BK1, I love you.

There is a new development in my sudden ongoing romance with BK1. I do not buy through them but this almost makes me wish I did. Almost.

My only issue is that it’s so smallllllll. Why is it so small, BK1? Why do you not have bigger book cover previews?? This relationship would work if only you could meet me halfway on this!

Anyway, you can see it in all its beautiful (and small) glory here. I guess we’ll just have to constantly refresh Citron’s site while we wait for a larger cover image sample.

(Also, I am sad that there is no Jaryuu Dokuro in this issue. But at least the delicious and sudden amount of Kusama Sakae should make up for that.)

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6 responses to “BK1, I love you.”

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    I love how her name’s all huge on the cover like that. |D Go Kumota-sensei~!!

  2. lemondrops says :

    I’m so happy for her ahhhaksjdlkasja

  3. cosmoflip says :

    You should start buying from bk1 8)

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