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BL ‘year in review’ 2011!

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is suddenly thinking back with nostaglia as well as forward with excitement. Even a fujoshi gets a little caught up in all the year-end festivities, so here you have it: a BL year in review. I also did one last year so I figured I may as well do one this year. I don’t want to be inconsistent now!

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today in BL manga

Sorry that this blog is so dead lately. orz I really don’t know where my spirit to post has gone. So much to talk about but I put it off for so long that news gets old.

♔ → First off, Kobato Mebaru now has a twitter account for her BL releases! Previously she only had one under her shoujo pen name. She doesn’t post much, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Also, iirc she mentioned something about having a story in Girls Love -Strawberry Milk Shake- which is a new GL anthology. I don’t think I’ve ever read a GL manga by Kobato Mebaru before so I’d be excited to see it!

♔ → The cover for the new issue of Rutile has been posted. This time it’s Hidaka Shouko! Sadly I didn’t buy this issue since Matsumoto Miecohouse is taking a short hiatus, but I’m still jealous of everyone who could afford it this month. The Yamamoto Kotetsuko color page looks really cute and I’d love to see her new story sd;lgjsddfg I guess I’ll have to wait for the tankoubon this time around.

♔ → And then Rutile’s sister line LYNX now has the previews up for their releases from this month on their site. You should definitely check them out—especially Minazuki Akira’s! If you’re having trouble finding them, they’re the list of covers next to the magazine release information on the main page.

♔ → The newest issue of Canna has been released, and along with it the anthology page on Canna’s website has been updated with pictures and descriptions of this month’s stories. Ahhhh so excited for Junketsu Drop as always. Kijitora said it’s another cute chapter but their feelings still aren’t reaching each other. orz;; As expected, with those two. But I’m also pretty pumped for Yamada Torico and Snae Hata. Their stories are always something worth looking forward to.

♔ → Actually, since the topic of Yamada Torico was brought up, she has a release through drap in early September!! Yesss, her second BL release! Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai, for release on September third. I love her stories—if you haven’t read anything by her before I recommend checking out her debut comic Clara wa Itsumo Kizudarake. She always injects a great sense of melancholy into her work, and it really sets her apart.

♔ → Another exciting upcoming release is one I’ve been waiting for for a loooong time: Gojoe Tiger’s debut tankoubon! For sale on September 30th, Oujisama no Hiyaku Jikken. I hope it sells well and her manga career is really able to take off!

♔ → Two pretty covers I’ve been quite enamored by lately:

First is the debut issue of Hanamaru Manga, cover illustration by Ogura Muku. The book itself doesn’t have Ogura Muku, but has many great authors such as Koiwazurai Shibito, Hirakita Yuya and Honma Akira. Isn’t the cover so pretty, though?? Ahhh Ogura Muku, so amazing at creating gorgeous cover art. ;; Speaking of her gorgeous color artwork, there’s also this amazing cover of a novel released next month.

Then, of course, we can’t forget about Watanabe Asia’s beautiful color illustration for the official release of Nibiiro no Hana! So lovely! Watanabe Asia’s beautiful young boys always make me feel like such a creep. orz

♔ → In other release news, something worth getting excited over is Ike Reibun’s upcoming comic through HertZ that was just announced today for release in early September. If I recall correctly, this will be her first book through HertZ line. Though I was a bit disappointed, admittedly, to see her name and have it not be the second volume of Not Equal. orz;;; It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for the second volume of that manga.

♔ → Est Em’s release Happy End Apartment has been pushed back again from early to mid August. Hopefully this will be the last time her release date is changed.

♔ → Finally, HertZ! The new cover has been posted to their website, this time by Yamada Shiro. Ahhh I’m really excited, mostly for the next chapter of Hakumokuren. I know something big has to happen!! Hopefully it won’t be another super short chapter. ;; Also, as expected, going from the title of Yoneda Kou’s work this is definitely not a continuation of the story she originally had running in CRAFT. I wonder why she switched lines instead of completing Yorube Naki Mono…? The world may never know.

HertZ band 43

So yesterday my package came in the mail! \*A*/ To be honest, I was very very excited about HertZ. For about ten days until it was finally released, I checked the website every day hoping that the new cover would be posted soon. I really think HertZ is probably my favorite anthology. So many amazing stories in every issue.

vague warning for R-18 images.

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Mieno Saori “Ano Ko ga Kare wo Suki na Riyuu”

The anticipated second book of Mieno Saori (technically the third book to be credited under her name), I had originally only seen the last chapter in the very first issue of HertZ that I ever bought. That’s right: HertZ. I have no idea why this story published in HertZ and then was republished in tankoubon format under CRAFT. But as much as that confuses me, it doesn’t matter in the long run—a book should not be judged by its publishing line but by the content it has to offer, and switching this book from HertZ to CRAFT didn’t change a damn thing about how amazing it is.

As far as fandom goes, in most of the places I frequent this book is still mostly untouched. Its only review is a five-star on amazon.jp. But, as I find odd, it seems like most of the world doesn’t give as much of a shit about Mieno Saori and her works as I do. They don’t instantly turn into smash hits the second they’re released like some of the other mangaka I adore. But that’s okay, too. Just like the publisher doesn’t matter, when it comes to a book the biggest thing is how it makes you feel, how you react to it, and the satisfaction the book leaves you with at the end.

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today in BL manga

♔ → The cover and preview of Mieno Saori’s Ano Ko ga Kare wo Suki na Riyuu was posted to CRAFT’s website. tbh I think it’s weird that they’re publishing this book under CRAFT since I’m about 99.9% sure the title story ran in HertZ. (It ended in the first issue I ever purchased, if I recall correctly.) But whatever, it doesn’t really matter what line the book is published under as long as it’s published, right? I’m definitely super excited to have this in my hands, since it’s Mieno Saori’s second book where it’s all her—not written by someone else. And the story seems a little heart-breaking but nonetheless incredibly enjoyable.

♔ → For some reason Canna’s twitter reposted all of the previews of this month’s magazine. Probably because it was Canna’s release date. But I’m glad they did so since I missed quite a few of them the first time around. I’m excited for moooore Ootsuki Miu.

They also already posted the preview for the cover of volume twelve: Umematsu Machie! Sadly they haven’t updated their site yet, though, so we are unable to see the full mangaka line-up for v12.

♔ → Citron Web posted pictures of Kumota Haruko’s sign event at their blog! If you’re interested you should definitely check them out. A fan made cookie versions of Mii-kun and Kei-chan and also of Kumota Haruko’s little self mascot, which is very cute. Talented people love Kumota Haruko! Also interesting is that there are some pictures of (the back of) Kumota Haruko herself! This is unusual since many BL mangaka (or mangaka in general?) don’t want their appearance or identity to be highly publicized. So it was shocking but made me happy.

Morozumi Sumitomo sent her flowers, which I think is super adorable.

♔ → There’s a Sunae Hata postcard in this month’s Chara. Must… not… buy just for postcards. orz;;;; (Especially since Junko isn’t even in this issue!) If anyone buys Chara this month, please take a picture of it for me!!

♔ → Last night I finally finished my read-through of Rutile. The stories are all quite interesting, of course, but what really caught my eye was Matsumoto Miecohouse’s. In it, two cousins happen into a sexual relationship until one of them kind of laughs it off like it was nothing, thus breaking the other one’s heart. While trying to heal, the heart-broken one constantly attempts to set his cousin up with others whom he things his cousin loves, but there’s kind of a feeling that his cousin actually is in love with him after all. And it cuts off there. And there isn’t a new chapter in next month’s Rutile! /;A;\ Noooooo. MatsuMieco you are really too cruel.

♔ → b-boy web has been revamped! Did this happen a long time ago and I’m just noticing now?? I really love it, though—Libre took a similar approach with b-boy’s website as they did with Citron and now each story has at least one tiny preview image so you can get a feel for all the mangaka in each book. I really love when publishers try their best to give you a peek inside so you know what you’re getting into when you buy the book. At least, more of a ‘peek’ than you would have gotten otherwise. Anyway, you should check it out! It’s ultra snazzy now.

♔ → Speaking of Libre and b-boy, I purchased the first issue of b-boy Cube. Has anyone else tried this out? I got it for the Watanabe Asia and Kojima Lalako, but since it was cheap (just around $5 USD for the PDF file) it wasn’t really too much of a waste of money. It’s just a short-ish (100 or so pages) eBook of particularly dirty stories. Kojima Lalako’s story is adorable and filthy at the same time, which would be a terrifying mix if it weren’t by Kojima Lalako. I never thought I would see a rimming scene in a manga by her, to be honest. And, of course, Watanabe Asia’s story is dirty, dirty, dirty and her color images are absolutely stunning. I would screencap some of them for you but LoveComi jumped through about a million hoops to make sure you can’t take screencaps while the PDF is open. Anybody want some pictures taken with my digital camera??

♔ → Lastly (but not leastly?), finally a new tankoubon release from Junko!!

Starlike Words. Amazing. ;A; I am so excited. And it will be released on the exact same day as Kojima Lalako’s second tankoubon release from BexBoy Comics, Iya yo Yamete yo! March and April are going to be absolutely amazing months for BL releases oh man.

HertZ band 42

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m spending the day with my cats and some BL manga haha. I hope you all have  lovely day regardless of whether you are romantically attached to anyone or not.

errr I skipped the last issue of this, didn’t I? Sorry about that—over December I had a lot on my plate. orz;;; But here I am to talk about the latest issue, so you’ll forgive me right?

Vague warning for R-18 content goes here.

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BL ‘year in review’ 2010 meme

I decided to make this since everyone else is currently filling out the fandom ‘year in review’ memes and I’m, sadly, not in many fandoms so I can’t really participate. But I keep wanting to do the ones that ask questions like ‘favorite BL manga of 2010’ so I figured I may as well just make my own BL-centric ‘year in review’ meme lmao. Kind of pitiful, I know, but it’s fun!

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