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thank you, and some stuff.

First off, thank you very much to the creator of this:

From the latest post at fandom secrets, which I actually don’t tend to frequent if only because many of the comments/secrets are quite negative and mean-spirited haha. /wimp To be honest I’ve been having a rather crap time for the last week and a half, though lately I’ve been feeling better. But to give you a better idea of why I haven’t been updating, I’ve been rather down about dumb things and when I’m down I have a tendency to not do anything even if it’s something I really adore. But then my friend linked this to me and it just really means a lot. You (the secret creator) and everyone else who comments on my blog or leaves me sweet anon messages on formspring or tumblr really give me too much credit and are all too kind to me and you have no idea how much it means to me to have inspired you even the tiniest bit to want to read more BL manga. I’m very happy; thank you so very much!!

Also, since my friend also complained to me about it, I’ll try harder to also include reviews or conversations about the scanlated or licensed manga I read! I’m sorry I always neglect them, thus leaving out many people who cannot read Japanese quite so well.

Umm to keep this from getting too sappy, in BL news Castle Mango will be getting a drama CD through Movic! I don’t listen to drama CDs so much but that’s pretty exciting! It’ll be interesting to see how well it’s handled since it’s such a serious and dramatic story.

Also, volumes three and four of Minase Masara’s Gokujou no Koibito are getting released in early June. When I first saw that I was quite surprised since I was under the impression that the volumes had all already been previously released. Actually I’ve been rereading Gokujou all day because of this—it’s one of the first manga I read when I started getting into BL so I didn’t remember much of it.

OH! Also also also, Aoi Seri’s cover for Citron volume eight was finally posted after weeks of inside-art previews:

Isn’t it gorgeous? I love Aoi Seri’s color art, don’t get me wrong, but I looooove the direction they went in with this—the regular black and white manga-type illustration with colorful and vivid colors on the cover text. Such a gorgeous step away from all other previous Citron covers. I can’t wait to read her interview and learn more about her. As if her blog weren’t enough already haha. But anyway, to see a bigger image of the cover and also check out the previews for all the inside stories, please check out their blog!!

today in BL manga

♔ → First off, we must talk about the latest cover of Shousetsu Lynx.

By Takashima Kazusa. It’s so nice to see her beautiful artwork again—that cover is seriously the most beautiful magazine cover I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely stunning. *w*

♔ → Dear+ finally updated a few days ago after getting behind for a while (likely due to the earthquake). Mostly I’m just posting about it so everyone can go look at the gorgeous Hashimoto Aoi color illustration. Her art style seems to be evolving more and more into one that I really like. Also, if you click the next issue preview you’ll see that there’s a gorgeous Yamanaka Hiko color page. Kind of want. Must resist ahhhh! orz;;; If Yamanaka Hiko is continually in Dear+ then it hopefully won’t be too long until there’s another tankoubon release from her.

♔ → Some of the mangaka under Libre have posted sweet ‘ganbare nihon!!’ messages that can be read here. Includes mangaka like Nakamura Asumiko, Kuku Hayate, etc.

Aoi Seri also posted her own message here on her blog. She sounds quite down, understandably. ;w;

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Aniya Yuiji is currently on ITAN’s header: click!

♔ → I generally do not buy moca (which is the BL anthology released though Chocolat Comics) even though it almost always looks gorgeous, but while I was doing ~the rounds~ and checking the BL line and publisher websites the cover for the latest volume caught my eye. So I went to the site and they already have the new list for the next volume and it. Is. Amazing.

Shorts by Kojima Lalako, Moto Haruko, Manako, Katou Setsuko and Takarai Saki, full-length stories by Yamada Torico and Matsuo Marta, and then a pin-up by Sunae Hata. Is it even possible to get any more amazing? Thank goodness it doesn’t come out until May so I can start saving up for another book I don’t usually buy.

♔ → Finally, I have a small-ish recommendation thing in the form of a scanlation from Echochi scans: Hanamai Koeda ni Aimashou by Kazumi Maki and Kano Ayumi. It’s about a young man, Daisuke, who was raised as a girl in order to avoid him having to take on his father’s prestigious legacy and the sleazy-but-serious lawyer who is in love with ‘her’. A very cute story with snazzy art.

See? You should all read it!

Citron releases & info

Sorry about my absence over the past few days. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that it’s just another one of those times where there isn’t much interesting new information to talk about and so I just haven’t… been… talking lmao.

But!! It’s a new month in BL fandom meaning a few websites have updated their information for March! But the one I’m most interested in talking about at the moment is Citron. For one, the anniversary issue of Citron is released today!! Hooray for them! I’m happy that the publishing line has caught on like it has and released some pretty amazing titles. (Not that Libre as a company needs more success, mind you, considering they’re the biggest BL publisher.) The issue released today has Kusama Sakae on the cover, just like the first ever volume. Another exciting thing is that Aniya Yuiji has a color page!! \*A*/ HOORAH!

Also, if you go to the index you can preview Psyche Delico’s story (I’m soooo glad that one got continued! *w*) as well as Momoka’s and Momoyama Naoko’s. I don’t recall having ever read anything by Momoka before but her art is gorgeous! One thing I’m sad about, though, is that Jaryuu Dokuro is once again absent. 8( Very depressing, but oh well. Keep working hard, Jaryuu Dokuro!

As for the next volume…

AOI SERI COVER ART!! \*A*/!!! TRIPLE HOORAH! Does this mean she will have an interview and they’ll ask her about her inspirations and her favorite color and her favorite food s;dlgj;sgsg’sgl;s PLEASE YES. (Also, speaking of Aoi Seri has anyone else been keeping up with her blog and thus seen her cat? Very cute! Lots of BL mangaka have been talking about cats lately haha.)

Also speaking of Citron, Morozumi Sumitomo’s manga through them that just recently finished up will be seeing a tankoubon released on April 1st! Morozumi Sumitomo’s fourth tankoubon release, if I recall correctly.

Moe Danshi Gatari 2

Hello everyone! Guess what came in the mail today! That’s right, Moe Danshi Gatari 2. (Also, Ootsuki Miu’s latest tankoubon but I’ll save talking about that for a little later…) It’s pretty much as beautiful as I was expecting, if not more beautiful. I am so excited for this I can barely hold it all in, so of course I just have to post about it. You can’t say you weren’t expecting this.

I was originally planning to just take a couple pictures of my personal favorites but that somehow turned into, like, twenty-four images. Oops. Oh well, at least I didn’t take the entire book.

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Moe Danshi Gatari mangaka list

Someone on formspring asked about this and so I’ll just post it here. The mangaka list was passed around by various mangaka on twitter these last couple days and I was going to wait to talk about it more until after my book arrived since you can only talk about a thing you aren’t actually holding in your hands so much before you just no longer have anything to say. But I guess the romanized mangaka list is valid information.

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Moe Danshi Gatari 2 release


Kumota Haruko just tweeted this morning (or ‘tonight’ for her or anyone who lives in that timezone) about the anthologies she’s going to be in this December, which is a shockingly large amount considering she usually just sticks to Citron. She must have been working hard under wraps these past few months! But the most exciting thing of all is, of course, that she posted about being in Moe Danshi Gatari 2. And she’s not just going to be in it, noooo…

IS IT NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER? It is. It is definitely the most beautiful thing ever. You can’t even deny it. And Kumota Haruko is so deserving of the cover because I don’t think she has ever written a character that didn’t make me feel all ~*mune kyuuuuuuun*~ at some point. So cute. I wonder what exactly her specific moe danshi will be. Oh wait she said it in her blog post lmfao.

The very talented and amazing Aoi Seri, who will also be within the pages of this book, also updated about it. All at once, all of the information is released and the book comes out in less than a month! Except… I can’t find a full mangaka list yet. Boo. I guess I’ll just keep searching like a motherfucker. None of the other mangaka I love who I was hoping would be in the book (Ogura Muku, Jaryuu Dokuro, etc.) have updated but I guess I’ll still keep my fingers crossed for them! Either way, I’m sure the book will be filled with amazingly talented and fascinating mangaka.

Anyway, the two other anthologies that Kumota Haruko will be in this coming month are Kono BL ga Yabai! and Jousou Danshi Anthology Syrup (Bitter). I am personally very excited about Syrup (which iirc has two separate books—Bitter and Sweet) since it’s a book about men in women’s clothing. Which is my favorite thing in the world. I wonder if the Mimi-kun picture Kumota Haruko posted to her sketch blog has anything to do with this, considering this is another Tokyo Mangasha anthology. Hmmm. :9

Either way, I will be eagerly awaiting any new news of these upcoming books!

eta aaaaaand now that I was able to calm down enough to finish reading her post, she will also have a postcard in Chara magazine and will be in onBLUE. (onBLUE, iirc, she already posted about before.) Kumota Haruko, you are a busy, busy woman.

Citron 5 & drap 12

I got my shipment parts two and three in the mail today, and now the only thing I’m missing is shipment four—Psyche Delico’s Junai Eroki. But I figured it’s no time to get lazy. Since I posted about the other books I got I may as well flail about these on here as well. Plus, even though I spammed twitter with it all morning, I still haven’t gotten all this love for Kumota Haruko out of my system. Sorry, bros, it’s not my fault she’s so amazing!

I’ll start with drap so you can just decide if you want to skip me talking about Citron or not. Because it will be kind of pathetic.

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