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today in BL manga

♔ → for fans of Kinoshita Keiko, B’s-garden now has the POP images up for both her upcoming releases. I’m not as excited for Koyoi Omae to if only because I already read it regularly in HertZ, but I’m pretty pumped about the third and final volume of Ikusen no Yoru. Considering that cliffhanger volume two left off at. orz;;;

Also if you go to the B’s-garden main page you can see a larger version of Kusama Sakae’s novel illustration. *A*

♔ → LYNX has their previews up for the latest issue already! \o/ Minazuki Akira already has a new story running, which I’m pretty damn excited about df;ghd;fhdf also also Mio Junta and Rokuro Kuro’s color pages also look very beautiful. Another thing from this latest issue that I’m super excited about is Ike Reibun’s continuation of Tatsu no Otoshigo! I really liked that while it was running but it felt like it ended so abruptly sobbb. So I let out a pretty dumb excited noise when I saw ‘Tatsu no Otoshigo 2’ listed. Then of course there’s Nimoda Ai, Umematsu Machie, Kitazawa Kyou… definitely another great issue!

also related to LYNX, if you go to their site they now have sample pages up for both Nimoda Ai and Katsuragi’s releases. I highly recommend checking them out, since both artists have gorgeous styles and really cute stories.

♔ → another magazine coming out this month that I’m excited about (though in a more bittersweet way, since I probably can’t afford to buy it) is Daria! If you go to the actual magazine page they just listed the cover last night and it’s very cute. Also, the lineup. ;A;)/ Ahhh Ootsuki Miu and Kumonosuke!! I’m so tempted to buy it but I’ve already told myself countless times to just wait for the book releases. Who wants to make bets on whether I’m patient enough to hold out?

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Kumota Haruko’s story through ITAN will be releasing its second volume early next month. So quick! orz;;; You can pre-order it here. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the cover illustration yet. I think last time it was posted on Comic Natalie before it was shared anywhere else so I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for it. Kumota Haruko’s first release of 2012! Hopefully this means 2012 will be full of her work.

♔ → The cover for the latest issue of Cab was finally revealed! This time it’s Hideyoshico. \*w*/ Also I’m glad to see Ogura Muku and Konohara Narise are back again this issue after a short hiatus last time. Castle Mango really always leaves so many things unresolved by the end of each chapter. orz;; I wonder when Konohara will start tying up the loose ends instead of constantly creating more. This time around, of course I’m happy to see yet more Kevin Komine and Komeri, and I’m also absolutely pumped to see more Mita Ori. Though it said there would be Kimura Hidesato in this issue and I don’t see her name… ;; Sad. I’m also sad to see there isn’t more Aako! I absolutely loved her story from Cab 16.

Anyway you can see more on the story titles and such here. It’s kind of interesting to see Komeri will evidently be starting a longer story again! Usually she just sticks to oneshots and her longer stories up to this point usually weren’t planned.

♔ → There is also now a more high-quality version of Canna’s cover posted up. Very pretty and dreamy—somewhat unlike most of the covers Canna has featured thusfar. As expected of Yamada Torico, though. Her watercolor work is seriously stunning.

♔ →I’m sure you all know by now that this month Hidaka Shouko will be releasing volume three of her hit series Hana wa Saku ka. However, did you know she’ll also be releasing a book through Hanaoto in February called Hatsukoi no Atosaki? This is definitely a good season for Hidaka Shouko fans!

Dame BL Anthology | Full Review

Finally! I finally finished the whole book! orz;;; Well. Kind of, since there are some stories I didn’t read super closely. But I at least got a good idea of what all the stories were about so now I can post small summaries here and help all of you decide if you want to buy the book or not. Personally, I love it—initially I had my doubts, thought that even though I LOVE the Moe Danshi Gatari series that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll really like this as well, but even though I don’t absolutely adore all the stories the book as a whole is fantastic and was well worth the money.

Anyway let’s take a look inside! Vague warning for R-18 content though this book is, for the most part, mostly clean and plot-driven.

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Dame—that wonderful phrase that is in almost every BL sex scene. That phrase people love to hate. That glorious phrase that has now become a book.

I checked Bookman’s site today and found true happiness. I hadn’t realized at all that Kumota Haruko also had the cover, so when I saw it I just shrieked and threw my hands into the air. KUMOTA HARUKO, YOU SEXY BEAST. I’m sorry I doubted you! I love you; please come back to my bosom!

Details on the stories and mangaka inside can be found right here, which is sd;glj;dgssdfgs exciting!! Admittedly it has a lot less mangaka than I thought it would, but I have to realize that this is an actual comic anthology—it’s not like Moe Danshi Gatari where they can fit a ridiculous amount of mangaka in one tiny book just because everyone only has two pages to express themselves. I’m pretty stoked to see Rotta Ikumi and Mochimeko in the line-up, though they all look (and sound!) pretty fantastic. Also, I’m going to have to crack out my Japanese dictionary so I can read Cotorino Deathco’s column on “BL without sex scenes” because that sounds pretty interesting.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it here but actually the release date for the Dame BL anthology was pushed back: it will now be released on the 25th! Also, the preorder page was finally added to amazon! Luckily this means I can stop checking amazon ten times a day while I wait for an update lmao. orz;;;; Now to just peacefully sit back and wait for the 20th to put in my order and hopefully get the book relatively quickly, because if I have to wait any longer for this book I just might die from the giddiness.

For now, though, I will just sit here and gaze adoringly at the cover and that little sneak peek of lacy panties and beautiful high heels that only allow you a tiny taste of what’s to come.

“Dame BL” anthology

So Bookman, the publishers behind the “Moe Danshi Gatari” essay collections-turned-artbooks everyone loves so much, are finally releasing the “Dame BL” anthology! Initially they announced it in the back MDG2 with the tentative release date of “early summer 2011” so when that date passed I figured the plans for the book must have fallen through and I was thoroughly disappointed. But who would have known the book would be set for an official release almost half a year later?

I initially heard of it when someone I follow tweeted about Kumota Haruko’s blog post about it. Somehow I’d totally missed her post (that’s what I get for never getting caught up with twitter… orz) so it came as a huge shock to me. But sure enough, Kumota announced on her blog that she’d have a story running in “Dame BL Anthology”, to be released on November 1st. Go here to check her site and the cute illustration she did to fit her ‘dame’ theme: foot fetish. Yes, those are a man’s legs.

However, try as I might I wasn’t able to find any other information on the book even after Kumota announced it (aside from a small conversation on twitter between Uno Zinia and Psyche Delico) so part of me was still like “no way… it’s too good to be true, isn’t it?” But—! Today Kijitora updated about it, announcing that the book and its information have been added to Animate Online. And sure enough, here the book is. It’s still not added to any other site, but the fact that it’s on Animate means I can really start getting my hopes up that the release date is 100% cemented in.

Anyway, here’s the lineup:

Comics include Kumota Haruko, Morozumi Sumitomo, Est Em, Umematsu Machie, Okadaya Tetsuzou, Chiba Ryouko, etc.
Columns include Aoyama Toomi, Kusama Sakae, Psyche Delico, Yoneda Kou, etc.

I can’t wait to see the names hiding behind ‘etc.’—I’m sure you all know who I’m hoping for the most.

For those who don’t know, ‘dame BL’ appeared on the scene a year or two ago because a bunch of mangaka on twitter were having conversations about BL manga they would love to read or write that would never ever be okay’d by their publishers. It created a huge boom even among fans, who started talking about all the weird BL that they thought would be interesting to read as well, such as stories about old men strolling along the street holding hands or maybe two men getting in an argument about their relationship for the whole story. So I guess what we can look forward to with this anthology is a collection of unusual stories unlike most of the BL we’ve seen thusfar.

I’m definitely looking forward to it!

LYNX vol. 37

So on Friday the first part of my order arrived—I got the latest issue of LYNX as well as a couple of my tankoubon. I’m going to wait to talk about the tankoubon at all until I get all of my books (tomorrow) but I figured since I already finished reading LYNX it would be okay to write a post on it even before anything else arrives.

Actually, lately I’ve been toying with the idea of buying less magazines and LYNX was on the list of titles I was thinking I should give up. But after this issue I feel like the reason I buy magazines has been totally revitalized—so many amazing mangaka and great stories all in one place. This issue of LYNX was about 90% things I loved reading and so totally worth the money. I really enjoyed it.

Granted, some of my absolute adoration of this issue could be attributed to the fact that this was the first taste of new material after a long drought of having to reread and reread titles I’ve already read about a million times before. So it was like heaven to have around twenty new chapters thrust into my hands. Around twenty new chapters with great art and cute stories and fabulous characters.

As always, warning for R-18 content. Actually, Sunae Hata’s story was really smutty haha.

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Mangaka earthquake talk & some short reviews.

I guess I have to get back to my regular posting schedule eventually. ;; For those who are still working hard at this, thank you for your efforts! Every new name added is at least one small relief. I am still a bit worried about Katou Setsuko but I’m sure she’s fine. I was also worried about Yamada Torico for a while but she has since tweeted. Thank goodness, last night Hirakita Yuya was able to get online and post one small tweet saying she’s okay and reunited with her family. (Though not all of her friends, sadly.) And then Kojima Lalako responded to her in the most sincerely adorable fashion:

Obviously it’s probably not as cute if you don’t speak Japanese and can’t read it (I won’t translate it because it just wouldn’t be the same in literal-ish English—sadly, one of those ‘lost in translation’ type things—but I can just say that Kojima Lalako is very very very relieved that Hirakita Yuya is okay) and if you don’t really do twitter. But sometimes I think Kojima Lalako is just the most sincerely sweet person I have ever seen, as a mangaka and as a human.

Then Aoi Levin is very worried about the cats (as am I—it’s not just the people who are suffering through all this catastrophe) and retweeted this, which kind of made me cry a little bit. Kumota Haruko has been tweeting a lot of cute, touching Japan-related videos such as this shinkansen advertisement. In this time I realize that being in this fandom is more than just reading a lot of illustrated, unrealistic gay porn but is just as much about the other amazing people who share your interests who all band together to form a network of great human beings.

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Umematsu Machie “One-Way no Kagi”

This is Umematsu Machie’s second book through LYNX and was her second book in general, closely followed by the release of Canna’s Shokudou Dinner Show. While it doesn’t seem to have made an impact quite yet in the form of reviews or release and purchase rankings, I personally enjoyed the book immensely while I read it and feel perfectly comfortable saying that Umematsu Machie is quickly becoming one of the small group of mangaka I will always make sure to check out.

One-Way no Kagi actually consists of two joint stories. The first revolves around the relationship between Yamaguchi and his coworker Shiina. One night Yamaguchi accompanies Shiina out for drinks after work only for Shiina to get absolutely trashed and thus mopey about recently being dumped. After bringing Shiina home, though, Shiina mistakes Yamaguchi for his ex-lover and propositions him for sex. It turns out that Shiina’s ex, Masataka, is actually a man and Shiina is in fact gay. Yamaguchi, on the other hand, is completely straight and even has a casual girlfriend. But in the days after the incident, he can’t get Shiina’s aroused face out of his mind—and even imagines it while his girlfriend is trying to have sex with him. Is he falling in love with Shiina or is this a passing phase? And why the hell is he suddenly feeling so much spite for the man named ‘Masa’—a man he has never even met?

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