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Top 5 BL: Romance

ok so yesterday on tumblr I mentioned I was thinking of maybe doing a ~top five~ meme when it comes to BL and I got some vaguely positive responses so I figured it was worth a shot. The general idea of the top five meme is to take my top five of any particular BL trope, i.e. smut-centric, character-driven, angst-filled. Today I tckled romance, since I figured that would be easy. If you any any specific type or trope of BL you want me to cover, feel free to ask because I’m pretty unimaginative.

ANYWAY, onto my top five!

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August ’12 order

Well I was going through my books that arrived from my order in August and I figured a lot of people said it would be okay it I just talked randomly about BL-related personal stuff so. Here’s my boring post about the books I’ve gotten so far from my August order. Still yet to arrive are Castle Mango (I shoved it in my order when it was still supposed to come out in August so now they’re just treating it like a perorder orz) and Yamada Maya’s book through drap (which should be here today actually) so I can’t really talk about those. But I can talk about my other stuff that has arrived recently so sdgh;ldsg;s

Initially I was just taking out the inside pamphlets from the books and placing them in the special box of BL stuff where I keep pamphlets and special papers and extras. Unfortunately I had to start using another box recently—

—since the other one is too full. Thank goodness I am an obsessively storage-oriented person so I had an extra box lying around ready to become a BL pamphlet container.

Anyway, onto talking about my actual books.

sorry in advance that this post is kind of long and image-heavy. /;w;\

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BL ‘year in review’ 2011!

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is suddenly thinking back with nostaglia as well as forward with excitement. Even a fujoshi gets a little caught up in all the year-end festivities, so here you have it: a BL year in review. I also did one last year so I figured I may as well do one this year. I don’t want to be inconsistent now!

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to me, at least. My most beloved Matsumoto Miecohouse will be releasing a new comic in late January through Rutile comics!


information taken from kijitora, who I guess got it from chilchil.

uuu I wonder which stories this book will hold. For the longest time—even when I was still buying Rutile fairly regularly—it seems like she’s been publishing in there without a book release. So I think she has a fair amount of different long-ish stories. So will this be a book of her newer or older works? Or perhaps a book that’s just big enough to hold them all…? (fingers crossed!)

Matsumoto Miecohouse “Koi no Mannaka”

Koi no Mannaka, Matsumoto Miecohouse’s debut BL tankoubon, was actually released quite a while ago at this point—going on three years ago in just a few months. It’s the book that her second tankoubon through HertZ, Sawatte mo Ii ka na, was held up against and compared to, and the reason it was so shocking for her to release another book that didn’t just pale in comparison. Though it was Matsumoto’s debut tankoubon, it made quite the splash—not only was it highly reviewed, which is generally unheard of for a debuting mangaka, but it was given very high reviews. Understandable, considering the perfect mix of smut, romance and raw emotion all captured in this one book.

It sounds cliche from the first scene: two high school boys, Ichinose and Matsubara, come from two very different families but both carry an incredible emptiness inside. Matsubara’s mother abandoned him and now he lives in a run-down, disgusting apartment with his father who almost never comes home. Ichinose, on the other hand, has a mother who is terrifyingly protective and clingy toward him because of a complex caused by her husband leaving their family when Ichinose was still small. But she doesn’t ever truly consider Ichinose’s wants or needs. She deludes herself with the idea that he loves to study and fills his schedule with nothing but tutor and cram school appointments and treats him like her precious, innocent angel who would never lie to her and never hurt her.

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today in BL manga

♔ → For those interested, I did a small write-up for one of the stories from Cab here. Originally I wasn’t going to link that but I’ve been lazy lately and skipping from anthology to anthology so I don’t know how long it will be before I finish anything and am able to post properly.

♔ → Rutile posted the latest cover to twitter last night! Very cute! I so wish I could buy this issue since Matsumoto Miecohouse’s story was so promising in the first chapter and Rutile has yet to even release a tankoubon of her previous chapters through them since Terebi-kun. I guess I can only sit back and try to be patient. /;A;\ Though also snazzy is the fact that Jaryuu Dokuro is finally officially in this volume again! And Techno Samata’s continued story was also really good. And Hirakita Yuya is in this volume. (….maybe I should buy it…?)

Anyway for more information including all the color inserts, a full mangaka lineup and what to expect in the next volume you can check Rutile’s site!

♔ → Kojima Lalako set up a tumblr account! This is super exciting aside from the fact that I can’t… follow… her… orz;;;; I guess that’s my punishment for running a tumblr blog that’s 100% copyright infringement.

Speaking of Kojima, she’s in Chara Selection this month! A story about childhood friends, one of which who’s an idol…? Hmmm sounds like her story that ran in b-Boy Cube. Perhaps a continuation?

♔ → Shockingly, HertZ already has their cover posted as well: click! Minase Masara! However, they still haven’t listed their full lineup. These days you can never go by the lineup listed in the end of the last book so I guess I’ll just wait and see who’ll be in this next issue. Also, Minase Masara’s Aishuu tankoubon cover was posted here. Very unusual and pretty.

♔ → Fancy that, I want to talk about more covers.

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today in BL manga

♔ → The cover and preview of Mieno Saori’s Ano Ko ga Kare wo Suki na Riyuu was posted to CRAFT’s website. tbh I think it’s weird that they’re publishing this book under CRAFT since I’m about 99.9% sure the title story ran in HertZ. (It ended in the first issue I ever purchased, if I recall correctly.) But whatever, it doesn’t really matter what line the book is published under as long as it’s published, right? I’m definitely super excited to have this in my hands, since it’s Mieno Saori’s second book where it’s all her—not written by someone else. And the story seems a little heart-breaking but nonetheless incredibly enjoyable.

♔ → For some reason Canna’s twitter reposted all of the previews of this month’s magazine. Probably because it was Canna’s release date. But I’m glad they did so since I missed quite a few of them the first time around. I’m excited for moooore Ootsuki Miu.

They also already posted the preview for the cover of volume twelve: Umematsu Machie! Sadly they haven’t updated their site yet, though, so we are unable to see the full mangaka line-up for v12.

♔ → Citron Web posted pictures of Kumota Haruko’s sign event at their blog! If you’re interested you should definitely check them out. A fan made cookie versions of Mii-kun and Kei-chan and also of Kumota Haruko’s little self mascot, which is very cute. Talented people love Kumota Haruko! Also interesting is that there are some pictures of (the back of) Kumota Haruko herself! This is unusual since many BL mangaka (or mangaka in general?) don’t want their appearance or identity to be highly publicized. So it was shocking but made me happy.

Morozumi Sumitomo sent her flowers, which I think is super adorable.

♔ → There’s a Sunae Hata postcard in this month’s Chara. Must… not… buy just for postcards. orz;;;; (Especially since Junko isn’t even in this issue!) If anyone buys Chara this month, please take a picture of it for me!!

♔ → Last night I finally finished my read-through of Rutile. The stories are all quite interesting, of course, but what really caught my eye was Matsumoto Miecohouse’s. In it, two cousins happen into a sexual relationship until one of them kind of laughs it off like it was nothing, thus breaking the other one’s heart. While trying to heal, the heart-broken one constantly attempts to set his cousin up with others whom he things his cousin loves, but there’s kind of a feeling that his cousin actually is in love with him after all. And it cuts off there. And there isn’t a new chapter in next month’s Rutile! /;A;\ Noooooo. MatsuMieco you are really too cruel.

♔ → b-boy web has been revamped! Did this happen a long time ago and I’m just noticing now?? I really love it, though—Libre took a similar approach with b-boy’s website as they did with Citron and now each story has at least one tiny preview image so you can get a feel for all the mangaka in each book. I really love when publishers try their best to give you a peek inside so you know what you’re getting into when you buy the book. At least, more of a ‘peek’ than you would have gotten otherwise. Anyway, you should check it out! It’s ultra snazzy now.

♔ → Speaking of Libre and b-boy, I purchased the first issue of b-boy Cube. Has anyone else tried this out? I got it for the Watanabe Asia and Kojima Lalako, but since it was cheap (just around $5 USD for the PDF file) it wasn’t really too much of a waste of money. It’s just a short-ish (100 or so pages) eBook of particularly dirty stories. Kojima Lalako’s story is adorable and filthy at the same time, which would be a terrifying mix if it weren’t by Kojima Lalako. I never thought I would see a rimming scene in a manga by her, to be honest. And, of course, Watanabe Asia’s story is dirty, dirty, dirty and her color images are absolutely stunning. I would screencap some of them for you but LoveComi jumped through about a million hoops to make sure you can’t take screencaps while the PDF is open. Anybody want some pictures taken with my digital camera??

♔ → Lastly (but not leastly?), finally a new tankoubon release from Junko!!

Starlike Words. Amazing. ;A; I am so excited. And it will be released on the exact same day as Kojima Lalako’s second tankoubon release from BexBoy Comics, Iya yo Yamete yo! March and April are going to be absolutely amazing months for BL releases oh man.