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Yuri!!! on Ice Adores Cafe

Thank you so much for the comments on the Kurahashi Tomo cafe post! It’s nice to come back, and to see familiar names I haven’t been able to speak with for a long time. Since there was some interest, now we’re moving on the Yuri!!! on Ice Adores cafe.

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Kurahashi Tomo “Pink to Mameshiba” Cafe

Good afternoon! It’s been a while! Lately I’ve felt lonesome for the chance to talk about BL, and since I’m done with what I feel is the most difficult part of my schooling (the whole taking classes I’m not interested in, maintaining a 4.0, being admitted into a strong Japanese program, etc. part) I figured it wouldn’t hurt to revive my baby. And what better way to revive it, than post a small report of the Kurahashi Tomo cafe I attended last month?

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Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’ve all seen this coming. Admittedly I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. My life has gotten very hectic, especially recently for a variety of reasons. To keep it short and sweet, I’ve started going back to school in order to ~follow my dreams~ (in translation and publishing) and so my personal time as well as my finances have been cut pitifully short. Take into account my nearly full-time job and my small-but-existent social life, my internet presence has been dwindling and thus my ability to read bl much less post extensively about it just isn’t there anymore.

which isn’t to say I don’t still love bl very very much. I mean, obviously it’s part of the reason I’m working hard in other aspects of my life right now (better Japanese skills, higher paying job, more chances to travel to Japan = ability to read bl INTENSIFIES) and I’m not in any way going “feh fuck bl I’m out!” I can assure you when I’m in Tokyo again come September I’m bringing two big fat suitcases of bl home with me.

but I just don’t have the wherewithal to hold this site up to any of the standards I had when I originally started it. It’s better to close it now so I no longer have any pressure or guilt over abandoning it silently.

though rest assured, I will still be talking about it on my personal social networking accounts. Just not on the large scale this blog afforded. But there are many other bl blogs on the market now, so there will always be plenty of bl to read about. Maybe someday when I have more time I’ll even start a new one myself. But for now I’m paring down my online presence to just one personal blog.

it’s very bittersweet—I have met some of my Most Important People through the fact that I run this blog. I have met friends who I’ll hopefully have all my life. And I’ll cherish that forever. Just more reason so love both reading and writing about my favorite fiction genre. \o/

thank you all so much for following this blog all these years–thank you for the comments, support, and even gifts you’ve sent to me. You have all been amazing and it’s been wonderful being able to chat with you.

bl forever!


out with the old, in with the new.

what better way to head into 2015 than with a rambly post about my current feelings toward bl, right? Right. So let’s get into it.

if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting here are often as I used to, the answer is simple but also a bit complicated. The simple version is: free! + work. The more complicated version is throughout 2014 it was hard for me to really understand how I felt about bl and the role it played in my life. While I know that interests often boom and bust on a regular basis, it felt weird for bl to take somewhat of a backseat after being so adamantly passionate about it for years. Was I satisfied with how much I still liked it? Did I wish I liked it less? Did I wish I liked it more? I wanted to talk about bl, but at the same time talking about bl felt tedious. It’s been a strange spiral.

which is not to say at any point that I grew tired of bl. Or stopped reading it. Or stopped wanting to read it, which was definitively not the case at all lol. Just that I was unsure of where my interest in bl was going to take me—if it was really going to take me anywhere. So I’ve still been plugging along, reading various random new titles, posting quietly on my personal blog but seldom elsewhere—not iamfujoshi nor here.

fast-forward to the end of 2014, I got a laptop for Christmas and thus decided to part with my trusty desktop and completely revamp my room, which I decided would finally include….. recycling…. all of my old bl mags.

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BL Haul Video!

I decided to try something new–a video format, since I thought maybe it would be easier/more fun to make a video rather than spend hours taking, cropping, uploading pictures and then writing long descriptions! Little did I know the video would take forever to figure out how to edit and then upload sob.

The Ido Gihou post I referred to is here!

Hope you enjoy!! Sorry that it ended up getting so long—there was really quite a lot of content to get through so I didn’t spend too much time on any one book. If there’s something you want more in-depth info on let me know!

doujinshi haul!

so my sister did that thing she always does where she acts like she’s buying a bunch of stuff for herself off a website but then the package arrives and nearly all of it is a random gift for me. ;; So thank you, sister!! Now I am the proud owner of twelve new doujinshi.


mostly Kurobas (aokuro and takamido) but also one free! book. *w*

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Six months worth of ‘hello’ + Ten Count tankoubon!

Hello ladies!!

Funny thing, earlier in the month I was watching videos of women talking about starting fashion blogs and how fun and important it is to blog about things you’re passionate about, and it made me really want to start posting here again. I’ve been on the fence about it, since I felt like if I came back I should do so with a bang, but the rut I keep falling into is that I get too picky about what I’m ‘allowed’ to post on this blog so I finally figured, hey, I’m just going to post whatever I feel like posting and we’ll go from there. It’s been nearly six months, after all!

so what finally got me really really in the mood to post was this bit of news:


Ten Count tankoubon to be released in late March!

I’ve personally been really loving Ten Count–to the point where I specifically started buying Dear+ after reading the first couple of chapters scanlated. Both character designs are incredibly charming, as would be expected of Takarai Rihito’s work. But I also just really love the slow bloom of their relationship; it reminds me of what I already love so much about Takarai’s writing style–she really makes room for the changing emotions to take center stage and it makes even the smallest interactions really stand out.

I also really love how Shirotani’s illness is handled–it’s never treated by any other characters (aside from himself) with frustration or disgust and it’s handled with sympathy and understanding of the subject. Plus it’s such an interesting topic to tackle in a BL comic; it’ll make it even more gloriously meaningful when he finally let’s Kurose touch him!

though I’m admittedly nervous that it doesn’t indicate yet that this will be volume one only.

What do you all think of Ten Count? And sorry again for my constant off-again on-again absence. I’m so ashamed that I even missed my blog anniversary. orz;;; But I have 28 books on the way (including the new Ten Count chapter ahhhhh) which will hopefully give me much more content to talk about here.