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August ’12 order

Well I was going through my books that arrived from my order in August and I figured a lot of people said it would be okay it I just talked randomly about BL-related personal stuff so. Here’s my boring post about the books I’ve gotten so far from my August order. Still yet to arrive are Castle Mango (I shoved it in my order when it was still supposed to come out in August so now they’re just treating it like a perorder orz) and Yamada Maya’s book through drap (which should be here today actually) so I can’t really talk about those. But I can talk about my other stuff that has arrived recently so sdgh;ldsg;s

Initially I was just taking out the inside pamphlets from the books and placing them in the special box of BL stuff where I keep pamphlets and special papers and extras. Unfortunately I had to start using another box recently—

—since the other one is too full. Thank goodness I am an obsessively storage-oriented person so I had an extra box lying around ready to become a BL pamphlet container.

Anyway, onto talking about my actual books.

sorry in advance that this post is kind of long and image-heavy. /;w;\

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today in BL manga (or “life of a fujoshi”)

Long time no see, yet again! This post is going to be kind of unusual, because though I really do want to post here I’ve been kind of infatuated with P3P and haven’t been able to set aside the time to properly talk about any of the BL-related stuff I’ve been doing/into lately. So it will be a journal of sorts, I suppose, with a mish-mash of things that have happened recently as well as some things I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while.

Obviously if you read this blog mostly for news you can feel free to skip this post. But if you don’t mind reading the boring ramblings of a random fujoshi feel free to read on! Plus if you’re interested in me as a person (god only knows why you would be) I guess this will give a little insight into how this sad little blogger lives her life. This might get long, though, since I’m the type to get obnoxiously long-winded when I don’t have an outline in front of me.

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covers + release update

Sorry for my absence! I haven’t had much access to my regular computer, so it’s been too much of a pain to blog. orz;; I have at least been trying to dutifully read and keep up to date with BL and BL news, though, if that means anything.

Recently there are two new cover releases I wanted to post since I quite like them: one by Est Em and the other by Mio Junta.


Somehow the coloring style Est Em used feels different than usual, and I quite like it. As for Mio Junta’s, well… it’s just really cute. orz;; tbh I was originally thinking of putting off buying it since it’s through drap (and I’ve thus likely already read all of it), but with a cute cover like that I doubt I’ll be able to resist.

In other news, Katou Setsuko actually will be releasing a book in 2011! Unfortunately, it’s at the super far end of 2011: late December through Asuka CL-DX. The title is Hi wo Otoshita Ato de. Or something like that. Either way, I may have jumbled the romanization but it’s still something to look forward to! Also, a Kitazawa Kyou book through Hanaoto, Ijimekko no Okuda-kun, to be released in late January.

today in BL covers

As usual, now that the month is at the point where it’ll start coming to a close soon more and more BL covers are getting posted to close up and prepare for next month’s releases. Sadly, not all of the covers have been posted yet since some publishers are stingy and won’t post until the exact release date, but three new ones caught my attention today.

First off, the cover of Gush ManiaEX is a gorgeous illustration by Katou Setsuko!

I generally feel like there’s never enough Katou Setsuko in my life, so I was really excited to see this. Not-so-secretly hoping for a tankoubon release from her at some point near the end of the year. ;;

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BL cover appreciation blog ’11

is what this blog seems to be turning into haha. orz Sorry! But there are so many cute BL manga covers and I want to talk about all of them!

Wait! Actually first I want to point everyone in the direction of Rutile Sweet since they updated today and I absolutely absolutely loved both stories!  Both were just so cute! And also, I have completely fallen for Araki Sorairo’s art style! It has such an interesting sketchy sharp-yet-round feel to it and I’m really truly enamored by it—it reminds me in a weird way or Morozumi Sumitomo’s earlier art. Anyway, here is her blog! I hope to see more and more by her in the future. \*w*/

Anyway, onto the covers! First is Moca, with I recall talking about previously on here. I don’t generally buy Moca (which is an anthology released through Chocolat line) even though it’s usually full of great mangaka, but this time I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. Kojima Lalako and Sunae Hata and Matsuo Marta and Katou Setsuko and Hirakita Yuya and Yamada Torico and Moto Haruhira. *v*

And the cover is so pretty. ;v; Yeah, I really don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

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today in BL manga

♔ → More and more “Ganbare Nihon!” illustrations and messages get posted to Libre every day, so I figured I would repost it just in case no one has gone back since it was originally posted. They are all very lovely. It’s very exciting when you see something from your favorite mangaka. Last night Jaryuu Dokuro’s illustration got posted and it’s quite beautiful.

♔ → Katou Setsuko is in the newest issue of Chara Selection, but Kojima Lalako is once again absent. Which is a sadness of well as a relief—a sadness because more Kojima Lalako is always a good thing and so the opposite is bad, and a relief because. Well.

♔ → Which bring me to the next thing I wanted to talk about. Actually I spend an embarrassingly large portion of my time thinking about things I can start in BL fandom. Yesterday I was considering a BL manga exchange (same as a book exchange except we would only be trading BL manga) but then it occurred to me that my collector’s mentality is too much and would get in the way of my willingness to trade away any of the manga I even slightly liked. But I’ve been toying with this idea for a while: a BL manga scan exchange.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like; if I have a magazine or anthology that you couldn’t afford and you have a magazine or anthology that I couldn’t afford, then we can trade scans for the stories from the magazine that we each want. I’m opening this up because it’s happening more and more often now that I really want to read a story from a magazine or anthology but I can’t afford it, and because my luck is just that bad by the time it comes to make my order next month the damn thing is out of print already. (I’m looking at you, JUNK!BOY, you bastard-ass publication. 8|) I would wait for a tankoubon release but… well… I’m never exactly been lauded for my patience, really.

But anyway, that is my offer to anyone reading my blog: I am hereby offering scans from my magazines and anthologies if you are willing to scan some of the stories I need from the books I can’t afford.

♔ → Morozumi Sumitomo posted the cover to her latest release on twitter: click! As Konjiki Runa put it, “tanoshimi desuuuuuuuuu!!”

♔ → The new release through Baby Comics looks really cute, doesn’t it? Really, really cute. *w*

♔ → Canna updated their site with the information for the upcoming anthology release. A double cover! Very interesting! I guess now we’ll get to see what those Suzukura Hal illustrations were all about. Also, this upcoming issue happens to be Canna’s one-year anniversary issue. I wonder if there will be any celebration surrounding it… Being the loser I am, though, I mostly just noticed two names: a full-length story from Ootsuki Miu and a short from Kojima Lalako. Looking forward to it.

♔ → I know a lot of people are big fans of her’s—volume three of of Hidaka Shouko’s Yuuutsu na Asa comes out in May.

today in BL manga

♔ → First off, we must talk about the latest cover of Shousetsu Lynx.

By Takashima Kazusa. It’s so nice to see her beautiful artwork again—that cover is seriously the most beautiful magazine cover I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely stunning. *w*

♔ → Dear+ finally updated a few days ago after getting behind for a while (likely due to the earthquake). Mostly I’m just posting about it so everyone can go look at the gorgeous Hashimoto Aoi color illustration. Her art style seems to be evolving more and more into one that I really like. Also, if you click the next issue preview you’ll see that there’s a gorgeous Yamanaka Hiko color page. Kind of want. Must resist ahhhh! orz;;; If Yamanaka Hiko is continually in Dear+ then it hopefully won’t be too long until there’s another tankoubon release from her.

♔ → Some of the mangaka under Libre have posted sweet ‘ganbare nihon!!’ messages that can be read here. Includes mangaka like Nakamura Asumiko, Kuku Hayate, etc.

Aoi Seri also posted her own message here on her blog. She sounds quite down, understandably. ;w;

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Aniya Yuiji is currently on ITAN’s header: click!

♔ → I generally do not buy moca (which is the BL anthology released though Chocolat Comics) even though it almost always looks gorgeous, but while I was doing ~the rounds~ and checking the BL line and publisher websites the cover for the latest volume caught my eye. So I went to the site and they already have the new list for the next volume and it. Is. Amazing.

Shorts by Kojima Lalako, Moto Haruko, Manako, Katou Setsuko and Takarai Saki, full-length stories by Yamada Torico and Matsuo Marta, and then a pin-up by Sunae Hata. Is it even possible to get any more amazing? Thank goodness it doesn’t come out until May so I can start saving up for another book I don’t usually buy.

♔ → Finally, I have a small-ish recommendation thing in the form of a scanlation from Echochi scans: Hanamai Koeda ni Aimashou by Kazumi Maki and Kano Ayumi. It’s about a young man, Daisuke, who was raised as a girl in order to avoid him having to take on his father’s prestigious legacy and the sleazy-but-serious lawyer who is in love with ‘her’. A very cute story with snazzy art.

See? You should all read it!