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quickie reviews, take 8

Hirakita Yuya | Neko ni Naritai

I finally got this book early this month!! And I also read it earlier this month and have been meaning to talk about it but I’ve kept forgetting. But luckily since I’ve read enough to do some mini reviews I can talk about it here. This book completes my collection of Hirakita’s works and I just wish I would have gotten it sooner since it’s so cute ahhh. It’s technically the story about two twin brothers, Fumiyoshi and Yoshiyuki, and their lovers. Each boy has his insecurities in love and his wonderful fluffy moments. Personally I loved Yoshiyuki’s story the most, as he falls for a super super sweet, puppy-type boy in his class who is obsessed with cats and it’s just ahhh sd;gljdg;sd SO CHARMING AND WONDERFUL! Hirakita just writes the most lovely characters. There are also two off-shoot stories, one about college students and the other about coworkers, and they’re both also very cute!

Taumi Mayu | Ringodou Shoten Honten desu.

even though this book was released almost three months ago now and I was even super super excited about the release, for some reason I’ve been putting off actually reading it. I think because some of the reviews were really lackluster, I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. But last night someone requested I write about the book so this morning I went out in the unseasonably warm weather and read it front-to-back in one sitting. It’s actually a very charming book—it’s about two young men, Ishiwata and Ayabe, who work in a bookstore together. Ishiwata is kind of an otaku, and Ayabe is gay and really laid-back. Along with their coworkers at the bookstore, they get into a lot of silly antics while falling deeper and deeper in love. While I’m not a big fan of gag manga (while I loved this book, I probably would have loved it even more if it had been a tad more serious) I still found it a really enjoyable read. Actually, I shed a few tears at the end haha. When Ayabe admitted to falling deeper for Ishiwata than he was expected and started tearing up. orz;;; I’m such a sucker for emotional scenes like that.

Sakamoto Mano | Pie wo Agemasho, Anata ni Pie wo ne

actually, if you couldn’t already tell, this is a GL book. But I figured it would be okay to still talk about it here since a lot of BL fans also enjoy GL just as much. For those who don’t know, Sakamoto Mano used to fairly regularly publish BL works, and she still does every once in a while. I fell for her because of her gorgeous art and her story Gin no Kajitsu, and I’ve been craving something new by her so I caved and bought this. (Since Kawaii went out of print… ;;) It’s the first GL book I’ve ever bought (though I regularly read GL scanlations… /cheapass orz;;) and I don’t regret a thing—Sakamoto’s female characters are just as endearing as her males, and the stories are very lovely. There are four chapters in all about various relationships between women. In particular, I really liked the last chapters with the two idols—I’m kind of a sucker for stories where someone is telling their current lover about a bittersweet past love. Very cute! I hope Sakamoto releases more GL in the future!

Christmas Covers

Okay not really Christmas related. I’m just having a terrible, sad day and am thus feeling pretty lacking in creativity as far as blog post titles are concerned. However, these covers were at least one thing that made me smile so I figured I would share them here.

I’m pretty giddy over the Taumi Mayu one, which is the first I saw. Her coloring style has really changed in the years since I last was able to read something by her—it’s become so soft and pretty! Her cover is super adorable and I can’t wait to read the stories inside. Especially considering I’m a total sucker for bookstore themed BL.

That isn’t to say Shinomiya Shino’s cover is not exciting because it definitely also is. It’s absolutely gorgeous and fluffy and sweet, totally what I would expect from Shinomiya. As much as I’ve bought Rutile in the past I’m not sure how many of her stories I’ve read through them so I’m so ecstatic for this book to arrive. I absolutely loved her comic through Baby once I was finally able to read it so I’m always ready for more of Shinomiya’s work.

Then of course Sakura Sakuya’s, which I am excited about simply because… well… porn lmao. It’s a Sakura Sakuya book through Junet—what more could you ask for?

As for the OPERA cover, I am just kicking myself for not buying this one even though I had to take Cab out of my purchase this month. 8((( Nakamura Asumiko coverrrrr. And Aniya Yuiji inside!! uuu want. ;; Maybe I can talk my sister into throwing it into the Christmas gift of an extra BL order that she promised me sdg;ljs;ghsd’g’sdf maybe. Ugh I really want to read the final chapter of Sora to Hara!

Anyway, also a tiny reminder to participate in DameBL Christmas Contest! Not many people are participating so far so there’s a good chance you might win. All you have to do is tell me your DameBL fantasy first. :9

some quick release announcements.

okay so—! Actually the source I usually use for release announcements is currently on hiatus. orz;;; But digging around I was able to still find some upcoming releases to take note of!


  • Madarame Hiro (12/24) through Lynx
  • Shinomiya Shino (12/24) through Rutile
  • Hidaka Shouko “Hana wa Saku ka 3” (12/24) through Rutile
  • Sakura Sakuya (12/26) through Junet Pierce Series
  • Kanda Neko (12/28) through Karen
  • Taumi Mayu (12/29) through Dear+
  • Takarai Saki (12/??) through Chocolat


  • Ike Reibun “Not Equal” (01/10) through BBC

Books I’m really excited about. (Though I included some just because I thought others would want to know about them more so than myself.) While I’m definitely shaking with anticipation over finally being able to read Not Equal from start to finish, I think the one that really makes my night is Taumi Mayu’s new book. There was a point earlier this year where I went searching for work by her after noticing how long it had been since her last book was published, sincerely hoping she wasn’t another one of those mangaka who just falls away from the scene after releasing a book or two. I was initially relieved to see her publishing every once in a while in Dear+, but it’s really a great feeling to see her not only releasing in monthly publications but also compiling enough stories to release an actual comic. So awesome—I can’t wait for my reunion with her work.

Also that Sakura Sakuya release through Junet has admittedly caught my eye, I must say. I’m definitely a fan of Sakura Sakuya’s H scenes so the idea that she would release a full smut book is something I can get behind.

35DoBM: Day 20 & 21

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Day 20: a BL manga that would make a great porno
Can’t really answer this one, tbh. Because what I like so much about BL is that (if it’s good) it makes me feel happy and fluffy. To turn it into porn would be like taking the story out, and most BL sex scenes without the story and emotion just… wouldn’t be any good. Even the ones from Junet. Though honestly, if it were handled well I would love to see something like Katekyo! turned live-action. Mmm delicious home-tutor sekuhara plot.

Day 21: a BL manga that deserves more recognition
Everything by: Aniya Yuiji, Morozumi Sumitomo, Est Em, Yamashita Tomoko, Furutsuji Kikka, Jaryuu Dokuro, Taumi Mayu, Junko, Matsumoto Miecohouse, Kusama Sakae, Shimaji, TATSUKI, Yamanaka Hiko, Tojitsuki Hajime, Koshino, Koiwazurai Shibito, Kojima Lalako, Yamada 2choume, etc. In my opinion, the list is very long—very often, amazing artists will be all but ignored because everyone is too busy circle-jerking over the same old artists and stories. Many new BL manga are published each month but then when you look at recommendation posts it’s always the same ten or twenty titles recycled over and over. More works from Marble Comics and Citron and Canna and OPERA need a place on the BL platform.

I’m not saying those other ones are bad—obviously, I like them too. But it’s just such a shame that the excitement over those stories and magazines and mangaka continues to overshadow many other interesting artists who are just as worthy of capturing the hearts of everyone in the fandom.

Bonus points to anyone who can name all of the mangaka (in order) in the above picture.

Moe Danshi Gatari

I figured that I would take some pictures of this book and share them on here, since it’s so lovely. I only took pictures of my personal favorite illustrations, but if you have any requests (you can see all the artists mentioned in this blog post at Akibanana) for pictures just say so.

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Moar manga!

I just got these today!! /o/

Amazon actually had to ship them in two different boxes. orz One of these days, I’ll master the art of bulk ordering from that site—not too much, but not too little.

Even though I haven’t had much time to read them so far, I figured I’d try to do another post like last time I made a bulk order. So here we go!

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Spotlight: Taumi Mayu

Taumi Mayu’s earliest tankoubon was published in late 2008, but I believe before that she worked on doujinshi for shounen anime and manga series. On her website she has fanart for Death Note, Gintama, Full Metal Alchemist, etc. However, this information does nothing for me since I don’t really read shounen manga, so. Lets move on.

Sumidagama Shinjuu
Koi to Zaiaku

I first heard of Taumi Mayu in June of ’09 or so, after seeing the cover for her first tankoubon work Sumidagawa Shinjuu. I found the cover art to be quite cute and eye-catching, so I searched it out right away. Sadly, as much as I like her it’s quite easy to forget she exists if only because she has pretty much zero fan-following in the western fandom. As far as I know, there aren’t any scanlations groups who’ve stepped forward to pick up her works.

Her art has a touch of that ‘shounen’ manga simplicity. I definitely wouldn’t call it pretty. Her boys are very boyish and skinny and kind of plain, but that makes them cute in their own way. And while the art isn’t very flowery, it’s far from lacking detail. She puts a lot of effort into showing the personalities and interests of her characters through their clothing and facial expressions.

She seems to have some sort of fixation with music and bands. Quite a few of her stories include music, musicians or at least music lovers in some way or another. Her latest story Buggy no Song (currently running in Cab—all of her works are released under Marble Comics so far, though she also has stories in magazines like Reijin and Dear+) is a good example of this. Not to mention, her character’s clothing styles are always quite reminiscent of outfits worn by Japanese indie musicians and people in those circles.

She’s also got a pretty great sense of humor. It maybe borders on being a bit slap-stick, but she uses comedy at the perfect moments to break up the story. She definitely isn’t afraid to make a joke of her characters. One story I found paricularly cute (in a very silly, face-palm way) was Nadeshiko Galaxy.

I’m still unsure of whether or not I want to scan Buggy no Song from Cab. It shouldn’t be too much longer until the tankoubon comes out, and I think she should at least be popular enough for that to get scanned. We’ll have to see, since Koi to Zaiaku hasn’t been posted online as far as I know.

Until then, I’ll just wait patiently for Cab volume five, as it has the fourth and final chapter of Buggy no Song in it.