35 Days of BL Manga

Hello blog readers! /o/

So on Tumblr and kind of livejournal these memes have caught on in which you have 30 questions about various subjects (music, movies, personal life, fandom, etc.) and you answer one question a day to fill out a loooong meme when all is said and done. It’s fun because you’re given the questions and have plenty of time to think about them and can write out lengthy answers if you want since it’s on a one question per day basis. Also, it gives you a reason to post daily and talk about things you like (or perhaps don’t like).

But after talking with friends on twitter there was a general conclusion that there has to be a BL version of this meme. And so one was made.

However we couldn’t keep it down to just 30 days. Oops.

01. your favorite BL manga
02. your favorite BL mangaka
03. your favorite work by your favorite mangaka
04. a BL manga you disliked enough to stop reading
05. a BL manga you would recommend to everyone
06. a BL manga you wish to see more of
07. a BL manga you like just for the sex scenes
08. a BL manga that makes you fluffy and happy when you read it
09. a BL manga you used to love but don’t anymore
10. a BL mangaka you just can’t get yourself to like
11. two BL mangaka or authors you wish would do a collaboration
12. a BL manga that makes you cry
13. a BL manga that isn’t licensed but SHOULD be
14. a BL manga that you feel embarrassed about liking
15. a BL manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on
16. a BL manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much
17. a BL manga that has art you don’t like but you still enjoyed it
18. a BL manga that has great art but you didn’t like it
19. a BL manga you would like to see a live-action drama of
20. a BL manga that would make a great porno
21. a BL manga that deserves more recognition
22. a BL manga you wish didn’t exist
23. the best long BL manga series
24. the best BL manga oneshot
25. a non-BL series that you WISH was BL
26. a BL manga you would never buy
27. a BL manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature
28. a BL manga you read that was just plain weird
29. a BL manga that best covered your own personal kinks
30. favorite overused BL manga plot device
31. least favorite overused BL manga plot device
32. a BL manga that’s the best of the best in your favorite sub-genre
33. favorite BL manga seme/uke (can be from different series)
34. least favorite BL manga seme/uke (can be from different series)
35. a BL manga pairing you wish would have happened instead of the canon couple

And here is my answer for the first day:

DAY 01: your favorite BL manga
Me wo Tojite 3byou by Aniya Yuiji

OKAY SO. I REALLY LOVE THIS MANGA. Like, really really really. I wrote a review for it here and I haven’t stopped talking about it ever since I read the damn thing. To be honest I saw the last chapter before the tankoubon was released and for some reason didn’t have high hopes for it. But then I read it and was so blown away. It’s so emotionally powerful and the character designs are fantastic and Aniya Yuiji is a glorious visual storyteller. Me wo Tojite is the perfect balance of sad parts and silly parts and fluffy parts. I could not ask for anything better. I have even had the BLCD for it downloaded for five days now and I haven’t listened to it just because I’m so afraid it won’t do the manga justice.

It honestly breaks my heart that almost no one else has read this manga rofl. ;A; It’s soooo good and is the manga that set Aniya Yuiji apart from the rest of my favorite mangaka to become #1. I have read this probably twenty times, not joking.

I figured I would post this here as well since there’s been a general lag in posts lately (though new release dates are getting posted and I’m working on a Morozumi Sumitomo spotlight and have a bunch of new magazines and books to review) and this is a good BL-related way to actually keep people wanting to come back to read the blog. Since this will almost be like recommendations. Almost.

ALSO, because the people I don’t know on twitter/tumblr/LJ might be interested in doing the meme on their own blogs. If we aren’t LJ or tumblr friends and you’re planning on doing this, you should definitely let me know so I can see your answers!

Anyway, hope you all have a nice Friday!


29 responses to “35 Days of BL Manga”

  1. kokiden says :

    Oh how completely wonderful! I’m going to do it! I have an account at LJ. Well, damn, you know that ;) *runs to start the meme*

  2. chikuntefs says :

    Hahaha, definitely going to do this meme over on LJ! Hopefully I don’t scare my non-fudanshi friends away… Which I probably will. D: LIFE IS SO HARD

  3. Kery says :

    You know, after looking at this list I got inspired to make one for doujinshi.

    It’s fandom-specific so people can do one for every fandom they’re in, lol.

    I’m considering posting it up on my shopping service website but it would be so TOTALLY RANDOM.

    1. Favourite pairing
    2. Least favourite pairing
    3. Weird pairing that you like (whether secretly or not)
    4. Favourite seme
    5. Least favourite seme
    6. Favourite uke
    7. Least favourite uke
    8. Favourite serious doujinshi
    9. Least favourite serious doujinshi
    10. Favourite gag doujinshi
    11. Least favourite gag doujinshi
    12. Favourite circle
    13. Least favourite circle
    14. Prettiest art
    15. Ugliest art
    16. Best story
    17. Worst story
    18. Doujinshi that had pretty art but you didn’t like
    19. Doujinshi that had ugly art but you liked
    20. Doujinshi that had a good story but you didn’t like
    21. Doujinshi that had a bad story but you liked
    22. Favourite plot device
    23. Least favourite plot device
    24. Best sex scene
    25. Worst sex scene
    26. Best line you’ve read so far
    27. Circle(s) you always buy/read
    28. Circle(s) you think more people should know about
    29. A plot you would like to see
    30. A question you’d like to ask a doujinka

  4. Guntaabee says :

    Hi ! I just wanted to tell you that I finished this meme today on my tumblr. Thank you for creating it. It was quite fun to do. ^^

  5. Ren says :

    Oh, I am so doing this on my lj!

  6. Mick says :

    This meme looks really interesting! Snagging for LJ.

    Also, I love reading this blog, and your review of Me wo tojite 3 byou is what inspired me to check out Aniya Yuuji. :)

  7. donhisiewen says :

    This is really interesting, may I use this meme in my own LJ?


  8. Darmok says :

    Looks like fun!
    Do you mind if I do this in my own Lj?

    I love your blog!


  9. Spoons says :

    Looking at these questions make me realise I’d have a reeeally hard time to answer them!

    Kinda late but, I’ve read what MIAB’s translated of Me wo Tojite 3byou so far (Only 3 chapters ahu ; 3 ;) and goodness, first manga in a while that’s made me clutch my heart at certain points!

  10. Lạc Yên says :

    Reblogged this on In The Shell and commented:
    Có vẻ thú vị x”D
    Sẽ làm từ cuối tháng này đến hết tháng sau :”)

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