Yuri!!! on Ice Adores Cafe

Thank you so much for the comments on the Kurahashi Tomo cafe post! It’s nice to come back, and to see familiar names I haven’t been able to speak with for a long time. Since there was some interest, now we’re moving on the Yuri!!! on Ice Adores cafe.

Not surprising considering its incredible popularity, Yuri!!! on Ice has had a lot of cafes sponsored by different companies, but luckily Adores was having their version while we were in Tokyo. I tried the lotto for three days, and actually ended up winning all three (with popular cafes, unfortunately you tend to have to enter a lotto in order to get reservations—for instance, we also did the lotto for Touken Ranbu for seven days but only won ONE) but I canceled two because that felt a bit like gluttony… orz;; In the end, we went on Friday of the first week.

This was my first time attending a themed cafe in Japan—particularly one you’d need reservations for. Up until this time I was always worried about my lack of speaking skills. But since I really love Yuri!!! on Ice (Victor in particular, unsurprisingly) and I’m supposed to be putting myself in situations where I have to practice using Japanese anyway, this time I decided to give it a go.

And it went… really well! \o/ We’d scouted out the shop the previous day so we wouldn’t have trouble finding it, and were thus able to walk right there about a half-hour before our reservation. The cafe is just above the Adores in Akihabara, and you can either go up the stairs or use the elevator to get there.

Of course, the Adores arcade was full of Yuri!!! on Ice items. Particular the little plushes of the main trio.

While the cafe itself was on the fourth floor, in the reservation email it said you first go to the third floor to be assigned a table and so everyone could be ushered to the actual dining floor at the same time.

On the third floor you could buy lots of goods for this or previous cafes, such as the special pins, posters, clear files, etc. I bought some things and then awkwardly told the attendant I had a reservation for the cafe, and she smiled brightly at me and asked me to wait just a moment to the side while everyone arrived.


Actually our table was probably just assigned first because we were the only ‘large’ party (of…. three……) and so it would have been more difficult to seat us. All I needed was my reservation email and my passport (or some other form of ID) and we were all set.

After everyone had been given their table assignments and it was the correct time, we all went up the one flight of stairs to the fourth floor.

And we were greeted by this beautiful image. Sorry for the blurry terrible image–there were a bunch of people behind me so I couldn’t stop to get the perfect pic. Mostly I’m sad I didn’t get Leo and Guang Hong, but alas. ;;

But it’s all good because we were seated right next to their other pics anyway lol.

We were seated at table one, to go with our little #1 clipboard, which was absolutely fine with me because it meant we were seated against Victor’s wall. So this beauty was directly above me the whole time I was eating:

Awesome. Perfect. Beautiful. Bless.

There was also a Yurio wall, a Yuuri wall (of course), and then a general wall with lots of different official artwork and three big TVs that were all playing Yuri!!! on Ice. I was hoping we’d get pretty far into the series, but they actually just played episodes one and two on repeat the whole time. Which I guess makes sense, since they don’t want people sitting around trying to watch the whole thing instead of eating.

I think there was only one empty table, which means someone just didn’t show up since on the third floor it said there weren’t any open spaces. Boo.

You ordered off a little slip of paper with all the menu items listed—you put however many you wanted of each item, and then any time you wanted more food or drinks you’d just fill out a new slip of paper and flag down one of the waitstaff. At the end of the reservation (we had an hour and a half iirc) you just brought your number up to the register, and all of your orders were in their system.

You could also buy more of the special cafe goods on this floor in case you wanted to keep trying your luck with the blind boxes. I didn’t buy any more than what I already purchased on the third floor, but some girls bought a lot.

You could generally tell which character each person liked the most based off their food choices. Some of the women put my love of Victor to shame because they got drink after drink of Victor’s apple juice, as well as multiples of his meal and deserts. However, if you’re a picky eater, the coaster you get doesn’t coincide with the character’s food item so you just have to order as much as possible of any menu item. But if you’re foolishly dedicated (like my sorry ass) you also have the option of getting all of you favorite’s food items only. Even if they don’t look very appealing to you. In the end, it’s up to you.

Victor behind, and Victor in front.

Also, for every 1000 yen you spent you got a placemat, which you could also have laminated for an extra… 200 yen?? I think? I only got one laminated, but trust me we got a lot of placemats. Unfortunately, little koala Victor was not a placemat option.

Absolutely breathtaking.

Yuuri, Yurio, and Victor’s drinks. Victor’s was apple juice, Yurio’s was an ice cream calpis float, and Yuuri’s was… something I don’t remember lol maybe with mint and blue syrup. Sorry Yuuri.

Luckily since Steph is not a fan of Yuri!!! on Ice I was able to keep all of her coasters.

Phichit’s coaster ended up coming with his chai tea latte, which I found very cute and fitting.

To be honest I’m not exactly a huge fan of sweet drinks, but I still enjoyed Victor and Phichit’s beverages for the most part. The latte in particular wasn’t too sweet, and was enjoyable to drink though unfortunately hot milk tends to make me feel full so I probably… shouldn’t have gotten the latte before my meal arrived.

While we ordered them all at the same time, we opted to have desert brought out at the end of the meal so 1) we weren’t stuck with a ton of stuff cluttering up the table (which is already kind of how it ended up anyway) and 2) the ice cream and cold sweets wouldn’t go bad while we ate. I got Victor’s pasta dish, and Steph and Victoria both got Yuuri’s less-healthy katsudon option. As a lover of katsudon, I wish I wasn’t such a fool for Victor because I’d have much preferred that. orz

Of course, you could always tell the diehard Yurio fans because they got the borsche.

Steph graciously let me take a picture of her katsudon. While it’s not the most delicious-looking katsudon ever, they both said the taste was good which is I guess what matters most.

Victor’s dish. I am not a huge fan of pasta, or ranch-type sauces, or smoked salmon. But it tasted okay, and probably would have been delicious if I were more of a fan of those three things. Of course, I ate the whole thing anyway.

Funny enough, our gaijin-filled table was the only one without full-size forks and there was no way in hell I was going to look like That Foreigner and ask for a fork nor was I going to make a fool of myself using a desert fork, so it was chopsticks for me.

After me taking a million years to finish my pasta, desert was served! I got Victor’s berry crepe and tea set, Steph got Yurio’s mango cake and sorbet, and Victoria got Yuuri’s blueberry jello. There were less-than-great reviews from Victoria regarding the jello, iirc, but Steph loved the mango cake/sorbet set.

As for mine, I thought it was beautiful and made me feel very fancy and the crepe was delicious. Also I may have smuggled the flower all the way home to the United States with me. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of sweetened tea so that was something of a chore to finish (especially considering how full we all were by the end holy crap) and I was also surprised to see a sweet gelatin was what was used to sweeten it?? Is that supposed to be common in Russia?

After finishing out deserts most of the people had already gathered their things to leave so it was a better opportunity to take photos of the room without bothering anyone.

If you couldn’t tell, I really love Guang Hong and Leo. (And Phichit…. and almost every character actually. But particularly Guang Hong and Leo.)

Yuuri’s wall was also beautiful. I think these illustrations are some of the best for all three of the main characters tbqh.

Between the three of us we spent about 9300 yen on three meals, three deserts, and five or six drinks. /o\ So quite expensive, though we budgeted a lot of the trip around the fact that we’d be visiting a handful of these types of cafes. If you’re trying to eat on a tight budget, do not recommend lol. Especially since the food can be pretty hit-or-miss for the price.

But if for nothing else other than how exciting it felt to be surrounded by something I really enjoy, I was really happy to go—especially since it was the first ever anime-themed cafe we went to. It was fun to watch everyone else spazz out over their food or blind box items, and point out all our favorite parts of the first two episodes, and just be in an atmosphere where it was completely normal and expected to really love Yuri!!! on Ice.

Though, that said, I still think the Touken Ranbu cafe was my favorite. But I’ll save that for another day.


2 responses to “Yuri!!! on Ice Adores Cafe”

  1. gaviotaperdida says :

    Thanks so much for the café’s “review”! :D
    OMG the first pic made me laugh, ah Yurio and his volcanic temper! I love all the posters, and wow, you were “accompanied” by Victor all the time! He’s so beautiful. But I agree that Yuuri’s wall was very pretty too!
    I liked how the blue drink looks like (Victor’s?), I would have died if I got the naked Victor & Yuuri’s coaster (though Victor dominates the scene, that cheeky man!). The chai tea latte looks delicious as well as all of the desserts.
    And katsudon!!! Never had but I’d like to!
    I’m glad that you enjoyed your time at the café :D

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you so much for your comment, and sorry for my delayed response!

      Victor’s drink was the one with all the strawberry bits! Yuuri’s was the blue one, and Yurio’s was the one with the sorbet. And yes, I was very very happy when my sister (who originally got it) handed me the VicYuu coaster. I think there was only one other Victor coaster I wanted but didn’t get. orz

      And Katsudon is delicious! I highly recommend giving it a try if you can find it in your area. I just had it again the other day at a local restaurant haha.

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