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some upcoming release announcements!

One of my favorite sites is back from hiatus and brought with it some really great BL release news so I figured I’d share some of the ones I’m particularly excited about.

♔ → First, Chara’s July 25th releases!

Kojima Lalako “Ano Ko to Juliet”
Kitazawa Kyou “101ban wa Uke Tsukemasen!”
Hidaka Shouko “Yuuutsu na Asa” vol.4

Obviously, I’m sure you all know the one I have my eye on most: Kojima Lalako! It has officially been over a year since her initial 3-in-a-row releases and even though I get a taste of her work in magazines and anthologies every now and then it’s just not enough. I don’t think I’ve read many of her Chara releases so I can’t wait to get my hands on her book through them. Unfortunately I’ll have to either track it down while I’m on vacation or wait until late August, but I have my fingers crossed for an in-store pick-up! *A*)

♔ → Then Asuka’s late June releases list Takatsuki Noboru. It feels like forever since I’ve read something by her (him?? idk who cares) so I’ll definitely be tempted to pick that one up. The title is “Ore no Kokoro ni Fumikomu na!”

♔ → Craft then has a new Yamamoto Kotetsuko book lined up for early July, titled “Fukurou-kun to Kare”.  Yamamoto’s books are never a miss for me personally, and I don’t think I’ve seen/read a single chapter of this one. Distressing! I guess I’ll have to shove it into my June order so I don’t have to wait forever to read it haha.

♔ → Psyche Delico then has a new book coming out through Citron. This one isn’t quite as exciting for me personally (since I buy Citron and thus already read a majority of the stories I’m sure) but I’ll definitely be buying it nonetheless just because it’s Psyche Delico. When I saw her name on the list I had my fingers crossed for a new book through Junet, but alas! Her Citron stories are good too so I hope everyone will still consider giving them a chance.

♔ → One I’m super super suuuuuuper pumped about is Mita Ori, who has a book “Shiro no Koro” through Marble in late July. I don’t know if you ladies recall, but she’s the author of one of my very favorite BL oneshots Mahou no Okusuri. Now that she’s officially releasing a book I hope more and more people will be able to read her stories, which are all very charming and go wonderfully with her sketchy art style. I highly recommend it!

♔ → Not as exciting for me personally since I’m not into doujinshi collections, but for hardcore Minazuki Akira fans there’s a new book to look out for: her doujinshi work will be compiled and released by Poe Backs/Fusion Comics in late July!

♔ → Moto Haruhira has a new book coming out through drap, “Mazu wa, Hitokuchi”, in late July as well. tbh I haven’t really been reading this one so closely in drap (sometimes it’s so annoying to keep up with series in magazines, unfortunately… orz;;) so I’ll probably be buying this. Her art is so cute and I don’t want to skip something that could potentially be really great but I haven’t given a proper chance to.

♔ → Finally, finally, Shinomiya Shino’s book through EDGE will be released on July 27th. Titled “The way I am”, it seems like such a charming story but since I don’t buy OPERA regularly I’ve missed so many chapters. I’m hoping after this, Aniya’s book will also be coming out soon. It does seem to have hit the climax…

♔ → Another one that feels like it’s been making me wait for a very very long time, Koiwazurai Shibito’s book through Junet will finally be released this coming June! In the few magazines I bought that had her, she seemed to have a penchant for writing perverted semi-depressing stories, which are my favorites. (see: Aniya’s Kangoku 69) So I would like to see them in full. ;; Finally, here’s my chance! Speaking of Junet, I wonder if they’re ever release Yonekura Kengo’s story sighhh.

♔ → And then the final one I wanted to talk about: drap already has their releases through November planned! Once again, Ootsuki Miu is their late-in-the-year pick and supposedly the compiled version of Vanilla Resort will be released November 2nd. Considering the official series is just starting (and there are so far only two chapters) that’s really planning ahead! But I guess that means there’s a lot of Ootsuki to expect in the coming months from drap? Other releases include Nekota Yonezou in August, and an amazing quadruple-whammy of Akahoshi Jake (yay!!), Yamada Maya, Hino Garasu and Konjiki Runa all in September. Thank goodness that’s an odd-numbered, non-anthology month!

tankoubon: first impressions

Sorry about that short absence! My package arrived yesterday but the process of me getting new BL manga to read tends to go like this: I get super pumped after the shipping notice arrives, I stay pumped until the package gets there, the package arrives and I spend the next hour giddily flipping through each book, and I then get overwhelmed and am not sure which book to read first and I just kind of leave them sitting for the rest of the day while I make up my mind. I have started reading Cab so far! Glorious as always, of course. And I’ve read a few stories here or there from my other anthologies.

But that’s not what I’ll talk about tonight—right now it’s all about my current impressions of the tankoubon I got.

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Spotlight: Hino Garasu

I originally became interested in Hino Garasu when I read her two joint oneshots scanlated by Blissful Sin, and I absolutely loved them. They were so pretty but had such an emotional dark edge that set them apart. But my interest mostly stopped there, since that was before I started buying BL myself and nothing else for her was ever brought up by any part of fandom or any other scanlation groups—that is, until my sister bought me a set of two drap magazines with another gorgeous story by Hino in them, and I fell in love all over again. And this time it was a bit more difficult to just go back to forgetting her name and moving on.

Seinen wa Ai wo Kou
Renai Kidou

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Hino Garasu “Fetish”

It seems like this book arrived in the mail forever ago and I’m just getting around to properly reading it now, even though it has only been around a month and a half since it was released and in my hands for much less time. I was very excited about Hino Garasu’s Fetish tankoubon when it was announced, since it contains the first two stories that I ever read by her: Beautiful Days and Photograph, both of which were scanlated and released by the group Blissful Sin. That was the first time I (and many others?) heard of Hino Garasu so it was a bit disappointing when those stories weren’t in her first book. But yay, they’re both in this book and this book is also fabulous (if you don’t recall, I also reviewed her first tankoubon Seinen wa Ai wo Kou here) and now that I’ve finally read the first three stories I can do a proper write-up.

Aside from the connected stories Beautiful Days and Photograph, this book contains three other chapters that are three seperate stories respectively. Fetish, the title story, is about a young man named Tsukasa who seems to be aroused by his classmate Oomi’s hair—perhaps the scent, the feel, the appearance—and thus starts having dreams and fantasies of raping him. He’s terrified by these dreams and thus doesn’t know what to do when Oomi confesses to him. Does he chase Oomi away and keep him from getting hurt, or does he accept Oomi’s affection and chance taking his obsession with him too far and leaving the beautiful boy abused?

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drap 0311

And now for drap. To be honest I wasn’t really excited at all about this issue when I ordered it. I kind of bought it just for Jaryuu Dokuro and that’s about it. But it ended up having quite a few stories that I enjoyed so in the end it doesn’t feel like too big a waste of money.

R-18 content abounds! Enter with caution!

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more impressions.

Yesterday I finally got the second half of the BL purchase for December and it’s pretty much brilliant—all of the magazines I had been most looking forward to in one small shipment. I am absolutely in love with all of them. But for now I’ll just leave you with a small-ish post since life is (obviously) kind of hectic at the moment.

Baby for Aniya Yuiji, onBLUE for Yamanaka Hiko and Kumota Haruko, drap for Ootsuki Miu, Citron for Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko. :9 And then, of course, the second and final volume of Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game. A brilliant set.

For this one, straight-up, warning for R-18 content. The Baby anthology is actually quite filthy.

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today in BL manga

♔ → So. I listened to the Danshi Meiro drama CD. First off, I have two disclaimers: I love Aniya Yuiji. I adore her. If I were a religious person I would worship the ground she walks on. Though many people likely disagree with me, I think she is incredibly talented and I absolutely adore everything she writes. I really adore her. Seriously. You know that one time when I wrote my ‘Love Letter to Jaryuu Dokuro’? If I were to write a love letter to Aniya Yuiji it would be way more gross and weird and everyone would probably stop being friends with me. The second disclaimer is that I do not like seiyuu—at all—which makes BL drama CDs a lot less interesting to me than they are to most people. So. Obviously when I listen to a BL drama, I have a bias toward the original comic because I have no interest in the components that make up the CD.

But anyway, after I said that I can only say that the CD wasn’t bad. That is a compliment coming from me, because this is an adaption of a manga that I love so dearly that it’s really actually just kind of pathetic. They did Dora right, which I was relieved by. His voice was very suiting. You-chan, though… err… orz;; I think he and Masami had the two worst voices. Masami, especially. His was absolutely terrible—why was it so deep?? Why do people with such deep voices exist? It just seemed so unnatural and cheesy. Luckily the rest of Masami and Sogawa’s stories was handled quite nicely. Sadly, though, my favorite scene in the whole book was destroyed with cheesy background music: they played little tinkling bells in the background during Dora and You-chan’s hilari-bad adorable awkward sex scene. ;; So much hate oh mannnnn.

I am just going to appreciate the fact that it didn’t make me want to turn it off after a minute like Me wo Tojite 3byou‘s CD adaption did.

♔ → In happier news actually not relating to Aniya Yuiji for once, though, the cover for Hino Garasu’s upcoming Libre tankoubon was posted up to Chill Chill!

It’s titled Fetish and comes out on January eighth! Very exciting! I bet this book will finally include the two oneshots Blissful Sin scanlated, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

♔ → Citron has updated their site! Citron Blog has actually been super active lately, but you won’t see me complaining. More BL manga for Fuuko. :9 But anyway, they updated the anthology page and I am sad to say that Jaryuu Dokuro is once again absent from this issue. But oh well, You never want to rush art right! I’m still super excited for that next Nimoda Ai chapter, as well as… well… everything? I mean, really, is there anything in Citron that isn’t fabulous? I’m not so sure.

Anyway, for the next issue the cover is Kusama Sakae again! Hooray! /o/ As many of you may recall, Kusama Sakae was actually the artist for the cover of the very first volume of Citron. (Ahhh, I remember it so well~*~) Jaryuu is lined up for the next issue but only time will tell if she’ll stick in the lineup. There’s also more Nimoda Ai, more Psyche Delico, more Aoi Seri, etc. And Aniya is back with her lovely Citron Blog boys!

OH! And Kusama Sakae also has a desktop calendar up here! Hurry and get it before January is over!

♔ → Fuyucomi ends today. ;; How sad. I still have my eyes on Jaryuu and Psyche’s doujinshi, though they’re currently being sold on yjp!a for ridiculous amounts. Errr. Hopefully they’ll be put up on Mandarake at some point for a much less painful price. orz

♔ → Anyway, tomorrow I have this! Look forward to it!