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Okuyama Puku “Ichi Ni no San!”

I don’t know if I really feel like doing a full super!review right now but I do definitely want to talk about it before my feelings about the book wear off. (I’m still trying to get myself pumpedok back up after Shounen Note… sob) But one of my all-time favorite BL review blogs, Sweets OL BL Reviews, posted her feelings on the book so I finally feel inspired to write about it myself! tbh though I was really excited about Ichi Ni no San I was thinking I shouldn’t get myself too pumped because there was no way it would come close to how much I loved Caramel. Few things can come close to how much I loved Caramel, honestly, so I didn’t want to end up unfairly comparing it to something I really loved. But somehow even with the incredibly high standards, I ended up really really loving this book a lot!

The way I summed up the plot on my personal blog when I talked about it there was this:

stupid boys being stupid and adorable and in love along with their super lovely fluffy adorable female bff ahhhh CUTEST EVER.

And I still stand by that description; that is really the most apt way to sum up Ichi Ni no San. But if you’d prefer a longer description: since middle school Bun-chan has been hanging out with the male/female childhood friend duo that is Choco and Suzu. And he’s jealous of their closeness—partly because he wishes he could just generally be as close to them as they are to each other, but he has another reason: he’s in love with Choco, and it seems like just a matter of time before Choco and Suzu start dating. Choco constantly denies it, though–Suzu is like his adorable twin sister. Nonetheless, Bun has never bothered getting his hopes up. And even if Suzu’s adorableness wasn’t a part of the equation, it’s not like Bun could ever tell Choco that he accidentally happened to fall for him one day when the boob-loving Choco jokingly groped his chest and Bun got aroused by it. So Bun is mostly happy with just being friends—him, Choco and Suzu forever! Or at least, that’s what he’d intended…

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Excitement for 2013!

tbh it’s kind of bizarre to me to see the ‘2013’ marker on all the upcoming release announcements now! It feels like it was 2011 just yesterday. 2012, even. What in the world happened to 2012—it feels like it just started. I guess this means I should get working on my ‘2012 BL year in review’ soon. But before that, let’s talk about some exciting January releases!

Sweets OL, one of my personal favorite BL blogs, just recently posted her lineup for January’s releases and there are some I’m pretty pumped about. Namely, these few:

10日 リブレ サヨナラノート 友江ふみ
25日 祥伝社 つま先に火 柳沢ゆきお
31日 白泉社 いちにのさん! 奥山ぷく

That would be Tomoe Fumi’s Sayonara Note through Libre on the 10th, Yanagisawa Yukio’s Tsumasaki ni Hi through onBlue on the 25th, and finally Okuyama Puku’s Ichinino-san! through Hanamaru on the 31st.

Tomoe Fumi’s in particular I’m really happy about. Actually this book was announced almost two years ago, to be released sometime during the period when the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan. Because of that many publications at the time got their dates jumbled and pushed back, and Sayonara Note was no exception—but the difference was that Sayonara Note wasn’t just pushed back, no, the publication date was just canceled for a later date. More than a year and a half later I was thinking it would just never get published but finally they’ve re-announced a publication date. And I am so happy because I’ve loved all the oneshots I’ve seen by Tomoe Fumi as well as her single compiled release, and I’ve been wanting more by her for so long! ;w;)

As for Yanagisawa’s that’s mostly exciting for collection-completion reasons. Okuyama’s, on the other hand, is pretty awesome because this will be her first book not released through Craft! So awesome—a huge congratulations to her! And I can’t wait to read it, because I fell absolutely in love with her last release and believe in her to put out some more really lovely stories.

Some other interesting releases Sweets OL listed are two by Okadaya Tetsuzou—finally, an official compiled release of Raiatea! It won’t be released through Canna, though, which I find somewhat strange. Then there is also Tango no Otoko the final, which is evidently a continuation of the series that introduced me to Okadaya in the first place and showed me that not all stories with big bulky men are unappealing.

As for Yoneda Kou, her fans will be happy to know that the first part of her HertZ series Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai will be released January 30th. Mio Junta has a book coming out on the first, which is enticing if only because Mio Junta’s stories are always so cute to me. Fujimoto Haruki has two books coming out, one on the 10th and the other on the 29th, both of while I’ll have my eye on because even though I don’t buy her releases often and don’t talk about her much I actually quite like Fujimoto Haruki.

Okuyama Puku “Caramel”

I just finished this one this morning and it made me really excited so I really really wanted to write a review for it! Caramel is Okuyama Puku’s third book (both in general, and through Craft) and while it doesn’t seem to have made a huge splash in JP fandom yet the reviews it has earned are all quite glowing. Which I think is definitely well-deserved since, while I do read and enjoy a lot of titles, it takes a really wonderful and fun read to get me so excited I just have to go and talk about it the second I’m done.

All his life Iori has been a good son to his parents and a wonderful sibling to his two younger brothers and one younger sister. And he’s not faking it—he truly loves them with all his being. That’s just the way he is. But now that he’s college-age it’s time to move on with his life and start living for himself. Thus, he starts looking for a roommate so he can move out of his parent’s house. His family doesn’t want him to go—Nanami-chan in particular—but he’s already decided to turn a new leaf in his life. And with perfect timing, someone responds to his roomshare request simply with the question “do you know how to make karaage?”

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today in BL manga

it’s been a while since I’ve done this, huh? More than three months! So I guess we have lots of stuff to update about at the moment.

♔ → on Jaryuu Dokuro’s latest blog entry she announced a tentative date for the release of volume one of her story through Rutile BxP Anx: May! So after what’s felt like a pretty pitiful drought in works by Jaryuu Dokuro, we’re finally getting something substantial. Pretty exciting!

♔ → a good find I happened to stumble upon the other day while I was searching Chill Chill to get ready for my upcoming purchase: Kimi no Karada ni Yasashii Kiss wo. Click the link to see the absolutely lovely cover! And as if the beautiful cover weren’t enough, the theme is equally adorable. It’s a book of seven stories by seven artists about boys kissing. Unfortunately there aren’t any reviews yet but it pretty much sounds like the cutest thing ever.

♔ → lot of people have even brought it up with me to make sure I know, so I’m sure everyone else has already heard but Matsuo Marta has a new book coming April 30th through Chocolat! I’ve only read one chapter of her story through them (incidentally, it was the last chapter… orz) but it seemed really interesting so I’m looking forward to it. Matsuo Marta has a knack for writing wonderfully charming characters and storylines so I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

♔ → Two very nice covers I wanted to post about through HertZ and Craft, Towa and Okuyama  Puku both have releases this month:

You can go here and here respectively to see bigger versions since Amazon hasn’t posted the covers yet. I really love Towa’s, in particular.

♔ → Speaking of releases though Craft and HertZ, Inoue Nawo will be releasing a new book on April 26th titled Sora no Deau Basho de. The Amazon pre-order page is already up here, and you can see the POP here!

♔ → And then May releases through Hanaoto are also something worth getting excited for: Natsumizu Ritsu with K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou and Chiba Ryouko with Uchi no Oujisama, both for release on the 29th!

♔ → Back to talking about April released to get pumped about (for me at least), Yamada Maya has a book coming out through Junet on the 28th, Gojoe Tiger has one coming out on the 12th, and Ike Reibun has one through Lynx on the 24th! April is starting to look like a pretty horrifying month, budget-wise… also just because it’s always a stressful experience to ship porn like Yamada Maya’s shota-y books. orz

♔ → Two other covers I’ve found particularly intriguing are volume three of Mamahara Ellie and Tono Haruhi’s Kayashima-shi no Yuuga na Seikatsu and volume two of Sakura Sakuya’s Oinari-sama no Honey Bunny.

I know it’s probably weird of me but I group these two together instinctively if only because they have one thing in common: both of them are series I started thinking it would just be a ‘filler’ between stuff I was actually excited about only to get really hooked. Kayashima-shi in particular—I just love the atmosphere of the story and it’s so unusually well-suited to Mamahara Ellie’s art style. I can’t wait to see what volume three has in store—if only I could read the novels as well!

upcoming releases!

well that didn’t last long. But hey, here’s something I can talk about without the necessity of a camera: books that are coming out soon.

♔ → first off, as many of you likely know Ootsuki Miu will be releasing a new book later this month through Daria called Ijiwaru na Hito. As if the fact that it’s Ootsuki Miu and the title that hints at adorable love-love bullying didn’t already leave you impatient for the book to be in your hands now, Daria has since posted a preview! It looks ridiculously cute and I can’t wait to get the book so I can actually read it. ;; Unfortunately, I have yet to find a cover illustration.

♔ → Shockingly, Uchida Tsuchi already has a new book lined up through Hanaoto for late April! It feels like just last month that she released her second book, Barairo Melancholy, and yet it’s already time for book number three! I really can’t say how glad I am that she’s not turning out to be one of those BL artists who releases one cute book and then disappears off that map. That happens all too often in the BL genre and it makes me super sad.

♔ → Then through Dear+, Miike Romuco has a March release. The world can really never have too much Miike Romuco.

♔ → One I’m personally reaaaaaaally excited for is volume two of Sakura Sakuya’s Oinarisama no Honey Bunny for release in late March. Even though I initially side-eyed the series after I finally gave it a chance I got pretty hooked. orz;;; I really can’t help it—Sakura Sakuya’s sense of humor and sex appeal are both ace!

♔ → Another Chara release, the final volume of Nanahikari is coming out in late March as well! It’s kind of weird to see this one end, because it’s one of the few series I got into fairly early on and then saw through to the finish. I really thought this one would never end. I’m kind of nervous to know who Hikaru ends up with! /o\ I wonder if I should buy it and take the chance.

♔ → basso has a new book, Naka-san no Nagare, coming out through Edge Comix on March 24th! This one caught me by surprise since iirc basso hasn’t even been in opera for a while now?? Perhaps it’s stuff that ran between all of her related series… Or maybe stuff that was originally published as doujinshi? I guess we’ll just have to see!

♔ → The HertZ/Craft releases are looking pretty glorious! For HertZ it’s SHOOWA in early March followed by Towa on the 22nd. If you go here and check it out SHOOWA’s release already has a cover and Towa’s POP is really cute. (You can also see Kano Shiuko’s and Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s covers now!) Then CRAFT’s release for late March is Okuyama Puku! Her POP is also adorable, and you can view it here.

♔ → Another one of my personal favorites, Koiwazurai Shibito, has a book coming out through Aqua in mid-March! The title definitely leaves me a bit curious: Wakaresaseya no Koi. Koiwazurai’s art and stories have yet to disappoint me so I’ll definitely be picking this book up.

♔ → Perhaps saving the best for last, a book I know many other people will also be excited to hear about: Junko’s annual Gush release has been placed for March 10th, Kasa no Shita, Futari! I’ve only gotten to see the Chinese scans for this one, unfortunately, so I don’t even know what it’s about aside from that there’s a teacher and three guys and sex. Though there seems to be less cute sexiness than Junko’s previous stories, I’m still pretty damn excited!

first impressions

Hello! How is everyone? Currently FuyuComi is going on! Are any of your favorite circles releasing doujinshi this time around?

Not having to do with doujinshi, I got a big huge package of manga in the mail yesterday. /o/ Of course, almost all of it was BL and every single one was at least related to BL in some vague way. I’m just cool like that okay.

It’s okay, with this much BL I’m willing to share with my cats. But Lacey (pictured) told me I should do a small post about them since my blog has been so quiet lately. Just a small ‘first impressions’ type post, though, since I worked all day yesterday and haven’t had time to read much of anything. Also, tiny little general warning for R-18 content—this is, after all, a BL blog. :>

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today in BL manga

sorry for the lack of updates lately. ;; My schedule has been work, snow, work, snow, work, pokemon lmao. And even when I do have time set aside for my BL manga, I just… am out of things to read. I’ll have to find a way to remedy that. What should I reaaaaaad? Maybe I’ll reread Endless World for the fiftieth time.

♔ → First off, have I mentioned Gateau is starting an anthology now aside from its current comics line? Because it is—Gateau volume one will be released on January 28th. Luckily Gateau is mostly mangaka I’ve previously never heard of so hopefully I’ll be able to resist the temptation of picking up yet another expensive anthology. But speaking of Gateau, their two upcoming releases are as gorgeous and tempting as always:

Not going to lie—it’ll be hard for me to resist the call of Ai wo Ano Yo ni Oitekita. The cover is so cute ugh.

♔ → I finally finally finally got to read the final chapter of Kano Shiuko’s Punch and oh my gosh, I totally cried during the scene where Kouta finally remembered Maki again. It was so sweet and cute and exactly what I had been wanting for so long. Ahhh Kano Shiuko, how I love thee.

♔ → If you go to LYNX’s site you can read a preview of Katsuragi’s Seishun Catharsis. I totally totally recommend it—I haven’t completely read the tankoubon yet (the last story is too confusing for my tiny brain) but some of the stories are so cute and her art reminds me of Ogura Muku’s in a lot of ways. Very sweet and pretty.

♔ → The new Cab cover has been posted!!

It’s by Kevin Komine and maybe I’m biased but I LOVE IT. It is so cute and fun and Christmas-y! But the line-up is so different—both of the debut artists that were originally set up for this volume have dropped. I can’t complain too much, though, since there’s a new chapter by Koshino which originally was not set up (and oh my gosh her manga is just starting to heat up) and also now a comic by Sumomo. If you do not know Sumomo, she did the color illustration for Cab volume nine. You can see it here!

♔ → Now for the subject of Hanaoto. You know how it’s rare that all the planets will line up at the same time? Another rare occurrence has happened: all of Hanaoto’s magazine releases are falling in the same month! Hanaoto, Boy’s Cappy and the new addition to their themed anthology series Hetare Danshi. However, what I’m most excited about is that the new NATURAL DOGGY’S DIARY cover was posted. Isn’t it cute? Ahhh I love it.

♔ → I’ve been attempting (failing) to wait patiently for HertZ to post up the preview for Konno Satomi’s upcoming tankoubon release with no luck. But speaking of HertZ/Craft, Okuyama Puku’s tankoubon cover was posted! It’s preeeeetty cute! You can also see the POP image now.

♔ → And then finally, since I evidently just love talking about tankoubon and anthology covers, Yamanaka Hiko’s latest hit End Game is releasing its second volume soon and the cover is just gorgeous.

But really, at this point I just expect Yamanaka Hiko to only release beautiful, amazing things. Is she capable of producing images that aren’t a feast for the eyes? I’m not so sure.