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December purchase first impressions.

my bl order for December came today! \o/ Well most of it because I also impatiently tossed Kojima Lalako and Tomoe Fumi’s January releases in my cart. But everything that was actually released in December is here so I figured I would do an ~unboxing~ first impressions post since I haven’t read any of them yet and it would at least give you a chance to see what I got  in case I go AWOL again this month.

was feeling pretty antisocial and hermit-y today and didn’t feel like showering the second I got up so I put up a little note to let them know they could just leave the package. For a nice long time the DHL people knew to just leave it but idk I think the dude who used to deliver my stuff either got a new route or quit and this new person isn’t so fast on the uptake so he always knocks and waits for my signature s o b.

BUT HEY here is my precious unnecessarily large box full of cheesy homoerotic romance so let’s get to this unboxing now shall we.

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Excitement for 2013!

tbh it’s kind of bizarre to me to see the ‘2013’ marker on all the upcoming release announcements now! It feels like it was 2011 just yesterday. 2012, even. What in the world happened to 2012—it feels like it just started. I guess this means I should get working on my ‘2012 BL year in review’ soon. But before that, let’s talk about some exciting January releases!

Sweets OL, one of my personal favorite BL blogs, just recently posted her lineup for January’s releases and there are some I’m pretty pumped about. Namely, these few:

10日 リブレ サヨナラノート 友江ふみ
25日 祥伝社 つま先に火 柳沢ゆきお
31日 白泉社 いちにのさん! 奥山ぷく

That would be Tomoe Fumi’s Sayonara Note through Libre on the 10th, Yanagisawa Yukio’s Tsumasaki ni Hi through onBlue on the 25th, and finally Okuyama Puku’s Ichinino-san! through Hanamaru on the 31st.

Tomoe Fumi’s in particular I’m really happy about. Actually this book was announced almost two years ago, to be released sometime during the period when the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan. Because of that many publications at the time got their dates jumbled and pushed back, and Sayonara Note was no exception—but the difference was that Sayonara Note wasn’t just pushed back, no, the publication date was just canceled for a later date. More than a year and a half later I was thinking it would just never get published but finally they’ve re-announced a publication date. And I am so happy because I’ve loved all the oneshots I’ve seen by Tomoe Fumi as well as her single compiled release, and I’ve been wanting more by her for so long! ;w;)

As for Yanagisawa’s that’s mostly exciting for collection-completion reasons. Okuyama’s, on the other hand, is pretty awesome because this will be her first book not released through Craft! So awesome—a huge congratulations to her! And I can’t wait to read it, because I fell absolutely in love with her last release and believe in her to put out some more really lovely stories.

Some other interesting releases Sweets OL listed are two by Okadaya Tetsuzou—finally, an official compiled release of Raiatea! It won’t be released through Canna, though, which I find somewhat strange. Then there is also Tango no Otoko the final, which is evidently a continuation of the series that introduced me to Okadaya in the first place and showed me that not all stories with big bulky men are unappealing.

As for Yoneda Kou, her fans will be happy to know that the first part of her HertZ series Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai will be released January 30th. Mio Junta has a book coming out on the first, which is enticing if only because Mio Junta’s stories are always so cute to me. Fujimoto Haruki has two books coming out, one on the 10th and the other on the 29th, both of while I’ll have my eye on because even though I don’t buy her releases often and don’t talk about her much I actually quite like Fujimoto Haruki.

November releases worth getting excited about.

in my opinion, anyway. For some reason, November’s releases have been weirdly kept secret—usually about midway through the month, the releases for two months from then will start being revealed. But this time around the only November releases I really knew about until just a few days ago were the Hanaoto, Dear+ and Pierce Series books. Then on October first they started slowly showing up at random on Amazon (Chill Chill is still pretty lacking in the release announcement department as you can see) so I’ve been picking up the habit of checking daily for any new exciting upcoming releases.

(as you can see, I don’t have much other stuff to do with my time aside from checking BL listings… orz;;)

Some of them are actually pretty damn exciting—in particular, the ones that popped up this morning while I was checking!

November 2
room share by Ishino Aya (Edge Comix)
Vanilla Resort by Ootsuki Miu (drap comics)

November 9
Bamford Koushakuka no Shitsuji by Ike Reibun (Super BBC)
Love Cafe Mocha by Shimaji (GUSH Comics)

November 15
Koibito Assortment by Kumonosuke (Gateau Comics)

November 24
O’mamorishimasu, Doko made mo by Junko (Chara Comics)
Bokura no Heart Slope by Hirakita Yuya (Rutile Collection)
Kami-sama Onegai! by Mio Junta (Lynx Collection)

November 30
Neko to wa Sex nanka Shinai by Kimura Hidesato (Pierce Series)
Himitsu no Hisoka na Hoshi by Amagakure Gido (Dear+ Comics)

I’ve already known about Amagakure and Kimura’s for quite a while now; funny how the ones latest in the month always seem to be the first announced. I’m particularly excited for Kimura Hidesato’s, since I’ve loved her ever since I first saw her in the Syrup anthologies and recently when I started stalking her blog I was horrified to find she started running regularly in Junet-released magazines only after I stopped regularly buying them. But fear not—next month she’ll be releasing a Pierce Series book so I won’t have to search ’till the ends of the earth just to collect her stories through them. Also every time I see the title for her book I laugh stupidly. (Though Orishima Yupopo’s upcoming Sexcuse me! is also pretty damn brilliant.)

I’m also, of course, very excited about Vanilla Resort, room share, and O’mamorishimasu. Those three I’ve read partially in the magazines they’re running in and truly enjoyed each and every one and am pretty ecstatic about the chance to read them in full. For room share, it’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve missed because iirc in the last issue of OPERA I bought the couple still wasn’t technically together.

Kumonosuke’s, of course, I am very happy about since she’s one of my favorite artists and it’s been half a year now since I’ve been able to read anything by her. Actually, speaking of Kumonosuke she just started running in Chara! Or was it Chara Selection? Either way, it’s so awesome to see her branching out to all kinds of different BL publications because it’s always pretty distressing when an artist you like only sticks to the same publisher until they stop publishing her work and she thus just disappears completely. HEARTBREAK.

Ike Reibun’s, Mio Junta’s, and Shimaji’s I am excited about but only moderately. Well. I am very excited, but not as excited as I am for some of the other ones. Now, the one I am seriously absolutely pumped about is Hirakita Yuya’s. As my friends know quite well, I’ve been whining for months and months now about how it feels like I never get to read anything by Hirakiya Yuya anymore and it feels like forever since she’s released something. (Actually, it has been a year now… ;A;) And since I absolutely adore her and her stories and art and just everything about her releases, it kills me to go a really long time without even a taste of something new from her. So this book is pretty much a blessing from the fujoshi goddesses because finally—FINALLY—something fresh and new for my eyes from Hirakita. ;w;)/ Yay!!

Mio Junta “Yukemuri Journey”

Another not!review, since I don’t have a lot I want to say about these books but I still wanted to talk about them a bit since I found them so enjoyable to read. Mio Junta is another one of those artists who have art I find to be blindingly pretty—very aesthetically appealing and cute and definitely the type I like to read most. Her stories are generally not very deep or meaningful but they’re enjoyable to read nonetheless and this one is definitely no exception.

The plot for the main story deals with Naoto, a college student and Kou, a young attendant at a bathhouse. Naoto meets Kou after a crappy day in which he misses his school entrance ceremony, loses his job, and then it turns out his hot water at home is shut off for a while. So he has to go to the bathhouse Kou works at. Initially Kou looks young, gentle and beautiful, but soon enough Naoto learns Kou’s true nature—he’s brash and quick to anger, much older than his appearance hints at and not nearly so naive (at least, not in the way he appears). But his body is nonetheless small and so Naoto doesn’t want Kou to take up all the bathhouse jobs on his own. Thus, Naoto starts working for the bathhouse when he can. Besides, even though Kou isn’t who Naoto initially expected him to be, Naoto can’t help but still be intrigued by the small man.

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today in BL manga

♔ → for fans of Kinoshita Keiko, B’s-garden now has the POP images up for both her upcoming releases. I’m not as excited for Koyoi Omae to if only because I already read it regularly in HertZ, but I’m pretty pumped about the third and final volume of Ikusen no Yoru. Considering that cliffhanger volume two left off at. orz;;;

Also if you go to the B’s-garden main page you can see a larger version of Kusama Sakae’s novel illustration. *A*

♔ → LYNX has their previews up for the latest issue already! \o/ Minazuki Akira already has a new story running, which I’m pretty damn excited about df;ghd;fhdf also also Mio Junta and Rokuro Kuro’s color pages also look very beautiful. Another thing from this latest issue that I’m super excited about is Ike Reibun’s continuation of Tatsu no Otoshigo! I really liked that while it was running but it felt like it ended so abruptly sobbb. So I let out a pretty dumb excited noise when I saw ‘Tatsu no Otoshigo 2’ listed. Then of course there’s Nimoda Ai, Umematsu Machie, Kitazawa Kyou… definitely another great issue!

also related to LYNX, if you go to their site they now have sample pages up for both Nimoda Ai and Katsuragi’s releases. I highly recommend checking them out, since both artists have gorgeous styles and really cute stories.

♔ → another magazine coming out this month that I’m excited about (though in a more bittersweet way, since I probably can’t afford to buy it) is Daria! If you go to the actual magazine page they just listed the cover last night and it’s very cute. Also, the lineup. ;A;)/ Ahhh Ootsuki Miu and Kumonosuke!! I’m so tempted to buy it but I’ve already told myself countless times to just wait for the book releases. Who wants to make bets on whether I’m patient enough to hold out?

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Kumota Haruko’s story through ITAN will be releasing its second volume early next month. So quick! orz;;; You can pre-order it here. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the cover illustration yet. I think last time it was posted on Comic Natalie before it was shared anywhere else so I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for it. Kumota Haruko’s first release of 2012! Hopefully this means 2012 will be full of her work.

♔ → The cover for the latest issue of Cab was finally revealed! This time it’s Hideyoshico. \*w*/ Also I’m glad to see Ogura Muku and Konohara Narise are back again this issue after a short hiatus last time. Castle Mango really always leaves so many things unresolved by the end of each chapter. orz;; I wonder when Konohara will start tying up the loose ends instead of constantly creating more. This time around, of course I’m happy to see yet more Kevin Komine and Komeri, and I’m also absolutely pumped to see more Mita Ori. Though it said there would be Kimura Hidesato in this issue and I don’t see her name… ;; Sad. I’m also sad to see there isn’t more Aako! I absolutely loved her story from Cab 16.

Anyway you can see more on the story titles and such here. It’s kind of interesting to see Komeri will evidently be starting a longer story again! Usually she just sticks to oneshots and her longer stories up to this point usually weren’t planned.

♔ → There is also now a more high-quality version of Canna’s cover posted up. Very pretty and dreamy—somewhat unlike most of the covers Canna has featured thusfar. As expected of Yamada Torico, though. Her watercolor work is seriously stunning.

♔ →I’m sure you all know by now that this month Hidaka Shouko will be releasing volume three of her hit series Hana wa Saku ka. However, did you know she’ll also be releasing a book through Hanaoto in February called Hatsukoi no Atosaki? This is definitely a good season for Hidaka Shouko fans!

covers + release update

Sorry for my absence! I haven’t had much access to my regular computer, so it’s been too much of a pain to blog. orz;; I have at least been trying to dutifully read and keep up to date with BL and BL news, though, if that means anything.

Recently there are two new cover releases I wanted to post since I quite like them: one by Est Em and the other by Mio Junta.


Somehow the coloring style Est Em used feels different than usual, and I quite like it. As for Mio Junta’s, well… it’s just really cute. orz;; tbh I was originally thinking of putting off buying it since it’s through drap (and I’ve thus likely already read all of it), but with a cute cover like that I doubt I’ll be able to resist.

In other news, Katou Setsuko actually will be releasing a book in 2011! Unfortunately, it’s at the super far end of 2011: late December through Asuka CL-DX. The title is Hi wo Otoshita Ato de. Or something like that. Either way, I may have jumbled the romanization but it’s still something to look forward to! Also, a Kitazawa Kyou book through Hanaoto, Ijimekko no Okuda-kun, to be released in late January.

First Impressions, an encore.

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I got a package in the mail with a bunch of magazines/anthologies today so. Why not? Since I’m sure it’ll take me a lot of time to actually properly read them all and even then I’ll likely be too lazy to do a proper write-up anyway.

vague warning for NSFW content, though I don’t think I took many pictures of sex scenes.

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quickie reviews

okay so I’ve slowly but surely been making my way though all the BL tankoubon I got for my birthday. ;; Life has actually been oddly hectic but I’ve still been trying to read as much as possible alongside doing other daily junk. Anyway, here are three short reviews for the first few books. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be doing three more since I’ve read around seven or so.

Yanagisawa Yukio | Kami to Pen

This book was brilliant. I bought it just because I was like “oh yeah Yanagisawa Yukio—I’ve seen her in onBLUE” and idk didn’t really expect to like it all that much even though I really loved her other stories I’ve read so far. Actually, this manga is quite dark; it includes stories that have to do with rape and human suffering and greed and insecurity and they’re all handled in a very eye-catching, emotionally engaging way. That’s not to say this book doesn’t have its fair share of romantic, cute moments—it definitely does. But unlike a lot of the more romantic-edged BL this one has something a bit deeper and more painful (and sometimes sinister) to say about love. I think the story that gripped me the most was about a love triangle of sorts between a gay father, his son, and then his son’s teacher. It was painful to read, dealing with how the father felt about being a gay man with a child and also with his son’s constant disappointment and supposed dislike of his father—including the moment his father brought his teacher home to meet him, not realizing his son and new lover were acquaintances much less that the man he had sex with (and subsequently fell for) the night before was also his son’s mentor and crush. Also I absolutely adore Yanagisawa’s art! It’s just gorgeous and I love the way she draws her characters’ bodies—long and lean and muscled but at the same time they aren’t hard or pointy. Her faces are very detailed and expressive, too. She has definitely made me into a fan. I look forward to her hopefully being in the next issue of onBLUE as well as continuing to work with f-books!

Natsumizu Ritsu | Good Morning

First I’ll air my one grievance: I didn’t really like how the seme character behaved in the first story. Ahhh I just hate when they treat their lovers like crap. I understand why he did it, since he was in denial about being attracted to a man and wanted to keep his pride and comfort intact even if it meant hurting Shinohara. But I loved Shinohara a lot as a character so it pissed me off to always see him upset or crying. orz Aside from that, though, I loved this book! It has a more ‘stereotypical’ atmosphere than the Yanagisawa book I mentioned previously, so it’s fun and light and a very easy read. There are two stories about interoffice romance, the first one taking up a majority of the book. But though I liked the first story, I really enjoyed the second one. It’s about a young man trying to flirt with his fellow employee by buying him lots and lots of different types of bread to find one he loves even more than his favorite melon bread. Their relationship was just so cute and fun to read, and I love flirty stories like that. I’m glad I bought it. :> I’ll definitely be checking out other Natsumizu Ritsu works in the future.

Mio Junta | Love Monster

First off, I just adore Mio Junta’s art. I really love ‘moe’ type art styles in BL genre, such as Snae Hata or Junko. Very shoujo-esque and cute and fun to look at. This story was by no stretch all that emotionally catching, but the characters were cute and interesting and enjoyable to read about—especially since when I read it, I was in the mood for something light and fluffy. The first story is about a college student who is tutoring his high-school-age childhood friend, and is suddenly surprised when he’s confessed to—also the suddenly huge dramatic personality change from sweet and humble to overpowering and demanding that comes with it! Aki-nii was just so adorable and even though Itsuki was kind of a dick!seme I still found their interactions quite enjoyable. There are also two more stories, one that’s connected and deals with Itsuki and Aki’s friends who develop feelings for each other and then another that deals with two college boys who’re having a competition over falling in love. Very cute!

LYNX vol. 37

So on Friday the first part of my order arrived—I got the latest issue of LYNX as well as a couple of my tankoubon. I’m going to wait to talk about the tankoubon at all until I get all of my books (tomorrow) but I figured since I already finished reading LYNX it would be okay to write a post on it even before anything else arrives.

Actually, lately I’ve been toying with the idea of buying less magazines and LYNX was on the list of titles I was thinking I should give up. But after this issue I feel like the reason I buy magazines has been totally revitalized—so many amazing mangaka and great stories all in one place. This issue of LYNX was about 90% things I loved reading and so totally worth the money. I really enjoyed it.

Granted, some of my absolute adoration of this issue could be attributed to the fact that this was the first taste of new material after a long drought of having to reread and reread titles I’ve already read about a million times before. So it was like heaven to have around twenty new chapters thrust into my hands. Around twenty new chapters with great art and cute stories and fabulous characters.

As always, warning for R-18 content. Actually, Sunae Hata’s story was really smutty haha.

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drap 01/11

Technically, I suppose this is considered the first drap issue of the year: January 2011. So I have read something from 2011 now and it’s not even 2011 yet. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why magazines do that, but oh well.

This issue was quite good! It had a lot of mangaka I’m personally not particularly interested in, but at the same time all the mangaka it had that I love completely made up for it. Especially Ootsuki Miu. Because my life pretty much just revolves around everything Ootsuki Miu releases at any certain time.

As always, viewer discretion is advised—this issue of drap actually had some pretty filthy H scenes, so.

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