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today in BL manga

Long time no see!

♔ → On August 24th Yamamoto Kotetsuko will be releasing the second volume of her manga Lucky Number 13 through Rutile! I’ve been waiting almost a year for this so I’m ecstatic!

♔ → Also in release announcements, on August 25th Chiba Ryouko will be releasing a tankoubon through Chara. Admittedly I was hoping for Junko, but Chiba Ryouko is good as well! It feels like it’s been so long since I last read something new from her.

♔ → On Canna’s release date, the website was updated with information for July’s issue. Snae Hata gets the cover again! And Yamada Torico gets the color page. *w* They really are revisiting a lot of the mangaka they originally started out with! Also also, Inoue Nawo?? So great! Though I’m sad that Ootsuki Miu’s story still isn’t continuing. orz;;; It left off on a terrible cliffhanger so the wait is frustrating.

Speaking of Canna, though, they finally added the cover for Marita Yuzu’s upcoming tankoubon:

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but this month is great for Kumota Haruko as far as josei manga goes! Not only is she on the cover of ITAN but also volume one of her series through them was announced for release next month. The cover has already been posted to their blog, along with Bikke’s who also happens to be releasing a book through them in July. I’m hoping Aniya’s will be announced for August or September!

♔ → Some other covers I found interesting are Ishino Aya’s latest release through Rutile and then Komizu Kiyo and Ogasawara Uki’s through HertZ.

Ishino Aya’s, in particular, is so pretty. I love how innocent her BL illustrations tend to be—they tell a very simple but lovely story.

♔ → Ootsuki Miu is back in Daria! Actually, just that was enough to make me really want to purchase the latest issue but since I wasn’t interested enough in many of the other mangaka I had to pass it up. I went back and counted and this is Ootsuki’s third story through Daria (sixth, counting the online-only releases) so hopefully I can realistically keep my fingers crossed for a tankoubon soon.

This month was just generally a hard month for me when it came to magazine and anthology purchases, haha. Because Konno Satomi was debuting in Chara and also because Junko’s manga finished up in this issue, I wanted to buy Chara. But I also really wanted OPERA for Matsuo Marta and Nakamura Asumiko. ;; In the end I tried to take the ‘responsible’ route—since I couldn’t choose between the three magazines I bought a tankoubon from my backlog wishlist instead.

♔ → Yoneda Kou, evidently coming back full swing, is also on the cover of volume one of BiQ. She doesn’t have a story inside, though, sadly.

♔ → And lastly, Baby volume 17 has finally been released. As you may recall, this volume was originally scheduled for late March but had to be pushed back due to the earthquake in Japan. The theme is ‘yanki uke’ this time around, and the special guest and cover illustrator is Kyuugou.

today in BL manga

sorry about my general absence lately. Things have been stressful so I haven’t been reading much BL.

♔ → The cover for the novel Ootsuki Miu illustrated, Nagareboshi Furu Koi ga Furu, has been posted. Actually, it was posted a while ago. A quite sexy cover illustration, as expected of Ootsuki Miu!

I’m pretty excited, since it’s finally the official release of this book. Actually, I’ve been watching to read it ever since people started posting that illustration up all over the place. *w*

♔ → Yoneda Kou is coming back in HertZ in the next issue!

Frankly, I’m quite surprised she’ll be in HertZ instead of Craft, since that was originally the line she ran under. Does this mean a whole new story instead of a continuation of the ones she left off on?

♔ → Speaking of HertZ, on the HertZ line webpage a bunch of the POP illustrations for upcoming releases have been added for Moto Haruhira, Komizu Kiyo and Natsumizu Ritsu. They’re all very cute so I recommend checking them out if you like those artists.

♔ → LYNX’s site has been updated for the latest issue! The cover is super cute. *w* I’m pretty excited to get this one in the mail since it’s the continuation of a lot of the stories I liked in the last volume, plus it has some of my favorite mangaka. Though… sadly, after looking at the line-up for the next volume, I’m not really super excited for that one. orz;; It only has six or so mangaka listed that I really really love. But at least there are quite a few mangaka that I’ve never heard of. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Also, if you click LYNX’s site, you can see a preview for Suisei Summit by Akiyama Koito! There’s a sex scene, which surprised me since I was always under the impression they try to keep dirty-type stuff out off online previews. Maybe I’ve just been reading too much Rutile Sweet.

♔ → The Hanaoto releases for August were announced and they include a book by Chiba Ryouko!! I’m pretty happy since it feels like it’s been a long time since I was last able to read something new by her. Anyway, it will come out August 29th.

♔ → And finally, the cover to Komeri’s debut tankoubon Itoshi no Koishi no has been posted to Tokyo Mangasha’s site! Very cute, with lots of sweet, gentle colors. Also included is the cover of Cab, which is by Terashima this month and is very pink.

Then, as you can see in the information section, a drama CD for Koshino’s Samejime-kun to Sasahara-kun will be released.

today in release announcements.

So there are quite a few interesting releases coming up and I thought I’d just do a quickie!post for them here.

June 24
Ishino Aya “Amanojaku no Koi”

June 25
Enjin Yamimaru “Voice or Noise 4”

June 27
Naono Boura “Circle”
Takao Hiroi “Sangatsu Boujitsu, Kuma wo Hirotta”

June 30
Ogasawara Uki “Black Sun Doreiou 2”
Komizu Kiyo “Karada Meate de Warui ka”

I know someone in the comments was excited about Ogasawara’s release? Well, here it is—her tankoubon for the completion of Black Sun. Actually, iirc Ogasawara also currently has something new running in CRAFT already?

Personally I’m reaaaaaaally excited for the Takao Hiroi’s tankoubon release! It feels like it’s been way way too long since I’ve read something new by her. \*w*/ I’m ready for more!

HertZ band 43

So yesterday my package came in the mail! \*A*/ To be honest, I was very very excited about HertZ. For about ten days until it was finally released, I checked the website every day hoping that the new cover would be posted soon. I really think HertZ is probably my favorite anthology. So many amazing stories in every issue.

vague warning for R-18 images.

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the good & the bad

I woke up this morning and checked asunaro (yes, the first thing I do in the morning is check BL release news) and I have one amazing piece of news that’s so awesome it felt like I was still dreaming and then two pieces of news that make the world slightly less rose-tinted.

First off, the amazing piece of news:

Finally, finally, Junet is releasing the Ootsuki Miu tankoubon I’ve been hoping for since about two years ago when I first accidentally got the last chapter of Docchi no Darling? and could not for the life of me find the old BOY’S Pierce volumes to complete the story. I’ve been pretty much burning to read the first chapters of that story. And the extra. And I also want to know why she’s done artwork for it that looked very threesome-y.

And then, you know, there’s just the fact that it would finally be an Ootsuki Miu tankoubon release for this year. Considering how much that woman releases in the magazines, she sure hasn’t been releasing tankoubon after tankoubon like she usually does. And since she’s my lovely goddess the BL world feels so empty without her around. ;;

But of course, this also came with some bad news attached:

Two releases I was incredibly excited about for next month have been moved out into the unforeseeable future. For me, Uchida Tsuchi’s is particularly upsetting if only because I do not buy any magazines from Hanaoto and so the last book I was able to read by her was Ookami Shounen. And I loved that book and from the bits and pieces I’ve been able to see it seems like her art has become even more pretty so I’m heartbroken that her release has evidently been pushed back so far that they aren’t even sure of a new date for it.

HertZ band 42

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m spending the day with my cats and some BL manga haha. I hope you all have  lovely day regardless of whether you are romantically attached to anyone or not.

errr I skipped the last issue of this, didn’t I? Sorry about that—over December I had a lot on my plate. orz;;; But here I am to talk about the latest issue, so you’ll forgive me right?

Vague warning for R-18 content goes here.

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covers, covers, covers

It seems like all I do lately is post covers, doesn’t it? orz;;; Sorry about that. I’m slowly making my way through LYNX so I can do a write-up on it (after properly reading Sunae Hata’s story I think it’s super adorable ahhh) but that’s slow-going since I have a full work week ahead of me. It shall be my before-bed reading material.

But I nonetheless wanted to post this cover of CRAFT because while I generally do not buy CRAFT I do love Komizu Kiyo and I think this is probably the most gorgeous cover to ever adorn that anthology. Seriously.

The colors are just stunning. If I recall correctly I think this is my second time knowingly seeing a color illustration by Komizu Kiyo, but this one is so gorgeous that I can only say I am most definitely impressed by her art even more than I was previously.

Now to wait for the HertZ cover! \o/ It’s Ogasawara Uki, the mangaka for Black Sun, this time around with inside color illustrations by Natsumizu Ritsu and Aoi Levin. I’m sure it’ll definitely be a sight for sore eyes once I finally have it in my hands. *w*