So here is where I shall sell books/anthologies/magazines etc. I need to dig out of my collection and part with. 8( Unfortunately I am not rich and don’t really live in a place big enough to hoard lots and lots and books. Just know buying from me is like a contract that says you will take good care of the items purchased because I loved them all dearly and it kills me to get rid of them.

∸ I do not take trades unless it’s for a book in my backlog wishlist
∸ I prefer paypal but I will make exceptions for concealed cash in some cases
∸ I would prefer to ship in US only–if you’re outside the US prepare for expensive shipping
∸ please ask all questions before buying; I don’t take returns

If you want to buy something email me at mochamojo at gmail dot com with the book you want and your location so I can send you a shipping estimate. Thanks!

Tora no Hatsukoi by Kuroda Sakaki (2011, onBLUE Collection)
hard BL, Japanese, $7



Mamotte Yaru tte Kimeta no ni by Fuji Mako (2013, Reijin Uno!)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


Merry Checker by Suzuki Tsuta (2011, Chara)
soft BL, Japanese, $8 (never been read, 100% new book)


Tonari de Hana Saku Oto ga Shita by Miyoshi Ayato (2012, Gateau)
soft BL, Japanese, $7


K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou by Natsumizu Ritsu (2012, Hanaoto)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


Hidoku Shinaide by Nekota Yonezou (2007, BexBoy)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


Himitsu Densha by Natsume Katsura (2009, Asuka Comics CL-DX)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


Saigo no Hi no Koi by Kamon Saeko (2012, BexBoy Comics Deluxe)
soft BL, Japanese, $7


Satougashi to Vampire by Asami You (2012, Gush Comics)
soft BL, Japanese, $7


Otoko wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai by Gion Ayumi (2003, Diamond Comics)
hard BL, Japanese, $6


Asobi Neko no Rarikurari by Moto Haruhira (2013, Bamboo Comics)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


Hentai Kyoushi to Namaiki Yankee Shidou no Kokoroe by Midoriyama Youko (2011, Pierce Series)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


End of the World by Shingyouji Tsumiko (2010, Gush Comics)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


Enma no Oshioki Juzu Play by aivan (2013, B’s-Lovely Comics)
hard BL, Japanese, $7


FAKE by Mamahara Ellie (1991/1995, Asuka Comics DX)
non-BL, Japanese, $7


Shout Out Loud! (Sakende Yaru ze!) by Takaguchi Satosumi (1999/2007, Asuka Comics CL DX/BLU)
hard BL, English, $12 (vol. 1, 3-4)


OPERA volume 30 (2012, Edge Comix), $9
artists include: Nakamura Asumiko, Bikke, Aniya Yuiji, Matsuo Marta, Ishino Aya, etc.


OPERA volume 31 (2012, Edge Comix), $9
artists include: Hiiragi Nozomu, Kamokawa Teruchi, basso, Nakamura Asumiko, Shinomiya Shino, etc.


OPERA volume 32 (2012, Edge Comix)
artists include: 
Nakamura Asumiko, Aniya Yuiji, Bikke, Matsuo Marta, Kamokawa Teruchi, Misaki Usio, etc.


Junjou Romantica clear book/planner cover, $3

20 responses to “Sales”

  1. 'Lendel Virago says :

    My order arrived today safe and sound. I just wanted to thank you. So, thanks a bunch!

  2. togainunochifan says :

    hello, i was wondering how many pages the following had?:

    1. BOY’S Pierce(anthology – 2010 May, Pierce Series)
    2. drap (anthology – 2011 January, drap comics)
    3. HertZ (anthology – vol. 44 2011, HertZ Series)

  3. yaoidaisuki says :

    Hi! ^^
    Just a question… how much it’ll be to send to Brazil?

  4. graviyuki says :

    Hello, I’m looking for Shout Out Loud! volume 3&4 to complete my collection.
    could you ship it to Indonesia?

    how much would it be for books+shipping?

    I could pay using paypal.
    Thx ^_^

    • ふう子 says :

      Hi! I could definitely ship to Indonesia if you’re interested, but shipping would be a bit pricey. Here is what the postal calculator is telling me.

      shipping: $12
      so total (books + shipping): $19

      if you’re still interested please email me at mochamojo[at]gmail[dot]com with your paypal and I’ll send you an invoice asap!! 8)

  5. beth rich says :

    delivery was extremely speedy and the quality is amazing!!! the chapters are freaking amazing thank you so much! 100% fabulous purchase

  6. huntinha says :

    I’m interested in:
    Drop Honey by Naruse Isa (2012, Bamboo Comics Qpa)
    hard BL, $6

    How much could it be with book + shipping to Brazil?

    Thank you!

  7. yaoidaisuki says :

    I’m interested in Drop Honey.
    How much to Brazil?

  8. Jenifer Buenavente says :

    Can I buy your Shout Out Loud v1, 3&4, drap 6/12 and the junjou romantica clear book for $20 shipped? Shipping to 91340. Thanks!

    • ふう子 says :

      I’m sorry, but all my issues of drap already sold–I just forgot to update the page. The other items are still available, however, if you’re still interested.

  9. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    I would like to know if the issues of Opera have Aoi Seri’s oneshots/serie.

  10. Ab says :

    Moto Haruhira to 77382?

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