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Mousou Hello Work

I thought I would actually post about something that isn’t BL release covers for once haha. Mousou Hello Work was actually released late last December but at the time I wasn’t sure exactly what it was so even though Ogura Muku was in it I figured I’d just leave it in my backlog wishlist. However, a month or two later I happened to come across the website for the book while looking up a mangaka and I decided then that I had to have it. Mousou Hello Work is a black and white illustration book on the theme of “jobs”. If you don’t know what Hello Work is, you can read more about it here on Wikipedia.

It’s set up similar to Moe Danshi Gatari. It’s not a BL artbook, necessarily—it only has quite a few BL mangaka as guest illustrators. In the book they do a full-body illustration of their job of choice with an explanation of the outfit, and then on the opposite page they also illustrate a mini comic with explanations of the job and why they picked it. It’s not as fancy and beautiful as Moe Danshi Gatari but it’s still a really fun, cute book and it’s packed with great artists.

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Top ten BL manga covers.

So I was asked this question on formspring:

I started to think about this question after I saw the gorgeous Equus cover :D Your top ten beautiful/brilliant BL manga cover’s. Manga you’ve read, want to read or even manga you didn’t like but the cover is still wonderful.

And started answering it but then it occurred to me that it’s difficult to answer a question about visuals on a site that doesn’t allow HTML so the links would be clunky and unattractive and it’s not like I could actually post the covers I like. So I figured I would instead answer it on here. Makes my life a lot easier.

So here are my top ten BL covers that I deem very pretty or eye-catching. It depends on what the question means by ‘beautiful’—covers that have a lot of artistic merit, or covers that I just personally really loved and found to be quite pretty. Since I’m not really much of an art critic, I’m going to go with the latter. Sorry if you meant the former! It’s just easier for me to talk about covers I just personally found quite lovely or ones that peaked my interest.

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today in BL manga

♔ → Today I read the first (main) story of Boku datte Renai ga Shitai by Fujimoto Haruki. It really cemented my love for her even more—a very simple but sweet story. :> And that’s not even half the tankoubon so I still have lots and lots left to read.

Sadly, though, that’s pretty much it for BL that I’ve been reading lately. Such a depressing life I lead. 8(

♔ → In some release news, there are three ‘yay!’-worthy release announcements through Hanaoto for March 29th: one by Kamon Saeko, one by Kitabeppu Nica and then one by Yamagata Satomi. It feels like it’s been forever since there has been an honest-to-god new BL release from Yamagata Satomi so I’m really looking forward to her book.

♔ → Speaking of Kamon Saeko, though, the tankoubon cover for her January release (which has been in my wishlist since November lmao) was finally posted a couple days ago! It’s very very unffff.

The second cover is Hirakita Yuya’s latest release through Rutile. Sadly I can’t afford to buy this one this month but isn’t the cover adorable? ;; Ahhh Hirakita Yuya is truly a queen of fluff.

♔ → Only vaguely related to BL, but I’ve been playing the PSP otome game Uta no Prince-sama lately! My first route is Hijirikawa. So like me to go for the polite ‘bocchama’ type haha. It’s very charming, though, and I like the whole music theme. Somewhat similar to La Corda, but I think the female lead in this has a bit more personality than Kahoko. The art design in the game is by Yukihiro Utako Actually Yukihiro Utako just did the art for the manga and some random anthologies and such, etc. not the game or anything! Sorry about the misinformation. But I have written a spotlight post for her here on this blog. Yukihiro Utako has very soft, pretty art and has illustrated a few BL novels as well as a story on Rutile Sweet. Playing this otome game makes me crave for more BL stories by Yukihiro. *w*

But anyway, if you like otome games you should definitely check out Uta no Prince-sama! The characters are all very cute so far. I suck at the mini games, though. The coordination in my fingers isn’t really something worth bragging about.

♔ → The covers for the three next upcoming releases in Canna’s new tankoubon line, Umematsu Machie and Yamada 2choume and Sunae Hata, have been revealed via Canna’s twitter. Umematsu and Yamada’s are both gorgeous whereas Sunae’s is bubbly and adorable. Good to know all is right with the world. Go on over to Canna’s twitter to check those out. (And follow them! It’s totally worth it!)

♔ → And then finally, Psyche Delico posted up her latest doujinshi to toranoana! This is super exciting for me, considering:

1) almost no one was willing to sell a copy on yahoo!japan auctions, and
2) every time someone was willing to sell it it ended up going for around 2500円 for the one book.

Same with Jaryuu Dokuro’s, which has also since been posted. This makes me a very very happy fujoshi.

more impressions.

Yesterday I finally got the second half of the BL purchase for December and it’s pretty much brilliant—all of the magazines I had been most looking forward to in one small shipment. I am absolutely in love with all of them. But for now I’ll just leave you with a small-ish post since life is (obviously) kind of hectic at the moment.

Baby for Aniya Yuiji, onBLUE for Yamanaka Hiko and Kumota Haruko, drap for Ootsuki Miu, Citron for Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko. :9 And then, of course, the second and final volume of Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game. A brilliant set.

For this one, straight-up, warning for R-18 content. The Baby anthology is actually quite filthy.

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Moe Danshi Gatari 2

Hello everyone! Guess what came in the mail today! That’s right, Moe Danshi Gatari 2. (Also, Ootsuki Miu’s latest tankoubon but I’ll save talking about that for a little later…) It’s pretty much as beautiful as I was expecting, if not more beautiful. I am so excited for this I can barely hold it all in, so of course I just have to post about it. You can’t say you weren’t expecting this.

I was originally planning to just take a couple pictures of my personal favorites but that somehow turned into, like, twenty-four images. Oops. Oh well, at least I didn’t take the entire book.

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today in BL manga

♔ → I was able to reach my goal on MAL! I got my general list to 1615 and my completed list to 1104. That would have been much easier if I weren’t too lazy to input the manga I own into their database, but that’s a pain in the ass. I was able to read a couple of the few Kano Shiuko manga I hadn’t read yet, which was enjoyable. Even when it’s weird and kind of plotless, I really like Kano Shiuko’s manga. They’re dirty while still retaining a vaguely sweet, loving atmosphere. I used to not read her work because I wasn’t so fond of her art, but through caving and just reading what she has to offer I’ve come to really love her.

I also read a bunch of oneshots, including Kimi wa Samishigariya no Hana by Nomori Mina, which I found to be quite brilliant for some reason. I always like BL manga that doesn’t include the line “I’m not gay, but I love you!” to be honest. It’s a nice sentiment but I always cringe internally when I see the boys so quick to be disgusted by the idea that someone thought they were gay. That’s not cool. :< So a BL manga where the characters are open and active about their homosexuality is always a nice break from the norm.

Then a read some Sadahiro Mika manga, which… uh… 8D;; I know I like dirty stuff, but she is really too much for me. Too much cheating on significant others and just all-around icky sexual behavior. There’s being very sexually active and kinky, and then there’s being a dick and Sadahiro Mika’s manga just always crosses the line for me. Perhaps I’m too conservative haha. But I was able to read the final chapter of Asou Kai’s Sono Mama de and I then felt better about the world.

♔ → For the post I wrote about Canna Comics, the dates seem to be a bit off? I posted the ones Kijitora reported, but then Asu posted that January with be Monzen Yayohi and Coga Mayumi, February will be Umematsu Machie, and then March with be Yamada 2choume and Sunae Hata. I’ll just have to see when I get my own copy haha.

♔ → I didn’t buy BOY’S Pierce this month since I put my order in before the cover was released, and BP just hasn’t been doing it for me lately. I generally get it for Ootsuki Miu, but for the past two issues she’s been absent. And I haven’t really had the extra money to just buy magazines because I might like them, regardless of whether of not a mangaka I particularly like is in it. But now I’m kicking myself:

New Ootsuki Miu chapter of PLAYZONE. :< The other mangaka are also quite good. So sad I’m missing out on this. I guess I’ll just have to get it next month. Also, admittedly, the Kano Shiuko DVD is a bit more interesting to me than the Sakira one. Do they show Kano Shiuko working? That would be really cool. *w* I’d like to see her drawing process.

♔ → But I’m mad at Junet, because they announced their tankoubon for January and still no Ootsuki Miu! Booooo! However, HertZ also posted their January releases and one of them was MatsuMieco’s Sawatte mo Ii ka na which I absolutely love so I’m still excited. That means Coga Mayumi, Hino Garasu and Matsumoto Miecohouse for January!

Another release announcement I’m pretty giddy over is Kitazawa Kyou’s Aishite Daddy for February. It’s not an incest story (sorry, if you’re into that!) but instead a kozure story through Daria about a young man who falls in love with a young, single father of an adorable little boy and how he tries to fit into their family. Sexy and dramatic parts aside, this manga is seriously so cute and I can’t wait to have the completed volume in my hands.

♔ → Rutile came in the mail yesterday! But I’ll wait to post about that later when I have my camera out. :9

Canna Comics

Today Canna volume 08 was released! Obviously, I do not have my copy yet or anything. (Soon enough!) But Kijitora, the author of my very favorite BL blog, already bought and read her own. As I believe I talked about before, in this issue of Canna they were planning on announcing their upcoming tankoubon, which many people have been anticipating even since Canna’s fifth volume was released. And announce they did! Here’s the information from Kijitora’s blog:

Starting in January 2011, every month on the 27th Canna Comics will be releasing a tankoubon. For January through March, the tankoubon will be by Umematsu Machie, Coga Mayumi and Sunae Hata. April will have a release by both Monzen Yayohi and Yamada 2choume.

I am shocked (no Okadaya Tetsuzou??) but also very pleased! I was hoping for Sunae Hata or Coga Mayumi, but instead I got both!! Very exciting. And, of course Umematsu Machie? And Yamada 2choume and Monzen Yayohi? Could things get any better?

Then after the next issue of Canna (volume 09) Kojima Lalako’s Kimi to Parade will supposedly be completed and I’m sure a tankoubon for her will be upcoming in no time. I wonder who will release something new for her first? It seems like she has been in quite a few of the magazines I read but she has yet to even release her debut tankoubon. I have my fingers crossed for a proper book by her in the coming year!