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two covers.

I do not have much time (heeeeeey everyone!) but I wanted to post these because they are just so unfffff yesplz. ;A;

The first is for Takarai Rihito’s Hana no Mizo Shiru. I’m surprised to see this one up on amazon.jp already considering the cover still hasn’t been posted up to the b’s-garden website. It’s very pretty, as expected of something illustrated by Takarai Rihito. Then is Coga Mayumi’s first tankoubon as well as one of the first tankoubon releases through Canna Comics, Blind of Mind. If I recall correctly, the title is from her story in volume five of Canna.

Two very different art and coloring styles from two amazing mangaka. I can’t wait to actually read the contents!

today in BL manga

♔ → re: this post I wanted to clear up some things real quick!

1. When I said ‘no cheating’ I meant you couldn’t go to someone else and have them give you the answers. It’s perfectly fine for you to do research on your own by going through your mangaka folders on your computer or your own book collection, or to go through iamfujoshi or this blog. Hell, I even reused some images from iamfujoshi for that exact purpose.
2. You do not have to have commented on this blog or emailed me before to participate. This is for everyone and is just my haphazard way to celebrating.
3. Yes, the thing I’ll buy for first prize has to be a tankoubon and it has to be BL. I can’t afford to send random people expensive BL anthologies and artbooks, and what’s the point in getting a shoujo manga as a prize for a BL competition? That’s just weird.

No one has gotten all thirty correct yet so there’s still plenty of time to try it yourselves! Good luck! I will post the answers when I get home from work on December 1st!

♔ → My Black Friday was really hectic and stressful (hello retail job and getting to work at 3AM!) but at least one good thing came out of it: I got part two of my BL purchase! /o/

So far I’ve only read the Moto Haruko one in full (oh my goddd SO CUTE AND SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! /two thumbs up!) and then bits and piece of Hitorijime Boyfriend (also cute!) and a bit of Boy’s LOVE. Not sure how I feel about Boy’s LOVE this time around tbh. Maybe I need to read it more closely. But it just doesn’t seem… uh… sufficiently dirty? There weren’t enough pointless sex scenes. And the Yamada Torico chapter wasn’t long enough booo.

♔ → Is it just me or is the HertZ cover this month (which I have officially dubbed “hnnngggertZ”) so very unf? I mean, really.

Oh god it is so beautiful. ;; Also can I just say I’m super super excited that Kojima Lalako is back again right after her series ended? Usually a mangaka will take a break from any certain magazine after she finishes a story, but not Kojima Lalako. No no she’s a very badass mangaka. I hope her first tankoubon is through HertZ. I would love to buy ten copies and build a shrine to them all. Or maybe eleven copies, because then I’d also have one to sleep with at night.

Anyway, I’m also excited about Konjiki Runa’s new chapter since there really finally seemed to be some valid romantic development. Same with Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s story, though that’s less about the romantic development (since they’re already a couple) and more about the sex rofl. I’m still mourning the whole ‘no new chapter of Hakumokuren‘ thing, but hopefully the sudden addition of Ike Reibun will make up for it.

♔ → Speaking of HertZ, the POP image of Takarai Rihito’s tankoubon through CRAFT (HertZ’s sister line) has been posted. You can see it here for anyone interested.

today in BL manga

♔ → For a while I was pretty glad that there weren’t too many big releases coming up for my favorite mangaka, but then yesterday I checked Asunaro for some bad good news.

  • Konno Satomi release mid-December through HertZ
  • Okuyama Puku release mid-December through CRAFT
  • Takarai Rihito release for late December through CRAFT
  • Kijima Hyougo release mid-December through Aqua
  • Yamanaka Hiko release for late December through Dear+

Add those to the Kinoshita Keiko and Katou Setsuko releases in November and the Yamada Yugi, Kusama Sakae and Ootsuki Miu releases in December and I am suddenly broke again. Damn it, manga budget, why do you always eat up all of my extra income?? No Starbucks for me again this month.

♔ → I added a new section: where to buy. I had originally posted this to wearefujoshi and didn’t plan on posting it here, but since it’s the question I get most often on formspring and in the comments and I can’t link the post from that comm since it’s member locked I figured the best idea would be to have it here as well—if even just for safe keeping. Hopefully it’ll come in handy.

♔ → Two new covers were posted up to amazon!

Kano Shiuko isn’t in this issue of BExBOY GOLD which is heartbreaking to me as it means it will take even longer for the tankoubon to be released. /o\ However, she is in the next issue and even gets the cover. Is anyone keeping up with Punch Up through the magazine? Is it nearing the final chapter yet? It seems like that manga has been going on forever. But anyway, if you go to the BExBOY GOLD website you can see previews for three of the chapters in this latest issue, including the next chapter of Ike Reibun’s Not Equal. (Which is really good, by the way!!)

♔ → Anyway, I usually don’t do this for other personal blogs, but I wanted to pimp this blog. It’s not 100% BL-related but there’s an interesting daily section in which the blog maintainer recommends miscellaneous BL manga by various different authors and of various different types and genres. It caught my attention partially because the author wrote about liking Est Em but also about liking Hoshino Lily, which is something I find oddly rare in BL fandom—such a varied taste that accepts all kinds of different art and story styles. I really enjoy reading the maintainers opinion, so I recommend it!

Snippets 018

I actually left some information out of this post since it was getting so freakishly long. If you’re interested in what I left out then just ask in the comments and I’ll post it for you.

♔ → The cover of CRAFT volume 45 has been posted up on b’s garden. It’s Takarai Rihito, and has a nice summer feel. Yamamoto Kotetsuko has a new story in there called 3 years later. Sounds interesting. /o/ I wonder if it’s connected to Chu Chun ga Chun. Also related to b’s garden, HertZ posted up place-markers for their upcoming releases here. Personally, I’m very excited for Okuyama Puku.

♔ → Some more covers that were posted: Hanaoto, Boy’s LOVE, Dear+, Boy’s Kyapi. The Boy’s LOVE one made me drool a bit, I must admit. Sadly this issue doesn’t have anything new by Psyche Delico, but it does have Koshino, Kijima Hyougo, Sakira, Koiwazurai Shibito. :9 Mmmm sounds delicious. If you go to Junet’s website you can see a full disclosure on what will be in this issue.

♔ → The next issue of Baby is ‘Hazukashii Eros‘. I’m not exactly sure what that means but it sounds relevant to my interests.

♔ → Citron has updated their site banner to now showcase volume three. Totally worth checking out, because volume three was pretty fabulous. (Especially the Morozumi Sumitomo story hnggg.) The site (and the anthology itself?) currently has plans for a small renewal, which you can read about here. I am looking forward to the downloads section. Also related to Citron, supposedly volume four will be having a companion-release with a tankoubon by Nekota Riko titled Kuroneko no Yuuutsu.

♔ → Mangaka blog update: Hino Garasu updated about her upcoming tankoubon release and it’s pretty damn adorable. With such dark stories sometimes, I had no idea she was so cute. Jaryuu Dokuro also posted about her upcoming release (the first post in about three months) and doesn’t sound quite so giddy and excited but that’s okay because I can be giddy and excited for her. She also mentions that because she is currently working with many publishers her works might take a while to be completed so to please be patient with her. Then Psyche Delico updated with her placement and information for NatsuComi. She isn’t by Aniya Yuiji. Sad-face.

♔ → On LYNX’s site, they posted up the new previews for their latest tankoubon releases by Akira Norikazu and Sakino Yuuya. Please check them out if you’re interested!

♔ → For Hanaoto Comics’ Gentei anthology series, the next issue (released in late September) will have the theme “Sexual Harassment Salarymen”. I am not sure what to think of this, but I do know that I need it. The artists that will be in this book have not been released yet, though, as far as I know.

♔ → Yet another release for Takanaga Hinako, on September 10th through BexBoy the third volume of Bukiyou na Silent will be in stores. So yay for everyone who likes that series. /o/

♔ → Two upcoming illustrated novels with artists that I know many people adore: once again Kazuaki has illustrated a novel by Suzufuji Miwa. This book, titled Senaka Awase no Koi and put out through Spark Novels, will be released on August 23rd. The other book, written by Kuibira Harumo and released through Luna Novels, will be out August 30th and be illustrated by Takarai Rihito.

♔ → Gateau Comics, previously pointed out to me by a commenter on this blog and then assumed by me to just be a keitai BL reader, is in fact going to release some actual tankoubon coming up soon—three tankoubon coming out August 12. Personally I’m pretty excited about Hide Yoshiko since I already know her from Cab, but Kumonosuke and Pepu also look pretty cute. Especially Kumonosuke after looking at her fanart. I love anyone who does dirty fanart of Kazuma from Summer Wars. And Teddy from P4.

♔ → Two other drap releases that I have yet to talk about are Moto Haruko and Takazawa Taeko. The Moto Haruko tankoubon, Sagatte Omachi Kudasai, will be released on the third of September. Takazawa Taeko’s Doctor no Hisoka na Tanoshimi will come out later in the month on September 25th.

♔ → For anyone interested, here are the two covers for Chocolate Comics’ upcoming releases. They’re on the inside flap of Ogura Muku’s latest tankoubon.

♔ → Tojitsuki Hajime will be releasing a tankoubon, Monogatari wa Shi de Owaranai, through Daria on September 22nd. Mmmm Tojitsuki Hajime.

Moe Danshi Gatari

I figured that I would take some pictures of this book and share them on here, since it’s so lovely. I only took pictures of my personal favorite illustrations, but if you have any requests (you can see all the artists mentioned in this blog post at Akibanana) for pictures just say so.

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Manga arrival!

Today is truly a good day to be a fujoshi!

Why? (Aside, of course, from the great scanlation releases that happened today?)

This is why:

These came in the mail today! /o/

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