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HertZ band 42

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m spending the day with my cats and some BL manga haha. I hope you all have  lovely day regardless of whether you are romantically attached to anyone or not.

errr I skipped the last issue of this, didn’t I? Sorry about that—over December I had a lot on my plate. orz;;; But here I am to talk about the latest issue, so you’ll forgive me right?

Vague warning for R-18 content goes here.

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Everyone who was betting that Kojima Lalako’s first tankoubon would go to HertZ, you are correct! Kojima’s first tankoubon, Neko no Yomeiri, has finally been announced. I, for one, am E・C・S・T・A・T・I・C.

So sorry to LYNX and Canna for their losses. However, there’s still second place! Better hurry up and release her second tankoubon so you don’t have to come in third!

Also, Junet’s March tankoubon were finally announced and I am very disheartened to see that Ootsuki Miu is still not in their tankoubon line-up. 8( However, there is Watanabe Asia who I am at least close to liking almost as much as Ootsuki Miu. So at least there is still something to look forward to!

OH! And the specific date for Konjiki Runa’s Bara to Yaban tankoubon was finally posted! March 1st! Mark your calendars. :>

today in BL manga

♔ → Relentless refreshing of HertZ’s page has yet to yield a single anthology cover, but MatsuMieco’s latest tankoubon cover has been posted up along with the POP cover to HertZ’s ‘series’ page. So far, I’m unsure of how ‘impressed’ necessarily I am with the cover’s ability to allude to the story within, but taken at face value it’s very cute. I love how they’re breathlessly staring into each other’s eyes unfffff.

If you’re considering buying this manga and just need that one extra push, here you go: I really love this manga. It was in the first issue of HertZ I ever bought and it’s just amazing—bittersweet and terrible in parts but it’s just an all-around wonderful story about two boys who are unsure and afraid of their attraction toward each other. It Seriously, bro, buy it and you will totally not regret it.

♔ → The latest issue of Rutile has been released. For some reason I had no idea Yamamoto Kotetsuko would be on the cover of this issue and it’s just. Ahhhh. It is so cute holy jesus on a cracker.

One thing I am sad about, though, is once again Jaryuu Dokuro has backed out of this issue. I’m sure she is working hard and has a very good reason for it, but it doesn’t make it any less depressing each time she is suddenly not in a magazine or anthology that she was originally listed for. It admittedly makes me doubt her actually showing up in the latest issues of Citron and drap as well. But anyway, there’s also a gorgeous Tagura Tooru poster and a color page by Matsumoto Miecohouse and you can check all that out right here on their official site!

♔ → Speaking of Yamamoto Kotetsuko, she has two taknoubon coming out in the next months: Mad Cinderella in February through HertZ and the fourth volume of Honto Yajuu in March through Gush. Honto Yajuu is another one of those series that is getting abnormally long, but it’s so cute that I have trouble being bothered by it lmao. orz;;;;;

♔ → In more release news, Umematsu Machie also has two releases next month: one through Canna and then one through LYNX. February is now officially Umematsu Machie month in the BL world. Then there is also Kusama Sakae’s March release through Dear+ (if I recall correctly) for the second volume of Imero, Konjiki Runa’s February release through Aqua (and I think she mentioned a March release of her HertZ release? I’m not sure…), Kinoshita Keiko’s early upcoming releases in both late February and early March through Dear+ and Asuka respectively, and then only about a million other releases. Watch me go broke during tax season.

♔ → Is everyone else super excited for the tankoubon release of Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke? *A* I am definitely super super excited—‘counting down the days’ excited, even! The cover looks absolutely beyond amazing, going by the samples they provided in their latest blog post. And there’s also this super duper adorable top-bar image from Citron’s site:

There will also be a ‘Kumota Haruko fair’ (sounds like my kind of fair right there—no clowns, only amazing BL manga) and signing event on February 19th. If you’ll be in Japan on that date and would like to meet Kumota, you can find the details here.

Moe Danshi Gatari 2

Hello everyone! Guess what came in the mail today! That’s right, Moe Danshi Gatari 2. (Also, Ootsuki Miu’s latest tankoubon but I’ll save talking about that for a little later…) It’s pretty much as beautiful as I was expecting, if not more beautiful. I am so excited for this I can barely hold it all in, so of course I just have to post about it. You can’t say you weren’t expecting this.

I was originally planning to just take a couple pictures of my personal favorites but that somehow turned into, like, twenty-four images. Oops. Oh well, at least I didn’t take the entire book.

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today in BL manga

♔ → re: this post I wanted to clear up some things real quick!

1. When I said ‘no cheating’ I meant you couldn’t go to someone else and have them give you the answers. It’s perfectly fine for you to do research on your own by going through your mangaka folders on your computer or your own book collection, or to go through iamfujoshi or this blog. Hell, I even reused some images from iamfujoshi for that exact purpose.
2. You do not have to have commented on this blog or emailed me before to participate. This is for everyone and is just my haphazard way to celebrating.
3. Yes, the thing I’ll buy for first prize has to be a tankoubon and it has to be BL. I can’t afford to send random people expensive BL anthologies and artbooks, and what’s the point in getting a shoujo manga as a prize for a BL competition? That’s just weird.

No one has gotten all thirty correct yet so there’s still plenty of time to try it yourselves! Good luck! I will post the answers when I get home from work on December 1st!

♔ → My Black Friday was really hectic and stressful (hello retail job and getting to work at 3AM!) but at least one good thing came out of it: I got part two of my BL purchase! /o/

So far I’ve only read the Moto Haruko one in full (oh my goddd SO CUTE AND SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! /two thumbs up!) and then bits and piece of Hitorijime Boyfriend (also cute!) and a bit of Boy’s LOVE. Not sure how I feel about Boy’s LOVE this time around tbh. Maybe I need to read it more closely. But it just doesn’t seem… uh… sufficiently dirty? There weren’t enough pointless sex scenes. And the Yamada Torico chapter wasn’t long enough booo.

♔ → Is it just me or is the HertZ cover this month (which I have officially dubbed “hnnngggertZ”) so very unf? I mean, really.

Oh god it is so beautiful. ;; Also can I just say I’m super super excited that Kojima Lalako is back again right after her series ended? Usually a mangaka will take a break from any certain magazine after she finishes a story, but not Kojima Lalako. No no she’s a very badass mangaka. I hope her first tankoubon is through HertZ. I would love to buy ten copies and build a shrine to them all. Or maybe eleven copies, because then I’d also have one to sleep with at night.

Anyway, I’m also excited about Konjiki Runa’s new chapter since there really finally seemed to be some valid romantic development. Same with Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s story, though that’s less about the romantic development (since they’re already a couple) and more about the sex rofl. I’m still mourning the whole ‘no new chapter of Hakumokuren‘ thing, but hopefully the sudden addition of Ike Reibun will make up for it.

♔ → Speaking of HertZ, the POP image of Takarai Rihito’s tankoubon through CRAFT (HertZ’s sister line) has been posted. You can see it here for anyone interested.

Moe Danshi Gatari mangaka list

Someone on formspring asked about this and so I’ll just post it here. The mangaka list was passed around by various mangaka on twitter these last couple days and I was going to wait to talk about it more until after my book arrived since you can only talk about a thing you aren’t actually holding in your hands so much before you just no longer have anything to say. But I guess the romanized mangaka list is valid information.

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HertZ band 40

I am always excited for HertZ. If I didn’t feel obligated to devote my love to Cab I would probably easily and gladly say that HertZ is my favorite anthology. Always worth the price in both quantity (fucking huge anthology is always fucking huge) and quality of the authors and stories inside. This issue (though some of my favorite mangaka such as Ogura Muku and MatsuMieco are sadly absent) is a pretty good example of that.

General warning for R-18 content applies. Also spoilers if you happen to read any of the stories in here and are not currently caught up. (Does anyone else read HertZ religiously? Anyone? Anyone at all? Does anyone else read any BL magazines religiously? /needs people to talk to lmao)

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