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Kimura Hidesato debut tankoubon!

I just put in my order for November a few days ago (I’m actually in the process of writing a post about my ‘buying process’ if anyone is interested), which is exciting because there are a few books released this month that I’m pretty pumped about. Unfortunately it was such a full month that I ended up having to skip a few books by newer or debuting artists I was curious about, but to make for it I have Hirakita Yuya on the way (it should be arriving tomorrow… or more like, in 12 or so hours after I post this) and then this lovely gem which hasn’t shipped yet but will hopefully be shipping soon!

Kimura Hidesato’s debut work, Neko to wa Sex nanka Shinai! (Which loosely translates to something like “I’m not gonna have sex with a cat” in case anyone is curious.) This is particularly exciting for me because, as I’ve said on here before iirc, Kimura Hidesato happened to be an artist who ran in Cab (and some related anthologies) a few times and I ended up falling for her super hard because her stories are so weird but in this sexy, cute way that I found entirely endearing?? I just loved everything I saw by her. But then Cab stopped running her stories and it broke my heart because I didn’t want her to be another one of those artists who release one or two oneshots that I absolutely love only to fall off the face of the planet.

So in my desperation to see if maybe she was releasing something in a different anthology—please dear god because I didn’t want to miss out on any of her wonderfully ero-cute stories—I found she’d been running in Junet releases quite frequently. And not only that, but soon after that her debut compiled release was announced. So yay, she’s definitely not turning out to be one of those random artists who disappear just as quickly as they come on the scene.

anyway, long story short I really really dig Kimura Hidesato’s works and I hope I can maybe introduce her better to you guys as well because I think she really deserves lots of fans even though she’d just now getting on her feet. So hopefully you can expect some kind of intro post or review as soon as her book arrives on my doorstep! But until then I definitely recommend checking out her pixiv or checking out a preview here (it’s the third one down—the long pink button that reads ちょっと立ち読み!) for a nice sneak peek!

Kusama Sakae 10th Anniversary

A big congratulations to Kusama Sakae, who has been publishing BL for ten years now. She is a very amazing artist as well as a wonderful storyteller. I will always remember the first works I read by her, Yumemiru Seiza and Nikushokujuu no Table Manner, as two of my all-time favorite BL works. She has such a wonderfully unique art style, and a way of creating characters and plots that catch you off guard. The BL genre is made more wonderful by her existence, and I truly thank her form the bottom of my heart for all the effort and creativity and love she puts into her stories. Thank you so much, Kusama Sakae, congratulations on ten years and I hope there are still many more to come!

Anyway, Libre has taken it upon themselves to set up a special page for Kusama Sakae’s 10th anniversary, co-hosted by the publishers of drap and dear+! In all there will be a special commemorative obi collection of Kusama’s characters, a twitter interview, as well as a special artbook release.

the book comes out December 31st, but orders for it will be held between September 3rd and October 31st. It can be purchased at Libre’s official shop, Animate, or ComiComi Studio. Supposedly it will be a collection of even her rare and hard to find illustrations from other publishers as well as doujinshi-only releases. I’m incredibly excited about this, because like I said on tumblr there is really no other artist whose work I would love more to own in artbook form. Her color illustrations are just gorgeous and it’s about time they were compiled and put on high-quality paper for the world to enjoy at full artistic value!

As for the twitter interview, it will be held September 13th at 7pm Japan time! If you have a question you would like to put up for consideration (in Japanese preferably, though if you really want to ask something I’m sure they wouldn’t mind English too much) you can use the hashtag #10kusama and @ reply Libre Sillikat’s account (@libre_sillikat). The time period to put out questions for consideration is until September 10th!

Once again, congratulations to Kusama Sakae on 10+ years of hard work and wonderful releases. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, sensei!

Spotlight: Kumonosuke

I figured it was finally time to get around to one of my favorite new discoveries of 2011: Kumonosuke. I’ve been meaning to do this forever but I kept putting it off even though Kumonosuke truly deserves her day in the spotlight. I pretty much fell in love with Kumonosuke’s art when the cover for her debut book was revealed. But it wasn’t until almost a year later that I was able to realize it’s not just her art that makes her stand above the crowd: it’s also her characters and stories in general.

Lovely Talk
Shiawase ni Naru no sa!
Kimi ni Sosogu

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Spotlight: Minazuki Akira

In honor of her third tankoubon being released in just a couple days’ time I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write a proper comprehensive post about a mangaka I really love yet for some reason don’t talk about quite as much: Minazuki Akira. I initially discovered Minazuki’s work in HertZ and also added her tankoubon for Konya wa Take-Out nite to my wishlist even though I hadn’t realized at the time that the artist I was seeing in my anthology was the same as the mangaka whose gorgeous cover had completely taken me in. It wasn’t until a while later that I really took notice of Minazuki’s name, and then my love for her was locked in when her debut book was released as a scanlation and I was able to stop feeling overwhelmed by her incredibly unusual art and just enjoy her works wholeheartedly.

Konya wa Take-Out nite
Kono Yo no Subete
Shiranu wa Omae Bakari
Noboseru Karada

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Hayakawa Nojiko “Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki” teasers

okay so I already posted about this a bit (err…. a lot) on tumblr but I figured this would be a better place to talk about it in order to introduce people to Hayakawa Nojiko and also just because I can post a bunch more higher-quality pictures here without spamming people. SO.

For those who do not know, this is Hayakawa Nojiko’s debut tankoubon through HertZ. She has been running in HertZ for a fairly long time now. To be honest I previously found her story (and artwork) so overwhelming that I haven’t actually read it very closely so far. But now that the tankoubon has been released, it’s now or never! (Well… as soon as RL stuff stops kicking my ass. But still!)

Anyway, I wanted to share this just because Hayakawa Nojiko is just one of those amazing mangaka whom I don’t want to be ignored. Not only is her art very pretty and her storytelling very atmospheric, her color art is stunning and her paneling is just amazingly unique.

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Jaryuu Dokuro’s live drawing

The event with her live drawing has come and gone, but Jaryuu Dokuro just happened to post about the event to her blog with some pictures and even some video of the event. It’s pretty amazing, especially if you’ve got a boner for weird ambient electronic music and gorgeous girls in bikinis drawn by absolutely fantastic artists.

For me, just being able to see the actual process of Jaryuu Dokuro’s art is enough to send me into a fit of glee. This is definitely an event I would have loved to attend.

(Also you get to see her at the end! Not that it makes a difference in how amazing her manga is either way, but she’s very pretty!)

Aniya Yuiji live!

Aniya Yuiji got a Stickam account! I believe she set it up just yesterday evening. I woke up at around 7AM (9PM Japanese time) and she was mostly messing around, and then eventually she started drawing—working on Tempest! This is very exciting, because I’ve honestly always wanted to see Aniya Yuiji’s drawing process; her art is just so beautiful so I want to know how it’s created. Granted, she didn’t do her initial sketching process but I’ll take what I can get.

I watched her feed for longer than I’d like to admit (umm about two hours?? /no life) and actually I can’t think of anything in a long while that has made me happier. Actually it wasn’t like I was just sitting and silently watching a video of Aniya drawing—eventually Chika (Aniya’s manager and good friend) came in on mic and then later in the text chat, and it was like being in a chatroom of other people—finally!!—who love Aniya Yuiji just as much as I do. From the way she is on twitter I had initially taken Aniya Yuiji as someone who doesn’t interact with her fans very much, but this definitely proved me wrong.

(QK—or ‘kyuukei’—means ‘break’ in Japanese.)

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Spotlight: Hino Garasu

I originally became interested in Hino Garasu when I read her two joint oneshots scanlated by Blissful Sin, and I absolutely loved them. They were so pretty but had such an emotional dark edge that set them apart. But my interest mostly stopped there, since that was before I started buying BL myself and nothing else for her was ever brought up by any part of fandom or any other scanlation groups—that is, until my sister bought me a set of two drap magazines with another gorgeous story by Hino in them, and I fell in love all over again. And this time it was a bit more difficult to just go back to forgetting her name and moving on.

Seinen wa Ai wo Kou
Renai Kidou

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Spotlight: Junko

I first heard of Junko pretty much completely by accident. I remember, I was browsing for stuff that seemed interesting and for some reason the page for Kimi Note popped up. And I guess you can say it was love at first sight—as soon as I saw that adorable cover I had to have it. I had to read that book. I just had to. And at this point in time I’m glad I hit sudden!obsession with that cover, because that adorable cover I happened to come across (and then kept seeing more and more as Kimi Note started getting more good reviews) introduced me to one of my favorite mangaka.

Abarenbou Kareshi
Kimi Note
Ouji no Kikan
Star-like Words

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Neko no Yomeiri

To make the wait slightly more bearable (or perhaps less bearable by constantly reminding what could be ours in just over a few short days), HertZ has posted up the site for Kojima Lalako’s Neko no Yomeiri release.

Aside from having a book description (now I know Himitsu no Rika-chan and Fuwa Fuwa no Hirari are also going to be included in this book) and lots of cute pictures and previews, it also includes Kojima’s profile and an interview (how is it possible to be so cute??) and a desktop background of the cover art. Very pretty! Now we finally get to see an up-close image of her illustration. *w*

Ahhhh I love Kojima Lalako. orz;;;; Why isn’t it the 31st yet?