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Chara 08/2011

I’m only going to talk about a few stories from this (literally, about three) because I stopped buying Chara regularly quite a while back and before this issue even I’m missing at least two issues. So when I read Chara I can pretty much only read the oneshots and the manga that only have one chapter so far. Which are very few. :< But I wanted this issue because:

1. Konno Satomi is in it this time.
2. It has the final chapter of Junko’s Konbini-kun.

Luckily, I didn’t have to buy it myself—I got it as a birthday gift. :9 Ehe.

Warning for R-18 images since Junko’s chapter was pretty perverted.

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Aiso Tsukashi cover

It is early Thanksgiving morning here in the States and I have to get to bed since I’m sure I’ll be dealing with family drama and plenty of food tomorrow, but one thing I am definitely thankful for is the cover release of Aida Saki and Yamada Yugi’s Aiso Tsukashi. Because it’s really just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all night.

Boooo makes me sad that I couldn’t afford to actually buy it. :< Next month! Yamada Yugi really knows how to draw a cover with great sexual tension even when her characters are fully-clothed. I approve!

Then there’s also the cover of Yamada and Aida’s latest novel, just in case you haven’t gotten enough of those two as a duo yet. (Ha! As if it’s really possible to have enough of something so brilliant.)

today in BL manga

♔ → For a while I was pretty glad that there weren’t too many big releases coming up for my favorite mangaka, but then yesterday I checked Asunaro for some bad good news.

  • Konno Satomi release mid-December through HertZ
  • Okuyama Puku release mid-December through CRAFT
  • Takarai Rihito release for late December through CRAFT
  • Kijima Hyougo release mid-December through Aqua
  • Yamanaka Hiko release for late December through Dear+

Add those to the Kinoshita Keiko and Katou Setsuko releases in November and the Yamada Yugi, Kusama Sakae and Ootsuki Miu releases in December and I am suddenly broke again. Damn it, manga budget, why do you always eat up all of my extra income?? No Starbucks for me again this month.

♔ → I added a new section: where to buy. I had originally posted this to wearefujoshi and didn’t plan on posting it here, but since it’s the question I get most often on formspring and in the comments and I can’t link the post from that comm since it’s member locked I figured the best idea would be to have it here as well—if even just for safe keeping. Hopefully it’ll come in handy.

♔ → Two new covers were posted up to amazon!

Kano Shiuko isn’t in this issue of BExBOY GOLD which is heartbreaking to me as it means it will take even longer for the tankoubon to be released. /o\ However, she is in the next issue and even gets the cover. Is anyone keeping up with Punch Up through the magazine? Is it nearing the final chapter yet? It seems like that manga has been going on forever. But anyway, if you go to the BExBOY GOLD website you can see previews for three of the chapters in this latest issue, including the next chapter of Ike Reibun’s Not Equal. (Which is really good, by the way!!)

♔ → Anyway, I usually don’t do this for other personal blogs, but I wanted to pimp this blog. It’s not 100% BL-related but there’s an interesting daily section in which the blog maintainer recommends miscellaneous BL manga by various different authors and of various different types and genres. It caught my attention partially because the author wrote about liking Est Em but also about liking Hoshino Lily, which is something I find oddly rare in BL fandom—such a varied taste that accepts all kinds of different art and story styles. I really enjoy reading the maintainers opinion, so I recommend it!

Oh Yamada Yugi

I just wanted to share this cover with you because not only is it Yamada Yugi (who I loooove) but also because it’s just plain glorious.

Seriously! How can you look at that cover and not want to read that book? For those who can read novels, it’s Tada Hitotsu no Riyuu by Kushino Yui. As for me, I’ll just pitifully save the illustration to my computer to gaze adoringly on it whenever to urge strikes.

HertZ band 39

HertZ is always something worth getting excited about, in my opinion. I believe this book packs a ton of talent into an incredibly intimidating amount of pages. Unlike most anthologies (which all tend to cost the same), I really feel like I’m always getting my money’s worth when I buy HertZ. But that also means it takes forever to read. Huge, intimidating book is absolutely huge and intimidating. For this volume, you can set three tankoubon next to it and it’s still around half a tanko thicker.

Because of that, though, I must apologize in advance—I’m going to skip a bunch of this book by artists I don’t particularly like or just didn’t read because I don’t have the other chapters, etc. I feel like if I tried to read this entire book I would just be too overwhelmed and never finish this. So.

Warning for R-18 content due to a few stories ending in this volume with very lovely sex scenes. Also, SPOILER ALERT for those who are waiting on the scanlations for series like Aiso Tsukashi.

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35DoBM: Day 15

original post

Day 15: a BL manga mangaka that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on
Yamada Yugi

Actually I was originally having a lot of trouble with this answer until a friend suggested I switch over from talking about a manga I disliked and then liked (because I really don’t have any manga like that orz;; since if a manga doesn’t seem interesting to me then I won’t read it) and instead talk about a mangaka I used to dislike but then fell for. And she actually suggested Yamada Yugi as an example, and that’s who I am going to use.

I tend to like very soft, flow-y art. I mean, look at all of my favorite mangaka. I like the lines to be squiggly and the angles to be rounded. I don’t like looking at things that are sharp or bulky. (This is part of the reason it took me forever to be able to stand reading any gachi muchi—they’re so bulky and hard-looking ehhhh.) Yamada Yugi’s art isn’t very soft, at least not in a way I tend to prefer. The way she draws jaws is sharp and angular, as is the way she draws bodies. Everything is hard and doesn’t have the gentle flow I usually adore. But her stories, oh man. I fell head-over-heels for her stories after reading her tankoubon Boku ni Datte Iibun ga Aru, and then went and read everything else I could find from her. EVERYTHING. And somehow, somewhere along the way I ended up falling in love with her art as well. Now she’s an artist I look forward to finding new works by, when before you couldn’t pay me to come within ten feet of one of her books.

And now writing this post out effectively made me want to go and reread everything by her. orz

HertZ band 38

HertZ! /o/ I got it in the mail Friday, apart from the rest of my order. And it was a huge band-aid on the hot mess that was drap, seriously. So many delicious stories to be had. :9 Though for some reason I was under the impression that MatsuMieco would be in this issue, so I found the lack of her general presence a bit depressing. Oh well. Life goes on.

Some explicit content behind the cut; underage readers beware, etc.

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Snippets 015

♔ → Kazuaki will be releasing an artbook through Mandarake in late July. You can see the advertisement illustration here at Mandarake’s page for the Edith anthologies. If you click the image an info box pops up saying it’ll have 240 pages and then gives a list of her works and what illustrations will be contained in the book. Mandarake still has the release date as late July, but Amazon is saying it’ll supposedly be out July 30th.

♔ → While checking up on Baby’s site way too soon to see if they posted the new anthology cover, I noticed their two newest releases had pretty adorable covers so I wanted to post them here.
Kimi no Sei by Senoo Atsushi
Yasashisa License by Ginkawa Kei

If you’re interested in the upcoming lineup for the next Baby anthology, it can be found here. The theme sounds adorable: ‘kozure’, or the act of having a child while going into a new relationship. Kind of like Nobara and Tsubaki Biyori!

♔ → Guess what’s on the newest issue of HertZ! /o/ That’s right, Aiso Tsukashi by Yamada Yugi and Aida Saki! So exciting, I’m sure the next chapter will be brilliant. I’m also very happy about Kojima Lalako getting a color insert right at the beginning of the book.

♔ → Speaking of her color insert, Kojima Lalako updated her blog today posting a sample image of it as well as the cover for the upcoming novel release that she illustrated. I recommend reading the actual post if you can, because she is adorable.

♔ → Citron updated their blog several days ago to announce that, in the upcoming volume three, Kumota Haruko will not only have the cover and the third chapter of Itsoshi no Nekokke but will also be doing a short featured article with novelist Miura Shiwon. It’ll be a dialogue article about BL moe, and will supposedly be a recurring feature from now on. Gotta love all this Kumota Haruko in June and July. Evidently Tokyo Mangasha and Citron are working together to pimp her like crazy these next couple months.

♔ → The new BOY’S Pierce cover is not Kano Shiuko for once, but instead Kayuma Mimu. Is Kano-sensei being replaced as one of the porniest in BOY’S Pierce’s line-up? We’ll see.

♔ → Kijitora made a blog post about the 10th anniversary issue of drap, but it’s not all smiles and cuddles and fangirling as she brings up the idea that, due to influence from that damn “harmful content in books” shit in Osaka, drap may be censoring its sex scenes. Hopefully this is either just paranoia on her part, or enough fujoshi in Japan will get out the pitchforks and torches. Bitches best not be taking away our porn just to keep some little kids innocent for a year or so longer than normal.

Ze Besto

Because I am asked this a LOT and don’t know how I could possibly format it to make it fit in the FAQ and I have nothing else to post about lol. A list of the BL manga that I often go back to when I feel like I’ve run out of things to read. I suppose you could take this as a list of my personal recommendations. Of course, don’t read them with your expectations too high—just because these are my personal favorites doesn’t mean everyone is going to love them.

Anyway, feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments!

Aniya Yuiji
Me wo Tojite 3byou
Danshi Meiro
Kangoku 69

Asou Kai
Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu

Asou Mitsuaki
Bitter Sweet Candy

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HertZ band 37

Sorry this took so long! /o\ HertZ is ridiculously thick so I was a bit overwhelmed just looking at the damn thing, even more so when it came to considering reading through it and writing up a semi-coherent post. But for the most part I finished reading (looking?) through it and feel at least vaguely more comfortable with this now.

Ogura Muku cover illustration! /o/ Very pretty. For a larger image please see the official HertZ band 37 page. Anyway, some of the images in this post are NSFW so anyone under the age of 18 accepts full responsibility for viewing adult content if you click the link to read the full post.

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