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Mousou Hello Work

I thought I would actually post about something that isn’t BL release covers for once haha. Mousou Hello Work was actually released late last December but at the time I wasn’t sure exactly what it was so even though Ogura Muku was in it I figured I’d just leave it in my backlog wishlist. However, a month or two later I happened to come across the website for the book while looking up a mangaka and I decided then that I had to have it. Mousou Hello Work is a black and white illustration book on the theme of “jobs”. If you don’t know what Hello Work is, you can read more about it here on Wikipedia.

It’s set up similar to Moe Danshi Gatari. It’s not a BL artbook, necessarily—it only has quite a few BL mangaka as guest illustrators. In the book they do a full-body illustration of their job of choice with an explanation of the outfit, and then on the opposite page they also illustrate a mini comic with explanations of the job and why they picked it. It’s not as fancy and beautiful as Moe Danshi Gatari but it’s still a really fun, cute book and it’s packed with great artists.

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today in BL manga

♔ → I got Kazuaki’s artbook in the mail today! It’s actually much larger than I was expecting—thicker, too. And the quality is very high, and it has a bunch of her BL novel illustrations. I’m glad I paranoid!bought it after I heard about her being under fire for copyright issues.

♔ → I had no idea they were coming out with a drama adaption of Inoue Satou’s Kozure Ookami?? Now that’s something I can get behind. :9

♔ → Isn’t this Kousaka Akiho novel cover illustration pretty?

For Minase Yuzuki’s novel Hanayome to Oujisama, to be released November 19th.

♔ → So I finished that Kanzaki Takashi manga and the sequel. /o\ I’m not sure how I feel about them, to be quite honest. The issue is that I don’t like emotional or physical unfaithfulness in relationships whether it’s in a manga or in real life, and Kanzaki Takashi makes that happen… a lot. Like, does she have a kink for cheating lovers? idk. It makes it really hard for me to enjoy her manga a lot of the time. Aoba’s unsureness of if he was maybe starting to fall for Yura even though he was in a relationship with what’s-his-face really started getting on my nerves near the end.

But in happier news, I read the three scanlated chapters of Ouji to Kotori today. As I though, I understand it so much more in English haha. For some reason I didn’t understand it as much as I would have liked to when I read it in Japanese (just the general plot but not a lot of the more subtle, emotional dialogue) so I’m so excited to see it in English. I also finally got caught up with chapter five of Est Em’s Ultras and… just… lmao I don’t even know. I burst out laughing when he was standing in front of the window with his pants around his ankles. Never has creepiness been quite so endearing before.

Next I hope to read some manga by Kitakami Ren—Honenuki ni Saretai in particular since someone on twitter recommended it.

♔ → Omocha Pierce volume two was released a couple days ago! If you’ll remember, Omocha Pierce is Junet’s new anthology of hard BL that was previously reviewed in a negative light by quite a few Japanese fujoshi due to its vaguely shota-ish content and the fact that it comes with a sex toy. I’m honestly not really sure what I think of it—I find the whole ‘vibrator included!’ thing to be fascinating and frightening at the same time. I doubt I’d have the courage to buy it haha, no matter how much I want to read those Gojoe Tiger chapters.

♔ → B’s Garden added the covers and previews for Kinoshita Keiko’s new tankoubon, to be released late next week: HertZ and CRAFT. The preview for Ikusen no Yoru is really cute, while the preview for Koyoi Omae to is… lol. Anyway, make sure to check those out! I’m giddily waiting for HertZ to also post covers and such for the Konno Satomi, Okuyama Puku and Takarai Rihito tankoubon releases. *w*

BL Purchase! /o/

I got part one of my monthly purchase freakishly early this month. I thought it was going to take longer (like, midway into November) since Kuragehime was supposedly out of stock until they could reorder in a couple weeks, but before I knew it I was getting a shipping notification. Not that I’m complaining. :9

Please ignore the Two-Face—I was getting my inner cat lady on while I was looking through my BL manga since that is the supposed fate of all fujoshi.

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Snippets 021

♔ → Today Akamine from Citron blog updated about the upcoming Kusama Sakae tankoubon release (to come on sale October 1st along with their supposed new anthology) Match Uri in which they posted the tankoubon cover before it goes through color correction. It’s a very nice, subtle cover as expected of a mangaka like Kusama Sakae. Akamine also points out that there will be a special all-color manga pamphlet but didn’t include many details on how you can get it—he said there will be more information on the obi after release.

♔ → In more ‘upcoming very soon’ release news, Ishino Aya and Bikke will both be releasing tankoubon under EDGE later on this month. Ishino will be releasing on the 22nd with Tsubaki Dayori and Bikke on the 28th with Kabe no Naka no Tenshi. No covers have been released yet, as far as I know, but I’d definitely keep my eye on OPERA’s site since they’re usually quite good about posting those things early.

♔ → November releases have already started getting announced, including BexBoy Comics. Kurumazaki Mayu (Sweet Pool) and Taki Hajime will both be releasing under the Super line, while Naono Boura is included under the regular BBC line. Those will all be released on November 10th.

♔ → For Hanaoto, something I’m excited about: a new tankoubon from Katou Setsuko on November 29th! Along with Katou, Natsumizu Ritsu will be releasing a new book as well.

♔ → In GATEAU news, if you go to their site you can see the color insert for Hideyoshico’s new tankoubon. It’s very pretty. Then they have two books released today, both of which look like they’ll be fabulous reads. Click the images to go to the amazon page and see the larger covers.

Inu to Watashi Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo

♔ → The website for Dear+ has been edited with information on the newly-released issue for this month as well as the issue for the upcoming month. On the scrolling banner, if you wait a while you can see some very pretty images by Aoi Levin and Kazuaki. However, what made me most excited is the upcoming issue information: nekomimi-themed oneshot with a color insert by Ootsuki Miu. It looks absolutely adorable. I think this really might have to be the first time I buy Dear+.

♔ → For more excitement over covers, check out Narazaki Neneko and Kitabeppu Nica’s covers through GUSH for this month.

Amai Shokutaku Irokoi Typhoon Suki nanda Baby

♔ → Fujiyama Hyouta’s manga through Daria Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete will supposedly be getting a drama CD in April of 2011. More information can be found here. I do not believe a cast list or anything has been released yet.

♔ → HertZ’s tankoubon release for Mieno Saori and Riwo’s Hakumokuren ga Saita nara now has its POP image included in the upcoming release information. You can find it here, four down, and it’s absolutely stunning. Mieno Saori’s color images always have such a great mood to them. Anyway, that release is still slated for October 1st so be excited for it! I know that I definitely can’t wait.

♔ → Junet posted up the cover for the latest issue of Boy’s LOVE, which can be found here with story samples and more information. Delicious Takao Hiroi cover! I wasn’t expecting that—for some reason I was under the impression that it would be Sakira this time. But oh well, either artist is great so I have nothing to complain about. It will probably be a while before they also add BOY’S Pierce’s information as well, but they tweeted the cover early here! A very beautiful, soft image by Mio Junta. I was originally thinking I wouldn’t buy this issue (since I tend to purchase for Ootsuki or Aniya where Pierce is concerned and both of them are absent) but the cover is oh so tempting.

♔ → Then lastly, not 100% BL-related but ITAN has posted the cover for its upcoming release this month. Very colorful—ITAN’s covers are never a let-down. They also blogged about Kumota Haruko and Bikke just like they did previously with Nangoku Banana and Ishino Aya and many of the other artists they publish, so if you are interested in their ITAN stories then please check those out. I’m still trying very hard to wait patiently for them to blog about Aniya Yuiji as well.

Snippets 020

Again? Already?? I know, I know. But this is actually all new stuff from yesterday. orz;; I guess BL fandom is quite active lately.

♔ → Jaryuu Dokuro updated about her tankoubon release. In her post she alerts everyone that the book was officially released and then thanks everyone who buys it for their support. She also talks about autumn a bit. She sounds a bit overworked and exhausted, so I hope she’s able to rest up and keep in good spirits.

♔ → For those who read the review and are interested in sampling it before you’re sure if you want to buy it or not, RuTiLe Sweet added the first chapter of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13 tankoubon. They also added a sample story by Hirakita Yuya, who writes very cute stories. If you have time I highly recommend checking out those two chapters!

♔ → Est Em posted her NatsuComi information to her blogspot account. It seems she has at least two new books and then that *UCK shirt she created, and then three older books for sale. NatsuComi started today/yesterday, didn’t it? Are any of you going?

♔ → The cover for moca volume three, illustrated by Monchi Kaori, is quite stunning. You can check it out here. Gives off a very sensual feel.

♔ → In slightly more ‘serious business’ news, Junet just recently released a new anthology that has a few fujoshi upset. Omocha Pierce is a new shota anthology (that supposedly comes with an actual vibrator as the ‘free gift’), released by the same publishers as BOY’S Pierce and Boy’s LOVE and many other hardcore BL anthologies and magazines. You can see one review here on Chill Chill where a fujoshi raises her concerns and speaks her disappointment with the publishers for releasing something like this at such a turbulent time in the BL industry. She asks if the person who made this decision is someone who hates BL, or is maybe a man who doesn’t understand how delicate a situation this is for the reputations of females who enjoy BL. Personally, I am just sad that Gojoe Tiger is in it because I love her and wish to read all of her stories, but I’m not really interested in things like hardcore shota. Sorry, Gojoe.

♔ → Dear+ have updated their site with the cover and information for their latest release as well as information on the upcoming issue. The two color pages for this issue are quite stunning, especially the Hanamura Ichika one. Her art is really quite beautiful. Kobato Mebaru is in this issue, but will not be in the next one. However, one thing that will be in the next issue is a novel illustrated by Kazuaki complete with a color page.

♔ → drap has a new gijinka anthology coming out with a pretty amazing mangaka lineup. The names that stand out most for me are Ootsuki Miu, Jaryuu Dokuro, Yamanaka Hiko, Yamada Torico, Mai, Coga Mayumi, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, etc. but there are a lot of different names so I recommend clicking the link since I’m sure there will be many who interest you as well.

Kazuaki Artbook Cover

The cover for Kazuaki’s artbook has finally been posted up:

The official release date is July 30th. Gorgeous, yes? If you go here you can see that depending on where you get it there are many free gifts to be had. For me, the Comi Comi Studio gift looks most interesting.

Sadly, I definitely can’t afford it this month. orz orz

Snippets 018

I actually left some information out of this post since it was getting so freakishly long. If you’re interested in what I left out then just ask in the comments and I’ll post it for you.

♔ → The cover of CRAFT volume 45 has been posted up on b’s garden. It’s Takarai Rihito, and has a nice summer feel. Yamamoto Kotetsuko has a new story in there called 3 years later. Sounds interesting. /o/ I wonder if it’s connected to Chu Chun ga Chun. Also related to b’s garden, HertZ posted up place-markers for their upcoming releases here. Personally, I’m very excited for Okuyama Puku.

♔ → Some more covers that were posted: Hanaoto, Boy’s LOVE, Dear+, Boy’s Kyapi. The Boy’s LOVE one made me drool a bit, I must admit. Sadly this issue doesn’t have anything new by Psyche Delico, but it does have Koshino, Kijima Hyougo, Sakira, Koiwazurai Shibito. :9 Mmmm sounds delicious. If you go to Junet’s website you can see a full disclosure on what will be in this issue.

♔ → The next issue of Baby is ‘Hazukashii Eros‘. I’m not exactly sure what that means but it sounds relevant to my interests.

♔ → Citron has updated their site banner to now showcase volume three. Totally worth checking out, because volume three was pretty fabulous. (Especially the Morozumi Sumitomo story hnggg.) The site (and the anthology itself?) currently has plans for a small renewal, which you can read about here. I am looking forward to the downloads section. Also related to Citron, supposedly volume four will be having a companion-release with a tankoubon by Nekota Riko titled Kuroneko no Yuuutsu.

♔ → Mangaka blog update: Hino Garasu updated about her upcoming tankoubon release and it’s pretty damn adorable. With such dark stories sometimes, I had no idea she was so cute. Jaryuu Dokuro also posted about her upcoming release (the first post in about three months) and doesn’t sound quite so giddy and excited but that’s okay because I can be giddy and excited for her. She also mentions that because she is currently working with many publishers her works might take a while to be completed so to please be patient with her. Then Psyche Delico updated with her placement and information for NatsuComi. She isn’t by Aniya Yuiji. Sad-face.

♔ → On LYNX’s site, they posted up the new previews for their latest tankoubon releases by Akira Norikazu and Sakino Yuuya. Please check them out if you’re interested!

♔ → For Hanaoto Comics’ Gentei anthology series, the next issue (released in late September) will have the theme “Sexual Harassment Salarymen”. I am not sure what to think of this, but I do know that I need it. The artists that will be in this book have not been released yet, though, as far as I know.

♔ → Yet another release for Takanaga Hinako, on September 10th through BexBoy the third volume of Bukiyou na Silent will be in stores. So yay for everyone who likes that series. /o/

♔ → Two upcoming illustrated novels with artists that I know many people adore: once again Kazuaki has illustrated a novel by Suzufuji Miwa. This book, titled Senaka Awase no Koi and put out through Spark Novels, will be released on August 23rd. The other book, written by Kuibira Harumo and released through Luna Novels, will be out August 30th and be illustrated by Takarai Rihito.

♔ → Gateau Comics, previously pointed out to me by a commenter on this blog and then assumed by me to just be a keitai BL reader, is in fact going to release some actual tankoubon coming up soon—three tankoubon coming out August 12. Personally I’m pretty excited about Hide Yoshiko since I already know her from Cab, but Kumonosuke and Pepu also look pretty cute. Especially Kumonosuke after looking at her fanart. I love anyone who does dirty fanart of Kazuma from Summer Wars. And Teddy from P4.

♔ → Two other drap releases that I have yet to talk about are Moto Haruko and Takazawa Taeko. The Moto Haruko tankoubon, Sagatte Omachi Kudasai, will be released on the third of September. Takazawa Taeko’s Doctor no Hisoka na Tanoshimi will come out later in the month on September 25th.

♔ → For anyone interested, here are the two covers for Chocolate Comics’ upcoming releases. They’re on the inside flap of Ogura Muku’s latest tankoubon.

♔ → Tojitsuki Hajime will be releasing a tankoubon, Monogatari wa Shi de Owaranai, through Daria on September 22nd. Mmmm Tojitsuki Hajime.