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December purchase first impressions.

my bl order for December came today! \o/ Well most of it because I also impatiently tossed Kojima Lalako and Tomoe Fumi’s January releases in my cart. But everything that was actually released in December is here so I figured I would do an ~unboxing~ first impressions post since I haven’t read any of them yet and it would at least give you a chance to see what I got  in case I go AWOL again this month.

was feeling pretty antisocial and hermit-y today and didn’t feel like showering the second I got up so I put up a little note to let them know they could just leave the package. For a nice long time the DHL people knew to just leave it but idk I think the dude who used to deliver my stuff either got a new route or quit and this new person isn’t so fast on the uptake so he always knocks and waits for my signature s o b.

BUT HEY here is my precious unnecessarily large box full of cheesy homoerotic romance so let’s get to this unboxing now shall we.

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ack I meant to do this review over a month ago but I’m just getting around to it now, sorry. orz;; My story for this particular book is that while it was released in June, I didn’t even know of its existence until my sister found it on Amazon and was like “what’s with all these ’48’-themed BL anthologies??” Unfortunately at that point I couldn’t buy it until after Japan because it was past my final pre-trip order, and while I put it in my wishlist I promptly forgot about it. However, while wandering the Akihabara Toranoana on vacation I stumbled across it on display and they had it so you could look through a bunch of sample pages and it was so wonderfully porn-y and barely censored that there was no way I could resist and I bought it on the spot.

Which means obviously the sample pages I’m posting photos of are very much NSFW. Don’t blame me if you look through them at the office and get a porn intervention from the boss.

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Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama

It’s okay, I know I’m probably the only person who’s incredibly incredibly suuuuper excited about this book release. But I just have to share—! ;A;)/ The cover of Manako’s newest release, Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama!

Baby is actually the line that initially introduced me to Manako, and even though I love the stories she released through Canna as well the ones I’ve read by her through Baby have admittedly left more of an impact. I think it’s probably because Baby is a more ‘alternative’ BL publication so Manako can be as weird as she wants. For instance, that one story where this guy meets his childhood friend and love interest again after moving back to his hometown and finds out he’s actually having sex with various random guys. And then when the main character finally gets to sleep with his childhood friend, some dude shows up and while they’re going at it and said friend suddenly reaches toward MC’s ass and spreads his cheeks and pretty much says to the new guy who showed up “have at”. Definitely a shocking BL story. It ends right there, too! orz;;;; With the terrified, shocked look on the main character’s face.

I’ve only been able to read two of her stories through Baby so far since I don’t buy the anthology regularly, so I’m stoked to be able to buy her complete comic. I’m just wondering if her other stories will be able to leave such a huge impression as the one I just talked about? The cover and title are very promising, though—though they’re fairly cliche, I’m definitely a sucker for pairings between delinquents and ‘good kids’. Especially if it’s going to be the prince who is actually the naughty one. :9

Speaking of Baby, though… did they discontinue the anthology? ;; Sad. Lately Baby’s twitter feed is all about their merge with Comic Be, which isn’t a BL publication so I get a bit peeved having to hear about it all the time (even though it has a two-page interview about Akiyama-kun ahhhhh WANT). I really wish they would bring Baby back, since the few times I was able to buy it I was always introduced to many new and interesting artists. But now when you click ‘next issue’ all it brings up is an empty page. Uuuu I guess I can only wait and see.

today in BL manga

♔ → For those who’re fans of Takarai Rihito and are still super excited about Hana wo Mizo Shiru volume two, b’s-garden added a page for the release with stuff like an interview with Takarai, information about her other releases, information about the story thusfar, and also a very pretty purple wallpaper.

♔ → Amagakure Gido has a new BL release this month! If I recall correctly, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by her—she does have one BL release, but mostly she seems to write shoujo/josei comics. To commemorate her new BL release Chill Chill interviewed her. I’m going to wait until I’ve read something by her to read her interview (otherwise I’ll feel like a faker tbh) but if you’re already into her works you can read the interview here!

♔ → In news of yet more covers to get excited over:

Kojima Lalako has the cover of Moca this month! I initially learned about it when my friend Snakey mentioned it on twitter, but then I didn’t actually see it until yesterday when Kojima tweeted about it herself. Definitely another home-run for Kojima Lalako—sometimes I sincerely wonder if it’s possible for her to create an image that isn’t insanely endearing. I’ve done a pretty good job not buying Moca thusfar, but this is definitely testing my resolve. Aside from that is Nimoda Ai’s cover for her debut book through HertZ! Very cute. *w*)/ I figured I should post this one as well, considering I also talked about her Citron book.

♔ → Because my usual source for BL new went on hiatus, it’s become much harder for me to find new release information but that makes it even more of an exciting surprise when I find out about a new book coming out that I really really want. For instance, while surfing Chill Chill last night for covers and release info, I found this gem: Manako will be releasing her second book, this time through Baby Comics, on December 26th! *A*)/ Uwaaaa!! I haven’t read many of her stories from Baby (since, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to afford buying Baby regularly) but the ones I have read were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see what all she has to offer through them! Also, Poe Backs is releasing a Magi doujinshi anthology. Definitely relevant to my interests. Thank god for Christmas gift money.

♔ → Speaking of Baby, I was surprised to find they have a book coming out this month and doubly surprised to find it looks really cute. A debut book by Kazuki Thought, it would seem.

Initially I was apprehensive since Poe Backs also releases doujinshi anthologies (obviously, considering my previous paragraph) and the characters look freakishly similar to that Exorcist anime I’ve been seeing around lately. But from the description on Chill Chill it definitely sound like an original book—a kozure story about a guy meeting his old fling from college who is now a widower with one child to his name. Sounds like something I can get behind, so hopefully it really isn’t just some random doujinshi anthology with a mixed-up description.

♔ → I found a super amazingly huge POP image for Nobara Aiko’s Akiyama-kun for all those others who just can’t seem to get enough of that book: CLICK! Ughhhh I want to reread it now. ;;

♔ → Gojoe Tiger has a story in Aqua Pipi, which is a cellphone BL publication with a name that always makes me giggle like a six-year-old. If you go here and scroll near the bottom you can see some tiny samples of her work, as well as the others in the current issue. For those lucky bastards who have a Japanese cellphone, please tell me if her story is good or not!

quickie reviews, take 3

They’re back! Attack of the quickie reviews! Actually, I got a whole lot of BL manga in the mail yesterday and I don’t think I’ll write full reviews on all of them (I never do…) but it would be nice if for once I’d at least say something about my thoughts on each title. Unless I didn’t like it, obviously.

Kumonosuke | Lovely Talk

I have been waiting about a month for this book to arrive. I had initially planned to buy it when it was first released, but for some reason ended up bypassing it. Perhaps I was paranoid the cover art was a trick and I really wouldn’t like Kumonosuke’s style after all. I don’t know. But after Shiawase ni Naru no sa! (which I am still absolutely enamored by, ridiculously enough) I knew I had to read everything by Kumonosuke. This book, even after all the waiting and hype, definitely didn’t disappoint. Unlike most of the other things I’ve read by Kumonosuke this one is short stories, but they’re still well-written and fleshed out. And I still fell in love with the characters. The first story didn’t catch my interest so much, in which one boy asks his friend if they can try kissing ~just to practice it, and the other one says they can’t kiss just for practice because he actually has a crush on his friend and it would be painful. From there, their relationship grows.

But I really liked the second and third story, both of which were about schoolboys. The first was a senpai/kouhai pair who met by chance on the roof, and the second was about two classmates—one who was super popular and the other who was an outcast. I thought both were really cute and the characters were so endearing. ;A; The last story was somewhat unusual and bittersweet, about two neighbors who are in a sexual relationship but don’t realize they’re in love until the other one is leaving. Ahhh Kumonosuke’s writing style is just exactly what I love in BL, and her art is so cute and her characters are so charming. I just adore her. ;;

Manako | Mou Ikkai.

ohhhhhhh Manako. ♡ I bought this book when it was first released in June or July but just put it away without reading it since… well… I buy Canna, so I figured I’d have already read everything anyway. But just a while ago, desperate for something new to read, I dug it back out if even just to refresh myself on the stories and then read the extras. I’m really glad I did. ;; There was at least one story in there that was previously-unreleased and I hadn’t even thought to check when the book arrived in the mail. And that ended up being my favorite story in the entire book, incidentally—about two boys who become friends while working at a convenience store together. When one confesses to the other that he’s fallen in love with him while they’re lying together one night, the next day the guy who was confessed to acts like it never happened. Is he just being insensitive and evasive, or did he really seriously not hear the other boy’s words? Anyway, in general it was just fun to reread Manako’s stories—especially with the addition of the short extras.

One thing I love about Manako is similar to Katou Setsuko—her stories generally don’t have that ‘completed ending’ feel, leaving them emotionally open. You never really get that finished, polished feeling from her work and you’re often left wondering what exactly happened after the story ended. While I would hate if all stories ended this way (sometimes a concrete ending is good!!) it really lends a unique and interesting feel to Manako’s storytelling and I enjoy it a lot.

Patriciana Kikuchi | Doutei no Mahou

The title, The Virgin’s Magic, kind of gives you a proper feel to exactly what this story entails. Also the fact that it’s released under Junet’s Pierce Series. It’s a pretty filthy book. I talked about it a bit here when I first finished reading it, but I figured I should talk about it on this blog as well. Like I said in that post, some people might find it surprising that one can sincerely and happily really enjoy reading a manga that is all pornographic content, but I really liked this manga. It was exactly what I was in the mood for when I read it—something that wouldn’t make me sit and think, something that would give me that great ‘guilty pleasure’ kind of feel, something that was silly and weird and awkwardly sweet in an incredibly unrealistic way. I just really really enjoyed it.

The stories themselves have a fairly wide range—from double penetration to reversible characters to weird cosplay to cheesy!sweet “I LOVE YOU NNN!!” sex scenes where the characters just repeatedly cry out each others names during climax. It was just a really fun, cute read. Also, even though some would consider it shota I really love Patriciana’s art. It’s so cute and charming

Canna 18 & Ootsuki Miu

As always, with the new release of Canna comes an update of the anthology page of the website! And with the update of the website comes some depressing news and also some exciting news.

First, the exciting news:

Ootsuki Miu has the upcoming cover! \*A*/ Finally, an end to that terrible cliffhanger in Loser! For the past three or four volumes of Canna I’ve been hoping and hoping for Ootsuki to continue her story and been disappointed every time—but not this time! Also, there’s more Achi Harufumi and Hanamori Mito and Manako! Now if only they’d bring Kojima Lalako back again with another longer story.

However, disappointing news: this month’s volume has the final chapter of Junketsu Drop! ;; Nooooo! I’m honestly having a hard time imagining how they could possibly wrap up the story in this issue—as far as I can recall Misato and Kasukabe weren’t even close to finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. sob I don’t want to see this manga end! Maybe if we’re super lucky there will be a continuation? Or… something?? ;A;

first world problems.

(aka I make buying BL manga into a very difficult affair.)

I WISH I WAS RICH and then I could buy all the BL I want every month and not have to weed out and add to and take from my BL wishlist. I don’t want a nice car or a big house or a lot of expensive clothing but sobbb I hate really wanting a book and taking it out of the cart because I have a spending limit. Sometimes I just want to sneak a little bit from my savings but then I would never be able to forgive myself.

First off, I really want to buy Manako’s debut book. Because it’s her debut and also of course because I generally enjoy reading her stories. (Though the one by her I’ve always loved most wasn’t through Canna, tbh–it was through Baby.) But one thing that I always do that puts kind of a damper on my BL orders is buy books I’ve already read in the magazines. Stupid collector mentality. orz;;; It’s not very fun to buy a tankoubon you’ve already read before (sometimes multiple times…..) so I feel like I should maybe put off buying Manako’s book in order to get something I haven’t already read but idk dfgl;k;gds I like Manako and it’s her debut. Her debut!! I’ll feel kind of like a jerk if I don’t buy it. ;;

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