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Citron 10/01 Covers

So Citron just so happens to have two releases I’m incredibly excited about in early October. I’m pretty sure I’ve already talked about them plenty on here, so I don’t have much more explaining to do. Previously Citron’s bloggers posted some teaser images of the covers, but today the full covers were revealed and posted to Amazon and I absolutely adore them.

Aniya’s is really fascinating to me, particularly because it’s so colorful. I don’t recognize the characters at all—which surprises me since I was expecting Dora and You-chan, considering the title story is about them. I can only think of two chapters that this book will contain: the story that ran in her Citron special almost two years ago, and her recent (AMAZING) story from Ero Toro. Everything else is totally up in the air. I’m hoping it doesn’t contain her doujinshi releases, or any of the other stuff from SPINZ because then I’ll be kind of disappointed since I already have all those. But oh well, as long as I get a new book from Aniya Yuiji I guess I can’t complain too much.

As for Jaryuu Dokuro’s book, I’m very happy to see the cover because that (hopefully) mean the publishing date is finally done getting pushed back. Initially it was supposed to be released August 1st (which was exciting since I was hoping to pick it up in Japan…) but then it was pushed back to August 31st and now October 1st. Oh Jaryuu Dokuro, the many ways in which you mess with my heart. orz This book, too, I can’t help but wonder exactly what it’ll contain. Her strange oneshot from her Citron special, obviously, and her three chapters of Coyote. But that hardly seems like enough to fill a whole book… HMM.

Still waiting for other cover reveals for the other amazing books I’m looking forward to in the next month dsklgj;sdgd Hopefully Libre is nice and posts Kojima Lalako’s cover soon, and I also can’t wait to see Psyche Delico’s in full. So many great BL releases to look forward to; my wallet is already crying.

Erotoro: Creamy Sport Anthology

I know I already talked about this one a bit but Libre just opened the official webpage (click through the image to see) and I am super super pumped. orz;;; It doesn’t help that Jaryuu Dokuro’s BxP Anx also arrived today and so I’m on a huge Jaryuu kick. But actually there are now previews for all the chapters in the anthology and while I didn’t read them (to keep from spoiling myself too much) they all looked amazing while I was just clicking through. Jaryuu’s and Aniya’s in particular, of course.

ahhhh I can’t contain all this excitement. For Aniya, it’s obvious—now that she’s working more on her josei projects I don’t get very much porn by her. ;w;) But while reading BxP today I remembered just how ero Jaryuu’s sex scenes can be when she puts her mind to it and now I really really want to read more of her h scenes. She just draws the most amazingly beautiful angles and focuses so much on scenes that bring more of an emotional twinge.

tbh those two together in the same book has always been my dream team. They’re both such powerhouse wonderful BL artists, both of which I feel like I could never get enough of and never give enough praise to. June 25th can really not come fast enough.

K-BOOKS & Aniya Yuiji news

ohoho I am actually here to post for once BIG SHOCK!!

First, some sad news for those of us who don’t live in Japan and won’t be vacationing there in the next month or so: K-BOOKS is currently doing a give-away where you get a snazzy trading card for every 500円 you spend. (I think?) But not only that, a few of the trading cards are by artists I really really really like. ;A;)

Kisaragi Manami, Snae Hata, and Chouko. So lovely ahhhh. There are also cards by Takayama Shinobu, Kijima Hyougo, Kawai Hideki as well as many other famous and starter artists, all of which you can see here in larger and better quality. If any of you get your hands on them, I will pay good money for the three I posted above. ;; Especially Snae’s.

In other BL news I’ve been excited over lately, I’ve finally fallen to the temptation of Libre’s new super-ero anthology (or ‘creamy sport anthology’) EroToro. Initially I was trying to ignore any and all news about it since I’m trying to save money and thus really can’t afford to add another ¥1000 anthology to my purchase line-up. Especially in a month where I’m already flooded by anthologies. (Cab, Citron, Canna, Opera, etc.) However, recently they posted a bit of news that did me in: Aniya Yuiji has the cover as well as a story.

orz There is really no better way for a BL publisher to convince me to hand over my money than sticking Aniya Yuiji in the lineup. I am so desperate for new BL by her they could probably hike the price up to $100 and I would crying and just throw my wallet at the computer screen after putting in my order.

At least they were nice enough to release the cover quickly, though, so not I can stare adoringly at Aniya’s art and psyche myself up by whatever story she has to offer.

Jaryuu Dokuro is in it as well, which is just ds;flj;dgsdsd Aniya Yuiji and Jaryuu Dokuro? In the same book? Can something so perfect really honestly truly exist? ;; The only thing missing from my dream line-up is Ootsuki Miu. I’m admittedly kind of surprised to see Ishikawa Kei though–honestly I have yet to see an eroero scene by her so I’m not sure what I should expect. Perhaps I shouldn’t get my hopes up that this is a super perverted anthology along the lines of Pierce Series work haha. I have faith in Aniya and Jaryuu, though, to release dirty things! As well as Nimoda Ai. Kashio, perhaps, not so much…

Speaking of Jaryuu Dokuro, though, the cover for her May release was finally posted in high quality. It’s very very cute so I figured I’d close up this post with it. Go to the amazon page to see it in big big big HQ!!

today in BL covers

I figured I should do a quick post before bed since it seems like there are quite a few covers I’ve been getting excited over lately.

The Sora to Hara one is so beautiful and really fitting for the story—whimsical and sweet without any of the romantic and erotic undertones a lot of BL covers tend to have. Hideyoshico’s cover, then, is somewhat opposite and I love the somewhat possessive way Natsuki is holding Komano. Ahhhh their relationship is really just perfect. As for Momoka’s, with that book I don’t really know what to expect so I’m trying not to let the cover get my hopes up too much. But it’s hard when the cover is so damn cute. ;; As most of you may know, I really loved her debut book so I’m pumped to see where this next book will take her storytelling and characterizations.

I’ve also rally enjoyed the latest Dear+ cover, by Amagakure Gido. The more I see her artwork, the more I realize I really really love it. It fits very well with all the things I look for in my favorite manga art styles. (While we’re talking about Dear+, yay for new stories by Kobato Mebaru!!!) And then Hakutou Noriko’s latest release cover makes me laugh every time I look at it. Nothing says “I bet this book is going to be amazing” like a guy getting kicked in the balls?? Instead of being silly, though, Miyoshi Ayato’s Gateau release cover is very very pretty and thus incredibly tempting. I don’t know if I’ve ever read one of her works before—perhaps I’ll have to make this a first! Finally, Nanami’s newest release cover looks very silly and cute and while it was originally not on my to-buy list I might have to stretch the budget just to get a peek at the inside.

Some covers I’m excitedly waiting for include Jaryuu Dokuro’s BxP Anx and Aoi Aki’s HertZ release. For Jaryuu’s, she cruelly even posted to her blog talking about what a good feeling the cover gave her. /o\ So I really really want to see it! Please post it soon Rutile! Then Aoi Aki’s, actually, has technically already been posted to HertZ’s series page but it looks so beautiful that I can’t wait for a high-resolution image (or for it to just be in my hands) so I can really appreciate Aoi Aki’s insane sense for detail and color.

today in BL manga

it’s been a while since I’ve done this, huh? More than three months! So I guess we have lots of stuff to update about at the moment.

♔ → on Jaryuu Dokuro’s latest blog entry she announced a tentative date for the release of volume one of her story through Rutile BxP Anx: May! So after what’s felt like a pretty pitiful drought in works by Jaryuu Dokuro, we’re finally getting something substantial. Pretty exciting!

♔ → a good find I happened to stumble upon the other day while I was searching Chill Chill to get ready for my upcoming purchase: Kimi no Karada ni Yasashii Kiss wo. Click the link to see the absolutely lovely cover! And as if the beautiful cover weren’t enough, the theme is equally adorable. It’s a book of seven stories by seven artists about boys kissing. Unfortunately there aren’t any reviews yet but it pretty much sounds like the cutest thing ever.

♔ → lot of people have even brought it up with me to make sure I know, so I’m sure everyone else has already heard but Matsuo Marta has a new book coming April 30th through Chocolat! I’ve only read one chapter of her story through them (incidentally, it was the last chapter… orz) but it seemed really interesting so I’m looking forward to it. Matsuo Marta has a knack for writing wonderfully charming characters and storylines so I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

♔ → Two very nice covers I wanted to post about through HertZ and Craft, Towa and Okuyama  Puku both have releases this month:

You can go here and here respectively to see bigger versions since Amazon hasn’t posted the covers yet. I really love Towa’s, in particular.

♔ → Speaking of releases though Craft and HertZ, Inoue Nawo will be releasing a new book on April 26th titled Sora no Deau Basho de. The Amazon pre-order page is already up here, and you can see the POP here!

♔ → And then May releases through Hanaoto are also something worth getting excited for: Natsumizu Ritsu with K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou and Chiba Ryouko with Uchi no Oujisama, both for release on the 29th!

♔ → Back to talking about April released to get pumped about (for me at least), Yamada Maya has a book coming out through Junet on the 28th, Gojoe Tiger has one coming out on the 12th, and Ike Reibun has one through Lynx on the 24th! April is starting to look like a pretty horrifying month, budget-wise… also just because it’s always a stressful experience to ship porn like Yamada Maya’s shota-y books. orz

♔ → Two other covers I’ve found particularly intriguing are volume three of Mamahara Ellie and Tono Haruhi’s Kayashima-shi no Yuuga na Seikatsu and volume two of Sakura Sakuya’s Oinari-sama no Honey Bunny.

I know it’s probably weird of me but I group these two together instinctively if only because they have one thing in common: both of them are series I started thinking it would just be a ‘filler’ between stuff I was actually excited about only to get really hooked. Kayashima-shi in particular—I just love the atmosphere of the story and it’s so unusually well-suited to Mamahara Ellie’s art style. I can’t wait to see what volume three has in store—if only I could read the novels as well!

Citron 13 excitement!

I am still a little bit on hiatus but I’ll probably officially get off hiatus in a week or so when my BL order for February arrives! But for now I figured I should post all this here because well… I can only spam twitter so much before everyone unfollows me.

oh godddd they put up the page for Citron 13 and now I am SUPER EXCITED. I wasn’t very excited for the last issue because there was no Itoshi no Nekokke so I was kind of disappointed and actually… probably haven’t even read it yet… so I wasn’t really all that giddy about this issue (even though I knew it was another issue dedicated to Kumota Haruko) but now that I’ve seen the page I am super super super super excited df;lhjdfh’dfhdf

For one, it’s not just another issue about Kumota Haruko but actually a ‘tribute issue’ to Itoshi no Nekokke in particular.

With illustrations and commentary by artists like ANIYA YUIJI (!!!!!!!!!!!), Est Em, Psyche Delico, Shimura Takako (!!!!!!!), Kusama Sakae, Morozumi Sumitomo, etc. So pretty much all of Kumota’s twitter BL family and then some. Then it comes to a ‘White Day Card’ that is supposed to go with the special Valentine’s Card (which you can see here)—this time it will be Kei-chan giving a gift to Mii-kun! Unfortunately there is only one new chapter of Itoshi no Nekokke in the newest Citron but it’s a flashback to their time in high school so I can’t be too upset! Obviously this is a good set-up to head into volume three with.

All this excitement over ItoNeko aside, Jaryuu Dokuro is in this issue! I’m pretty shocked, since iirc they didn’t list her in the ‘upcoming’ category initially. (However, Psyche Delico is listed yet is unfortunately absent. orz;;) But it’s… the final chapter of Coyote? But there was all this build-up in the first two chapters that made it seem like there was still a lot of story left to go. ;w;) I can’t help but wonder if Jaryuu forced herself to finish up, or if perhaps Libre asked her to do so. I guess we’ll just have to see how well Coyote ends—if it seems perfectly normal or forced.

Aside from Jaryuu, you can see the rest of the lineup here on Citron’s official issue page! It also has Kusama Sakae and a continuation of KUJIRA’s story and Uno Zinia and Yamaomi. It looks like a really promising issue!

Then you can also view the NEXT page for volume 14, and I can’t help but get kind of pumped for that issue as well! The theme is “Boys Love NEW AGE” with a cover by Ishikawa Kei. Her getting the cover pleases me greatly since it’s kind of my pet peeve when magazines/anthologies feature cover art by artists that don’t even run in their publication, which seemed to be a turn Citron was starting to make. orz;;; Plus, she deserves it—her tankoubon is coming out this next month and the story is really quite good! Especially if you, like me, are a sucker for awkward teenage romance. Highly recommended!

BL ‘year in review’ 2011!

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is suddenly thinking back with nostaglia as well as forward with excitement. Even a fujoshi gets a little caught up in all the year-end festivities, so here you have it: a BL year in review. I also did one last year so I figured I may as well do one this year. I don’t want to be inconsistent now!

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