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one magazine, three anthologies

Citron ♔ →

Even though the actual anthology doesn’t come out for a couple more days, the Citron website has already been updated with the cover and lineup of their latest book! As always, a very enticing collection of mangaka. I had forgotten that Psyche Delico would be in this volume! Also, I’m pretty excited about the last chapter of Kitabeppu Nica’s dramatic Ichiban Suki na Hito uwaaa I wonder who he’ll choose? Kind of depressing for people like me who have no interest in seiyuu, though, instead of having two chapters like usual Itoshi no Nekokke will have one chapter and then a ‘drama cd report’. orz;;;;;;;; I don’t care about a bunch of middle-aged dudes—I’d much rather have more Mii-kun and Kei-chan!

Somewhat surprising, however, is the lineup information for the next anthology: Jaryuu Dokuro has the next cover.

Frankly, considering it’s been eight issues since she last released a chapter of Coyote, I was kind of… thinking… she dropped it. orz Sorry Jaryuu—I guess I am someone of little faith! But it’s really awesome that she gets the cover again; originally when she had the cover of volume two, that was before they started including the interviews and information about the mangaka so I was thinking I just barely missed out on a lot of interesting stats on one of my favorites. I wonder if they’ll ask her about her favorite food haha. But really, most interesting in those interviews is always when they ask them about their influences and inspirations.

Daria ♔ →

No Ootsuki Miu this time, so it looks like my hopes for a tankoubon by her through them are still pretty far off. Still, they have a really great lineup this time around that includes both Kumonosuke and Achi Harufumi!! So awesome for them to now be releasing stories outside the companies they originally debuted with. *w* Here’s to hoping their careers really take off! I admittedly hate how tempted I am to buy this issue for Kumonosuke. orz;;


The cover for the latest issue was posted, and it’s pretty beautiful.

Ahhhh Kusama Sakae!! ;A;/ So excited for her tankoubon release next month! Anyway, I was totally originally planning on not buying this issue (though it was hard, since Aniya is in this issue again finally) but I have since been convinced to toss it in my cart. As if the calling of a new chapter of Mic & Neo wasn’t enough, this is yet enother book that has such an awesome lineup sobbb. orz Plus I’m just too curious about the Sotsugyousei special that’s supposedly in this issue.

Speaking of Sotsugyousei… I don’t know what to think about the cover of Nakamura Asumiko’s artbook. It’s pretty, but there’s just something about it I don’t like. Oh well—it’s not the cover of the book that matters, and I’m sure I’ll love all the inside illustrations when it arrives!

onBLUE ♔ →

And last but not least, onBLUE’s website has been updated. I already posted about onBLUE’s lineup and such but I was still excitedly waiting for their website update so I could know who will be in the next volume. For those who don’t know, onBLUE is an anthology that always includes these insanely long and interesting interviews for the mangaka who has the cover spot, so it’s pretty exciting to see who’ll take the next cover. Actually, this next one is none other than Yamashita Tomoko!! I’m pretty stoked. There will be an talk between Yamashita and Hideyoshico.

Also, as for the upcoming lineup, Ishino Aya will be making her debut appearance in onBLUE! Then of course there will be more Yamanaka Hiko, Kumota Haruko, Hideyoshico, Yanagisawa Yukio, Shinomiya Shino, Koiwazurai Shibito, etc. etc. The list of amazingly talented mangaka goes on!

Hanaoto March Releases

Has anyone else been absolutely shocked by Hanaoto’s releases for this month? Granted, I already knew it was full of mangaka I already like and I also knew that Yuzuya Haruhi’s artwork is adorable but after seeing the covers I am amazed. They all look so…


Cute! So cute! Ridiculously cute!! (Well maybe except for Kamon Saeko’s, which is more technically sexy than it is cute…) I want every single one of them! orz;;; BL manga why do you do this to my wallet. I had already planned on buying the Yamagata Satomi one if only because I’ve been so excited about her return to publishing BL manga, but now I think I’ll have to make a little room in my budget for Yuzuya Haruhi as well. Her doujinshi covers are all just adorable and I’m so excited for an original manga by her since I don’t know anything about the fandoms she writes for. ;A;

I need to find a way to get rich quick.

today in BL manga

♔ → Today I read the first (main) story of Boku datte Renai ga Shitai by Fujimoto Haruki. It really cemented my love for her even more—a very simple but sweet story. :> And that’s not even half the tankoubon so I still have lots and lots left to read.

Sadly, though, that’s pretty much it for BL that I’ve been reading lately. Such a depressing life I lead. 8(

♔ → In some release news, there are three ‘yay!’-worthy release announcements through Hanaoto for March 29th: one by Kamon Saeko, one by Kitabeppu Nica and then one by Yamagata Satomi. It feels like it’s been forever since there has been an honest-to-god new BL release from Yamagata Satomi so I’m really looking forward to her book.

♔ → Speaking of Kamon Saeko, though, the tankoubon cover for her January release (which has been in my wishlist since November lmao) was finally posted a couple days ago! It’s very very unffff.

The second cover is Hirakita Yuya’s latest release through Rutile. Sadly I can’t afford to buy this one this month but isn’t the cover adorable? ;; Ahhh Hirakita Yuya is truly a queen of fluff.

♔ → Only vaguely related to BL, but I’ve been playing the PSP otome game Uta no Prince-sama lately! My first route is Hijirikawa. So like me to go for the polite ‘bocchama’ type haha. It’s very charming, though, and I like the whole music theme. Somewhat similar to La Corda, but I think the female lead in this has a bit more personality than Kahoko. The art design in the game is by Yukihiro Utako Actually Yukihiro Utako just did the art for the manga and some random anthologies and such, etc. not the game or anything! Sorry about the misinformation. But I have written a spotlight post for her here on this blog. Yukihiro Utako has very soft, pretty art and has illustrated a few BL novels as well as a story on Rutile Sweet. Playing this otome game makes me crave for more BL stories by Yukihiro. *w*

But anyway, if you like otome games you should definitely check out Uta no Prince-sama! The characters are all very cute so far. I suck at the mini games, though. The coordination in my fingers isn’t really something worth bragging about.

♔ → The covers for the three next upcoming releases in Canna’s new tankoubon line, Umematsu Machie and Yamada 2choume and Sunae Hata, have been revealed via Canna’s twitter. Umematsu and Yamada’s are both gorgeous whereas Sunae’s is bubbly and adorable. Good to know all is right with the world. Go on over to Canna’s twitter to check those out. (And follow them! It’s totally worth it!)

♔ → And then finally, Psyche Delico posted up her latest doujinshi to toranoana! This is super exciting for me, considering:

1) almost no one was willing to sell a copy on yahoo!japan auctions, and
2) every time someone was willing to sell it it ended up going for around 2500円 for the one book.

Same with Jaryuu Dokuro’s, which has also since been posted. This makes me a very very happy fujoshi.

Citron 5 & drap 12

I got my shipment parts two and three in the mail today, and now the only thing I’m missing is shipment four—Psyche Delico’s Junai Eroki. But I figured it’s no time to get lazy. Since I posted about the other books I got I may as well flail about these on here as well. Plus, even though I spammed twitter with it all morning, I still haven’t gotten all this love for Kumota Haruko out of my system. Sorry, bros, it’s not my fault she’s so amazing!

I’ll start with drap so you can just decide if you want to skip me talking about Citron or not. Because it will be kind of pathetic.

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Aniya Yuiji & Citron vol. 6

This morning while I was slacking off on writing my BL manga release post it occurred to me that yesterday while I was nosing around Citron’s site I totally forgot to check if they’d updated the ‘upcoming’ page for the anthology. So I went to check it out and my dreams just about came true in the form of a BL anthology.

If you cannot read the kanji, it states that Citron volume six’s cover will be by Aniya Yuiji. Aniya Yuiji. My all-time favorite BL mangaka. sd;glkd;sd yesssss. *w* Not only does she get the cover, but it states she’ll have a new yomikiri published in this volume. Not that I dislike her mini series with the Citron fudanshi or anything—however, I’m really craving some real BL by Aniya. It feels like it’s been so long! ;;

Aside from all the delicious Aniya Yuiji, there’s also the continuation of Aoi Seri’s story from volume five (which I don’t have yet, but it has been shipped!! sd;lgj;sdg), Kumota Haruko, Jaryuu Dokuro, Morozumi Sumitomo, Kashio, Kitabeppu Nica, Kusama Sakae, Est Em, Psyche Delico, etc. etc. Ahhh Citron truly is heavenly. *w*

(also, since Jaryuu is going to be in the January issue of Citron then perhaps it’s safe to assume she’ll be in the late December release of drap? And not the February release, like I was wondering last night.)

Snippets 021

♔ → Today Akamine from Citron blog updated about the upcoming Kusama Sakae tankoubon release (to come on sale October 1st along with their supposed new anthology) Match Uri in which they posted the tankoubon cover before it goes through color correction. It’s a very nice, subtle cover as expected of a mangaka like Kusama Sakae. Akamine also points out that there will be a special all-color manga pamphlet but didn’t include many details on how you can get it—he said there will be more information on the obi after release.

♔ → In more ‘upcoming very soon’ release news, Ishino Aya and Bikke will both be releasing tankoubon under EDGE later on this month. Ishino will be releasing on the 22nd with Tsubaki Dayori and Bikke on the 28th with Kabe no Naka no Tenshi. No covers have been released yet, as far as I know, but I’d definitely keep my eye on OPERA’s site since they’re usually quite good about posting those things early.

♔ → November releases have already started getting announced, including BexBoy Comics. Kurumazaki Mayu (Sweet Pool) and Taki Hajime will both be releasing under the Super line, while Naono Boura is included under the regular BBC line. Those will all be released on November 10th.

♔ → For Hanaoto, something I’m excited about: a new tankoubon from Katou Setsuko on November 29th! Along with Katou, Natsumizu Ritsu will be releasing a new book as well.

♔ → In GATEAU news, if you go to their site you can see the color insert for Hideyoshico’s new tankoubon. It’s very pretty. Then they have two books released today, both of which look like they’ll be fabulous reads. Click the images to go to the amazon page and see the larger covers.

Inu to Watashi Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo

♔ → The website for Dear+ has been edited with information on the newly-released issue for this month as well as the issue for the upcoming month. On the scrolling banner, if you wait a while you can see some very pretty images by Aoi Levin and Kazuaki. However, what made me most excited is the upcoming issue information: nekomimi-themed oneshot with a color insert by Ootsuki Miu. It looks absolutely adorable. I think this really might have to be the first time I buy Dear+.

♔ → For more excitement over covers, check out Narazaki Neneko and Kitabeppu Nica’s covers through GUSH for this month.

Amai Shokutaku Irokoi Typhoon Suki nanda Baby

♔ → Fujiyama Hyouta’s manga through Daria Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete will supposedly be getting a drama CD in April of 2011. More information can be found here. I do not believe a cast list or anything has been released yet.

♔ → HertZ’s tankoubon release for Mieno Saori and Riwo’s Hakumokuren ga Saita nara now has its POP image included in the upcoming release information. You can find it here, four down, and it’s absolutely stunning. Mieno Saori’s color images always have such a great mood to them. Anyway, that release is still slated for October 1st so be excited for it! I know that I definitely can’t wait.

♔ → Junet posted up the cover for the latest issue of Boy’s LOVE, which can be found here with story samples and more information. Delicious Takao Hiroi cover! I wasn’t expecting that—for some reason I was under the impression that it would be Sakira this time. But oh well, either artist is great so I have nothing to complain about. It will probably be a while before they also add BOY’S Pierce’s information as well, but they tweeted the cover early here! A very beautiful, soft image by Mio Junta. I was originally thinking I wouldn’t buy this issue (since I tend to purchase for Ootsuki or Aniya where Pierce is concerned and both of them are absent) but the cover is oh so tempting.

♔ → Then lastly, not 100% BL-related but ITAN has posted the cover for its upcoming release this month. Very colorful—ITAN’s covers are never a let-down. They also blogged about Kumota Haruko and Bikke just like they did previously with Nangoku Banana and Ishino Aya and many of the other artists they publish, so if you are interested in their ITAN stories then please check those out. I’m still trying very hard to wait patiently for them to blog about Aniya Yuiji as well.

Citron volumes four & five

So as it’s the first day of September, Citron has updated their site with the cover of volume four of the original anthology as well as Nekota Riko’s tankoubon. (Which looks incredibly interesting, by the way.) Here’s Est Em’s volume four cover illustration:

So awesome! \o/ To see a different up-close of part of the cover illustration go here! There are also chapter and story description and tiny sample images as well, with larger proper samples for three stories. Definitely check them out if you’re interested—very worth your time! One of them is Psyche Delico. *w* It’s interesting that this volume, too, will have two chapters by Kumota Haruko. Delicious. The more of this story that comes into existence, the better.

Also interesting is that the ‘upcoming‘ anthology page has already been updated. The cover will be Kitabeppu Nica! I was holding my breath thinking it was too good to be true, but Aoi Seri is, in fact, credit as an artist with an upcoming chapter. SO EXCITED OH MAN. Plus, Jaryuu Dokuro will finally be back with a new chapter of her insanely-long-titled story. So Aoi Seri, Aniya Yuiji, Jaryuu Dokuro, Est Em, Kumota Haruko, Morozumi Sumitomo, Kitabeppu Nica, etc. etc. etc. ALL in the same book. Could life get any better than this? I’m not so sure.

However, still no new information on that new upcoming anthology. Boooo. I was hoping they’d at least release a mangaka list or something by now. But another change that happened on the site is that a new desktop calendar was posted. I had never heard of the mangaka before but it’s a pretty badass illustration! Sadly, it does not come in my monitor’s resolution. :<