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Haitoku BL

I was going through all the recent releases on on Chill Chill in hopes that they might have added a sneak peek of the third volume cover for Ten Count. Alas, I still can’t even find so much as a teaser image (maybe it would be useful if I followed Takarai Rihito or Dear+ on twitter?) but I did come across this upcoming BL anthology that I’m now pretty excited about.

The title is “Haitoku BL”,01 ‘haitoku’ meaning essentially ‘fall from virtue’ or ‘immorality’. So it’s a book of one-shot stories about overarching lust and debauchery. Amazing. There are eight artists in all, which you can check out here—I don’t personally recognize any of them, which admittedly just adds to the appeal for me. The cover illustration is by Rocky (or at least, I think that’s how you romanize it…) and it’s absolutely stunning in my honest opinion.

The publishing line, Charles Comics, has also released three other themed BL anthologies: Namida (teary) BL, Seifuku (uniform) BL, and more recently Kyousei (coercion/blackmail) BL. these anthologies seem to be a fairly recent line-up, considering the oldest one was released as late as December of last year. They all seem to contain mostly lesser-known artists, but going off the themes there’s a little something for everyone.

It’ll be interesting to see what themes they’ll come up with next!

upcoming releases to get excited about.

sitting here bored, so I figured I could do a post about recent or upcoming releases I’m excited to get my mitts on eventually! I literally have 50 books currently01 in my wishlist, though admittedly some of them are there after going through and trashing my magazines and being reminded of authors that I enjoyed but had somehow forgotten. Still, there are plenty of new and upcoming books I’m excited about as well.

first off, a book by a debut artist I’ve been excited about ever since I started to read her story running in Daria, Haji’s Double Hound. Her art style is really interesting and I love the facial expressions and proportioning of her characters, as well as the relationship between the two mains for this particular book. Unfortunately 02it’s currently on back-order so I’m gonna have to wait a while before I can read it.

as for Dear+, Miike Romuco released a book by them late in December that I accidentally missed out on even though it looks super cute. (tbh as a free! fan I can’t help but be reminded of Nagisa and Rei’s previous track teammate…) Then this month there’s Ten Count volume three, which I’m stoked about even though that story admittedly went in a direction I definitely wasn’t expecting. Then next month is Ogeretsu Tanaka‘s03 book through them. If you follow my personal blog you’ll already know how much I loved the story that had her debuting in Dear+. Admittedly a little disappointing, though, is that Masao Sangatsu still hasn’t released anything for her newest series…

for onBlue this month there was a new book released by Nobara Aiko that’s getting a lot of fanfare! Unfortunately, though, it’s also a backorder so there’ll be a bit of a wait before I can personally read it. A lesser-known bl publisher, Fleur Comics, released a book by Nishi Noriko that looks really cute—Focus.04

through Chara another book I missed out on in December is this lovely-looking book by Natsukawa Shiori. Then this month they’ll be releasing a book by Minazuki Akira, which is always something to look forward to.

then we have a double-release by Kojima Lalako for Paradise View: one and two. Admittedly I’m a bit nervous for this release, since it seems a bit angstier than most of her stories and admittedly as much as I adore her overall I’ve always been more of a fan of her fluffier, more gentle stories. The double cover is really lovely, though, especially when placed side by side.

05 06

Rutile, ever the big-time releaser of some of my favorite stories, has a lot to offer me recently. Firstly, this month they released a new book by Misaki Usio, who I’ve really been loving these last couple years. Then next month they have a release by Uchida Tsuchi, and then something by one of my all-time favorite mangaka Hirakita Yuya as well. And lucky for me Hirakita is also releasing a book through Chocolat.07

Rutile’s less-innocent sister line, Lynx, is then releasing a book by Ootsuki Miu! It feels like it’s been forever since there was last a new book by Ootsuki Miu through Lynx, which used to be one of the most active publishers of her work. I’m excited to see what kind of new stories she’ll have through them. And then drap is releasing a book by Shinozaki Mai, who iirc I’ve never read anything by but her cover is just beautiful.

finally, an anthology by Poe Backs Baby Comics, Hentai Play. Because I’ll be buying so many fluffy Rutile books I figured I’d better balance it out with this delightfully perverted-looking anthology that contains many great artists, such as Akahoshi Jake, Pii, Fujimako, as well as many artists I’ve never heard of before while us always a fun discovery experience!

Anyway, how about you guys? Any new or upcoming releases you’re particularly looking forward to?

Six months worth of ‘hello’ + Ten Count tankoubon!

Hello ladies!!

Funny thing, earlier in the month I was watching videos of women talking about starting fashion blogs and how fun and important it is to blog about things you’re passionate about, and it made me really want to start posting here again. I’ve been on the fence about it, since I felt like if I came back I should do so with a bang, but the rut I keep falling into is that I get too picky about what I’m ‘allowed’ to post on this blog so I finally figured, hey, I’m just going to post whatever I feel like posting and we’ll go from there. It’s been nearly six months, after all!

so what finally got me really really in the mood to post was this bit of news:


Ten Count tankoubon to be released in late March!

I’ve personally been really loving Ten Count–to the point where I specifically started buying Dear+ after reading the first couple of chapters scanlated. Both character designs are incredibly charming, as would be expected of Takarai Rihito’s work. But I also just really love the slow bloom of their relationship; it reminds me of what I already love so much about Takarai’s writing style–she really makes room for the changing emotions to take center stage and it makes even the smallest interactions really stand out.

I also really love how Shirotani’s illness is handled–it’s never treated by any other characters (aside from himself) with frustration or disgust and it’s handled with sympathy and understanding of the subject. Plus it’s such an interesting topic to tackle in a BL comic; it’ll make it even more gloriously meaningful when he finally let’s Kurose touch him!

though I’m admittedly nervous that it doesn’t indicate yet that this will be volume one only.

What do you all think of Ten Count? And sorry again for my constant off-again on-again absence. I’m so ashamed that I even missed my blog anniversary. orz;;; But I have 28 books on the way (including the new Ten Count chapter ahhhhh) which will hopefully give me much more content to talk about here.

“Fubin BL” anthology

I don’t recall ever talking about it on here, but a while back Libre released a BL anthology titled ‘Nakeru BL’—which was essentially a compilation of stories about boys crying. Or at least I assume that’s what it was, considering that was the theme. But I actually didn’t buy it, due to lack of interest in the artists it contained. (It was pretty highly-reviewed, though, and actually right up my ally if it had more artists I’m willing to throw my money at.)

however—! Libre has recently announced yet another anthology in the series, this time titled ‘Fubin BL‘. ‘Fubin’ means something along the lines of ‘pitiful’, so this one should be an anthology wherein many relationships start out of pity or condolence. Which wouldn’t be that exciting to me in itself until I saw the artist lineup.


technically there are still only three artists I’m wholeheartedly interested in, by oh gosh do those three artists tempt me so. I’m sure I don’t even have to explain my affection for Kumota Haruko, all things considered. Suzuki Tsuta, of course, is glorious and it feels like it’s been forever since I last read anything new by her. (The last work I saw from her even, was related to that show Sherlock–the art was pretty, but my interest in Sherlock is lacking at best so it was still kinda ‘hmm’.)

the third artist though—!! SHIMURA TAKAKO! \o/ As I’m sure many of you know, Shimura Takako is the artist for the hit series Hourou Musuko, a slice-of-life about a kid named Nitori who is unsure of his gender. Shimura is also the author being the popular GL series Aoi Hana, and is the artist for one of my all-time favorite non-BL releases Dounika Naru Hibi. I just absolutely adore her commentary and playfulness when it comes to gender and sexuality, so to have her releasing in an actual legitimate BL anthology is honestly like a dream come true.

If I wish hard enough, will Takayama Shinobu also release some original BL? Unlikely, but I’ll take Shimura Takako as one small victory.

March Rutile Releases

the funny thing is last night I was considering announcing an official hiatus but it seems like every time I’m like “huh I should really make an announcement on that blog saying I won’t be posting so no one thinks I died…” I suddenly feel like posting again. Works like a charm every time. Maybe I should just chant that every day when I wake up and I’ll actually be productive.

anyway, I wanted to post today because last night (or yesterday morning?? idk) Rutile finally posted the high-quality covers for their March releases and their March releases are kind of amazing so I figured I would share them here.

03 02 01

I talked about the HQ covers and then posted small ones but just click the photos and they’ll bring you to the amazon page!

I made my order this morning and I am super pumped for all three of these. Kyuugou’s I’ve already talked about at length so I’ll spare you, but finally I get to read the ending of Haikei Niisan-sama. Wonderful glorious brotherly love stories ohhhhh yes. *w*) The last chapter I got to read was when they were making out over the candy apple (and then I laughed in the face of everyone who was obnoxiously shouting about how they had a platonic relationship and it wasn’t even BL) so I am definitely ready for more. Though it isn’t like a Rutile release will deliver on the smut but I get my kicks where I can take them.

as for Miike Romuco, well… what’s not to like about Miike Romuco? I just generally always look forward to stuff by her, since I really love her art and her characters and her stories. Just everything about her, really.

speaking of Rutile, I’m hoping so hard for a Hirakita Yuya book in the near future. ;; I am legit going through withdrawals lately—it’s been way too long since I last got to read something from her. I don’t care where it’s published—dear+, Chocolat, Rutile, Chara, whatever. As long as I get a new book by her in my hands as soon as possible. orz

also speaking of Rutile I wonder when the last time Jaryuu Dokuro published a chapter of BxP Anx was. Because even though she’s constantly scheduled, she never seems to be in the damn thing once it’s released. Please, Jaryuu Dokuro, pleeeeeease don’t discontinue that story. I love it too much for it to never properly end.

ANYWAY this is getting a little too wordy. Maybe I’ll do a post later tonight or tomorrow or perhaps this weekend on what I’ve been up to and miscellaneous BL-related stuff.

“Kono Ore” February release date!

so while I was prepping to do my January order this morning I happened to come across this which was VERY EXCITING to me personally because Ogawa Chise’s Kono Ore was probably legit one of my favorite BL comics from 2012. I was thinking it would be a while before it’s released, since recently HertZ and Craft have been getting kinda… uh…. slow with their releases (I mean christ they still haven’t released volume two of Hakumokuren how ridiculous is that) but already in late February Kono Ore will be getting a compiled release!


ahhh such good news I AM EXCITED! Except more and more February looks like it’s going to be an expensive (albeit exciting) release month. Eek.

interesting releases for February.

I know it feels kind of quick to mention February releases when a majority of the books for this month haven’t even come out yet but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to talk about them a bit.

⇔ As is the case every year it’s been released so far, a new volume of Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru will come out February 25th! tbh I only finally checked this series out recently but I’m kind of hooked. Does anyone know if this will be the last volume, or is it still ongoing?

⇔ Volume two of Takaguchi Satosumi’s Hone made Aishite! This caught me off-guard because I actually first read this story when it just started and I was still buying Chara Selection to keep up with that Sasaki Kumiko story, K no Kouzu, which has since been discontinued sob. I’m obviously pretty behind on this one (like going on four years behind) but I’m excited to hopefully pick it up again in the future!

⇔ New Rutile release for Mochimeko, Houjun na Gohoubi! It feels like it’s been forever since I last read something new by her.

⇔ Another book by Uchida Tsuchi, Bokura ga Koi wo Suru ni wa, through B’s-Lovely comics so I assume this will be a collection of all the stuff she ran in Ricottia. I’m so happy for her that her career in BL seems to have taken off quite nicely wahhh. ;; She’s one of the very very first random artists I bought when I initially started buying BL regularly, and it was her just-released debut. So I have a weird proud-mama feeling whenever I see her around.

⇔ Also through B’s-Lovely, a new release from Akahoshi Jake! You can tell I’m pretty damn behind on what the anthologies and magazines I’m not following have been running because I sincerely had no idea Akahoshi Jake was in anything other than drap. But I’m pretty pumped to read more from her, considering how wonderfully perverted her stuff is.

⇔ Through Gateau, finally after what feels like two years of waiting Amemori Gigi is getting a compiled release. Titled Crystal Palace, the book comes out on the 15th. Now I just get to wonder how long it’ll be before the stories she ran in drap are released in any fashion…

⇔ Koshino has a new book coming out through BexBoy less than a month from now, Michi to no Souguu. I haven’t been so into Koshino lately but I’m sure it’ll be great.

⇔ Also through BexBoy, Yoneda Kou’s NightS will be released on the 9th. Once again I’m not a huge fan of Yoneda Kou but I haven’t read anything from NightS so maybe I’ll like it? Then again I just went and read it was a yakuza story so maybe not… We’ll have to see I guess.

⇔ Through Asuka CL-DX Kinoshita Keiko has a new book Koi wa Sodatte Ai ni Naru coming out on the first. Moderately excited because even though I really like Kinoshita’s stories for some reason she hasn’t really broken into my life of favorite authors yet?? It’s kind of weird. But I shall keep an eye on this one because she has definitely released some stuff I really really love.

⇔ Of course, the one I’m most pumped about is Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke volume three (their high school years) which is also released February first. As much as I was skeptical about the timeline shift to their high school days I ended up really loving it and of course I am giddy to see what the extras for the book will have to offer. And the cover illustration! Has a teaser or anything been released yet? I’m kind of behind on following her twitter. orz;;

⇔ And let’s not forget Kojima Lalako’s Yume Yume Shinjuu. Admittedly not personally pumped about this one because I buy HertZ regularly and it’s kind of… a depressing story….. orz But I have been wanting to read the whole thing in full recently so this is definitely my chance!

One last one I want to mention as kind of a side note is that Chill Chill has another release for Rutile listed for February 23: Kyuugou’s Bokura wa Sore wo Hitei Dekinai. Initially I was really confused because Acid Town is running in Rutile, not this random title, and a new volume of Acid Town was just released not too long ago iirc. But after a Google search this popped up?? So maybe it’s something she had running in Rutile Sweet on the side? idk. I would be pretty excited if it’s true, because her Craft story is too depressing so I’ve dropped it until it’s complete and I still need to give Acid Town another chance (unfortunately I got too attached to the wrong couple and thus had to drop it until my palate was cleansed enough for me to digest the way the pairing was actually going to end up) so even though I absolutely adore Kyuugou I haven’t really been able to read anything by her lately. So if she has another book full of other random stories I would be stoked. Unfortunately though I can’t find any news on Rutile’s site and there isn’t a pre-order page on Amazon so I’m not going to hold my breath on this one. Here’s to hoping, though, because the first chapter was really cute and I’d love more of this fluffy, sexy Kyuugou work I’ve been missing.