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Snippets 015

♔ → Kazuaki will be releasing an artbook through Mandarake in late July. You can see the advertisement illustration here at Mandarake’s page for the Edith anthologies. If you click the image an info box pops up saying it’ll have 240 pages and then gives a list of her works and what illustrations will be contained in the book. Mandarake still has the release date as late July, but Amazon is saying it’ll supposedly be out July 30th.

♔ → While checking up on Baby’s site way too soon to see if they posted the new anthology cover, I noticed their two newest releases had pretty adorable covers so I wanted to post them here.
Kimi no Sei by Senoo Atsushi
Yasashisa License by Ginkawa Kei

If you’re interested in the upcoming lineup for the next Baby anthology, it can be found here. The theme sounds adorable: ‘kozure’, or the act of having a child while going into a new relationship. Kind of like Nobara and Tsubaki Biyori!

♔ → Guess what’s on the newest issue of HertZ! /o/ That’s right, Aiso Tsukashi by Yamada Yugi and Aida Saki! So exciting, I’m sure the next chapter will be brilliant. I’m also very happy about Kojima Lalako getting a color insert right at the beginning of the book.

♔ → Speaking of her color insert, Kojima Lalako updated her blog today posting a sample image of it as well as the cover for the upcoming novel release that she illustrated. I recommend reading the actual post if you can, because she is adorable.

♔ → Citron updated their blog several days ago to announce that, in the upcoming volume three, Kumota Haruko will not only have the cover and the third chapter of Itsoshi no Nekokke but will also be doing a short featured article with novelist Miura Shiwon. It’ll be a dialogue article about BL moe, and will supposedly be a recurring feature from now on. Gotta love all this Kumota Haruko in June and July. Evidently Tokyo Mangasha and Citron are working together to pimp her like crazy these next couple months.

♔ → The new BOY’S Pierce cover is not Kano Shiuko for once, but instead Kayuma Mimu. Is Kano-sensei being replaced as one of the porniest in BOY’S Pierce’s line-up? We’ll see.

♔ → Kijitora made a blog post about the 10th anniversary issue of drap, but it’s not all smiles and cuddles and fangirling as she brings up the idea that, due to influence from that damn “harmful content in books” shit in Osaka, drap may be censoring its sex scenes. Hopefully this is either just paranoia on her part, or enough fujoshi in Japan will get out the pitchforks and torches. Bitches best not be taking away our porn just to keep some little kids innocent for a year or so longer than normal.

Ze Besto

Because I am asked this a LOT and don’t know how I could possibly format it to make it fit in the FAQ and I have nothing else to post about lol. A list of the BL manga that I often go back to when I feel like I’ve run out of things to read. I suppose you could take this as a list of my personal recommendations. Of course, don’t read them with your expectations too high—just because these are my personal favorites doesn’t mean everyone is going to love them.

Anyway, feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments!

Aniya Yuiji
Me wo Tojite 3byou
Danshi Meiro
Kangoku 69

Asou Kai
Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu

Asou Mitsuaki
Bitter Sweet Candy

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HertZ band 37

Sorry this took so long! /o\ HertZ is ridiculously thick so I was a bit overwhelmed just looking at the damn thing, even more so when it came to considering reading through it and writing up a semi-coherent post. But for the most part I finished reading (looking?) through it and feel at least vaguely more comfortable with this now.

Ogura Muku cover illustration! /o/ Very pretty. For a larger image please see the official HertZ band 37 page. Anyway, some of the images in this post are NSFW so anyone under the age of 18 accepts full responsibility for viewing adult content if you click the link to read the full post.

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Snippets 008

♔ → In life after J.Garden, Moegi Yuu, Takaoka Nanaroku and Nekota Yonezou’s hilariously-titled doujinshi brap has taken Chill Chill’s top spot for the doujinshi ranking! I know I personally would love to read it. :9 In happy news for me, Munya Munya Sue’s Ori Ori Toji Toji has taken the #2 spot. Go go go Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru!

♔ → In other Ogura Muku news, both of her upcoming novel releases have supposedly been pushed back. I’m not exactly sure why??

♔ → In yet more Ogura Muku news, she has the cover of HertZ this month! So beautiful. This HertZ volume looks absolutely amazing: Kojima Lalako, Konjiki Luna, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, Matsumoto Miecohouse, Kinoshita Keiko, Yamanaka Hiko and Yamada Yugi. Hnnggg yes please.

♔ → As for other magazines I’m looking forward to, the latest issue of BOY’S Pierce looks incredibly promising. Finally! Something new by Gojoe Tiger! I couldn’t possibly be more excited, seriously.

♔ → For those who don’t know, there’s a new anthology called ITAN that has a lot of BL manga authors in it. I don’t think it’s a BL anthology, though, so I bought it just to figure out what the hell it’s about. I’m assuming it’s josei. But Kumota Haruko and Aniya Yuiji are both in it, as well as Ishino Aya, Nangoku Banana and Bikke. It’ll be an interesting read, I’m sure.

♔ → More on Kumota Haruko, she got a twitter account!
What she talks about is veeery cute, so if you like Kumota Haruko and can understand Japanese I recommend following her.

Snippets 004

Long snippets post today, since I’m too lazy to write about all these things separately at the moment. orz

♔ → As someone pointed out on the LJ community, the website for Kin’iro no Corda 3 has been updated with another new promotional video. It’s amazing. Suddenly, it looks almost like playing a musical instrument gives you super powers. Shit, bro, why didn’t I take an instrument in school?

♔ → Today DP released two new chapters of BL manga I was quite excited about—Brother x Brother and Maru de Hajimete no Koi Mitai ni! Though DP is probably one of the biggest BL scanlation groups (if not THE biggest) and I’m sure everyone knows this, please go to their site and check out those two series if you haven’t done so! I really like them, especially BxB. I’m hoping the couple I like will finally get together soon.

♔ → Congratulations to Nakamura Asumiko, who has once again proven how amazing she is by having her tankoubon Sotsugyousei -Haru- go straight to #2 in Chill Chill’s top five ranking only a day after its release!

♔ → In other Chill Chill ranking news, Kusama Sakae’s original doujinshi Hatsuhana looks absolutely lovely. I don’t talk about sensei as much as I could, but I really love Kusama Sakae. Such a great art style, and wonderful stories to go with it.

♔ → Lately, I have been trying to get caught up with all the Kanzaki Takashi manga that have been scanlated. This is actually quite an undertaking—Kanzaki-sensei is much more popular with scanlators than I originally imagined. Personally, Kanzaki Takashi isn’t anywhere near one of my favorites (her manga tend to have a certain sleaziness to them that I have trouble getting past) but I think all of her manga have high entertainment value if nothing else. The latest two I read were Junai Seichouki and Friends Like a Lover.

But I still have a long way to go before I’m caught up with all of her translated manga. orz

♔ → The cover for the latest drap issue has been revealed! Jaryuu Dokuro will be in this one! *w*

♔ → Kobato Mebaru has a series in the March issue of RuTiLe! I’m not sure if it’s a continuation, since she also had a series in the November issue but then not in the January issue. (Possibly because she was taking a break?) I look forward to seeing what this one is about.

♔ → Aaaaaand for anyone who’s interested and can read Japanese (or is at least competent with online translators), Bird just lately did a review on Yamada Yugi’s latest manga, Seinen 14sai! I’m really excited at the prospect of reading this.