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Erotoro Take Two!

holy shit, wordpress changed so much crap while I was on hiatus so this feels really weird. But let’s get on with it, shall we. How are you all? It’s been a while! Like, more than four months to be exact. Feels kind of good to be back.

Anyway in late June Erotoro 2 was released and, obviously, I bought it! And since I’ve become slightly more of a busy girl (if you couldn’t tell considering I keep disappearing for long periods of time) I just tonight finally got around to reading it and I figured it wouldn’t kill me to blog about it a bit so.

Aniya Yuiji did the cover again so like I could possibly resist. To be honest, as far as ero anthologies go the original Erotoro didn’t do much for me—I even recall recommending a few times for people to seek out your average issue of Boy’s Pierce instead of Erotoro if you’re looking to get your kicks. So part of me was like “ehhh I don’t know” when I heard there would be another volume released. But then Aniya Yuiji was on the cover so. Now you know: if you ever want me to buy something, just put Aniya Yuiji’s name on it.

SUPER SUPER R-18 BELOW THE CUT if you click while you’re at work then it’s your own issue. Don’t come crying to me.

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August ’12 order

Well I was going through my books that arrived from my order in August and I figured a lot of people said it would be okay it I just talked randomly about BL-related personal stuff so. Here’s my boring post about the books I’ve gotten so far from my August order. Still yet to arrive are Castle Mango (I shoved it in my order when it was still supposed to come out in August so now they’re just treating it like a perorder orz) and Yamada Maya’s book through drap (which should be here today actually) so I can’t really talk about those. But I can talk about my other stuff that has arrived recently so sdgh;ldsg;s

Initially I was just taking out the inside pamphlets from the books and placing them in the special box of BL stuff where I keep pamphlets and special papers and extras. Unfortunately I had to start using another box recently—

—since the other one is too full. Thank goodness I am an obsessively storage-oriented person so I had an extra box lying around ready to become a BL pamphlet container.

Anyway, onto talking about my actual books.

sorry in advance that this post is kind of long and image-heavy. /;w;\

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K-BOOKS & Aniya Yuiji news

ohoho I am actually here to post for once BIG SHOCK!!

First, some sad news for those of us who don’t live in Japan and won’t be vacationing there in the next month or so: K-BOOKS is currently doing a give-away where you get a snazzy trading card for every 500円 you spend. (I think?) But not only that, a few of the trading cards are by artists I really really really like. ;A;)

Kisaragi Manami, Snae Hata, and Chouko. So lovely ahhhh. There are also cards by Takayama Shinobu, Kijima Hyougo, Kawai Hideki as well as many other famous and starter artists, all of which you can see here in larger and better quality. If any of you get your hands on them, I will pay good money for the three I posted above. ;; Especially Snae’s.

In other BL news I’ve been excited over lately, I’ve finally fallen to the temptation of Libre’s new super-ero anthology (or ‘creamy sport anthology’) EroToro. Initially I was trying to ignore any and all news about it since I’m trying to save money and thus really can’t afford to add another ¥1000 anthology to my purchase line-up. Especially in a month where I’m already flooded by anthologies. (Cab, Citron, Canna, Opera, etc.) However, recently they posted a bit of news that did me in: Aniya Yuiji has the cover as well as a story.

orz There is really no better way for a BL publisher to convince me to hand over my money than sticking Aniya Yuiji in the lineup. I am so desperate for new BL by her they could probably hike the price up to $100 and I would crying and just throw my wallet at the computer screen after putting in my order.

At least they were nice enough to release the cover quickly, though, so not I can stare adoringly at Aniya’s art and psyche myself up by whatever story she has to offer.

Jaryuu Dokuro is in it as well, which is just ds;flj;dgsdsd Aniya Yuiji and Jaryuu Dokuro? In the same book? Can something so perfect really honestly truly exist? ;; The only thing missing from my dream line-up is Ootsuki Miu. I’m admittedly kind of surprised to see Ishikawa Kei though–honestly I have yet to see an eroero scene by her so I’m not sure what I should expect. Perhaps I shouldn’t get my hopes up that this is a super perverted anthology along the lines of Pierce Series work haha. I have faith in Aniya and Jaryuu, though, to release dirty things! As well as Nimoda Ai. Kashio, perhaps, not so much…

Speaking of Jaryuu Dokuro, though, the cover for her May release was finally posted in high quality. It’s very very cute so I figured I’d close up this post with it. Go to the amazon page to see it in big big big HQ!!

covers, redux

The cover for PLAYZONE was added to Junet’s website! \*A*/ To be honest, I’m not sure how much I adore the design itself, but it’s very purple!

Ughhhh I love Sato so I can’t wait for this to arrive. I want to read their full story! And the full story for Docchi no Darling!

Some other covers I wanted to talk about include Canna and BexBoy releases, Kusama Sakae’s latest tankoubon in particular.

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Citron 5 & drap 12

I got my shipment parts two and three in the mail today, and now the only thing I’m missing is shipment four—Psyche Delico’s Junai Eroki. But I figured it’s no time to get lazy. Since I posted about the other books I got I may as well flail about these on here as well. Plus, even though I spammed twitter with it all morning, I still haven’t gotten all this love for Kumota Haruko out of my system. Sorry, bros, it’s not my fault she’s so amazing!

I’ll start with drap so you can just decide if you want to skip me talking about Citron or not. Because it will be kind of pathetic.

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Aniya Yuiji & Citron vol. 6

This morning while I was slacking off on writing my BL manga release post it occurred to me that yesterday while I was nosing around Citron’s site I totally forgot to check if they’d updated the ‘upcoming’ page for the anthology. So I went to check it out and my dreams just about came true in the form of a BL anthology.

If you cannot read the kanji, it states that Citron volume six’s cover will be by Aniya Yuiji. Aniya Yuiji. My all-time favorite BL mangaka. sd;glkd;sd yesssss. *w* Not only does she get the cover, but it states she’ll have a new yomikiri published in this volume. Not that I dislike her mini series with the Citron fudanshi or anything—however, I’m really craving some real BL by Aniya. It feels like it’s been so long! ;;

Aside from all the delicious Aniya Yuiji, there’s also the continuation of Aoi Seri’s story from volume five (which I don’t have yet, but it has been shipped!! sd;lgj;sdg), Kumota Haruko, Jaryuu Dokuro, Morozumi Sumitomo, Kashio, Kitabeppu Nica, Kusama Sakae, Est Em, Psyche Delico, etc. etc. Ahhh Citron truly is heavenly. *w*

(also, since Jaryuu is going to be in the January issue of Citron then perhaps it’s safe to assume she’ll be in the late December release of drap? And not the February release, like I was wondering last night.)

Comic Anthology Canna vol. 02

I’m sorry it took until after the release of the third volume for me to get my ass in gear and finish this one. I’ve been so lazy lately when it comes to writing out full reviews so this one overwhelmed me a bit. This time around there is no Kojima Lalako, Marei Kengo, Yamada Torico, etc. but some new artist were brought in and they’re all pretty interesting as well.

As  usual, warning for R-18 content abound. There aren’t many sex scenes and such in this book but they do exist. Also, I’d like to apologize for the crappy dark quality of the pictures—I took them outside as usual but did it in a shaded area late in the day. Oops.

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