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Dame BL Anthology | Full Review

Finally! I finally finished the whole book! orz;;; Well. Kind of, since there are some stories I didn’t read super closely. But I at least got a good idea of what all the stories were about so now I can post small summaries here and help all of you decide if you want to buy the book or not. Personally, I love it—initially I had my doubts, thought that even though I LOVE the Moe Danshi Gatari series that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll really like this as well, but even though I don’t absolutely adore all the stories the book as a whole is fantastic and was well worth the money.

Anyway let’s take a look inside! Vague warning for R-18 content though this book is, for the most part, mostly clean and plot-driven.

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Dame—that wonderful phrase that is in almost every BL sex scene. That phrase people love to hate. That glorious phrase that has now become a book.

I checked Bookman’s site today and found true happiness. I hadn’t realized at all that Kumota Haruko also had the cover, so when I saw it I just shrieked and threw my hands into the air. KUMOTA HARUKO, YOU SEXY BEAST. I’m sorry I doubted you! I love you; please come back to my bosom!

Details on the stories and mangaka inside can be found right here, which is sd;glj;dgssdfgs exciting!! Admittedly it has a lot less mangaka than I thought it would, but I have to realize that this is an actual comic anthology—it’s not like Moe Danshi Gatari where they can fit a ridiculous amount of mangaka in one tiny book just because everyone only has two pages to express themselves. I’m pretty stoked to see Rotta Ikumi and Mochimeko in the line-up, though they all look (and sound!) pretty fantastic. Also, I’m going to have to crack out my Japanese dictionary so I can read Cotorino Deathco’s column on “BL without sex scenes” because that sounds pretty interesting.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it here but actually the release date for the Dame BL anthology was pushed back: it will now be released on the 25th! Also, the preorder page was finally added to amazon! Luckily this means I can stop checking amazon ten times a day while I wait for an update lmao. orz;;;; Now to just peacefully sit back and wait for the 20th to put in my order and hopefully get the book relatively quickly, because if I have to wait any longer for this book I just might die from the giddiness.

For now, though, I will just sit here and gaze adoringly at the cover and that little sneak peek of lacy panties and beautiful high heels that only allow you a tiny taste of what’s to come.

Citron releases & info

Sorry about my absence over the past few days. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that it’s just another one of those times where there isn’t much interesting new information to talk about and so I just haven’t… been… talking lmao.

But!! It’s a new month in BL fandom meaning a few websites have updated their information for March! But the one I’m most interested in talking about at the moment is Citron. For one, the anniversary issue of Citron is released today!! Hooray for them! I’m happy that the publishing line has caught on like it has and released some pretty amazing titles. (Not that Libre as a company needs more success, mind you, considering they’re the biggest BL publisher.) The issue released today has Kusama Sakae on the cover, just like the first ever volume. Another exciting thing is that Aniya Yuiji has a color page!! \*A*/ HOORAH!

Also, if you go to the index you can preview Psyche Delico’s story (I’m soooo glad that one got continued! *w*) as well as Momoka’s and Momoyama Naoko’s. I don’t recall having ever read anything by Momoka before but her art is gorgeous! One thing I’m sad about, though, is that Jaryuu Dokuro is once again absent. 8( Very depressing, but oh well. Keep working hard, Jaryuu Dokuro!

As for the next volume…

AOI SERI COVER ART!! \*A*/!!! TRIPLE HOORAH! Does this mean she will have an interview and they’ll ask her about her inspirations and her favorite color and her favorite food s;dlgj;sgsg’sgl;s PLEASE YES. (Also, speaking of Aoi Seri has anyone else been keeping up with her blog and thus seen her cat? Very cute! Lots of BL mangaka have been talking about cats lately haha.)

Also speaking of Citron, Morozumi Sumitomo’s manga through them that just recently finished up will be seeing a tankoubon released on April 1st! Morozumi Sumitomo’s fourth tankoubon release, if I recall correctly.

Moe Danshi Gatari mangaka list

Someone on formspring asked about this and so I’ll just post it here. The mangaka list was passed around by various mangaka on twitter these last couple days and I was going to wait to talk about it more until after my book arrived since you can only talk about a thing you aren’t actually holding in your hands so much before you just no longer have anything to say. But I guess the romanized mangaka list is valid information.

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Citron Web Update

Okay so I believe I mentioned on a snippets post or something before that Citron was planning on adding some goodies to their site in the coming months, mostly in the form of computer accessories. Anyway, Aniya Yuiji tweeted today about updating her site so I went to her site hoping she’d updated where all she’ll be listing her upcoming doujinshi for sale. However, she did not update that section. (Boo!) BUT!! She did announce her stuff that’s up on Citron’s site, so I went to take a look and tadahhhh~ This is my current desktop background:


Anyway, there are a bunch of different desktop accessories:

Screen savers: Morozumi Sumitomo & Momoyama Naoko
Desktop calendar: Aniya Yuiji’s Citron fudanshi
Mouse pointers: Citron fudanshi
Desktop wallpapers: Jaryuu, Aniya, Kitabeppu, Kusama, Kumota

Personally I think the Kitabeppu Nica one is reaaaaally cute. If I weren’t such a whore for Aniya Yuiji I would definitely use that one since the design is so adorable and the color is fantastic. Also, if anyone changes their mouse pointer over to the fudanshi one please let me know what you think! I was considering it but I’ve only ever used the default mouse so I worry that I’d get annoyed with a different pointer. Bleh. The Citron fudanshi mouse pointer is very tempting, though.

Anyway, if you like any of them I recommend you save them! You never know when they’re going to be replaced or taken down, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Citron reigns supreme

So while making the rounds today (since it’s the first of the month in Japan, so some sites will be updating in the next few days) I was pleasantly surprised to find that Citron updated their website without posting up a new blog entry to notify everyone of the change.

And such a beautiful, beautiful change it is.

First off, the anthology’s current issue index was updated with the new cover and mini samples and titles for all the manga inside. Sadly you can’t make the cover all that much bigger than the initial BK1 preview image but the smaller advertisement shows an up-close part of the image so at least that’s something worth looking at. There are also previews for Kashio and Yoshizuka Mayuko’s volume three stories.

Then if you go to the new comic section you’ll see that in August they’ll be releasing a tankoubon by Yamawomi. Who I… have honestly never heard of rofl. So it’ll be exciting to see her art once the cover illustration is revealed! Or perhaps when Citron finally does a blog update? Hmm.

And THEN if you go to the next anthology section you’ll see the current information for Citron volume four. There isn’t any new Jaryuu Dokuro again which is upsetting but—BUT!!—the next color insert is by Psyche Delico! *A* I am so excited to see something from her that I’m actually going to be able to get my hands on rofl. She won’t be coming back to Tokyo Mangasha but if she’s going to be in Citron at some point that will be the next best thing.

Also, Est Em has the cover of volume four, there will be more Kumota Haruko, Kusama Sakae and Morozumi Sumitomo. So there’s a bunch of stuff to look forward to!

Small Citron Update

An update from Akabane! /o/ It feels like it’s been a while since I properly wrote about Citron, hasn’t it? He starts off with some small talk about the cherry blossoms, which I’m sure everyone knows about already—it’s currently Hanami season in Japan, and I’m sure if you follow any Japanese blogs or twitter accounts you’ve seen plenty of beautiful pictures of the sakura in bloom.

Then he goes on to talk about the April releases from Citron, which are tankoubon from Kitabeppu Nica and Momoyama Naoko. He reminds everyone that, once again, please fill out the little papers saying what you thought, messages for the artists, etc.

Then the announcement of Citron volume two! /o/ He says the anthology is released ‘every month’ on the first and idk what that’s all about?? Perhaps he means that every month it is released, it’s released on the first, etc. But anyway, he says that though the ‘official’ release day for Citron is May 1st, due to Golden Week (which you can read about here if you aren’t familiar) the technical day the anthology will be released is on April 30th.

And then some yay-worthy news: Aniya Yuiji’s comic for the second volume of Citron will be a short comic featuring the Citron Danshi! /o/ Woo! This is exciting because “ANIYA YUIJI YEAAAAAH” and also because I think the Citron Danshi are super cute and should be a fandom all by themselves. Then, as everyone knows, Jaryuu Dokuro has the cover illustration and a delicious teaser image has been revealed:

Resized super tiny because I’m sure the hard workers at Citron would much prefer the fans give their lovely blog some hits by viewing the original entry. So go there to see the full-sized image!