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HertZ band 43

So yesterday my package came in the mail! \*A*/ To be honest, I was very very excited about HertZ. For about ten days until it was finally released, I checked the website every day hoping that the new cover would be posted soon. I really think HertZ is probably my favorite anthology. So many amazing stories in every issue.

vague warning for R-18 images.

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Mangaka earthquake talk & some short reviews.

I guess I have to get back to my regular posting schedule eventually. ;; For those who are still working hard at this, thank you for your efforts! Every new name added is at least one small relief. I am still a bit worried about Katou Setsuko but I’m sure she’s fine. I was also worried about Yamada Torico for a while but she has since tweeted. Thank goodness, last night Hirakita Yuya was able to get online and post one small tweet saying she’s okay and reunited with her family. (Though not all of her friends, sadly.) And then Kojima Lalako responded to her in the most sincerely adorable fashion:

Obviously it’s probably not as cute if you don’t speak Japanese and can’t read it (I won’t translate it because it just wouldn’t be the same in literal-ish English—sadly, one of those ‘lost in translation’ type things—but I can just say that Kojima Lalako is very very very relieved that Hirakita Yuya is okay) and if you don’t really do twitter. But sometimes I think Kojima Lalako is just the most sincerely sweet person I have ever seen, as a mangaka and as a human.

Then Aoi Levin is very worried about the cats (as am I—it’s not just the people who are suffering through all this catastrophe) and retweeted this, which kind of made me cry a little bit. Kumota Haruko has been tweeting a lot of cute, touching Japan-related videos such as this shinkansen advertisement. In this time I realize that being in this fandom is more than just reading a lot of illustrated, unrealistic gay porn but is just as much about the other amazing people who share your interests who all band together to form a network of great human beings.

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HertZ band 42

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m spending the day with my cats and some BL manga haha. I hope you all have  lovely day regardless of whether you are romantically attached to anyone or not.

errr I skipped the last issue of this, didn’t I? Sorry about that—over December I had a lot on my plate. orz;;; But here I am to talk about the latest issue, so you’ll forgive me right?

Vague warning for R-18 content goes here.

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Citron 5 & drap 12

I got my shipment parts two and three in the mail today, and now the only thing I’m missing is shipment four—Psyche Delico’s Junai Eroki. But I figured it’s no time to get lazy. Since I posted about the other books I got I may as well flail about these on here as well. Plus, even though I spammed twitter with it all morning, I still haven’t gotten all this love for Kumota Haruko out of my system. Sorry, bros, it’s not my fault she’s so amazing!

I’ll start with drap so you can just decide if you want to skip me talking about Citron or not. Because it will be kind of pathetic.

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BL Purchase! /o/

I got part one of my monthly purchase freakishly early this month. I thought it was going to take longer (like, midway into November) since Kuragehime was supposedly out of stock until they could reorder in a couple weeks, but before I knew it I was getting a shipping notification. Not that I’m complaining. :9

Please ignore the Two-Face—I was getting my inner cat lady on while I was looking through my BL manga since that is the supposed fate of all fujoshi.

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Snippets 021

♔ → Today Akamine from Citron blog updated about the upcoming Kusama Sakae tankoubon release (to come on sale October 1st along with their supposed new anthology) Match Uri in which they posted the tankoubon cover before it goes through color correction. It’s a very nice, subtle cover as expected of a mangaka like Kusama Sakae. Akamine also points out that there will be a special all-color manga pamphlet but didn’t include many details on how you can get it—he said there will be more information on the obi after release.

♔ → In more ‘upcoming very soon’ release news, Ishino Aya and Bikke will both be releasing tankoubon under EDGE later on this month. Ishino will be releasing on the 22nd with Tsubaki Dayori and Bikke on the 28th with Kabe no Naka no Tenshi. No covers have been released yet, as far as I know, but I’d definitely keep my eye on OPERA’s site since they’re usually quite good about posting those things early.

♔ → November releases have already started getting announced, including BexBoy Comics. Kurumazaki Mayu (Sweet Pool) and Taki Hajime will both be releasing under the Super line, while Naono Boura is included under the regular BBC line. Those will all be released on November 10th.

♔ → For Hanaoto, something I’m excited about: a new tankoubon from Katou Setsuko on November 29th! Along with Katou, Natsumizu Ritsu will be releasing a new book as well.

♔ → In GATEAU news, if you go to their site you can see the color insert for Hideyoshico’s new tankoubon. It’s very pretty. Then they have two books released today, both of which look like they’ll be fabulous reads. Click the images to go to the amazon page and see the larger covers.

Inu to Watashi Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo

♔ → The website for Dear+ has been edited with information on the newly-released issue for this month as well as the issue for the upcoming month. On the scrolling banner, if you wait a while you can see some very pretty images by Aoi Levin and Kazuaki. However, what made me most excited is the upcoming issue information: nekomimi-themed oneshot with a color insert by Ootsuki Miu. It looks absolutely adorable. I think this really might have to be the first time I buy Dear+.

♔ → For more excitement over covers, check out Narazaki Neneko and Kitabeppu Nica’s covers through GUSH for this month.

Amai Shokutaku Irokoi Typhoon Suki nanda Baby

♔ → Fujiyama Hyouta’s manga through Daria Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete will supposedly be getting a drama CD in April of 2011. More information can be found here. I do not believe a cast list or anything has been released yet.

♔ → HertZ’s tankoubon release for Mieno Saori and Riwo’s Hakumokuren ga Saita nara now has its POP image included in the upcoming release information. You can find it here, four down, and it’s absolutely stunning. Mieno Saori’s color images always have such a great mood to them. Anyway, that release is still slated for October 1st so be excited for it! I know that I definitely can’t wait.

♔ → Junet posted up the cover for the latest issue of Boy’s LOVE, which can be found here with story samples and more information. Delicious Takao Hiroi cover! I wasn’t expecting that—for some reason I was under the impression that it would be Sakira this time. But oh well, either artist is great so I have nothing to complain about. It will probably be a while before they also add BOY’S Pierce’s information as well, but they tweeted the cover early here! A very beautiful, soft image by Mio Junta. I was originally thinking I wouldn’t buy this issue (since I tend to purchase for Ootsuki or Aniya where Pierce is concerned and both of them are absent) but the cover is oh so tempting.

♔ → Then lastly, not 100% BL-related but ITAN has posted the cover for its upcoming release this month. Very colorful—ITAN’s covers are never a let-down. They also blogged about Kumota Haruko and Bikke just like they did previously with Nangoku Banana and Ishino Aya and many of the other artists they publish, so if you are interested in their ITAN stories then please check those out. I’m still trying very hard to wait patiently for them to blog about Aniya Yuiji as well.

Snippets 019

♔ → Aside from the Sexual Harassment Salaryman anthology, Hanaoto has various other releases in September—including a release by Honjou Rie titled Himitsu no Yoasobi. Sounds dirty. These will all be released on the 29th.

♔ → Takarai Saki’s Second Life, previously published in LYNX magazine, will be released on August 24th. Takarai Saki’s art is as gorgeous as ever, so I’ll be waiting excitedly for that cover to be posted.

♔ → August 30th Natsume Isaku and CJ Michalski will be getting tankoubon through Dear+ titled Sugar Code and Kawaiko-chan respectively. The cover for Natsume Isaku’s has already been posted to amazon.jp. Then a month later on September 30th Aoi Levin will have a book released titled LOST CAT and Nishida Higashi will have a book titled Division.

♔ → September 10th through GUSH COMICS Kitabeppu Nica, Narazaki Neneko and Fumizuki Atsuyo will all be releasing books. Actually, Narazaki Neneko will be releasing two. Kitabeppu’s tankoubon will be titled Amai Shokutaku, Fumizuki’s is Tabun Motto Suki ni Naru, and Narazaki Neneko’s are Suki Nanda Baby and Enren Typhoon. (Not sure about that last one, sorry. orz;;;)

♔ → Yamanaka Hiko’s wildly popular book Ouji to Kotori will be getting a drama release. More information can be found here at Hanaoto’s site. The CD does not seem to have a proper set release date quite yet.

♔ → Speaking of Hanaoto, the September cover was posted to their website.

♔ → The covers for those GATEAU releases have been posted to amazon: Pepu, Kumonosuke and Hideyoshiko. Still very tempted by Kumonosuke and Hideyoshiko. Also, the other two releases for next month have already been added to amazon as pre-order pages: Takaoka Nanaroku’s Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo and Tashi’s Inu to Watashi.

♔ → Supposedly Citron Comics will be releasing another anthology aside from their first self-titled series. You can see more information at their upcoming release page. The title is currently listed as Moshi Mukibutsu ga Ningen ni Natta Koi wo Shitara. Kind of weird but sounds like it could be interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see.

♔ → There is a Nanami interview up on Chill Chill. You can view it here. For those who don’t know, Nanami just recently released her debut tankoubon, Kiken na Otonarisan, through Daria. Her art style is very pretty and she writes cute stories; here’s to wishing her a great career!

♔ → BExBOY’s October release is pretty fabulous: volume six of Kotobuki Tarako’s Sex Pistols, volume two of Nekota Yonezou’s Hidoku Shinaide, Ike Reibun’s Not Equal, Kuku Hayate’s Joujin and volume one of Shuusai Fumiko’s Hoshigarimasen Shuukaku made wa.

♔ → Who left Aoi Seri an English message? Any of you? Because I didn’t haha. I kind of wish I did now, though. /not jealous or anything okay Anyway, her art is still looking as gorgeous as always. The amount of excitement within me every time she updates is maybe pathetic.

♔ → Konjiki Runa posted her NatsuComi doujinshi covers. They are absolutely stunning, as would be expected from something produced by Konjiki Runa.

♔ → Also, a while back Kojima Lalako posted about her upcoming releases for HertZ and then JUNK!BOY. As you will see when I finally post the HertZ review, her latest chapter broke my heart! Damn it. ;w; I literally cried lmao. But does anyone who reads my blog happen to buy JUNK!BOY? Is it any good? I’m thinking I want this latest issue, considering the amazing mangaka in the lineup.

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Aniya Yuiji has an illustration in the latest issue of Young Love Comic aya, a shoujo smut magazine. I am excited but I don’t think it would be a good idea just to but a shoujo smut magazine just for one page rofl. Please let this be released in a tankoubon of some sort! Or at least maybe in a doujinshi? I’m not picky! (Also, nice cover by Nangoku Banana.)

♔ → The pop-up advertisement illustration for Okuyama Puku’s upcoming tankoubon release was finally posted to CRAFT’s series page. It’s pretty adorable so you should definitely check it out.

♔ → Comic Magazine LYNX was released a few days ago, and they have already updated their site with information for the latest and upcoming books. The Katase Waka color page is pretty much my new favorite thing ever. Cute boy in a wedding dress?? I AM SO THERE, SIGN ME UP. Also, if you look to the right side of the site you’ll see they added two new tankoubon previews. Make sure to check those out as well!

Daria 06/2010

It’s time to review Daria. /o/ I’m doing this one first because I have two things I want to scan from it, and I definitely want this completed before I started cutting a bunch of pages out of the magazine. I bought this one almost specifically for the Ogura Muku and Ootsuki Miu stories, and definitely wasn’t let down. Those two will forever be my darlings, I don’t think they can do anything wrong in my eyes.

I must warn everyone before-hand that there are seriously R-18 images behind the cut in this post. R-18 and in full color. There is a god and his (her?? idek) name is Takatsuki Noboru.

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HertZ band 37

Sorry this took so long! /o\ HertZ is ridiculously thick so I was a bit overwhelmed just looking at the damn thing, even more so when it came to considering reading through it and writing up a semi-coherent post. But for the most part I finished reading (looking?) through it and feel at least vaguely more comfortable with this now.

Ogura Muku cover illustration! /o/ Very pretty. For a larger image please see the official HertZ band 37 page. Anyway, some of the images in this post are NSFW so anyone under the age of 18 accepts full responsibility for viewing adult content if you click the link to read the full post.

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Snippets 010

We’re into the double digits! /o/

♔ → Yoneda Kou’s Doushitemo Furetakunai, a year and a half after its initial release, has popped back into Chill Chill’s manga Top 5, proving once again that it’s really a manga that’s worth always keeping in the back of your mind—or at least near the top of your recommendations list. Good job, Yoneda-sensei, for creating a brilliant manga that people still want to talk about over a year after most manga would be old and forgotten.

♔ → Yesterday Nyar Scans posted the scanlation for the second chapter of Ootsuki Miu’s deliciously filthy Chime, which was her third tankoubon and her first in the BOY’S Pierce series. It’s filthy smut, but Ootsuki Miu’s smut is of the highest caliber so I highly recommend it nonetheless. (Their translator, puchuu, also told me that she’s currently working on Aniya Yuiji’s Mister Convenience. /o/!! Something to look forward to, y/y?!)

♔ → Oh look, you can sample Ootsuki Miu’s Melancholic Mellow Mellow online! /o/ LYNX, you are awesome.

♔ → Speaking of Comic Magazine LYNX, if you go to their site you can see all the color insert pages from the latest issue. The new Kuju Siam story looks cute, as does the Momoi John one. Also, Ootsuki Miu and Sunae Hata interviews. *A* As for the March issue, Ootsuki-sensei will already be back (as will Sunae Hata, actually). Evidently, she’s still working as hard as ever.

♔ → I am pretty much crying with anticipation over the next issue of Daria. /o\ It isn’t released until the 24th and the cover is still a mystery, but the line-up is so beautiful. Takatsuki Noboru, Ogura Muku, Shimaji, Aoi Levin, Ootsuki Miu, Tojitsuki Hajime, Hyuuga Seiryou, Fujiyama Hyouta, etc. etc. I am excited for the next chapter of Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete. Please let there be more dirty scenes like the scene from chapter seven, pleaaaase!

♔ → Supposedly this month’s Cab will be released on the 20th. Please mark your calendars! /o/ Usually Tokyo Mangasha releases at least two things a month, but I can’t for the life of me remember what else they’re releasing in April. Oops. I do know that May is TATSUKI and two random anthologies, however.

♔ → Speaking of releases, on June 10th Ike Reibun will release the tankoubon No99: Ningen Omocha through Be x Boy Comics. On the same day and through the same company, CJ Michalski will be releasing the tankoubon for her manga Mori no Animal Company.

♔ → Want to see the cover for -ZE- volume 09? Here you go. It is up for pre-order here, so you should totally hurry and pick up a copy! The cover for the fanbook is also lovely.

♔ → The cover for the starry☆sky ~In Summer~ R45° comic anthology is so cuuuuute! However, I can’t lie—the B’s Log ones are the anthologies that appeal to me the most when it comes to starry☆sky. The Aoi Levin cover for the ~In Summer~ volume is so delicious.