Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’ve all seen this coming. Admittedly I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. My life has gotten very hectic, especially recently for a variety of reasons. To keep it short and sweet, I’ve started going back to school in order to ~follow my dreams~ (in translation and publishing) and so my personal time as well as my finances have been cut pitifully short. Take into account my nearly full-time job and my small-but-existent social life, my internet presence has been dwindling and thus my ability to read bl much less post extensively about it just isn’t there anymore.

which isn’t to say I don’t still love bl very very much. I mean, obviously it’s part of the reason I’m working hard in other aspects of my life right now (better Japanese skills, higher paying job, more chances to travel to Japan = ability to read bl INTENSIFIES) and I’m not in any way going “feh fuck bl I’m out!” I can assure you when I’m in Tokyo again come September I’m bringing two big fat suitcases of bl home with me.

but I just don’t have the wherewithal to hold this site up to any of the standards I had when I originally started it. It’s better to close it now so I no longer have any pressure or guilt over abandoning it silently.

though rest assured, I will still be talking about it on my personal social networking accounts. Just not on the large scale this blog afforded. But there are many other bl blogs on the market now, so there will always be plenty of bl to read about. Maybe someday when I have more time I’ll even start a new one myself. But for now I’m paring down my online presence to just one personal blog.

it’s very bittersweet—I have met some of my Most Important People through the fact that I run this blog. I have met friends who I’ll hopefully have all my life. And I’ll cherish that forever. Just more reason so love both reading and writing about my favorite fiction genre. \o/

thank you all so much for following this blog all these years–thank you for the comments, support, and even gifts you’ve sent to me. You have all been amazing and it’s been wonderful being able to chat with you.

bl forever!


6 responses to “Goodbyes.”

  1. keikazama says :



    I truly appreciate all you have done through your blog entries.
    I loved reading the articles in English, as well as reading the writings of someone SO passionate of BL. VERY INSPIRING!!!
    Looking forward to more of your articles – whether they are BL or non-BL.
    Please take care of yourself, and enjoy the journey ahead — I know you can do it! You were able to entertain so many of us with your dedication — with this type of skill set…you can do ANYTHING!!! :)

    BEST wishes to you and your future endeavors!

  2. mashleyuy says :

    Thanks so much for sharing with us your passions. I wish you all the best for your dreams in the future! Leave the site up, though! It will be a great reference site for those that want an honest opinion. Just a thought. Thanks so much and all the best!

  3. Diana Knight says :

    Even though I never comment I really loved all your posts(since we have the same taste in yaoi and that’s awesome) so I wanted to thank you for everything and wish you good luck in your future. Even if your posts are shorter and have less quality I would still love to read them so if you ever decide to post something again I’m sure everyone would be happy. I will start following you on your other accounts too. I hope your dreams come true!!! :D

  4. maipon says :

    Hi, it’s gatoraid from tumblr, I realized I never really commented on this blog even though you and your writings have had such a huge impact on me and my love for BL. I have found so many amazing artists and inspiration from this blog over the years, so thank you for everything!

  5. Janice says :

    I’m so sorry to see this blog go, but thanks so much for all of your thoughtful writing these past several years. I visited Japan for the first time this summer and bought BL there though I can’t read Japanese. Best of luck to you as you continue your studies. Would love it if you can keep your archives up as reference. Take care!

  6. jeanrpr says :

    It makes me sad to hear of your leaving the blog. I’m not involved in any social media, and this was one very nice way of sort of keep an eye on new BL stuff that was being published. Good luck on your endeavors. I’ll miss reading about your updates.

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