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September ’12 Order: part 01

well not everything is here yet obviously, so I’ll have to do another one later. But the first part of my Amazon order arrived this morning and yesterday my Honto order from early this month came so I have lots of books suddenly and I figured I’d talk about them a bit.

can you see Twin sleeping on the bed? He kind of blends in with the blanket.

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Cab vol. 20

I read this in the car today while we were driving around so I figured I could write up a quick post about it! There were actually many stories that I really really enjoyed (and some I’m hoping continued in vol. 21 once I get to reading that one) so.

It feels like forever since I’ve done a post like this so I’m sorry if I’m kind of rusty. orz

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today in BL manga

♔ → for fans of Kinoshita Keiko, B’s-garden now has the POP images up for both her upcoming releases. I’m not as excited for Koyoi Omae to if only because I already read it regularly in HertZ, but I’m pretty pumped about the third and final volume of Ikusen no Yoru. Considering that cliffhanger volume two left off at. orz;;;

Also if you go to the B’s-garden main page you can see a larger version of Kusama Sakae’s novel illustration. *A*

♔ → LYNX has their previews up for the latest issue already! \o/ Minazuki Akira already has a new story running, which I’m pretty damn excited about df;ghd;fhdf also also Mio Junta and Rokuro Kuro’s color pages also look very beautiful. Another thing from this latest issue that I’m super excited about is Ike Reibun’s continuation of Tatsu no Otoshigo! I really liked that while it was running but it felt like it ended so abruptly sobbb. So I let out a pretty dumb excited noise when I saw ‘Tatsu no Otoshigo 2’ listed. Then of course there’s Nimoda Ai, Umematsu Machie, Kitazawa Kyou… definitely another great issue!

also related to LYNX, if you go to their site they now have sample pages up for both Nimoda Ai and Katsuragi’s releases. I highly recommend checking them out, since both artists have gorgeous styles and really cute stories.

♔ → another magazine coming out this month that I’m excited about (though in a more bittersweet way, since I probably can’t afford to buy it) is Daria! If you go to the actual magazine page they just listed the cover last night and it’s very cute. Also, the lineup. ;A;)/ Ahhh Ootsuki Miu and Kumonosuke!! I’m so tempted to buy it but I’ve already told myself countless times to just wait for the book releases. Who wants to make bets on whether I’m patient enough to hold out?

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Kumota Haruko’s story through ITAN will be releasing its second volume early next month. So quick! orz;;; You can pre-order it here. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the cover illustration yet. I think last time it was posted on Comic Natalie before it was shared anywhere else so I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for it. Kumota Haruko’s first release of 2012! Hopefully this means 2012 will be full of her work.

♔ → The cover for the latest issue of Cab was finally revealed! This time it’s Hideyoshico. \*w*/ Also I’m glad to see Ogura Muku and Konohara Narise are back again this issue after a short hiatus last time. Castle Mango really always leaves so many things unresolved by the end of each chapter. orz;; I wonder when Konohara will start tying up the loose ends instead of constantly creating more. This time around, of course I’m happy to see yet more Kevin Komine and Komeri, and I’m also absolutely pumped to see more Mita Ori. Though it said there would be Kimura Hidesato in this issue and I don’t see her name… ;; Sad. I’m also sad to see there isn’t more Aako! I absolutely loved her story from Cab 16.

Anyway you can see more on the story titles and such here. It’s kind of interesting to see Komeri will evidently be starting a longer story again! Usually she just sticks to oneshots and her longer stories up to this point usually weren’t planned.

♔ → There is also now a more high-quality version of Canna’s cover posted up. Very pretty and dreamy—somewhat unlike most of the covers Canna has featured thusfar. As expected of Yamada Torico, though. Her watercolor work is seriously stunning.

♔ →I’m sure you all know by now that this month Hidaka Shouko will be releasing volume three of her hit series Hana wa Saku ka. However, did you know she’ll also be releasing a book through Hanaoto in February called Hatsukoi no Atosaki? This is definitely a good season for Hidaka Shouko fans!

Cab volume 15

wahhh it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, it feels like. Sorry about that! Anywhere, here is the fifteenth volume of Cab! This was a pretty fun issue, if I do say so myself.

warning for R-18 content!

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tankoubon: first impressions

Sorry about that short absence! My package arrived yesterday but the process of me getting new BL manga to read tends to go like this: I get super pumped after the shipping notice arrives, I stay pumped until the package gets there, the package arrives and I spend the next hour giddily flipping through each book, and I then get overwhelmed and am not sure which book to read first and I just kind of leave them sitting for the rest of the day while I make up my mind. I have started reading Cab so far! Glorious as always, of course. And I’ve read a few stories here or there from my other anthologies.

But that’s not what I’ll talk about tonight—right now it’s all about my current impressions of the tankoubon I got.

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Castle Mango & Cab

I changed my layout. I figured going almost a year and a half with the same dark, dreary-looking layout was pushing it a bit. If I plan on keeping this blog for a while longer then I should probably change it up a bit every once in a while.

Personal crap no one cares about aside, though—! What is going on in BL manga lately?

THAT’S RIGHT. THE COVER FOR VOLUME ONE OF CASTLE MANGO. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet aside from the general overall excitement of “oh my god Castle Mango tankoubon oh my god oh my god oh my goddddddsdgl;skgs”. The dead animals in the background are kind of creeping me out. ;; But also ahhhhhh CAB! This is the two-year anniversary issue! Oh man I can’t believe its been two years already.

Also, speaking of Cab and thus Est Em, she’s releasing a tankoubon through Citron in June! Happy End Apartment! Mark your calendars! Also exciting is Kusama Sakae’s upcoming June release through BexBoy, Ou-sama no Bed. “The king’s bed.” Any BL manga with ‘bed’ in the title always seems like a promise of excessive pornographic content so I’m fascinated. Though this is Kusama Sakae and she might be playing a trick on me… orz;;;; Watch it actually end up being a very serious, dramatic, touching manga with no sex scenes whatsoever.

Cab volume 12

And here I was thinking I’d write about Canna first. But Cab is right here with me (since I am outside the house this weekend) and I just finished it yesterday so I may as well do a write-up while it’s still fresh in my mind and the tears caused by Castle Mango have yet to dry up! ;w;

Not many R-18 images in this one—this issue of Cab was light on the sex scenes and heavy on the cute and dramatic.

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