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Erotoro Take Two!

holy shit, wordpress changed so much crap while I was on hiatus so this feels really weird. But let’s get on with it, shall we. How are you all? It’s been a while! Like, more than four months to be exact. Feels kind of good to be back.

Anyway in late June Erotoro 2 was released and, obviously, I bought it! And since I’ve become slightly more of a busy girl (if you couldn’t tell considering I keep disappearing for long periods of time) I just tonight finally got around to reading it and I figured it wouldn’t kill me to blog about it a bit so.

Aniya Yuiji did the cover again so like I could possibly resist. To be honest, as far as ero anthologies go the original Erotoro didn’t do much for me—I even recall recommending a few times for people to seek out your average issue of Boy’s Pierce instead of Erotoro if you’re looking to get your kicks. So part of me was like “ehhh I don’t know” when I heard there would be another volume released. But then Aniya Yuiji was on the cover so. Now you know: if you ever want me to buy something, just put Aniya Yuiji’s name on it.

SUPER SUPER R-18 BELOW THE CUT if you click while you’re at work then it’s your own issue. Don’t come crying to me.

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K-BOOKS & Aniya Yuiji news

ohoho I am actually here to post for once BIG SHOCK!!

First, some sad news for those of us who don’t live in Japan and won’t be vacationing there in the next month or so: K-BOOKS is currently doing a give-away where you get a snazzy trading card for every 500円 you spend. (I think?) But not only that, a few of the trading cards are by artists I really really really like. ;A;)

Kisaragi Manami, Snae Hata, and Chouko. So lovely ahhhh. There are also cards by Takayama Shinobu, Kijima Hyougo, Kawai Hideki as well as many other famous and starter artists, all of which you can see here in larger and better quality. If any of you get your hands on them, I will pay good money for the three I posted above. ;; Especially Snae’s.

In other BL news I’ve been excited over lately, I’ve finally fallen to the temptation of Libre’s new super-ero anthology (or ‘creamy sport anthology’) EroToro. Initially I was trying to ignore any and all news about it since I’m trying to save money and thus really can’t afford to add another ¥1000 anthology to my purchase line-up. Especially in a month where I’m already flooded by anthologies. (Cab, Citron, Canna, Opera, etc.) However, recently they posted a bit of news that did me in: Aniya Yuiji has the cover as well as a story.

orz There is really no better way for a BL publisher to convince me to hand over my money than sticking Aniya Yuiji in the lineup. I am so desperate for new BL by her they could probably hike the price up to $100 and I would crying and just throw my wallet at the computer screen after putting in my order.

At least they were nice enough to release the cover quickly, though, so not I can stare adoringly at Aniya’s art and psyche myself up by whatever story she has to offer.

Jaryuu Dokuro is in it as well, which is just ds;flj;dgsdsd Aniya Yuiji and Jaryuu Dokuro? In the same book? Can something so perfect really honestly truly exist? ;; The only thing missing from my dream line-up is Ootsuki Miu. I’m admittedly kind of surprised to see Ishikawa Kei though–honestly I have yet to see an eroero scene by her so I’m not sure what I should expect. Perhaps I shouldn’t get my hopes up that this is a super perverted anthology along the lines of Pierce Series work haha. I have faith in Aniya and Jaryuu, though, to release dirty things! As well as Nimoda Ai. Kashio, perhaps, not so much…

Speaking of Jaryuu Dokuro, though, the cover for her May release was finally posted in high quality. It’s very very cute so I figured I’d close up this post with it. Go to the amazon page to see it in big big big HQ!!

today in BL manga

♔ → for fans of Kinoshita Keiko, B’s-garden now has the POP images up for both her upcoming releases. I’m not as excited for Koyoi Omae to if only because I already read it regularly in HertZ, but I’m pretty pumped about the third and final volume of Ikusen no Yoru. Considering that cliffhanger volume two left off at. orz;;;

Also if you go to the B’s-garden main page you can see a larger version of Kusama Sakae’s novel illustration. *A*

♔ → LYNX has their previews up for the latest issue already! \o/ Minazuki Akira already has a new story running, which I’m pretty damn excited about df;ghd;fhdf also also Mio Junta and Rokuro Kuro’s color pages also look very beautiful. Another thing from this latest issue that I’m super excited about is Ike Reibun’s continuation of Tatsu no Otoshigo! I really liked that while it was running but it felt like it ended so abruptly sobbb. So I let out a pretty dumb excited noise when I saw ‘Tatsu no Otoshigo 2’ listed. Then of course there’s Nimoda Ai, Umematsu Machie, Kitazawa Kyou… definitely another great issue!

also related to LYNX, if you go to their site they now have sample pages up for both Nimoda Ai and Katsuragi’s releases. I highly recommend checking them out, since both artists have gorgeous styles and really cute stories.

♔ → another magazine coming out this month that I’m excited about (though in a more bittersweet way, since I probably can’t afford to buy it) is Daria! If you go to the actual magazine page they just listed the cover last night and it’s very cute. Also, the lineup. ;A;)/ Ahhh Ootsuki Miu and Kumonosuke!! I’m so tempted to buy it but I’ve already told myself countless times to just wait for the book releases. Who wants to make bets on whether I’m patient enough to hold out?

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Kumota Haruko’s story through ITAN will be releasing its second volume early next month. So quick! orz;;; You can pre-order it here. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the cover illustration yet. I think last time it was posted on Comic Natalie before it was shared anywhere else so I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for it. Kumota Haruko’s first release of 2012! Hopefully this means 2012 will be full of her work.

♔ → The cover for the latest issue of Cab was finally revealed! This time it’s Hideyoshico. \*w*/ Also I’m glad to see Ogura Muku and Konohara Narise are back again this issue after a short hiatus last time. Castle Mango really always leaves so many things unresolved by the end of each chapter. orz;; I wonder when Konohara will start tying up the loose ends instead of constantly creating more. This time around, of course I’m happy to see yet more Kevin Komine and Komeri, and I’m also absolutely pumped to see more Mita Ori. Though it said there would be Kimura Hidesato in this issue and I don’t see her name… ;; Sad. I’m also sad to see there isn’t more Aako! I absolutely loved her story from Cab 16.

Anyway you can see more on the story titles and such here. It’s kind of interesting to see Komeri will evidently be starting a longer story again! Usually she just sticks to oneshots and her longer stories up to this point usually weren’t planned.

♔ → There is also now a more high-quality version of Canna’s cover posted up. Very pretty and dreamy—somewhat unlike most of the covers Canna has featured thusfar. As expected of Yamada Torico, though. Her watercolor work is seriously stunning.

♔ →I’m sure you all know by now that this month Hidaka Shouko will be releasing volume three of her hit series Hana wa Saku ka. However, did you know she’ll also be releasing a book through Hanaoto in February called Hatsukoi no Atosaki? This is definitely a good season for Hidaka Shouko fans!

today in BL manga

♔ → For those who’re fans of Takarai Rihito and are still super excited about Hana wo Mizo Shiru volume two, b’s-garden added a page for the release with stuff like an interview with Takarai, information about her other releases, information about the story thusfar, and also a very pretty purple wallpaper.

♔ → Amagakure Gido has a new BL release this month! If I recall correctly, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by her—she does have one BL release, but mostly she seems to write shoujo/josei comics. To commemorate her new BL release Chill Chill interviewed her. I’m going to wait until I’ve read something by her to read her interview (otherwise I’ll feel like a faker tbh) but if you’re already into her works you can read the interview here!

♔ → In news of yet more covers to get excited over:

Kojima Lalako has the cover of Moca this month! I initially learned about it when my friend Snakey mentioned it on twitter, but then I didn’t actually see it until yesterday when Kojima tweeted about it herself. Definitely another home-run for Kojima Lalako—sometimes I sincerely wonder if it’s possible for her to create an image that isn’t insanely endearing. I’ve done a pretty good job not buying Moca thusfar, but this is definitely testing my resolve. Aside from that is Nimoda Ai’s cover for her debut book through HertZ! Very cute. *w*)/ I figured I should post this one as well, considering I also talked about her Citron book.

♔ → Because my usual source for BL new went on hiatus, it’s become much harder for me to find new release information but that makes it even more of an exciting surprise when I find out about a new book coming out that I really really want. For instance, while surfing Chill Chill last night for covers and release info, I found this gem: Manako will be releasing her second book, this time through Baby Comics, on December 26th! *A*)/ Uwaaaa!! I haven’t read many of her stories from Baby (since, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to afford buying Baby regularly) but the ones I have read were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see what all she has to offer through them! Also, Poe Backs is releasing a Magi doujinshi anthology. Definitely relevant to my interests. Thank god for Christmas gift money.

♔ → Speaking of Baby, I was surprised to find they have a book coming out this month and doubly surprised to find it looks really cute. A debut book by Kazuki Thought, it would seem.

Initially I was apprehensive since Poe Backs also releases doujinshi anthologies (obviously, considering my previous paragraph) and the characters look freakishly similar to that Exorcist anime I’ve been seeing around lately. But from the description on Chill Chill it definitely sound like an original book—a kozure story about a guy meeting his old fling from college who is now a widower with one child to his name. Sounds like something I can get behind, so hopefully it really isn’t just some random doujinshi anthology with a mixed-up description.

♔ → I found a super amazingly huge POP image for Nobara Aiko’s Akiyama-kun for all those others who just can’t seem to get enough of that book: CLICK! Ughhhh I want to reread it now. ;;

♔ → Gojoe Tiger has a story in Aqua Pipi, which is a cellphone BL publication with a name that always makes me giggle like a six-year-old. If you go here and scroll near the bottom you can see some tiny samples of her work, as well as the others in the current issue. For those lucky bastards who have a Japanese cellphone, please tell me if her story is good or not!

“Moe Goe” cover

Sorry I don’t have much to post about lately uuuu. ;; My house has gotten quite stressful over the past week or so. But hey, Citron blog updated today with something worth posting about: the cover for Nimoda Ai’s Moe Goe!

So cute! Personally, I really love art styles like Nimoda Ai’s—very cute and almost somewhat shoujo-y! She also does really nice H scenes. Perhaps I’ll do a post sometime soon with pictures of her art so maybe other people will become interested in her as well. :>

Actually, Moe Goe won’t even be Nimoda Ai’s debut comic—this month on the 24th she’ll be releasing a book through LYNX. Unfortunately, though, the cover sample for that one hasn’t been posted anywhere yet. ;;

First Impressions, an encore.

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I got a package in the mail with a bunch of magazines/anthologies today so. Why not? Since I’m sure it’ll take me a lot of time to actually properly read them all and even then I’ll likely be too lazy to do a proper write-up anyway.

vague warning for NSFW content, though I don’t think I took many pictures of sex scenes.

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a BL free talk.

Hi! Remember me? I’m that person who used to update this blog almost daily. Actually, I just recently got a new job so I haven’t really had much time to read manga at length or compile BL news, and I probably won’t for the next couples weeks while I get situated and used to having a fuller schedule. But I figured I would do a ‘free talk’ post, where I can just ramble about BL manga in a less-structured format for a while.

Actually, I have currently started five different books from the huge set I just got. I have a bad habit of doing that—slowly reading a bunch of books at once instead of just one at a time. Obviously this means I have less to talk about on a day-to-day basis. I started Kumonosuke’s Kimi ni Sosogu, which I really like so far. It’s about two college students, one of which is a complete scholar and the other who is… well… the type of student who thinks college is less about education and more about meeting people and partying. They’re total opposites, which is what draws playboy Ooshima to studious Andou in the first place. But there’s plenty of stuff ready to get in the way of their blooming romance, such as Andou’s beautiful bro-con younger sister, Andou’s horrible awkwardness when it comes to human interaction, and Ooshima’s bad reputation for never being serious about his relationships.

The other ones I’m reading are more ‘fluff’ or I haven’t read them far enough to get really involved yet. I read the first chapter of Hideyoshico’s Negative-kun to Positive-kun, and it’s very cute and light so far! I also read the first couple chapters of Aiba Kyouko’s debut comic, Kimi ni wa Ienai Ori no Nayami. Very cute and fluffy and easy to read since they’re all just short stories. Aside from that I’ve been making my way through the second volume of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13 and Hayakawa Nojiko’s Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually finish one and be able to review it on here. orz;;;;

The cover for Ootsuki Miu’s Familiar was posted! It’s really cute—as expected of Ootsuki Miu. I’m both excited and not excited about this release, since I’ve read a majority of it already in the magazine. At least since it’s a limited edition it’ll probably be released with an extra booklet like Ouji Hiroimashita. Preferably an extra booklet that is just smut. (As you can see, I have priorities.) I really wish Ootsuki’s stories through other publishers would get released. I’ve been dying to read her stories through Asuka and Libre and Gush, and now she’s also publishing in Karen and Dear+. She’s such a hard mangaka to track unless you’re rich and pay insanely close attention to magazine and anthology releases.

Another cover that’s really exciting/cute is Miike Romuco’s Yuugure no Machi. Ahhh so excited to read that one—you really can’t go wrong with Miike Romuco. Also, Nimoda Ai’s Moe Goe will be released in December! I’m not even a fan of seiyuu culture and I thought it was really cute, so if you’re interested in stuff like voice acting then I recommend it. It’s about the relationship between a voice actor and the mangaka who created the BL story the actor will be performing, and the mangaka tries to ‘help’ the voice actor get more comfortable about his role by teaching him first-hand about gay sex. Nimoda Ai’s art is really really cute and I love the H scenes in that story.

One comic that I wish would be released but probably shouldn’t hold my breath for is Junko’s Kasa no Shita, Futari. The first chapter has been shared in Chinese only so I couldn’t even really read it (but still caved and downloaded it because, well, it’s Junko man there’s no way I could pass it up) and then I haven’t been able to find a single scanned chapter since. orz;; AHHH I REALLY CAN’T AFFORD ANOTHER MONTHLY MAGAZINE but Gush is just so tempting all the time because it has Junko. Junkooooo.

Anyway, I think that’s enough free talk for one night! Sorry I couldn’t make a more interesting, cohesive blog post! Hopefully I will finish one of the many books I’ve started soon and will be able to toss together a review, or maybe I’ll finally get started on that Spotlight post I’ve been meaning to do since forever, idk. Decisions! Sorry if I’m not able to post much over the next month, though. I’ll try my best!