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“Fubin BL” anthology

I don’t recall ever talking about it on here, but a while back Libre released a BL anthology titled ‘Nakeru BL’—which was essentially a compilation of stories about boys crying. Or at least I assume that’s what it was, considering that was the theme. But I actually didn’t buy it, due to lack of interest in the artists it contained. (It was pretty highly-reviewed, though, and actually right up my ally if it had more artists I’m willing to throw my money at.)

however—! Libre has recently announced yet another anthology in the series, this time titled ‘Fubin BL‘. ‘Fubin’ means something along the lines of ‘pitiful’, so this one should be an anthology wherein many relationships start out of pity or condolence. Which wouldn’t be that exciting to me in itself until I saw the artist lineup.


technically there are still only three artists I’m wholeheartedly interested in, by oh gosh do those three artists tempt me so. I’m sure I don’t even have to explain my affection for Kumota Haruko, all things considered. Suzuki Tsuta, of course, is glorious and it feels like it’s been forever since I last read anything new by her. (The last work I saw from her even, was related to that show Sherlock–the art was pretty, but my interest in Sherlock is lacking at best so it was still kinda ‘hmm’.)

the third artist though—!! SHIMURA TAKAKO! \o/ As I’m sure many of you know, Shimura Takako is the artist for the hit series Hourou Musuko, a slice-of-life about a kid named Nitori who is unsure of his gender. Shimura is also the author being the popular GL series Aoi Hana, and is the artist for one of my all-time favorite non-BL releases Dounika Naru Hibi. I just absolutely adore her commentary and playfulness when it comes to gender and sexuality, so to have her releasing in an actual legitimate BL anthology is honestly like a dream come true.

If I wish hard enough, will Takayama Shinobu also release some original BL? Unlikely, but I’ll take Shimura Takako as one small victory.

Top ten BL manga covers.

So I was asked this question on formspring:

I started to think about this question after I saw the gorgeous Equus cover :D Your top ten beautiful/brilliant BL manga cover’s. Manga you’ve read, want to read or even manga you didn’t like but the cover is still wonderful.

And started answering it but then it occurred to me that it’s difficult to answer a question about visuals on a site that doesn’t allow HTML so the links would be clunky and unattractive and it’s not like I could actually post the covers I like. So I figured I would instead answer it on here. Makes my life a lot easier.

So here are my top ten BL covers that I deem very pretty or eye-catching. It depends on what the question means by ‘beautiful’—covers that have a lot of artistic merit, or covers that I just personally really loved and found to be quite pretty. Since I’m not really much of an art critic, I’m going to go with the latter. Sorry if you meant the former! It’s just easier for me to talk about covers I just personally found quite lovely or ones that peaked my interest.

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Merry Checker Cover

Oh bb! Suzuki Tsuta’s tankoubon cover for her latest Chara release, Merry Checker, has now been posted up. It’s very cute, I must say—I really love the color scheme. That green is my favorite color haha.

I’ve been checking the tankoubon cover releases daily if only because I’m really excited about Itoshi no Nekokke and Sawatte mo Ii ka na rofl. orz;; Even though those ones don’t come out for a few more weeks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though!

first impressions

Hello! How is everyone? Currently FuyuComi is going on! Are any of your favorite circles releasing doujinshi this time around?

Not having to do with doujinshi, I got a big huge package of manga in the mail yesterday. /o/ Of course, almost all of it was BL and every single one was at least related to BL in some vague way. I’m just cool like that okay.

It’s okay, with this much BL I’m willing to share with my cats. But Lacey (pictured) told me I should do a small post about them since my blog has been so quiet lately. Just a small ‘first impressions’ type post, though, since I worked all day yesterday and haven’t had time to read much of anything. Also, tiny little general warning for R-18 content—this is, after all, a BL blog. :>

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drap 08/10

This is a quickie post just for the hell of it since I only read half the stories in drap anyway and I want to flail about some stuff haha. That’s the difference between my love for Canna and Canb and my love for drap, I guess—one makes me very dedicated and diligent and the other just makes me want me want to spazz.

Warning for R-18 content and complete lack of story descriptions.

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Snippets 016

♔ → Comic Magazine LYNX’s site was updated for their latest issue, which was released today! The cover for this issue if Madarame Hiro, and there are also images of the color inserts by Sunae Hata (!!), Takaoka Motonari and Kousaka Tooru. The Sunae Hata image is so cuuuuute. Also amazing and included in this volume are Ootsuki Miu, Kojima Lalako, Umematsu Machie and Takarai Saki. Delicious!

Also, they updated the previews to now include Katase Waka and Kuju Siam’s newest tankoubon. So make sure to check those out if you have time!

♔ → Speaking of Kojima Lalako’s latest story in LYNX, she updated her blog about it and posted a sample of the insert image. It’ll only be 17p but that’s better than nothing!

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Snippets 013

I’m sorry for the lack of interesting content at the moment. orz This month is, like, the worst for BL fandom as far as I’m concerned—only four magazine releases near the end of the month and three tankoubon releases I care about. (However, next month is going to be absolute hell on my bank account.) So there’s very little stuff news-wise for me to post about.

♔ → I added an F.A.Q. section to the site! This way, hopefully you won’t always need to wait for my slow response when you need a question answered. If you think there’s anything else I should put in the F.A.Q., please feel free to say so.

♔ → Ogura Muku’s upcoming tankoubon has been pushed back into June, apparently. What is it with her publications and constantly getting bumped back a month or two after the release date is revealed? This happened to her latest few novels as well.

♔ → For the first time as far as I know, Ootsuki Miu is in the June issue of CIEL Tres Tres. I am very happy for Ootsuki Miu because evidently her attempt at world domination of the BL magazines and anthologies is going swimmingly. However, I weep for my wallet.

♔ → Volume four of Suzuki Tsuta’s Konoyo Ibun will be released July 9th through BExBOY comics. I have actually never read this one. Is it good? Considering it’s licensed by June it’ll probably be another ten years before they release it so I can read it. /bitchy

♔ → Also through BExBOY, there either a second volume or a reprint of Buchou no Koi, by the same author as Kachou no Koi. Speaking of Kachou no Koi, did anyone else watch the first episode? I personally thought it was brilliant. Usually I can’t watch anime but I’ve watched that three times now lmao.

♔ → In non-BL-but-still-belongs-on-this-blog-because-I-love-the-mangaka news, Yamashita Tomoko will be releasing the tankoubon for Don’t Cry, Girl also on July 9th through Zero Comics. If I recall correctly, Zero is also a part of Libre. I’m super excited, because this means I finally get to read it! /o/ I’ve been dying to read Yamashita Tomoko’s shoujo manga.

♔ → Currently on the Chill Chill top five it’s a Shimizu Yuki take-over lol. This is understandable. I’m considering rereading Ze so I can convince myself that it totally wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy the fanbook. I mean, come on, guest appearance from Ogura Muku? Kobato Mebaru? Kusama Sakae??? The only thing that could make that even better is Aniya Yuiji, Ootsuki Miu and Kumota Haruko.