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December purchase first impressions.

my bl order for December came today! \o/ Well most of it because I also impatiently tossed Kojima Lalako and Tomoe Fumi’s January releases in my cart. But everything that was actually released in December is here so I figured I would do an ~unboxing~ first impressions post since I haven’t read any of them yet and it would at least give you a chance to see what I got  in case I go AWOL again this month.

was feeling pretty antisocial and hermit-y today and didn’t feel like showering the second I got up so I put up a little note to let them know they could just leave the package. For a nice long time the DHL people knew to just leave it but idk I think the dude who used to deliver my stuff either got a new route or quit and this new person isn’t so fast on the uptake so he always knocks and waits for my signature s o b.

BUT HEY here is my precious unnecessarily large box full of cheesy homoerotic romance so let’s get to this unboxing now shall we.

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August ’12 order

Well I was going through my books that arrived from my order in August and I figured a lot of people said it would be okay it I just talked randomly about BL-related personal stuff so. Here’s my boring post about the books I’ve gotten so far from my August order. Still yet to arrive are Castle Mango (I shoved it in my order when it was still supposed to come out in August so now they’re just treating it like a perorder orz) and Yamada Maya’s book through drap (which should be here today actually) so I can’t really talk about those. But I can talk about my other stuff that has arrived recently so sdgh;ldsg;s

Initially I was just taking out the inside pamphlets from the books and placing them in the special box of BL stuff where I keep pamphlets and special papers and extras. Unfortunately I had to start using another box recently—

—since the other one is too full. Thank goodness I am an obsessively storage-oriented person so I had an extra box lying around ready to become a BL pamphlet container.

Anyway, onto talking about my actual books.

sorry in advance that this post is kind of long and image-heavy. /;w;\

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Cab vol. 20

I read this in the car today while we were driving around so I figured I could write up a quick post about it! There were actually many stories that I really really enjoyed (and some I’m hoping continued in vol. 21 once I get to reading that one) so.

It feels like forever since I’ve done a post like this so I’m sorry if I’m kind of rusty. orz

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May order.

I updated the about section for the first time since starting this blog, lol. I figured it was about time I took lines like “I’m new to this and don’t know how wordpress works!” out of there.

drap-related drama aside, I figured I may as well make a post about the rest of the books I got in the mail today. Actually, I also ordered HertZ but a!jp has gotten into the habit of splitting my order shipment so that one didn’t arrive today—it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. Don’t ask why they felt the need to split my order for the difference of one day, but w/e I didn’t have to pay extra so I don’t care. /o/

Please ignore my cat’s fat butt.

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Snippets 014

♔ → Kijitora, who is lucky enough to live in Japan (as she is Japanese), wrote up a post about Canna volume 02. Obviously, I still haven’t read it yet and won’t be able to for a long time. But if you want a quickie review and you can read Japanese then please take a look. Her comments are very interesting as always, but it makes me sad seeing that Sunae Hata won’t be in the next issue. At least Kojima Lalako is back!

♔ → Also information from Kijitora, it was supposedly announced in volume 36 of RuTiLe that Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13 will be getting a tankoubon release on July 24th! /o/ Exciting! Yamamoto Kotetsuko has been releasing quite a lot so far this year, and I’m sure another volume of her Chu Chun ga Chun will be announced soon as well since that wrapped up in the latest issue of CRAFT. (Which I recieved as a gift in the mail from a friend I met through this blog, Connie. Again, thank you so much!!)

♔ → More on RuTiLe! They just recently updated their site with more detailed information and sample images of the color inserts for volume 36. Aoi Levin’s color illustration looks so very pretty. Sadly, the current lineup information for volume 37 doesn’t excite me much—no MatsuMieco or Jaryuu Dokuro. But there are a lot of authors I don’t know too well or haven’t even heard of, so I should still keep my eye on it.

♔ → While RuTiLe has been kind enough to have their information and cover art posted for quite some time now, BOY’S Pierce—which I have been waiting (not very) patiently for—still has not had the  cover posted to Amazon!jp or any other sites. Angst. At least, with the way June works, since BOY’S Pierce will be released in a couple days they’ll definitely update their site on the day it comes out. I just hate waiting that long since I’m impatient. And because I want to know what Ootsuki Miu story will be included.

♔ → As Aniya Yuiji announced in her twitter a couple days ago, she has a new doujinshi that she’ll be first selling at Comic City Fukuoka and then selling again at Comiket78. (Though the Comiket one is marked as pending.) Supposedly, it’s a collection of three of her stories that have run in magazines but haven’t gotten a release: Drive, N from OPERA, Fuyu no Hoshi, Haru no Yume from BOY’S Pierce, and then a four-page piece from a doujin anthology. However, the entire doujinshi is 48 pages so there has to also be more to it? Or I could have it all wrong since I had a lot of trouble reading this lmao.

I want to go back to Fukuoka. ;A; I want to buy Aniya Yuiji’s doujinshi! Of those stories, the only one I’ve read already is Drive, N.

♔ → As I think I mentioned before, Ootsuki Miu is in the recent issue of Ciel Tres Tres. I was planning on buying it but then decided not to because it’s only one Ootsuki Miu oneshot—nothing else in the magazine interested me—and also because then I would own a chapter of Junjou Romantica which I did not want since for some reason that’s a series I have an odd sense of animosity toward. But then when I was searching on y!jpa I saw cut-outs for the story and bawww WANT. 8( It’s called Best Friend and looks so fluffy and cute.

♔ → Last but not least, TATSUKI’s Hachigatsu no Mori was released a while ago! /o/ Yay! This is TATSUKI’s second tankoubon, and I’m very happy for her. The cover is adorable. Hilariously, in normal Tokyo Mangasha fashion they didn’t announce the book release until four or five days after it was already up for sale. Oh Tokyo Mangasha, never change. ♡ I already ordered my copy, how about you?

Snippets 011

→ For those interested, chapter five of Yukihiro Utako’s RuTiLe web comic Kimi to Te wo Tsunaide has been added to the Yahoo! Comics page. It will be taken down on June 24th, so you have plenty of time to read it but don’t put it off too long! This uke, man, he stirs insane moe feelings in me. orz

(Also, in addendum to my Yukihiro Utako spotlight post, I want to apologize for not doing my research properly and point out that Yukihiro-sensei currently has two other female oriented comics currently running: a josei comic in Zero Sum called Makai Ouji which has BL hints, as well as a shoujo series running in Sylph called Uta no Prince-sama which is based off the popular PSP otome game of the same name. Both are very enjoyable so I recommend checking them out if you like josei and shoujo manga! Sorry again for not telling you this properly when I wrote up a post on her before. /o\)

→ I think I’ve only mentioned it in passing for far since I figured the release date was so far off, but on May 20th TATSUKI will be getting a tankoubon release through Marble for Hachigatsu no Mori. A very big congratulations to her!

→ Ogura Muku’s tankoubon through Chocolat finally was given a proper release date. (At least, according to Chill Chill.) Please mark your calendars for Mizuiro to Pink, Sore kara Dai Dai‘s release on May 25th! However, Honma Akira’s Chocolat release for volume two of Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko will be coming out three days earlier on the 22nd.

→ In addition to Katase Waka’s May 24th release through LYNX (previously mentioned here), the lovely Tagura Tooru will also be getting a tankoubon release through LYNX’s sister line RuTiLe called Sero Merou (セロ・メロウ). Honestly, I have no clue how to romanize that properly. Kuju Siam also has a new tankoubon coming out through LYNX on the 24th titled Aoi Kizu to Doku no Ringo to. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

→ With the novel Ogura Muku illustrated for Kobayashi Tenga, Uso to Gokai wa Koi no Sei, getting a drama CD release in just a few days, another novel illustrated by Ogura-sensei, this time by Sakiya Haruhi and titled Fukigen de Amai Tsumeato, will also be seeing a drama CD release on June 28th through Atis. In yet more drama CD news, Yamashita Tomoko’s YES IT’S ME will be released June 26th and Shimizu Yuki’s -ZE- volume 05 is slated for release on July 31st.

→ Another Junko release that I believe I forgot to mention before is Junko’s Ouji no Kikan which will be released May 1st through HertZ. The pre-order page is already up here, and you can see the cover on the Chill Chill page.

→ On May 12th through Aqua Comics a new Sakurai Ryou manga, titled Toubou Kinshi, will be released. I’ve never bought Aqua so I have no idea what these stories are like, but I have faith in Sakurai Ryou to put out something at least vaguely enjoyable! /o/

→ Amagi Reno will be releasing yet another tankoubon! On May 27th, her book titled Kesou no Byou will be hitting stores via Kobunsha’s BL comics series.

→ Included in Dear+’s May releases that will be coming out May 29th is a new tankoubon through Kinoshita Keiko titled Don’t Cry Baby. rofl sounds very cute. I can’t wait to see what the cover illustration looks like! /o/

→ A new novel illustrated by Yamanaka Hiko and written by Kuga Arika will be enjoying a release June 10th through Dear+ novels. The novel is titled Itsuka Ohimesama ga. If I recall correctly, this is the first novel published with Yamanaka-sensei’s illustrations. The Amazon pre-order page is already up here if you plan on purchasing a copy!

→ OPERA volume 21 has already been announced for June 25th, rofl. That was sure fast.

That’s all for now! /o/

Snippets 010

We’re into the double digits! /o/

♔ → Yoneda Kou’s Doushitemo Furetakunai, a year and a half after its initial release, has popped back into Chill Chill’s manga Top 5, proving once again that it’s really a manga that’s worth always keeping in the back of your mind—or at least near the top of your recommendations list. Good job, Yoneda-sensei, for creating a brilliant manga that people still want to talk about over a year after most manga would be old and forgotten.

♔ → Yesterday Nyar Scans posted the scanlation for the second chapter of Ootsuki Miu’s deliciously filthy Chime, which was her third tankoubon and her first in the BOY’S Pierce series. It’s filthy smut, but Ootsuki Miu’s smut is of the highest caliber so I highly recommend it nonetheless. (Their translator, puchuu, also told me that she’s currently working on Aniya Yuiji’s Mister Convenience. /o/!! Something to look forward to, y/y?!)

♔ → Oh look, you can sample Ootsuki Miu’s Melancholic Mellow Mellow online! /o/ LYNX, you are awesome.

♔ → Speaking of Comic Magazine LYNX, if you go to their site you can see all the color insert pages from the latest issue. The new Kuju Siam story looks cute, as does the Momoi John one. Also, Ootsuki Miu and Sunae Hata interviews. *A* As for the March issue, Ootsuki-sensei will already be back (as will Sunae Hata, actually). Evidently, she’s still working as hard as ever.

♔ → I am pretty much crying with anticipation over the next issue of Daria. /o\ It isn’t released until the 24th and the cover is still a mystery, but the line-up is so beautiful. Takatsuki Noboru, Ogura Muku, Shimaji, Aoi Levin, Ootsuki Miu, Tojitsuki Hajime, Hyuuga Seiryou, Fujiyama Hyouta, etc. etc. I am excited for the next chapter of Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete. Please let there be more dirty scenes like the scene from chapter seven, pleaaaase!

♔ → Supposedly this month’s Cab will be released on the 20th. Please mark your calendars! /o/ Usually Tokyo Mangasha releases at least two things a month, but I can’t for the life of me remember what else they’re releasing in April. Oops. I do know that May is TATSUKI and two random anthologies, however.

♔ → Speaking of releases, on June 10th Ike Reibun will release the tankoubon No99: Ningen Omocha through Be x Boy Comics. On the same day and through the same company, CJ Michalski will be releasing the tankoubon for her manga Mori no Animal Company.

♔ → Want to see the cover for -ZE- volume 09? Here you go. It is up for pre-order here, so you should totally hurry and pick up a copy! The cover for the fanbook is also lovely.

♔ → The cover for the starry☆sky ~In Summer~ R45° comic anthology is so cuuuuute! However, I can’t lie—the B’s Log ones are the anthologies that appeal to me the most when it comes to starry☆sky. The Aoi Levin cover for the ~In Summer~ volume is so delicious.