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Chara 08/2011

I’m only going to talk about a few stories from this (literally, about three) because I stopped buying Chara regularly quite a while back and before this issue even I’m missing at least two issues. So when I read Chara I can pretty much only read the oneshots and the manga that only have one chapter so far. Which are very few. :< But I wanted this issue because:

1. Konno Satomi is in it this time.
2. It has the final chapter of Junko’s Konbini-kun.

Luckily, I didn’t have to buy it myself—I got it as a birthday gift. :9 Ehe.

Warning for R-18 images since Junko’s chapter was pretty perverted.

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today in BL manga

I apologize in advance for how all-over-the-place this post will likely be. /o\ I figured I would just do a post about all the BL stuff I’ve been thinking about or seeing or reading lately that I haven’t necessarily had enough content or collected my thoughts enough for a post.

♔ → Okay first, I want to talk about covers starting with Tojitsuki Hajime.

I just think it’s so pretty—reminiscent of Tojitsuki’s older, more subtle art style. I love the coloring and the shadows and the perspective.

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more impressions.

Yesterday I finally got the second half of the BL purchase for December and it’s pretty much brilliant—all of the magazines I had been most looking forward to in one small shipment. I am absolutely in love with all of them. But for now I’ll just leave you with a small-ish post since life is (obviously) kind of hectic at the moment.

Baby for Aniya Yuiji, onBLUE for Yamanaka Hiko and Kumota Haruko, drap for Ootsuki Miu, Citron for Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko. :9 And then, of course, the second and final volume of Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game. A brilliant set.

For this one, straight-up, warning for R-18 content. The Baby anthology is actually quite filthy.

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Baby it’s cold outside.

There are really too many puns you can make off the name of this publishing line…

Anyway, so today I was doing some fact checking which included making a quick stop at Baby’s website. There was only one thing I wanted to look at real quick, but since I was there I figured I would double check the release date of the latest anthology, which is for later this month. Christmas Eve, actually. But when I went to check, I noticed they now filled in their information for the mangaka in the next issue. Which actually includes THIS—

—to which my reaction was first to go “BITCH you haven’t mentioned this on twitter even once!” and then just have a full-fledged ‘oh my god aniya yuiji oh my god oh my god ahhhhhh oh my goddddd’ freak-out. Aniya Yuiji, this is just what you do to me. But seriously you guys! Ahhh Aniya Yuiji. ;A; December is a good month to be alive! Merry Christmas to me! It’s just too bad she doesn’t have a story, but w/e when you buy things published under the Baby line you get a free high-quality postcard of the cover illustration so that will 100% be worth it for me.

And the fact that it has Tojitsuki Hajime and Mochimeko and a million other fabulous BL mangaka doesn’t hurt…

(Also, have I pointed out yet that the latest Baby anthology theme is ‘BITCH’?? Because that’s worth pointing out. Because it’s hilarious.)

And then for anyone who is a ridiculous Aniya Yuiji otaku like me, Citron Blog also updated again today with the completed Aniya Yuiji cover. Looking gorgeous! I love the soft, gentle color scheme they chose to fit the illustration. It really can’t get any better than that.

Moe Danshi Gatari mangaka list

Someone on formspring asked about this and so I’ll just post it here. The mangaka list was passed around by various mangaka on twitter these last couple days and I was going to wait to talk about it more until after my book arrived since you can only talk about a thing you aren’t actually holding in your hands so much before you just no longer have anything to say. But I guess the romanized mangaka list is valid information.

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Snippets 018

I actually left some information out of this post since it was getting so freakishly long. If you’re interested in what I left out then just ask in the comments and I’ll post it for you.

♔ → The cover of CRAFT volume 45 has been posted up on b’s garden. It’s Takarai Rihito, and has a nice summer feel. Yamamoto Kotetsuko has a new story in there called 3 years later. Sounds interesting. /o/ I wonder if it’s connected to Chu Chun ga Chun. Also related to b’s garden, HertZ posted up place-markers for their upcoming releases here. Personally, I’m very excited for Okuyama Puku.

♔ → Some more covers that were posted: Hanaoto, Boy’s LOVE, Dear+, Boy’s Kyapi. The Boy’s LOVE one made me drool a bit, I must admit. Sadly this issue doesn’t have anything new by Psyche Delico, but it does have Koshino, Kijima Hyougo, Sakira, Koiwazurai Shibito. :9 Mmmm sounds delicious. If you go to Junet’s website you can see a full disclosure on what will be in this issue.

♔ → The next issue of Baby is ‘Hazukashii Eros‘. I’m not exactly sure what that means but it sounds relevant to my interests.

♔ → Citron has updated their site banner to now showcase volume three. Totally worth checking out, because volume three was pretty fabulous. (Especially the Morozumi Sumitomo story hnggg.) The site (and the anthology itself?) currently has plans for a small renewal, which you can read about here. I am looking forward to the downloads section. Also related to Citron, supposedly volume four will be having a companion-release with a tankoubon by Nekota Riko titled Kuroneko no Yuuutsu.

♔ → Mangaka blog update: Hino Garasu updated about her upcoming tankoubon release and it’s pretty damn adorable. With such dark stories sometimes, I had no idea she was so cute. Jaryuu Dokuro also posted about her upcoming release (the first post in about three months) and doesn’t sound quite so giddy and excited but that’s okay because I can be giddy and excited for her. She also mentions that because she is currently working with many publishers her works might take a while to be completed so to please be patient with her. Then Psyche Delico updated with her placement and information for NatsuComi. She isn’t by Aniya Yuiji. Sad-face.

♔ → On LYNX’s site, they posted up the new previews for their latest tankoubon releases by Akira Norikazu and Sakino Yuuya. Please check them out if you’re interested!

♔ → For Hanaoto Comics’ Gentei anthology series, the next issue (released in late September) will have the theme “Sexual Harassment Salarymen”. I am not sure what to think of this, but I do know that I need it. The artists that will be in this book have not been released yet, though, as far as I know.

♔ → Yet another release for Takanaga Hinako, on September 10th through BexBoy the third volume of Bukiyou na Silent will be in stores. So yay for everyone who likes that series. /o/

♔ → Two upcoming illustrated novels with artists that I know many people adore: once again Kazuaki has illustrated a novel by Suzufuji Miwa. This book, titled Senaka Awase no Koi and put out through Spark Novels, will be released on August 23rd. The other book, written by Kuibira Harumo and released through Luna Novels, will be out August 30th and be illustrated by Takarai Rihito.

♔ → Gateau Comics, previously pointed out to me by a commenter on this blog and then assumed by me to just be a keitai BL reader, is in fact going to release some actual tankoubon coming up soon—three tankoubon coming out August 12. Personally I’m pretty excited about Hide Yoshiko since I already know her from Cab, but Kumonosuke and Pepu also look pretty cute. Especially Kumonosuke after looking at her fanart. I love anyone who does dirty fanart of Kazuma from Summer Wars. And Teddy from P4.

♔ → Two other drap releases that I have yet to talk about are Moto Haruko and Takazawa Taeko. The Moto Haruko tankoubon, Sagatte Omachi Kudasai, will be released on the third of September. Takazawa Taeko’s Doctor no Hisoka na Tanoshimi will come out later in the month on September 25th.

♔ → For anyone interested, here are the two covers for Chocolate Comics’ upcoming releases. They’re on the inside flap of Ogura Muku’s latest tankoubon.

♔ → Tojitsuki Hajime will be releasing a tankoubon, Monogatari wa Shi de Owaranai, through Daria on September 22nd. Mmmm Tojitsuki Hajime.

Ze Besto

Because I am asked this a LOT and don’t know how I could possibly format it to make it fit in the FAQ and I have nothing else to post about lol. A list of the BL manga that I often go back to when I feel like I’ve run out of things to read. I suppose you could take this as a list of my personal recommendations. Of course, don’t read them with your expectations too high—just because these are my personal favorites doesn’t mean everyone is going to love them.

Anyway, feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments!

Aniya Yuiji
Me wo Tojite 3byou
Danshi Meiro
Kangoku 69

Asou Kai
Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu

Asou Mitsuaki
Bitter Sweet Candy

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Daria 06/2010

It’s time to review Daria. /o/ I’m doing this one first because I have two things I want to scan from it, and I definitely want this completed before I started cutting a bunch of pages out of the magazine. I bought this one almost specifically for the Ogura Muku and Ootsuki Miu stories, and definitely wasn’t let down. Those two will forever be my darlings, I don’t think they can do anything wrong in my eyes.

I must warn everyone before-hand that there are seriously R-18 images behind the cut in this post. R-18 and in full color. There is a god and his (her?? idek) name is Takatsuki Noboru.

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Snippets 010

We’re into the double digits! /o/

♔ → Yoneda Kou’s Doushitemo Furetakunai, a year and a half after its initial release, has popped back into Chill Chill’s manga Top 5, proving once again that it’s really a manga that’s worth always keeping in the back of your mind—or at least near the top of your recommendations list. Good job, Yoneda-sensei, for creating a brilliant manga that people still want to talk about over a year after most manga would be old and forgotten.

♔ → Yesterday Nyar Scans posted the scanlation for the second chapter of Ootsuki Miu’s deliciously filthy Chime, which was her third tankoubon and her first in the BOY’S Pierce series. It’s filthy smut, but Ootsuki Miu’s smut is of the highest caliber so I highly recommend it nonetheless. (Their translator, puchuu, also told me that she’s currently working on Aniya Yuiji’s Mister Convenience. /o/!! Something to look forward to, y/y?!)

♔ → Oh look, you can sample Ootsuki Miu’s Melancholic Mellow Mellow online! /o/ LYNX, you are awesome.

♔ → Speaking of Comic Magazine LYNX, if you go to their site you can see all the color insert pages from the latest issue. The new Kuju Siam story looks cute, as does the Momoi John one. Also, Ootsuki Miu and Sunae Hata interviews. *A* As for the March issue, Ootsuki-sensei will already be back (as will Sunae Hata, actually). Evidently, she’s still working as hard as ever.

♔ → I am pretty much crying with anticipation over the next issue of Daria. /o\ It isn’t released until the 24th and the cover is still a mystery, but the line-up is so beautiful. Takatsuki Noboru, Ogura Muku, Shimaji, Aoi Levin, Ootsuki Miu, Tojitsuki Hajime, Hyuuga Seiryou, Fujiyama Hyouta, etc. etc. I am excited for the next chapter of Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete. Please let there be more dirty scenes like the scene from chapter seven, pleaaaase!

♔ → Supposedly this month’s Cab will be released on the 20th. Please mark your calendars! /o/ Usually Tokyo Mangasha releases at least two things a month, but I can’t for the life of me remember what else they’re releasing in April. Oops. I do know that May is TATSUKI and two random anthologies, however.

♔ → Speaking of releases, on June 10th Ike Reibun will release the tankoubon No99: Ningen Omocha through Be x Boy Comics. On the same day and through the same company, CJ Michalski will be releasing the tankoubon for her manga Mori no Animal Company.

♔ → Want to see the cover for -ZE- volume 09? Here you go. It is up for pre-order here, so you should totally hurry and pick up a copy! The cover for the fanbook is also lovely.

♔ → The cover for the starry☆sky ~In Summer~ R45° comic anthology is so cuuuuute! However, I can’t lie—the B’s Log ones are the anthologies that appeal to me the most when it comes to starry☆sky. The Aoi Levin cover for the ~In Summer~ volume is so delicious.

Snippets 001

Here is where I shall just talk pointlessly about small BL-related things that I’ve taken note of or gotten excited from through the past day or so, since there are generally a lot of things that make me happy, but I don’t have an entire post’s worth of words or pictures to justify an entire new entry.

♔ → Ootsuki Miu’s new drap manga is called “Ouji Hiroimashita” (王子ひろいました) and started in the January issue. Hino Garasu also has a manga running in that issue called “Achira no Koi” (彼方の恋), Aoi Levin has one called “Bokura no Jikan” (僕らの時間), and Moto Haruko has one called Sagatte O’machi Kudasai (下がってお待ち下さい).

♔ → As for Ootsuki-sensei’s manga in the latest issue of Daria (02/10), it’s called “Amai Yuuwaku” (甘いユウワク) and I think it’s a oneshot? Also in that issue is something by Shimotsuki Kairi called “Switch” (スイッチ), a manga by Tojitsuki Hajime called “Yukiyama Tojou, Yamagoya ni te” (雪山途上、山小屋にて). Also, an author I’d previously never heard of, Tateno Tooko.

♔ → Today Bliss released chapters two and three of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mankai Darling! I don’t talk about her much, but I really really love Yamamoto Kotetsuko. Her stories are always so silly and cute. Thus, I also adore Bliss for always picking up her works! Not only are they also currently doing two of her other stories and just finished another, Chunchun ga Chun is in their list of future projects! I know I’m definitely excited.

♔ → In more release news, I quite liked Blissful Sin’s latest full release, Dokusenyoku by Hyuuga Seiryou. When I’d first seen it I’d been iffy because I wasn’t too taken in by the art, but I quite like the art on the inside as compared to the cover! It’s very pretty and the boys are all quite lovely. Chapters three and four were my favorite

♔ → Today Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru’s joint doujinshi under the circle Munya Munya Sue fell off of Chill Chill’s top five doujinshi list. 8( This might well be because the doujinshi is too old at this point to be featured there, but sad nonetheless as I liked seeing it at #1 every time I went to the site. However, it was replaced by Nekota Yonezou’s “Fumi-kun mo Mousou” (ふみくんも妄想) so it’s all good.