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November book reviews (part one)

as I believe I said on my personal blog (or did I say it on here? idk) I actually really really liked this month’s batch of books. Admittedly there are some months where I love practically everything and some months where I’m lukewarm to everything except a book or two. Usually it’s a half-and-half deal. But anyway I got a lot of books this month that I feel fairly passionate about and aside from that I’ve been wanting to make it my goal to at least vaguely talk about all the books I buy. So here’s part one of probably three posts. I won’t talk about Tempest volume three and I already did a post on Akudama so. This post will have four books and BE WARNED one of them is super R-18 so do not—DO NOT—read this blog post at work unless you have an image blocker activated.

Kinmokusei ni Sayounara | KUJIRA

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November releases worth getting excited about.

in my opinion, anyway. For some reason, November’s releases have been weirdly kept secret—usually about midway through the month, the releases for two months from then will start being revealed. But this time around the only November releases I really knew about until just a few days ago were the Hanaoto, Dear+ and Pierce Series books. Then on October first they started slowly showing up at random on Amazon (Chill Chill is still pretty lacking in the release announcement department as you can see) so I’ve been picking up the habit of checking daily for any new exciting upcoming releases.

(as you can see, I don’t have much other stuff to do with my time aside from checking BL listings… orz;;)

Some of them are actually pretty damn exciting—in particular, the ones that popped up this morning while I was checking!

November 2
room share by Ishino Aya (Edge Comix)
Vanilla Resort by Ootsuki Miu (drap comics)

November 9
Bamford Koushakuka no Shitsuji by Ike Reibun (Super BBC)
Love Cafe Mocha by Shimaji (GUSH Comics)

November 15
Koibito Assortment by Kumonosuke (Gateau Comics)

November 24
O’mamorishimasu, Doko made mo by Junko (Chara Comics)
Bokura no Heart Slope by Hirakita Yuya (Rutile Collection)
Kami-sama Onegai! by Mio Junta (Lynx Collection)

November 30
Neko to wa Sex nanka Shinai by Kimura Hidesato (Pierce Series)
Himitsu no Hisoka na Hoshi by Amagakure Gido (Dear+ Comics)

I’ve already known about Amagakure and Kimura’s for quite a while now; funny how the ones latest in the month always seem to be the first announced. I’m particularly excited for Kimura Hidesato’s, since I’ve loved her ever since I first saw her in the Syrup anthologies and recently when I started stalking her blog I was horrified to find she started running regularly in Junet-released magazines only after I stopped regularly buying them. But fear not—next month she’ll be releasing a Pierce Series book so I won’t have to search ’till the ends of the earth just to collect her stories through them. Also every time I see the title for her book I laugh stupidly. (Though Orishima Yupopo’s upcoming Sexcuse me! is also pretty damn brilliant.)

I’m also, of course, very excited about Vanilla Resort, room share, and O’mamorishimasu. Those three I’ve read partially in the magazines they’re running in and truly enjoyed each and every one and am pretty ecstatic about the chance to read them in full. For room share, it’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve missed because iirc in the last issue of OPERA I bought the couple still wasn’t technically together.

Kumonosuke’s, of course, I am very happy about since she’s one of my favorite artists and it’s been half a year now since I’ve been able to read anything by her. Actually, speaking of Kumonosuke she just started running in Chara! Or was it Chara Selection? Either way, it’s so awesome to see her branching out to all kinds of different BL publications because it’s always pretty distressing when an artist you like only sticks to the same publisher until they stop publishing her work and she thus just disappears completely. HEARTBREAK.

Ike Reibun’s, Mio Junta’s, and Shimaji’s I am excited about but only moderately. Well. I am very excited, but not as excited as I am for some of the other ones. Now, the one I am seriously absolutely pumped about is Hirakita Yuya’s. As my friends know quite well, I’ve been whining for months and months now about how it feels like I never get to read anything by Hirakiya Yuya anymore and it feels like forever since she’s released something. (Actually, it has been a year now… ;A;) And since I absolutely adore her and her stories and art and just everything about her releases, it kills me to go a really long time without even a taste of something new from her. So this book is pretty much a blessing from the fujoshi goddesses because finally—FINALLY—something fresh and new for my eyes from Hirakita. ;w;)/ Yay!!

Top 5 BL: Romance

ok so yesterday on tumblr I mentioned I was thinking of maybe doing a ~top five~ meme when it comes to BL and I got some vaguely positive responses so I figured it was worth a shot. The general idea of the top five meme is to take my top five of any particular BL trope, i.e. smut-centric, character-driven, angst-filled. Today I tckled romance, since I figured that would be easy. If you any any specific type or trope of BL you want me to cover, feel free to ask because I’m pretty unimaginative.

ANYWAY, onto my top five!

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“Otoko no Ko to Koi” cover + some stuff

I went to check if my copy of Kumonosuke’s latest book had shipped yet (I don’t know why I bother considering it’s not even released yet….) and the cover was finally posted and it’s seriously just gorgeous so I wanted to share it here!

So pretty. ;A;) I just love the colors and the posturing and the shading and just sd;lgjs;ggd AHH KUMONOSUKE!! Which reminds me… I still haven’t talked about her book released last month…….

In other news, while I was going through my mail I saw that Chill Chill released the names and ranking of their 2011 BL awards! Koshino’s Samejima-kun so Sasahara-kun got first place—not surprising at all, consider it’s such a great book and made a pretty huge splash in fandom! Some other ones that made me happy were Castle Mango at number three, and Akiyama-kun at number ten. Though I personally think Akiyama-kun deserved a higher ranking… :T /bitter

As for artists, Hidaka Shouko won as best artist of the year with Koshino at a close second! Ogura Muku won number 4, which made me happy. I’m glad 2011 seems to have been such a great year for her. ;w;) My precious. Artists like Est Em, Watanabe Asia, Nakamura Asumiko, Minazuki Akira, etc. also got special mention. Then onto winners for best ‘new’ artists: Hideyoshico!!! Uwaaa! \(;w;)/ Hooray for her! It’s so great to see how much her works have caught on. And then I got super excited because Nobara Aiko got second place and I am just d;lgjsd;gs Nobara Aiko is so wonderful. ;; Why does no one understand whyyyy.

Speaking of Nobara Aiko, onBLUE volume five comes out ion just a few short weeks! Please please please let the latest chapter have something a little happier in store. ;A;) Also, I can’t wait to see who the next interview subject is!

new Kumonosuke cover

Daria isn’t really a publishing line that tends to release a lot of books that get me particularly excited but these past two months they’ve been on a roll, releasing books by two of my favorite artists: first Ootsuki Miu, and now this month it’s Kumonosuke. Again, I’ve been going to their site about three times a day waiting for the cover (the preview was posted a week or so back) and finally last night they delivered!

God only knows when Amazon will post up a high-quality image (they just finally posted Ootsuki’s) so this is all we have for now. Well, actually they also have a crop from it on their banner announcing the double-release with Gateau, which you can see on their main page. As is Kumonosuke’s specialty, it’s such a wonderful and intimate illustration.

Actually, have I even mentioned Kumonosuke’s second release on here yet? She’ll be releasing a book through Gateau next month on the 14th. Very exciting for us Kumonosuke fans—two releases in less than the span of a month! I’m pretty sure her Gateau release will be the story that’s been running in the anthology, which is good because I wasn’t able to afford to keep up with buying it. ;; And so I didn’t even get to see the final chapters ahhhh.

The more Kumonosuke, the better.

BL ‘year in review’ 2011!

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is suddenly thinking back with nostaglia as well as forward with excitement. Even a fujoshi gets a little caught up in all the year-end festivities, so here you have it: a BL year in review. I also did one last year so I figured I may as well do one this year. I don’t want to be inconsistent now!

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Daria is my new favorite line.

With Kumota Haruko’s and Matsumoto Miecohouse’s upcoming releases I didn’t think there could be any upcoming news that got me any more excited for 2012 than I already was, but Kijitora was nice enough to post about something that definitely put my excitement over the top.

大槻ミゥさん 2月の新刊

雲之助さん 3月の新刊

New releases by both Ootsuki Miu and Kumonosuke! ;A;)/

This is absolutely awesome because I was just lamenting over how Kumonosuke will probably not be releasing for a while as I was writing my spotlight post on her. Since I hadn’t realized she’d been in Daria more than I assumed, I was thinking it would at least be six months or more before I got a new book by her to grace my shelves. But here it is—as painful as it will be to wait more than three months for Kocchi ni Oide at least that’s not nearly as horrible as half a year!

And, of course, I’m sure you all know how long I’ve been longing for this Ootsuki Miu release. For the longest time the only books released by her were ones I already read in the magazines, even though she’s also in so many other publications I don’t buy regularly. Granted I have read quite a few of her stories through Daria, but not all of them! Does this mean I can hope for 2012 to be a very Ootsuki Miu-filled year with many releases by her under many many different lines? I sure hope so. *w*)/ Ahhh Ootsuki Miu, come back to me!