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First Impressions, an encore.

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I got a package in the mail with a bunch of magazines/anthologies today so. Why not? Since I’m sure it’ll take me a lot of time to actually properly read them all and even then I’ll likely be too lazy to do a proper write-up anyway.

vague warning for NSFW content, though I don’t think I took many pictures of sex scenes.

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Citron 5 & drap 12

I got my shipment parts two and three in the mail today, and now the only thing I’m missing is shipment four—Psyche Delico’s Junai Eroki. But I figured it’s no time to get lazy. Since I posted about the other books I got I may as well flail about these on here as well. Plus, even though I spammed twitter with it all morning, I still haven’t gotten all this love for Kumota Haruko out of my system. Sorry, bros, it’s not my fault she’s so amazing!

I’ll start with drap so you can just decide if you want to skip me talking about Citron or not. Because it will be kind of pathetic.

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drap 09/10

Here it is—the issue that I was stressing over for days and days; the issue that seemed almost as if it wasn’t going to be released this month; the September issue of drap. But this issue was something worth getting excited about, because it has Jaryuu Dokuro! /o/ Which I already touched on. Also, Yamada Torico who I have recently become somewhat obsessed with. Two center color illustrations by two artists I love. What’s not to get excited over?

As always, disclaimer for R-18 images. Do not click the cut if you are underage or cannot take sexually explicit imagery. Also, I apologize for the lighting—I usually try to take the pictures in early afternoon sunlight but today I fell asleep. orz;; Getting up early every day to wait for FedEx wears a fujoshi down.

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drap 08/10

This is a quickie post just for the hell of it since I only read half the stories in drap anyway and I want to flail about some stuff haha. That’s the difference between my love for Canna and Canb and my love for drap, I guess—one makes me very dedicated and diligent and the other just makes me want me want to spazz.

Warning for R-18 content and complete lack of story descriptions.

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Daria 06/2010

It’s time to review Daria. /o/ I’m doing this one first because I have two things I want to scan from it, and I definitely want this completed before I started cutting a bunch of pages out of the magazine. I bought this one almost specifically for the Ogura Muku and Ootsuki Miu stories, and definitely wasn’t let down. Those two will forever be my darlings, I don’t think they can do anything wrong in my eyes.

I must warn everyone before-hand that there are seriously R-18 images behind the cut in this post. R-18 and in full color. There is a god and his (her?? idek) name is Takatsuki Noboru.

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Snippets 012

♔ → Citron updated their homepage so their flash header now includes sample images of all the stories running in the upcoming issue of Citron. Can I just say that the Morozumi Sumitomo colored picture look gooorgeous? Totally dorky, but the story I’m most excited about (aside from chapter two of Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke, obv) is Aniya Yuiji’s short comic about the Citron Danshi. Sounds so cute! You can also go to the anthology page and check out some samples but they don’t work for me. So. 8(

Now I’ll just try to wait patiently for them to announce their June release, which should be two tankoubon. I have my fingers crossed for Kumota Haruko and Jaryuu Dokuro, but that’s prooobably wishful thinking on my part lol.

♔ → On June 1st, Sakuragi Yaya will be releasing volume 03 of her popular series Yume Musubi Koi Musubi through Asuka.

♔ → Another series release, Chara will be putting out volume two of Hidaka Shouko’s Yuuutsu na Asa on June 25th. When I still used to get Chara Selection I tried to read this manga religiously but now I’m so behind, ugh. I wonder if they’re happy lovers yet.

♔ → One June 26th through Bamboo Comics, Nekota Riko will be releasing Ore no Otoko ni Te wo Dasuna. That’s an interesting title. “Keep your hands off my man”. Sexy. Also through Bamboo comics on the 26th is Meiji Kanako’s Jigoku Iki Bus.

♔ → Kano Shiuko’s Punch↑ volume 03 will be seeing a drama CD on August 25th. Speaking of Punch↑, isn’t the new BexBoy GOLD cover cute? I usually have no interest in BexBoy but I must admit, I was totally tempted for a second.

♔ → In more drama news, on July 28th through Fifth Avenue Ootsuki Miu’s newest tankoubon Melancholic Mellow Mellow and Tennouji Mio’s Critical Lovers will also be seeing a CD release.

♔ → As for drap releases, on July 3rd Hyuuga Seiryou’s M no Retsujou will be seeing a special-edition release. Congratulations to Hyuuga-sensei! The special edition will come with a booklet and retail at 880円!

♔ → Also through drap, Kanda Neko will be releasing her second tankoubon called Otoko Kokoro on July 24th. I’m assuming this will be a set of oneshots that includes the stories from the February and April issues of drap. Those are the only two I’ve personally seen so far, though.

♔ → As most people probably already know, Osaka is currently trying to regulate BL manga magazines that have sexual content (which is, uh, all of them really). Yesterday while I was looking for the drap on a!jp I noticed the cover of the May issue was censored from the search pages. I clicked on it and, lo and behold, it’s now tagged as an ‘adult item’. Thank god they censored the cover, because it’s just so perverted and sexually explicit! I know I became totally hot and bothered and uncomfortable when I looked at it. 8| Message to Osaka regulators: KNOCK IT OFF.

Snippets 010

We’re into the double digits! /o/

♔ → Yoneda Kou’s Doushitemo Furetakunai, a year and a half after its initial release, has popped back into Chill Chill’s manga Top 5, proving once again that it’s really a manga that’s worth always keeping in the back of your mind—or at least near the top of your recommendations list. Good job, Yoneda-sensei, for creating a brilliant manga that people still want to talk about over a year after most manga would be old and forgotten.

♔ → Yesterday Nyar Scans posted the scanlation for the second chapter of Ootsuki Miu’s deliciously filthy Chime, which was her third tankoubon and her first in the BOY’S Pierce series. It’s filthy smut, but Ootsuki Miu’s smut is of the highest caliber so I highly recommend it nonetheless. (Their translator, puchuu, also told me that she’s currently working on Aniya Yuiji’s Mister Convenience. /o/!! Something to look forward to, y/y?!)

♔ → Oh look, you can sample Ootsuki Miu’s Melancholic Mellow Mellow online! /o/ LYNX, you are awesome.

♔ → Speaking of Comic Magazine LYNX, if you go to their site you can see all the color insert pages from the latest issue. The new Kuju Siam story looks cute, as does the Momoi John one. Also, Ootsuki Miu and Sunae Hata interviews. *A* As for the March issue, Ootsuki-sensei will already be back (as will Sunae Hata, actually). Evidently, she’s still working as hard as ever.

♔ → I am pretty much crying with anticipation over the next issue of Daria. /o\ It isn’t released until the 24th and the cover is still a mystery, but the line-up is so beautiful. Takatsuki Noboru, Ogura Muku, Shimaji, Aoi Levin, Ootsuki Miu, Tojitsuki Hajime, Hyuuga Seiryou, Fujiyama Hyouta, etc. etc. I am excited for the next chapter of Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete. Please let there be more dirty scenes like the scene from chapter seven, pleaaaase!

♔ → Supposedly this month’s Cab will be released on the 20th. Please mark your calendars! /o/ Usually Tokyo Mangasha releases at least two things a month, but I can’t for the life of me remember what else they’re releasing in April. Oops. I do know that May is TATSUKI and two random anthologies, however.

♔ → Speaking of releases, on June 10th Ike Reibun will release the tankoubon No99: Ningen Omocha through Be x Boy Comics. On the same day and through the same company, CJ Michalski will be releasing the tankoubon for her manga Mori no Animal Company.

♔ → Want to see the cover for -ZE- volume 09? Here you go. It is up for pre-order here, so you should totally hurry and pick up a copy! The cover for the fanbook is also lovely.

♔ → The cover for the starry☆sky ~In Summer~ R45° comic anthology is so cuuuuute! However, I can’t lie—the B’s Log ones are the anthologies that appeal to me the most when it comes to starry☆sky. The Aoi Levin cover for the ~In Summer~ volume is so delicious.