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Aniya Yuiji “Mic & Neo”

whoaaaa another post and it’s only been like a couple days! I’m on fire! But actually I just read Aniya Yuiji’s Mic & Neo (Miku to Neo, however you wanna romanize it idc) and my01 heart is BROKEN so I thought I would talk about it a bit. Fun fact: Mic & Neo actually came out in late May and I bought it dutifully as soon as it was released, but I couldn’t convince myself to read it until just now. Somehow it just feels like this is going to be Aniya Yuiji’s last real BL release so the idea of reading it was like… idk that feeling you get when you don’t want to finish that long video game or book or show that has been part of your life for a long time. (Also I wasn’t so sure I had the level of Japanese skill necessary to understand the plot since it’s more than your average high school romance, ehe ★)

And I’ve been waiting for this story for a long time—it’s been running in OPERA since 2009 and was in the first issue of OPERA that I ever bought and I’ve been constantly pining since for the damn thing to be compiled and released. Yet I still put off reading it for two months when it arrived. Go figure.

after reading it, I can say one thing for sure: Mic & Neo really02 isn’t a story you can do justice for in a short description. There’s a lot going on for a two-volume book filled with gags and angst and gratuitous makeout scenes. But I’ll try! Essentially the plot is this: A young man tries to hang himself in the woods but unfortunately fails and is found by the not!priest of the nearby temple. And to make matters worse, he completely loses his memory from the ordeal and has nothing to go by except a children’s backpack full of cash, some Gucci loafers, and a keychain nametag with the name ‘Miku’ on it. From that point forward the amnesiac is christened ‘Mic’ and stays with the Maeda brothers Banbi and Neo while he waits for his memories to resurface.

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Erotoro Take Two!

holy shit, wordpress changed so much crap while I was on hiatus so this feels really weird. But let’s get on with it, shall we. How are you all? It’s been a while! Like, more than four months to be exact. Feels kind of good to be back.

Anyway in late June Erotoro 2 was released and, obviously, I bought it! And since I’ve become slightly more of a busy girl (if you couldn’t tell considering I keep disappearing for long periods of time) I just tonight finally got around to reading it and I figured it wouldn’t kill me to blog about it a bit so.

Aniya Yuiji did the cover again so like I could possibly resist. To be honest, as far as ero anthologies go the original Erotoro didn’t do much for me—I even recall recommending a few times for people to seek out your average issue of Boy’s Pierce instead of Erotoro if you’re looking to get your kicks. So part of me was like “ehhh I don’t know” when I heard there would be another volume released. But then Aniya Yuiji was on the cover so. Now you know: if you ever want me to buy something, just put Aniya Yuiji’s name on it.

SUPER SUPER R-18 BELOW THE CUT if you click while you’re at work then it’s your own issue. Don’t come crying to me.

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BL Guidebook “Light BL e Youkoso”

So as I said, part one of my purchase came in the mail today and I haven’t really even started looking through many of them yet but I nonetheless wanted to talk a bit (or maybe a lot idk) about a specific book I bought because I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding of what the book is. And that book would be the recently-released Light BL e Youkoso which a lot of people seem to be thinking is an anthology of light, sweet BL stories but actually it’s a guidebook.

As you can see the cover is by Kumota Haruko so its garnered a lot of fanfair. And it’s a really good book, albeit not what a lot of people are probably expecting, so I will try to go over what this book has to offer if not actual comics.

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Aniya Yuiji “Kanpeki na Shiiku” release info

if you’ve been reading my blog obviously you know I’ve been constantly considering what stories could possibly be in Aniya Yuiji’s newest upcoming BL release, Kanpeki na Shiiku, through Citron. Admittedly though the past week I’ve been more and more dismayed because it’s become pretty obvious that this is kind of just a compilation of a bunch of past works I’ve already read—first obvious by Aniya Yuiji’s POP image just being the cover for her NatsuComi release from two years back, Leila Leila.

which was somewhat disheartening if only because I was looking forward to maybe a new image by Aniya Yuiji but I understand that she’s busy so oh well.

Anyway yesterday I checked her official site so see if she’s updated it with any information on Kanpeki na Shiiku and sure enough she had, and that’s where I got unfortunately quite disappointed. orz Like with all of Aniya’s releases it was given a preview page, and almost every single preview is… something… I’ve already read……. Leila Leila was a doujinshi release, both her Danshi Meiro continuations were recently compiled in SPINZ, Childlike is the story I just recently acquired in BGM, Drive,N is in another one of her doujinshi compilations, and then obviously her Citron Fudanshi shorts that ran in the early Citron issues. The only one I haven’t read (which essentially makes the book worth it) is the story I was thinking I’d have to track down an old issue of Pierce for.

I guess this is my punishment for obsessively keeping up with Aniya’s work—no new content for me. But I am a little sad that it’s kind of a book that ties up all her loose ends so she doesn’t have to release any more new BL content. Even though it was just a month or two ago that she was saying on twitter (which she actually recently stopped using, for those who don’t know) she would like to write some new BL and she knows her BL fans really want some new content from her, it feels like this book cements the fact that she’s mostly moved on to different genres at this point. Which is sad to me, because even though I like her non-BL stories as well I think her BL ones were always above and beyond what I expect from the genre and are what made me realize early on that BL has a lot more to offer than most people give it credit for.

anyway, excuse all my Aniya Yuiji rambling. I’m just pitifully disappointed for dumb reasons. orz Definitely still buying the book and waiting excitedly for it to arrive on my doorstep, because even if it’s just a bunch of stuff I’ve already read it’s still a release by Aniya Yuiji.

Citron 10/01 Covers

So Citron just so happens to have two releases I’m incredibly excited about in early October. I’m pretty sure I’ve already talked about them plenty on here, so I don’t have much more explaining to do. Previously Citron’s bloggers posted some teaser images of the covers, but today the full covers were revealed and posted to Amazon and I absolutely adore them.

Aniya’s is really fascinating to me, particularly because it’s so colorful. I don’t recognize the characters at all—which surprises me since I was expecting Dora and You-chan, considering the title story is about them. I can only think of two chapters that this book will contain: the story that ran in her Citron special almost two years ago, and her recent (AMAZING) story from Ero Toro. Everything else is totally up in the air. I’m hoping it doesn’t contain her doujinshi releases, or any of the other stuff from SPINZ because then I’ll be kind of disappointed since I already have all those. But oh well, as long as I get a new book from Aniya Yuiji I guess I can’t complain too much.

As for Jaryuu Dokuro’s book, I’m very happy to see the cover because that (hopefully) mean the publishing date is finally done getting pushed back. Initially it was supposed to be released August 1st (which was exciting since I was hoping to pick it up in Japan…) but then it was pushed back to August 31st and now October 1st. Oh Jaryuu Dokuro, the many ways in which you mess with my heart. orz This book, too, I can’t help but wonder exactly what it’ll contain. Her strange oneshot from her Citron special, obviously, and her three chapters of Coyote. But that hardly seems like enough to fill a whole book… HMM.

Still waiting for other cover reveals for the other amazing books I’m looking forward to in the next month dsklgj;sdgd Hopefully Libre is nice and posts Kojima Lalako’s cover soon, and I also can’t wait to see Psyche Delico’s in full. So many great BL releases to look forward to; my wallet is already crying.

Aniya Yuiji upcoming release.

I’ll admit it: I was a wee bit disappointed when Aniya Yuiji didn’t announce a doujinshi release this past Natsucomi. Ever since I started following her seriously, her Natsucomi releases have been some of my favorites by her—both Leila Leila and OreNeko—and recently they’ve been her only BL releases on top of it. So I’m always excited for them. But I guess this year she just got too busy or perhaps didn’t feel particularly inspired and wasn’t able to release a new book.

However, a couple days ago while I was searching through all the BL publisher sites for information on new releases (since unfortunately my go-to site for that seems to have disappeared again) I came across this zinger:

Aniya Yuiji to be releasing a new book through Citron Comics on October 1st, titled Kanpeki na Shiiku.

I was pretty shocked, because I’d heard absolutely no news of the release from either Chika-san or Aniya. (Then again, Aniya has pretty much stopped using twitter so….) Plus Aniya Yuiji hasn’t been releasing in any BL publications unless you count OPERA but that one hasn’t been completed yet and also would be released by Edge Comix. So what in the world is going on??

Honestly it feels too good to be true—I am super pumped but at the same time I keep refreshing the release page and waiting for it to either be taken down or edited as by a different artist. I’m waiting for some kind of announcement of “oops our bad!” and that Aniya Yuiji isn’t releasing anything. Because I just don’t get where they could have compiled enough stories by her from to actually complete a book?? Especially since she just released Spinz. At the moment I’m just going to assume it’s a collection of her doujinshi releases until there’s any more information, and I’m trying to not let my hopes get too high or I’ll end up disappointed and I never want to be disappointed by something done by Aniya Yuiji. ;; So.

If there really is no mistake, this book will released on the same day as Jaryuu Dokuro’s book through Citron and will be placed in my September order alongside releases by Ootsuki Miu, Snae Hata, Psyche Delico, Nobara Aiko, Kojima Lalako, and Koiwazurai Shibito. This next month is starting to look very expensive but also very, very exciting.

Erotoro: Creamy Sport Anthology

I know I already talked about this one a bit but Libre just opened the official webpage (click through the image to see) and I am super super pumped. orz;;; It doesn’t help that Jaryuu Dokuro’s BxP Anx also arrived today and so I’m on a huge Jaryuu kick. But actually there are now previews for all the chapters in the anthology and while I didn’t read them (to keep from spoiling myself too much) they all looked amazing while I was just clicking through. Jaryuu’s and Aniya’s in particular, of course.

ahhhh I can’t contain all this excitement. For Aniya, it’s obvious—now that she’s working more on her josei projects I don’t get very much porn by her. ;w;) But while reading BxP today I remembered just how ero Jaryuu’s sex scenes can be when she puts her mind to it and now I really really want to read more of her h scenes. She just draws the most amazingly beautiful angles and focuses so much on scenes that bring more of an emotional twinge.

tbh those two together in the same book has always been my dream team. They’re both such powerhouse wonderful BL artists, both of which I feel like I could never get enough of and never give enough praise to. June 25th can really not come fast enough.