boy’s Pierce and there was no way in hell I was going to not buy Boy’s Pierce this month because I needed (NEEDED!!!) to know if Kou-chan was going to cheat on Kishi. It was of utmost importance. And then I really really wanted Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriguse but uh… evidently every other fujoshi in Japan also wanted that book because it’s been backstocked for rerelease on August 12th. So much for that. Then Kevin Komine’s book went out of stock. So. I had to cancel and redo and rethink this order about a million times. Life is so hard for this unfortunate little fujoshi.

but it’s here now (except one book that should come tomorrow) so–! We can rejoice!

first off can we just laugh at how ridiculously and unnecessarily large BexBoy GOLD is? This is my first time buying it, and I already knew it was bigger than most, but THAT BIG? Really? I’m already running hilariously low on space to store and display all my books ahhhh.

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November releases worth getting excited about.

in my opinion, anyway. For some reason, November’s releases have been weirdly kept secret—usually about midway through the month, the releases for two months from then will start being revealed. But this time around the only November releases I really knew about until just a few days ago were the Hanaoto, Dear+ and Pierce Series books. Then on October first they started slowly showing up at random on Amazon (Chill Chill is still pretty lacking in the release announcement department as you can see) so I’ve been picking up the habit of checking daily for any new exciting upcoming releases.

(as you can see, I don’t have much other stuff to do with my time aside from checking BL listings… orz;;)

Some of them are actually pretty damn exciting—in particular, the ones that popped up this morning while I was checking!

November 2
room share by Ishino Aya (Edge Comix)
Vanilla Resort by Ootsuki Miu (drap comics)

November 9
Bamford Koushakuka no Shitsuji by Ike Reibun (Super BBC)
Love Cafe Mocha by Shimaji (GUSH Comics)

November 15
Koibito Assortment by Kumonosuke (Gateau Comics)

November 24
O’mamorishimasu, Doko made mo by Junko (Chara Comics)
Bokura no Heart Slope by Hirakita Yuya (Rutile Collection)
Kami-sama Onegai! by Mio Junta (Lynx Collection)

November 30
Neko to wa Sex nanka Shinai by Kimura Hidesato (Pierce Series)
Himitsu no Hisoka na Hoshi by Amagakure Gido (Dear+ Comics)

I’ve already known about Amagakure and Kimura’s for quite a while now; funny how the ones latest in the month always seem to be the first announced. I’m particularly excited for Kimura Hidesato’s, since I’ve loved her ever since I first saw her in the Syrup anthologies and recently when I started stalking her blog I was horrified to find she started running regularly in Junet-released magazines only after I stopped regularly buying them. But fear not—next month she’ll be releasing a Pierce Series book so I won’t have to search ’till the ends of the earth just to collect her stories through them. Also every time I see the title for her book I laugh stupidly. (Though Orishima Yupopo’s upcoming Sexcuse me! is also pretty damn brilliant.)

I’m also, of course, very excited about Vanilla Resort, room share, and O’mamorishimasu. Those three I’ve read partially in the magazines they’re running in and truly enjoyed each and every one and am pretty ecstatic about the chance to read them in full. For room share, it’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve missed because iirc in the last issue of OPERA I bought the couple still wasn’t technically together.

Kumonosuke’s, of course, I am very happy about since she’s one of my favorite artists and it’s been half a year now since I’ve been able to read anything by her. Actually, speaking of Kumonosuke she just started running in Chara! Or was it Chara Selection? Either way, it’s so awesome to see her branching out to all kinds of different BL publications because it’s always pretty distressing when an artist you like only sticks to the same publisher until they stop publishing her work and she thus just disappears completely. HEARTBREAK.

Ike Reibun’s, Mio Junta’s, and Shimaji’s I am excited about but only moderately. Well. I am very excited, but not as excited as I am for some of the other ones. Now, the one I am seriously absolutely pumped about is Hirakita Yuya’s. As my friends know quite well, I’ve been whining for months and months now about how it feels like I never get to read anything by Hirakiya Yuya anymore and it feels like forever since she’s released something. (Actually, it has been a year now… ;A;) And since I absolutely adore her and her stories and art and just everything about her releases, it kills me to go a really long time without even a taste of something new from her. So this book is pretty much a blessing from the fujoshi goddesses because finally—FINALLY—something fresh and new for my eyes from Hirakita. ;w;)/ Yay!!

Chara 04/12

ahh I used to do magazine reviews like this all the time but for some reason it’s really hard to talk myself into doing them lately. But there are a few stories I’d like to talk about in the latest Chara so I figured it would be okay to at least do a short magazine review—better than doing nothing at all.

the cover is really lovely this time! Though I didn’t read and thus won’t talk about Deadlock since I’m pretty sure I missed the first chapter. orz;;; Not really any warning for R-18 content this time around since Chara is known for being a pretty vanilla publication.

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quickie reviews, take 8

Hirakita Yuya | Neko ni Naritai

I finally got this book early this month!! And I also read it earlier this month and have been meaning to talk about it but I’ve kept forgetting. But luckily since I’ve read enough to do some mini reviews I can talk about it here. This book completes my collection of Hirakita’s works and I just wish I would have gotten it sooner since it’s so cute ahhh. It’s technically the story about two twin brothers, Fumiyoshi and Yoshiyuki, and their lovers. Each boy has his insecurities in love and his wonderful fluffy moments. Personally I loved Yoshiyuki’s story the most, as he falls for a super super sweet, puppy-type boy in his class who is obsessed with cats and it’s just ahhh sd;gljdg;sd SO CHARMING AND WONDERFUL! Hirakita just writes the most lovely characters. There are also two off-shoot stories, one about college students and the other about coworkers, and they’re both also very cute!

Taumi Mayu | Ringodou Shoten Honten desu.

even though this book was released almost three months ago now and I was even super super excited about the release, for some reason I’ve been putting off actually reading it. I think because some of the reviews were really lackluster, I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. But last night someone requested I write about the book so this morning I went out in the unseasonably warm weather and read it front-to-back in one sitting. It’s actually a very charming book—it’s about two young men, Ishiwata and Ayabe, who work in a bookstore together. Ishiwata is kind of an otaku, and Ayabe is gay and really laid-back. Along with their coworkers at the bookstore, they get into a lot of silly antics while falling deeper and deeper in love. While I’m not a big fan of gag manga (while I loved this book, I probably would have loved it even more if it had been a tad more serious) I still found it a really enjoyable read. Actually, I shed a few tears at the end haha. When Ayabe admitted to falling deeper for Ishiwata than he was expected and started tearing up. orz;;; I’m such a sucker for emotional scenes like that.

Sakamoto Mano | Pie wo Agemasho, Anata ni Pie wo ne

actually, if you couldn’t already tell, this is a GL book. But I figured it would be okay to still talk about it here since a lot of BL fans also enjoy GL just as much. For those who don’t know, Sakamoto Mano used to fairly regularly publish BL works, and she still does every once in a while. I fell for her because of her gorgeous art and her story Gin no Kajitsu, and I’ve been craving something new by her so I caved and bought this. (Since Kawaii went out of print… ;;) It’s the first GL book I’ve ever bought (though I regularly read GL scanlations… /cheapass orz;;) and I don’t regret a thing—Sakamoto’s female characters are just as endearing as her males, and the stories are very lovely. There are four chapters in all about various relationships between women. In particular, I really liked the last chapters with the two idols—I’m kind of a sucker for stories where someone is telling their current lover about a bittersweet past love. Very cute! I hope Sakamoto releases more GL in the future!

Quickie Reviews, Take 7

Kajigaya Michiru | Houkago no Fujun

I bought this book on a whim just because I liked the cover. Which is, pathetically enough, the reason I buy most books by artists I’ve previously never read before. Sometimes it turns out to be a bad choice and the inside art isn’t anywhere near as appealing and the story doesn’t draw me in, but sometimes you hit jackpot. Which is what happened with this one. A simple story with pretty simply appealing art, about two male high school students who hook up and have their share of relationship drama and insecurity, but there’s something about this book that made me really like the way it was all handled. Perhaps it was the personality of the uke character, idk—he was the type to run from his problems, but nonetheless the type to store up his courage and face them eventually. And the seme wasn’t your generic Asshole Character. Plus I liked how their relationship was handled like it was fairly normal to date a guy instead of a girl—not usual, but still not abnormal.

Also I’m a sucker for plots where the characters foolishly break up and then there’s a whole chapter where they long for each other, eventually having a tear- and regret-filled reunion. Ahhh I don’t know how to describe this book without either making it sound boring or writing a novel, but if you like cute relationship stories between high school boys then I definitely recommend it!

Hirakita Yuya | Koi no Binetsu ga Samenakute

The first story is between a pharmacist and a bento shop worker whose sisters were friends previously. It’s another one that’s a bit hard to explain, since there’s a bunch of drama between the pharmacist, Kashiwaya, and his sister’s fiance that coincides with Kashiwaya and Harada (bento worker) and their slow decent into love. I think these are the kind of stories Hirakita does best—where the two start out as friends who’re oddly flirtatious toward each other, but before they know it they’re in love. Very cute!

Then the second story is between a young man who goes to his grandparents’ to visit only to find they have a new young man staying with them often—a young man who turns out to be a fox spirit. Though Tomohiro is initially freaked out by Aoi’s existence and the secret he’s hiding from Tomohiro’s grandparents, they eventually bond over their similar pasts and fall in love. Though the first story was cute, this one was definitely my favorite! Sorry I’m just a huge sucker for adorable exuberant characters like Aoi, especially when they’re paired with down-to-earth characters like Tomohiro. A slightly supernatural romance!

Hirakita Yuya | Mukuwaretai na

A story between cousins ufufu. *w*)/ This is another one of those ‘slow decent into love’ kind of stories that Hirakita excels at! Tatsuhiko has always been a Teacher’s Pet—constantly falling in adoration with his teachers and then telling his much-older cousin Acchan all about it. So eventually Acchan makes a promise to become a teacher and always stay by Tatsuhiko’s side. Years later, he’s kept that promise—Tatsuhiko is now in high school and attends the school where Acchan works. And Acchan is still his closest ally, always listening to his woes of teacher love and heartbreak. But eventually Tatsuhiko starts to realize the teacher he truly loves most and feels closest to is Acchan, his cousin. And Acchan seems to be holding secret affections for Tatsuhiko as well.

Ahhh this story was really cute!! ;A;) Tatsuhiko was such an adorable character, and I like serious!wanko types like Acchan who are deeply in love and would give up everything for their love interest, but try not to push their affections on their love interest because they don’t want to become a bother. So cute ughhhh. Though I’ve always been a fan of Hirakita’s work, I think this one cemented my adoration of her. Definitely have to get the rest of her books now!

First Impressions, an encore.

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I got a package in the mail with a bunch of magazines/anthologies today so. Why not? Since I’m sure it’ll take me a lot of time to actually properly read them all and even then I’ll likely be too lazy to do a proper write-up anyway.

vague warning for NSFW content, though I don’t think I took many pictures of sex scenes.

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