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Dame BL Anthology | Full Review

Finally! I finally finished the whole book! orz;;; Well. Kind of, since there are some stories I didn’t read super closely. But I at least got a good idea of what all the stories were about so now I can post small summaries here and help all of you decide if you want to buy the book or not. Personally, I love it—initially I had my doubts, thought that even though I LOVE the Moe Danshi Gatari series that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll really like this as well, but even though I don’t absolutely adore all the stories the book as a whole is fantastic and was well worth the money.

Anyway let’s take a look inside! Vague warning for R-18 content though this book is, for the most part, mostly clean and plot-driven.

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Dame—that wonderful phrase that is in almost every BL sex scene. That phrase people love to hate. That glorious phrase that has now become a book.

I checked Bookman’s site today and found true happiness. I hadn’t realized at all that Kumota Haruko also had the cover, so when I saw it I just shrieked and threw my hands into the air. KUMOTA HARUKO, YOU SEXY BEAST. I’m sorry I doubted you! I love you; please come back to my bosom!

Details on the stories and mangaka inside can be found right here, which is sd;glj;dgssdfgs exciting!! Admittedly it has a lot less mangaka than I thought it would, but I have to realize that this is an actual comic anthology—it’s not like Moe Danshi Gatari where they can fit a ridiculous amount of mangaka in one tiny book just because everyone only has two pages to express themselves. I’m pretty stoked to see Rotta Ikumi and Mochimeko in the line-up, though they all look (and sound!) pretty fantastic. Also, I’m going to have to crack out my Japanese dictionary so I can read Cotorino Deathco’s column on “BL without sex scenes” because that sounds pretty interesting.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it here but actually the release date for the Dame BL anthology was pushed back: it will now be released on the 25th! Also, the preorder page was finally added to amazon! Luckily this means I can stop checking amazon ten times a day while I wait for an update lmao. orz;;;; Now to just peacefully sit back and wait for the 20th to put in my order and hopefully get the book relatively quickly, because if I have to wait any longer for this book I just might die from the giddiness.

For now, though, I will just sit here and gaze adoringly at the cover and that little sneak peek of lacy panties and beautiful high heels that only allow you a tiny taste of what’s to come.

“Dame BL” anthology

So Bookman, the publishers behind the “Moe Danshi Gatari” essay collections-turned-artbooks everyone loves so much, are finally releasing the “Dame BL” anthology! Initially they announced it in the back MDG2 with the tentative release date of “early summer 2011” so when that date passed I figured the plans for the book must have fallen through and I was thoroughly disappointed. But who would have known the book would be set for an official release almost half a year later?

I initially heard of it when someone I follow tweeted about Kumota Haruko’s blog post about it. Somehow I’d totally missed her post (that’s what I get for never getting caught up with twitter… orz) so it came as a huge shock to me. But sure enough, Kumota announced on her blog that she’d have a story running in “Dame BL Anthology”, to be released on November 1st. Go here to check her site and the cute illustration she did to fit her ‘dame’ theme: foot fetish. Yes, those are a man’s legs.

However, try as I might I wasn’t able to find any other information on the book even after Kumota announced it (aside from a small conversation on twitter between Uno Zinia and Psyche Delico) so part of me was still like “no way… it’s too good to be true, isn’t it?” But—! Today Kijitora updated about it, announcing that the book and its information have been added to Animate Online. And sure enough, here the book is. It’s still not added to any other site, but the fact that it’s on Animate means I can really start getting my hopes up that the release date is 100% cemented in.

Anyway, here’s the lineup:

Comics include Kumota Haruko, Morozumi Sumitomo, Est Em, Umematsu Machie, Okadaya Tetsuzou, Chiba Ryouko, etc.
Columns include Aoyama Toomi, Kusama Sakae, Psyche Delico, Yoneda Kou, etc.

I can’t wait to see the names hiding behind ‘etc.’—I’m sure you all know who I’m hoping for the most.

For those who don’t know, ‘dame BL’ appeared on the scene a year or two ago because a bunch of mangaka on twitter were having conversations about BL manga they would love to read or write that would never ever be okay’d by their publishers. It created a huge boom even among fans, who started talking about all the weird BL that they thought would be interesting to read as well, such as stories about old men strolling along the street holding hands or maybe two men getting in an argument about their relationship for the whole story. So I guess what we can look forward to with this anthology is a collection of unusual stories unlike most of the BL we’ve seen thusfar.

I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Pride Month

I know we’re already three days in, but happy June! I guess this month is arguably an important month for BL fans if only because of the pun, but it’s 100% an important month for something that BL, as a form of entertainment, has ties in: LGBTQI pride. I know that this subject might come as a surprise to some, because while BL (and its female partner in crime, GL) technically deals with individuals who’re interested in the same sex, it does not necessarily try hard to speak for the gay community. Which is as it should be, since people who are not gay (which would be BL, since it’s generally written by—assumed—heterosexual females for a heterosexual female audience) should not necessarily speak for the gay community at large.

At most, BL can be considered a form of entertainment. It’s somewhat the romanticized equivalent of lesbian porn made for men—it’s interesting and fun but it doesn’t really try to teach you anything. Which is why many gay men take issue with BL; though it’s not written for a gay audience, it doesn’t try to inform nor even be realistic. I’m not one to say that’s a bad thing (because BL is entertainment and should be taken as it is, not just by its fans but also bystanders), but I won’t argue that gay men have every right to be uncomfortable with such a topic being taken out of their hands and treated in a way that may misinform about a community they’re a part of.

However, as a gay rights activist and someone of an alternative sexuality myself, I often try to find a way to connect my participation in and enjoyment of BL fandom with my place in a community that often shuns it. While I do know there are a fair handful of homophobic people in BL fandom, I still think it’s not a 100% bad genre. Admittedly, it was my finding and avidly reading in BL doujinshi at a young age (embarrassingly young, really) that opened my eyes to alternative sexualities and made it much easier to accept my own as I got older. Even just as a form of entertainment—one that is often unrealistic and cheesy—BL has done at least that much for me. And I think that’s important. I think that BL can do harm in some ways, but it can also do good in introducing its fans to empathy directed toward standing strong with those who are of alternative sexualities.

So I wanted to make this connection on my blog. I think it’s important not only to show that not all fans of BL consider gay men as just their entertainment but also—of course—as human beings, but also to introduce other fans to ways to help the gay community. Perhaps not all people who read my blog as going to necessarily care, which is a shame but you can’t really force people when the interest isn’t there. But for those who are interested, here is a nifty link on the top ten ways to help with gay rights. Also, here is a list of GLBT organizations you can volunteer for. More allies are always welcome!

Anyway, I wanted to end this with a call for discussion on BL manga that tries a bit harder to be truly ‘gay friendly’—whether it’s by including the idea of coming out, gay issues, gay bars, using the proper procedures in anal sex (lube!!), plots about society’s views of gay men, or even just the glorious absence of the fairly disheartening “thank god I’m not gay but I suddenly and randomly fell for my best friend” cliche. BL manga that tries hard to not just be entertainment, but also tie itself to and inform about gay culture in some way or another.

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today in BL manga

♔ → More and more “Ganbare Nihon!” illustrations and messages get posted to Libre every day, so I figured I would repost it just in case no one has gone back since it was originally posted. They are all very lovely. It’s very exciting when you see something from your favorite mangaka. Last night Jaryuu Dokuro’s illustration got posted and it’s quite beautiful.

♔ → Katou Setsuko is in the newest issue of Chara Selection, but Kojima Lalako is once again absent. Which is a sadness of well as a relief—a sadness because more Kojima Lalako is always a good thing and so the opposite is bad, and a relief because. Well.

♔ → Which bring me to the next thing I wanted to talk about. Actually I spend an embarrassingly large portion of my time thinking about things I can start in BL fandom. Yesterday I was considering a BL manga exchange (same as a book exchange except we would only be trading BL manga) but then it occurred to me that my collector’s mentality is too much and would get in the way of my willingness to trade away any of the manga I even slightly liked. But I’ve been toying with this idea for a while: a BL manga scan exchange.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like; if I have a magazine or anthology that you couldn’t afford and you have a magazine or anthology that I couldn’t afford, then we can trade scans for the stories from the magazine that we each want. I’m opening this up because it’s happening more and more often now that I really want to read a story from a magazine or anthology but I can’t afford it, and because my luck is just that bad by the time it comes to make my order next month the damn thing is out of print already. (I’m looking at you, JUNK!BOY, you bastard-ass publication. 8|) I would wait for a tankoubon release but… well… I’m never exactly been lauded for my patience, really.

But anyway, that is my offer to anyone reading my blog: I am hereby offering scans from my magazines and anthologies if you are willing to scan some of the stories I need from the books I can’t afford.

♔ → Morozumi Sumitomo posted the cover to her latest release on twitter: click! As Konjiki Runa put it, “tanoshimi desuuuuuuuuu!!”

♔ → The new release through Baby Comics looks really cute, doesn’t it? Really, really cute. *w*

♔ → Canna updated their site with the information for the upcoming anthology release. A double cover! Very interesting! I guess now we’ll get to see what those Suzukura Hal illustrations were all about. Also, this upcoming issue happens to be Canna’s one-year anniversary issue. I wonder if there will be any celebration surrounding it… Being the loser I am, though, I mostly just noticed two names: a full-length story from Ootsuki Miu and a short from Kojima Lalako. Looking forward to it.

♔ → I know a lot of people are big fans of her’s—volume three of of Hidaka Shouko’s Yuuutsu na Asa comes out in May.

Citron releases & info

Sorry about my absence over the past few days. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that it’s just another one of those times where there isn’t much interesting new information to talk about and so I just haven’t… been… talking lmao.

But!! It’s a new month in BL fandom meaning a few websites have updated their information for March! But the one I’m most interested in talking about at the moment is Citron. For one, the anniversary issue of Citron is released today!! Hooray for them! I’m happy that the publishing line has caught on like it has and released some pretty amazing titles. (Not that Libre as a company needs more success, mind you, considering they’re the biggest BL publisher.) The issue released today has Kusama Sakae on the cover, just like the first ever volume. Another exciting thing is that Aniya Yuiji has a color page!! \*A*/ HOORAH!

Also, if you go to the index you can preview Psyche Delico’s story (I’m soooo glad that one got continued! *w*) as well as Momoka’s and Momoyama Naoko’s. I don’t recall having ever read anything by Momoka before but her art is gorgeous! One thing I’m sad about, though, is that Jaryuu Dokuro is once again absent. 8( Very depressing, but oh well. Keep working hard, Jaryuu Dokuro!

As for the next volume…

AOI SERI COVER ART!! \*A*/!!! TRIPLE HOORAH! Does this mean she will have an interview and they’ll ask her about her inspirations and her favorite color and her favorite food s;dlgj;sgsg’sgl;s PLEASE YES. (Also, speaking of Aoi Seri has anyone else been keeping up with her blog and thus seen her cat? Very cute! Lots of BL mangaka have been talking about cats lately haha.)

Also speaking of Citron, Morozumi Sumitomo’s manga through them that just recently finished up will be seeing a tankoubon released on April 1st! Morozumi Sumitomo’s fourth tankoubon release, if I recall correctly.

more impressions.

Yesterday I finally got the second half of the BL purchase for December and it’s pretty much brilliant—all of the magazines I had been most looking forward to in one small shipment. I am absolutely in love with all of them. But for now I’ll just leave you with a small-ish post since life is (obviously) kind of hectic at the moment.

Baby for Aniya Yuiji, onBLUE for Yamanaka Hiko and Kumota Haruko, drap for Ootsuki Miu, Citron for Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko. :9 And then, of course, the second and final volume of Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game. A brilliant set.

For this one, straight-up, warning for R-18 content. The Baby anthology is actually quite filthy.

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