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Akiyama-kun rerelease!

As I’m sure many of you know (as it’s such a popular title even in overseas fandom) Nobara Aiko not only released the first volume of Yokosu Inu, Mekuru Yoru this past month but also partnered with Marble Comics to rerelease her incredibly well-loved title Akiyama-kun! I had no clue, personally, until I happened to see it on Amazon.jp and wasn’t sure if it was a continuation or—in fact—just a rerelease of the original story. Well, it’s a little of both!

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upcoming releases to get excited about.

sitting here bored, so I figured I could do a post about recent or upcoming releases I’m excited to get my mitts on eventually! I literally have 50 books currently01 in my amazon.jp wishlist, though admittedly some of them are there after going through and trashing my magazines and being reminded of authors that I enjoyed but had somehow forgotten. Still, there are plenty of new and upcoming books I’m excited about as well.

first off, a book by a debut artist I’ve been excited about ever since I started to read her story running in Daria, Haji’s Double Hound. Her art style is really interesting and I love the facial expressions and proportioning of her characters, as well as the relationship between the two mains for this particular book. Unfortunately 02it’s currently on back-order so I’m gonna have to wait a while before I can read it.

as for Dear+, Miike Romuco released a book by them late in December that I accidentally missed out on even though it looks super cute. (tbh as a free! fan I can’t help but be reminded of Nagisa and Rei’s previous track teammate…) Then this month there’s Ten Count volume three, which I’m stoked about even though that story admittedly went in a direction I definitely wasn’t expecting. Then next month is Ogeretsu Tanaka‘s03 book through them. If you follow my personal blog you’ll already know how much I loved the story that had her debuting in Dear+. Admittedly a little disappointing, though, is that Masao Sangatsu still hasn’t released anything for her newest series…

for onBlue this month there was a new book released by Nobara Aiko that’s getting a lot of fanfare! Unfortunately, though, it’s also a backorder so there’ll be a bit of a wait before I can personally read it. A lesser-known bl publisher, Fleur Comics, released a book by Nishi Noriko that looks really cute—Focus.04

through Chara another book I missed out on in December is this lovely-looking book by Natsukawa Shiori. Then this month they’ll be releasing a book by Minazuki Akira, which is always something to look forward to.

then we have a double-release by Kojima Lalako for Paradise View: one and two. Admittedly I’m a bit nervous for this release, since it seems a bit angstier than most of her stories and admittedly as much as I adore her overall I’ve always been more of a fan of her fluffier, more gentle stories. The double cover is really lovely, though, especially when placed side by side.

05 06

Rutile, ever the big-time releaser of some of my favorite stories, has a lot to offer me recently. Firstly, this month they released a new book by Misaki Usio, who I’ve really been loving these last couple years. Then next month they have a release by Uchida Tsuchi, and then something by one of my all-time favorite mangaka Hirakita Yuya as well. And lucky for me Hirakita is also releasing a book through Chocolat.07

Rutile’s less-innocent sister line, Lynx, is then releasing a book by Ootsuki Miu! It feels like it’s been forever since there was last a new book by Ootsuki Miu through Lynx, which used to be one of the most active publishers of her work. I’m excited to see what kind of new stories she’ll have through them. And then drap is releasing a book by Shinozaki Mai, who iirc I’ve never read anything by but her cover is just beautiful.

finally, an anthology by Poe Backs Baby Comics, Hentai Play. Because I’ll be buying so many fluffy Rutile books I figured I’d better balance it out with this delightfully perverted-looking anthology that contains many great artists, such as Akahoshi Jake, Pii, Fujimako, as well as many artists I’ve never heard of before while us always a fun discovery experience!

Anyway, how about you guys? Any new or upcoming releases you’re particularly looking forward to?

September ’12 Order: part 01

well not everything is here yet obviously, so I’ll have to do another one later. But the first part of my Amazon order arrived this morning and yesterday my Honto order from early this month came so I have lots of books suddenly and I figured I’d talk about them a bit.

can you see Twin sleeping on the bed? He kind of blends in with the blanket.

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Psyche Delico & Kojima Lalako cover releases

know what stupid thing I did yesterday? I put in my monthly order, and forgot to buy Ootsuki Miu’s book. orz;; And by the time I noticed (which was really only an hour later) they were already prepping some of my books for shipment so I couldn’t cancel and reorder ahhhh. How could I forget one of my most beloved artists. Just… cries. I guess I’ll have to buy her book specially through somewhere else with cheaper (slower) shipping.

but let’s not let that get us down since two really great things were posted today!

Kojima Lalako’s and Psyche Delico’s covers for their upcoming releases! Kojima’s is still quite a ways away, to be released October 10th with BexBoy’s other books for next month. Personally, I really love her cover—it’s so charming and colorful and the character designs look so cute ahhh. For those who buy books published under BexBoy lines, do you read Kojima’s stories that run in them? What should I expect from this book? It looks adorable so I’m super excited.

as for Psyche Delico’s, I must approach that one with a bit of detachment. I loved Junai Eroki so much that I worry this one will pale a bit in comparison. But Psyche Delico’s smut is always super high quality and the character design from the cover are adorable. Admittedly I’m hoping this one contains some multi-chapter stories instead of all oneshots, but really beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll take what I can get! Also posted was Aiba Kyouko’s Junet release for this month and even though I’m not as excited as with Psyche’s I’m nonetheless pretty pumped since Aiba Kyouko was in the very first issue of Pierce I ever bought so finally the story I read by her 4+ years ago will be compiled!

also a little extra eye candy, I found this yesterday when I was compiling my order and of course had to toss it into my cart instantly since the cover is so ridiculously cute and I find the art style incredibly appealing.

by motteke, released through Baby. Baby Comics always come as a surprise to me since they never update their site until after the fact. orz So this book will hopefully be a nice treat filled with stories I’ve never read before. I don’t recall having ever heard of motteke previously, so fingers crossed that this will be a wonderful new discovery to add to my list of much-loved mangaka!

…actually I just now went to Baby’s site to see if they finally did add info on their books for this month (here is Nobara Aiko’s—eee something related to Akiyama-kun!) and the first thing it says in the description is “兄ちゃん大好き!!!” so. This definitely seems like a book that’s up my alley. Even more excited for it to arrive in Friday now!!

let’s talk about Nobara Aiko and Baby.

today Nobara Aiko’s cover for her new book Nekojita Spiky was posted!

very simple and lovely! Actually yesterday I spent a good chunk of my morning searching the web for proof that this wasn’t a doujinshi anthology, since I know Poe Backs tends to release those as well and as much as I love Nobara Aiko I would definitely prefer her original works. So I scoured google for like six pages in, and luckily I eventually came across Baby’s official site (don’t know why I didn’t think to look there first… /dumb) and sure enough she has an original story titled “Nekojita Spiky” in Baby’s band-themed volume 12.

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August ’12 order

Well I was going through my books that arrived from my order in August and I figured a lot of people said it would be okay it I just talked randomly about BL-related personal stuff so. Here’s my boring post about the books I’ve gotten so far from my August order. Still yet to arrive are Castle Mango (I shoved it in my order when it was still supposed to come out in August so now they’re just treating it like a perorder orz) and Yamada Maya’s book through drap (which should be here today actually) so I can’t really talk about those. But I can talk about my other stuff that has arrived recently so sdgh;ldsg;s

Initially I was just taking out the inside pamphlets from the books and placing them in the special box of BL stuff where I keep pamphlets and special papers and extras. Unfortunately I had to start using another box recently—

—since the other one is too full. Thank goodness I am an obsessively storage-oriented person so I had an extra box lying around ready to become a BL pamphlet container.

Anyway, onto talking about my actual books.

sorry in advance that this post is kind of long and image-heavy. /;w;\

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“Otoko no Ko to Koi” cover + some stuff

I went to check if my copy of Kumonosuke’s latest book had shipped yet (I don’t know why I bother considering it’s not even released yet….) and the cover was finally posted and it’s seriously just gorgeous so I wanted to share it here!

So pretty. ;A;) I just love the colors and the posturing and the shading and just sd;lgjs;ggd AHH KUMONOSUKE!! Which reminds me… I still haven’t talked about her book released last month…….

In other news, while I was going through my mail I saw that Chill Chill released the names and ranking of their 2011 BL awards! Koshino’s Samejima-kun so Sasahara-kun got first place—not surprising at all, consider it’s such a great book and made a pretty huge splash in fandom! Some other ones that made me happy were Castle Mango at number three, and Akiyama-kun at number ten. Though I personally think Akiyama-kun deserved a higher ranking… :T /bitter

As for artists, Hidaka Shouko won as best artist of the year with Koshino at a close second! Ogura Muku won number 4, which made me happy. I’m glad 2011 seems to have been such a great year for her. ;w;) My precious. Artists like Est Em, Watanabe Asia, Nakamura Asumiko, Minazuki Akira, etc. also got special mention. Then onto winners for best ‘new’ artists: Hideyoshico!!! Uwaaa! \(;w;)/ Hooray for her! It’s so great to see how much her works have caught on. And then I got super excited because Nobara Aiko got second place and I am just d;lgjsd;gs Nobara Aiko is so wonderful. ;; Why does no one understand whyyyy.

Speaking of Nobara Aiko, onBLUE volume five comes out ion just a few short weeks! Please please please let the latest chapter have something a little happier in store. ;A;) Also, I can’t wait to see who the next interview subject is!