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upcoming releases!

well that didn’t last long. But hey, here’s something I can talk about without the necessity of a camera: books that are coming out soon.

♔ → first off, as many of you likely know Ootsuki Miu will be releasing a new book later this month through Daria called Ijiwaru na Hito. As if the fact that it’s Ootsuki Miu and the title that hints at adorable love-love bullying didn’t already leave you impatient for the book to be in your hands now, Daria has since posted a preview! It looks ridiculously cute and I can’t wait to get the book so I can actually read it. ;; Unfortunately, I have yet to find a cover illustration.

♔ → Shockingly, Uchida Tsuchi already has a new book lined up through Hanaoto for late April! It feels like just last month that she released her second book, Barairo Melancholy, and yet it’s already time for book number three! I really can’t say how glad I am that she’s not turning out to be one of those BL artists who releases one cute book and then disappears off that map. That happens all too often in the BL genre and it makes me super sad.

♔ → Then through Dear+, Miike Romuco has a March release. The world can really never have too much Miike Romuco.

♔ → One I’m personally reaaaaaaally excited for is volume two of Sakura Sakuya’s Oinarisama no Honey Bunny for release in late March. Even though I initially side-eyed the series after I finally gave it a chance I got pretty hooked. orz;;; I really can’t help it—Sakura Sakuya’s sense of humor and sex appeal are both ace!

♔ → Another Chara release, the final volume of Nanahikari is coming out in late March as well! It’s kind of weird to see this one end, because it’s one of the few series I got into fairly early on and then saw through to the finish. I really thought this one would never end. I’m kind of nervous to know who Hikaru ends up with! /o\ I wonder if I should buy it and take the chance.

♔ → basso has a new book, Naka-san no Nagare, coming out through Edge Comix on March 24th! This one caught me by surprise since iirc basso hasn’t even been in opera for a while now?? Perhaps it’s stuff that ran between all of her related series… Or maybe stuff that was originally published as doujinshi? I guess we’ll just have to see!

♔ → The HertZ/Craft releases are looking pretty glorious! For HertZ it’s SHOOWA in early March followed by Towa on the 22nd. If you go here and check it out SHOOWA’s release already has a cover and Towa’s POP is really cute. (You can also see Kano Shiuko’s and Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s covers now!) Then CRAFT’s release for late March is Okuyama Puku! Her POP is also adorable, and you can view it here.

♔ → Another one of my personal favorites, Koiwazurai Shibito, has a book coming out through Aqua in mid-March! The title definitely leaves me a bit curious: Wakaresaseya no Koi. Koiwazurai’s art and stories have yet to disappoint me so I’ll definitely be picking this book up.

♔ → Perhaps saving the best for last, a book I know many other people will also be excited to hear about: Junko’s annual Gush release has been placed for March 10th, Kasa no Shita, Futari! I’ve only gotten to see the Chinese scans for this one, unfortunately, so I don’t even know what it’s about aside from that there’s a teacher and three guys and sex. Though there seems to be less cute sexiness than Junko’s previous stories, I’m still pretty damn excited!

“Punch” continuation!

First off, thank you all so much for your insanely sweet congratulatory comments/messages re: my last post!! ;A;)/

Anyway I’m pretty sure I already talked about it—Kano Shiuko’s incredibly popular series, Punch, is now continuing in Libre’s b-Boy Honey anthologies since a continuation of P.B.B. has evidently taken it’s slot in BexBoy Gold. However, I didn’t realize Punch would not just be continuing but would also get the cover of the latest issue:

The above picture was taken from a pamphlet that came with Asou Kai’s latest book (which arrived yesterday sd;gljs;gsddf) so I took a picture of it. Unfortunately there isn’t really a high-quality version of the cover up anywhere yet so this will have to do.

I’m not sure what to think of Punch continuing. On the one hand I’m really excited, because Kouta will always be one of my favorite comic characters—his personality is just so charming to me. I wonder if the fact that it’s reappearing in b-Boy Honey of all places means these will just be small fluff continuations. Or perhaps just one short continuation to be included in the next release for P.B.B.? Which I could definitely see, since if I recall correctly there are random chapters for P.B.B. in Punch. Though that would be vaguely unfortunate for me, since I’ve planned on owning Punch but am not necessarily interested enough in P.B.B. to want to own it.

Siiiiiiigh oh well. I like Kouta too much to miss out on any random chapters. It’s already taking all of my willpower to not just cave and buy b-Boy Honey so I can read it right away.

today in BL manga

♔ → Kano Shiuko’s Punch, aside form getting a license announcement, will supposedly be continuing in the next issue of b-Boy Honey. If you are weird like me and have an obsession with Kouta, this is pretty exciting news. If you click here you can see a sample page of all the works that will be in the next issue.

♔ → Speaking of Libre, at Citron’s blog over the past few months they’ve started posting sample pages of all the stories that will be in each issue. The other day they posted Kumota Haruko’s, successfully making it look incredibly promising.

♔ → For those lucky enough to be either residing in Japan, or who will be vacationing there in January, Ike Reibun will be having a sign event for the second volume of her story Not Equal. As if the release for her second volume weren’t already something worth marking your calendar for.

♔ → Two of Aniya Yuiji’s BL works, Danshi Meiro and Kangoku 69, are getting a reprint! That’s very awesome, so congratulations to her! However, you know you’re a ridiculously cheesy fan when you want to buy a second copy just because it’s the reprint. Even though there won’t be any extras. orz;;;

♔ → Has anyone read the new chapter of Sora to Hara yet? Kijitora posted about it, saying it was a really good chapter! Uuuu so jealous—I want to read it. ;; But I’m debating with myself whether I want to buy the latest OPERA or if I want to just wait for the tankoubon to be released, since Kijitora also said the next chapter will supposedly be the last. Also, the last chapter is running in a volume where the theme is ‘gekokujou’…… as Kijitora said, it kind of raises questions of whether Hara-sen is top or bottom in this relationship.

♔ →If you go to the Comic Junet site, you can preview a page by Psyche Delico! She has a color page in this issue ughhh it’s enough to make me want to buy the book. Someday I’ll learn the art of being patient, I promise!

♔ → One a more personal note, I’ve been working my way through Ayatani Rikko’s Mitsumete, Motto. I’m kind of happy to find that I can actually understand way more than I was expecting to, even with the overwhelming blocks of Japanese that make up BL novels. Well… it helps that it’s really just a smut novel and ‘ah, ann… motto’ is pretty easy to understand even to a bigger. It’s cute, though: about a pretty and innocent exotic dancer named Kei who meets a man at his job named Ryousuke-san after giving him a lap dance and then Ryousuke-san pretty much turns Kei into a lascivious sex fiend. Best book I’ve ever read; I give it five stars.

VIZ’s new BL line

So I guess VIZ officially cemented their new BL line at YaoiCon this weekend! It’s called ‘SuBLime’ which is… cheesy, but in a cute way haha. So far their website seems to be incomplete, but they do have an official twitter already:


As for actual title acquisitions, this blog has a fairly detailed list and lots of information so I recommend clicking them for more news. Initially I was excited about the Kusama Sakae license, but it appears to be an online-only release which is… bleh. Same with Sex Pistols. At least they’re available for a discounted price, I guess. But I am definitely excited about Kano Shiuko’s Punch in full English. I’ll be marking my calendar for that one once a date is announced!

It feels great to have another English BL publisher to even out the playing field.

HertZ band 43

So yesterday my package came in the mail! \*A*/ To be honest, I was very very excited about HertZ. For about ten days until it was finally released, I checked the website every day hoping that the new cover would be posted soon. I really think HertZ is probably my favorite anthology. So many amazing stories in every issue.

vague warning for R-18 images.

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Punch volume 04

My copy came in the male today! ;w; Still so sad to see this manga end, but it’s the good kind of sad. This book came all by itself, away from the rest of my order, so I have a whole day to just be alone with it and bask in its presence haha. I’m not going to review the book sicne I think I’ve already talked plenty about this series (plus what good is it to just review one volume…?) but I still wanted to talk about it a little.

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HertZ band 42

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m spending the day with my cats and some BL manga haha. I hope you all have  lovely day regardless of whether you are romantically attached to anyone or not.

errr I skipped the last issue of this, didn’t I? Sorry about that—over December I had a lot on my plate. orz;;; But here I am to talk about the latest issue, so you’ll forgive me right?

Vague warning for R-18 content goes here.

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