The term ‘fujoshi’ may have started off with negative connotations but now it isn’t rare to see one proudly refer to herself as such. Fujoshi are sometimes seen just as female ‘otaku’, but in reality the term is most often meant for the ones who like BL and who pair up even the straightest guys in their favorite anime and manga just to get the perfect coupling. The male equivalent to ‘fujoshi’ is a ‘fudanshi’—a boy who loves BL.

I am a fujoshi, but one of a more ‘hardcore’ BL variety. (Or yaoi, as it’s often called in English fandom.) I don’t pair up boys who’re in anime and manga only because I don’t read much shounen manga or watch much anime. (I also do not pair up my real-life male friends or giggle at every gay couple I see on the street but okay.) I do read absurd amounts of actual BL manga and original doujinshi. And I’m not really apologetic about it. BL has been something I’ve liked since I was around 11 years old (from when I actually did watch anime) so it’s hard to get embarrassed about it anymore. I like the filthy, pointless, plotless sex scenes with the quick-to-cry uke and rich, snobby seme. I like the ‘real gay’ BL stories by Nobara Aiko, the fluffy sex stories by Ootsuki Miu, the serious, dark stories by Aniya Yuiji. Though I do acknowledge many of the ideas in BL do have many flaws, I like the entire genre as a whole—I find it and its fandom to be very interesting.

Which is why I waste countless hours looking up new information and stories and artists, which is where this blog comes into play—created out of my pitiful and pointless passion for all things BL, this blog was started in late November of ’09 if only because I didn’t have many ‘BL friends’ and needed somewhere, anywhere, to talk about my hobby. Hopefully it’ll be at least vaguely interesting for other people to read as well.

On a more personal front: my name for this blog is Fuuko. I am possibly the world’s most anticipated up-and-coming crazy cat lady and I would love to name my glorious Wagahai the mascot of this blog if only she had more pep. I love sweets, teacups, and socio-political documentaries. Other than BL manga I like scrapbooking, public radio, liberal politics, self-help books and cute things I can use to decorate my room.


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59 responses to “About”

  1. akiyato says :

    まず、小椋ムク先生の「Castle Mango」を いただいて、誠にありがとうございました。探しているんです。
    正直に言っては、貴方のblogは、昨日まで 全く知らなかった。残念なことに、前から見つけたら いいのに。。。
    ところで、ふう子さん、自分が 「腐女子」という読み方は 本当に面白いと思う。誉めてるんだよ。私、貴方と 同じ「種類」なのだ。

    貴方が 漫画を 買い、スキャンしてくださって、心から 感謝します。しかし、日本語、あまりうまくないので、なにか間違いあったら、お許しください。

    • ふう子 says :

      akiyatoさんのコメントありがとうございます!私の日本語は良くないんですが、本当にすみません。けど、thank you very much for reading my blog. ❤

      • akiyato says :

        あのう、ふう子さん、貴方も LivejournalのNanpa ですか。Nanpaは 「Castle Mango」を free_mangaに 共にしてくれるんだよ。

        ああ、「あいがと」なんか 言わなくてもいい、本当に。貴方と 日本語で話せるのは 非常に嬉しいんだ。貴方を 知ってるのも ラッキーだよ。^^

      • ふう子 says :



  2. Venyla says :


    I have a little question for you, I am also very into BL-manga and for not too long ago I saw this front page from Drap I thought it lookes so cute and I just can’t get it out of my head, and since I can’t read Japanese I don’t really know what else to do than ask a person who can, so will you please do me a favor and tell me what this manga’s name is? : http://www.mangafox.com/manga/elektel_delusion/v01/c003/5.html

    Love Venyla

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! Thank you for reading my blog!

      Sadly, I can’t tell you who the mangaka is at this moment, since I don’t recognize the art style. However, I can tell that it’s probably not any specific manga—it’s very likely just an illustration for an advertisement. drap usually puts those on the back cover with very pretty, eye-catching illustrations to make you notice them. However, I’ll try to find out the mangaka/doujinka’s name for you and respond again once I know who it is.

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello again!

      my friend @mikamelt on twitter helped me find who it is! The mangaka is Fujitani Youko, and her website is here:

      She has all of her works listed on the main page of her site, so you should be able to find them easily!

      • venyla says :

        Oh thank you thank you thank you so much! Heeee I’m so happy about this thank you so much for helping me it’s always good to get help from a fellow yaoi reader (:

        THANK YOU~!

  3. vomitdirt says :

    Hope you do not mind that I am following you. ^^
    I really do love your entries, especially about Nakamura Asumiko! :D

  4. Kirin says :

    Yahhh!! >_< I just found your blog today and I am loving it! can I add your blog into my link list?

  5. Kirin says :

    Thank you ~ :”> *hug hug hug*

  6. shiroi says :

    Man I LOVE you blog, it’s the heaven to me, seriously! XD I’ve read some of the manga you mentioned, it’s a pity I can’t find the others on the net ;_; Unfortunately I’m Italian, here the yaoi trade(LOL) isn’t very popular(and if I were to buy all the volumes I would probably become homeless. The prices are just so high you can’t even imagine them à_à;;), and I don’t speak japanese so I can’t buy BL manga directly from Japan. You know, it’s… kind of frustrating XD I hope many of the titles you wrote about will be (at least)scanlated soon ;__;
    Ah, I followed you on twitter, hope it’s not a problem -v-;
    and sorry for the bad english LOL

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you for reading my blog. :3 I’m glad you like it.

      Yeah, I think it’s hard to find BL manga overseas in general. Even in the U.S. most bookstores don’t actually carry them, even if they do it’s limited only to titles that are already popular and will definitely sell well. Generally when I buy licensed manga, if I don’t get it within a few weeks of its release I have to buy online. But it is very expensive—many publishers have even made the price higher lately. It’s kind of sad. It’s why I tend to just buy the Japanese ones; even with import fees and shipping and such, the price is still much less than the English versions.

      And it’s fine! Your English is totally understandable. Thank you for your comment.

  7. cora says :

    i love your blog and i have read some of the mangas you have shown and there really good :) so when they end im sad :( but i do love this blog and now i know im not the only person who likes this stuff XD

  8. Anna says :

    I really love to read your posts:3
    hehe i have bought a lot BL manga that you mentioned here ,
    so thanks for the recommend!

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you so much for your comment! It makes me very happy that you enjoy my blog. ♥

      And also that you bought some of the books I’ve mentioned here. I hope you enjoyed them!

  9. Nicole says :

    I read your post about Starry Sky in Winter! I like Aozora too! Whee~ BTW, Did you write any for Spring, Summer and Autumn? ^^

  10. Hannah says :

    I just found your blog and am thrilled to read more of it!! I have also been a huge BL fan since age 11 (I’m 15 now), the first BL series I became a big fan of was Embracing Love. And I also currently live in MN so I felt as though we had a bit in common. XD
    My Japanese level is pretty basic so the bulk of my manga is in English, but I’m studying hard and hope to be able to read as many Japanese manga as you do eventually! :D
    I feel kind of lame talking about myself so much but I was so excited to find another hardcore MN fujoshi (though I don’t compare to you)!! I will really enjoy reading your blog in the future!! :D

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh wow, you’re from MN as well? What part? I’m stuck up in the northern metro haha. Lots and lots of snow!

      It’s fine if you talk about yourself—I like hearing other people’s BL stories. And good luck with your Japanese! It’s always nice to know the language since it opens up a whole world of BL that you wouldn’t have been introduced to otherwise.

      Anyway, thank you for reading my blog!

  11. Fallere528 says :

    Ahh, I’m sorry to spam this here, but, I just happened to stumble by this site of yours and I am so grateful for your sharing of information on these artists and magazine serials!

    Personally, I have been purchasing my own set of bl/yaoi stories/one-shots/series from Kinokuniya, myself, and well, I have always been really interested in purchasing some more BL serials [aside from BexBoy, Chara Selection, Daria, and (Ciel) Tres Tres], but, I always wanted to get a preview of some of the current mangaka/artists around, so, your provisions of previews really do help me get a better picture of what is out there. From what I’ve seen so far, I would love to order Cab/Citron/Rutile subscriptions if I had more money to spend, myself, seeing how awesome some of the work are.

    Then, let me just say that your reviews and recommendations for various authors/artists and their works are also very helpful and insightful. For example, I have always wondered what Kusama Sakae’s other works were like, but I feel inspired to buy more of work now that you’ve shared some opinion.
    Moreover, I appreciate your linking to various options for purchasing these goods; I wasn’t aware of them before I visited here; Kinokuniya is certainly very pricey so having alternatives would definitely help my wallet.

    Well, I’m much too much a tl;dr kind of writer, I apologize for that. But, as a fellow fujoshi, I ‘salute’ you for your great contributions to spreadin’ the love. And, thank you very much for your time and consideration put into this blog!

    • ふう子 says :

      I don’t really know what to say in response aside from “thank you”, and your comment really means a lot. I’m so happy that you were able to get something from this blog—it makes writing my posts feel a lot more worthwhile when I know there are people out there who enjoy them. Thank you so much; your comment absolutely made my day. :>

  12. Kuro says :

    Hope you don’t mind me following (/stalking) you :D

    Really appreciate all the efforts you put into this blog and it’s almost unbelievable how many artists we share a common love for!~

    PS: Fuuko’s room is amazing! V

    • ふう子 says :

      haha of course not! Hopefully we can talk lots and become friends. :> I’m always happy to meet more people who share my love for BL manga and its many artists!

      And thank you! <3

      • Kuro says :

        I am usually a more tankouban person so it’s great to see such details on anthos and BL magazines :) And the fact that you give such focus on introducing less-known artists that aren’t plastered everywhere ;)

        Your welcome V

        • ふう子 says :

          To be honest I wish I were more of a tankoubon-only type—magazines are so obnoxiously expensive when you start getting hooked on buying them. But they’re a really fun way to learn about new artists so I can’t complain too much. And thank you, I hope that people can learn about many new amazing artists from my blog so I try to talk about them as much as possible. :>

  13. V. Jill says :

    Hey, what’s up. I’m enjoying your blog immensely. It really fills the gap on hot Boy’s Love documentation and interests, from a fujoshi’s state of mind. (It’s not as general as some of the others, or as dry as a straight up review site)

    I do find it curious that fujoshi are adopting the title as a general all purpose female otaku monicker, I personally prefer to run with the rotten connotations – but then I’m the ‘worst’ kind who haunts fandoms and pairings and reads fanfiction, and makes boys cry.

    The information you present is really informative and since my Japanese is fairly limited, pretty much essential when I go to make any Japanese language only BL purchases. I like the more ‘bang for your buck’ magazines over single tankoubons, but it’s not easy to figure out who’s in it and the content when kanji are your nemesis. I feel like you’re doing fujoshi a huge service, so all I can say in the end is – thank you!

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my blog!

      Me too—I don’t really understand why ‘fujoshi’ is starting to flex over into a term that just means an otaku who happens to be female. It’s weird to think BL fans sometimes share the term ‘fujoshi’ also with women who may even hate BL, the way some people define it.

      I really love magazines, too! They’re a bit more expensive than your average tankoubon but they’re always packed full of interesting new mangaka to fall in love with. I keep telling myself I shouldn’t spend so much on magazines and anthologies so I can save up for tankoubon, but I think in the end magazines are what help me learn more and more about BL so it’s not something I want to give up haha.

  14. Alex says :

    Hi there! I found your blog recently in past week and I must say that I enjoy it immensely. I really do enjoy all information, pictures, and just coolness that you express here.

    As a gay guy I’m probably in the minority in enjoying this genre a lot even though it does get full of cliches and over the top stuff I still love reading the genre. I usually am picky about what I read lately and you have helped me narrow down certain manga that helps me enjoy this genre a lot more. I do enjoy a lot of the romantics that go on in them and well it helps me through some of the tough patches in life.

    This also gives me insight into how BL manga are written by different authors and stuff and that itself is inspirational! My plan it to create a BL manga one day and well thank you for providing this wonderful place of information and sanctuary. I look forward to more of your writings!

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! Thank you for reading my blog—I really cannot convey how much your comment means to me, to be honest. I’m very happy to be able to help others enjoy BL more as a genre, since—as cheesy as it sounds—even though it’s a fairly flawed genre it’s one I really love.

      And don’t worry about being a man who’s interested! More and more lately I’ve been meeting various males (gay or straight or elsewhere in between) who have come forward about liking BL as well.

      Anyway, good luck with your own BL manga!! Please let me know when you finish it—I would love to read your work!

  15. Kiddie Ybañez Rodaje says :

    Mabuhay! Thanks to your guide of sorts of your favorite BL title covers – I got to read a lot of really interesting BL works :) My favorite was the story of those Tattooed guys :) I know that you get this question a lot and that the answer is pretty general/wide ranged… but What BL one shots would recommend?

    • ふう子 says :

      personally, I think Kusama Sakae has the best oneshots. They’re always very fun to read and the characters draw you in so quickly that you don’t feel let down when the story ends even though it was so short. But I also like the oneshots by the mangaka who run in Canna and Cab. idk under those two lines I don’t think you could ever go wrong.

  16. mango says :

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I got to read some of the titles mentioned here, and all of them that I read were REALLY good♥♥ All thanks to you!!

    By the way, hope you don’t mind me adding this blog to my favorites :D

  17. crans4me says :

    I’m drooling over your book case! >_________<
    I have one at home looks like yours, full of manga but it's just shoujo which I collected from when I was still into them (my country doesn't publish BL, sniff), Man, how I wish the darn old men at my country be more open-minded so that BL manga can coming in (or they better retire soon so some youngster can make my wish come true, haha).
    I wish all of the shoujo in my book case can turn into BL manga like yours, hehe,
    Anyway, I hope you'll have more to add to your collection. And thanks for this wonderful blog ^_______^

    • ふう子 says :

      haha tbh my bookcase isn’t even very impressive—I’ve seen people who have 200+ BL manga or novels, and people who even have 2000+ manga and novels. So I think I still have a long ways to go!

      Anyway, it’s too bad that BL isn’t allowed in your country. Maybe someday—!

  18. daeya says :

    hey, love your page. ay i ask you something? can you open this page?

    and if you know, can you tell me the manga/ artist/author that draw the cover page?

  19. Superfastjellyfish says :

    My my…..right now I’m kinda at loss over the sheer awesomeness of this blog.
    I keep catching myself randomly stalking your blog and tumblr when I totally should be doing other stuff.

    You just keep making me want to by books I absolutely cannot read (not that I hadn’t done that before) only just to drool over the art (not that theres anything wrong with that) and wonder what they say. >__< (I've been trying to 'read' Japanese before, it took me only about 1.5 hours per speech bubble so no big deal XD'')

    Can't get enough of your entrys about Kumota Haruko you made me fall for her work so hard ♥

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I’m honored that you like my blog. 8)

      Hopefully someday your Japanese will be good enough for you to read lots and lots of BL! It’s definitely worth the effort, I think.

  20. daeya says :

    hey! sorry to bother you again.. can you please help me?

    i know this drawing looks familiar but i can’t remember who drew it. perhaps you might know about it..

  21. Cherrycita says :

    wow! I love you!! you are so interesting and this blog is amaaazing!! thanx for sharing your heart and your likes!

  22. maplesugar85 says :

    Hi! Thank you so much for all your reviews! I started buying in bulk at Amazon.jp XD
    One question..I’m looking really really hard for Yasashiku Shinaide (all I can find are Chinese raws) and I would like to buy it, but I don’t know if it’s even sold somewhere! Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you so much!

  23. Ryuta says :

    Dear Fuuko-san,

    Hello, I’m Ryuta, a member of Think Pink, the otome game project for SEEC (former Dual Solution). My company creates visual novels for girls, and one of our accomplishments is MoteMote, released in December, 2011.

    We just released our latest otome game, Shinsen Renki, and we’d like to kindly ask you to take a little time to play it.

    Here’s our app:

    ・App description


    In lternative reality EDO and Shinsen-gumi!
    Who would you choose to work with?

    The Shinsen-gumi is an organization to protect EDO.
    And you are going to be the deupty commander of
    the shinsen-gumi!

    You’ll start a new life with strong,
    unique and attractive team members.

    This is a historical-fantasy dating game.
    Each character has a ten chaptered story.

    The ending will change depending on your answers!


    (iTunes) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shinsenrenki/id562139438?mt=8

    Please check out our Facebook page!

    (Think Pink) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Think-Pink-xoxo/284444894999362

    Sorry for my long and rude post, but we hope you like our latest production.
    Thank you!



  24. Krisy says :

    Hi. I see you’re a great blogger and I really enjoy your blog… But what I want to know is how you got started, how did you promote your blog? I want to start up a blog about my fanfics and japanese pop culture. Do you have any advice to give me? Thanks in advance :)

  25. Aki17 says :

    How did you learn japanese? I’m struggling… ;_;

  26. pantasticpanda says :

    Hey there! :D
    Because your blog needs more love I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here’s the link to my nomination post: http://pantasticpanda.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/liebster-award-nomination/

    (I apologize if I posted this is a bad area >_<;; )

    Info about the Liebster Award: http://wordingwell.com/the-liebster-award-the-official-rules-my-first-blog-award-and-a-few-personal-secrets-revealed/

    I hope you can pay it forward, too. <3

    • ふう子 says :

      aww thank you so much!!!! I’ll definitely try to pay it forward at some point when I think of some blogs to nominate–unfortunately I admittedly don’t read many blogs that aren’t just friends’ personal blogs, etc. But if I think of some I’ll do this post for them. 8)

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