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I miss Kobato Mebaru. ;;

See the title. It really feels like forever since I last saw Kobato Mebaru in any magazines or anthologies at all. Not Dear+ or Daria or even BexBoy. Really, she doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything lately. (Though she did update her blog a while back iirc… I think it had something to do with novel illustrations.) So though it’s something I can”t really partake in, I did admittedly get pretty damn excited when it was announced that a novel she illustrated would be released in early January.

Though actually, now that the cover is out I just miss her even more. orz;;;

Kobato Mebaru, come back! I need you!

A little late but nonetheless exciting.

These past couple days I’ve been having personal issues which are just bleh bleh bleh but this morning I woke up to a blog update from both Kobato Mebaru and Ogura Muku which was enough to get my out of my funk. (Mostly, anyway.) As I have mentioned before, the two are actually very very good friends and together they run the doujin circle ‘Munya Munya Sue’. They are pretty much just both adorable and incredibly talented and I love them both to bits.

Anyway, they both updated their blogs about NatsuComi!! (And pretty much just copy/paste’d each other lmao.) \o/ For the lovely Niya Niya Sue corner! A while ago after Kobato and Ogura updated about their general positioning in NatsuComi and what day they’d be there, I’d posed the query of whether or not Munya Munya Sue would be releasing a new doujinshi or not. Well, that’s exactly what they updated (a little late) about this morning.

They do, in fact, have a new doujinshi to release. As they both posted in their blogs, they have a new book titled Komatta-kun to Komatta-chan, 24-pages. The theme for this book (since the two always have a cute theme) is high schoolers who are dating. They are also doing a rerelease of Ori Ori Toji Toji. And thennnnnn—! They also released a full-color uchiwa! Very cute.

See? Adorable! I stole the image from this auction. (/naughty) But you can click the link and also see the cover for their doujinshi and another image of the full uchiwa.

Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru specifically requested for the uchiwa and such to not be resold and I feel guilty but I’m glad there are people out there who don’t listen to mangaka wishes and still resell the items on auction sites and to consignment stores because, as a foreign fan, there’s really almost no other way I could get them. Very sad. 8(

Speaking of NatsuComi! It’s actually in full swing of the final day as I write this, I think? I hope everyone who was able to go had a nice time! Were you able to greet your favorite mangaka and doujinka? Did you make any amazing finds?

Also, Aniya Yuiji’s Leila doujinshi was taken down from toranoana! I’m heartbroken since I haven’t put in my order yet. I’m hoping that maybe she just ran out of stock (because I could definitely see that happening—the book sounded absolutely fabulous and it feels like its been so long since we had some actual BL content from Aniya) and they’re just waiting for a reprint. Otherwise I’m going to go broke using Yahoo!Japan auctions again. BOO.

Snippets 020

Again? Already?? I know, I know. But this is actually all new stuff from yesterday. orz;; I guess BL fandom is quite active lately.

♔ → Jaryuu Dokuro updated about her tankoubon release. In her post she alerts everyone that the book was officially released and then thanks everyone who buys it for their support. She also talks about autumn a bit. She sounds a bit overworked and exhausted, so I hope she’s able to rest up and keep in good spirits.

♔ → For those who read the review and are interested in sampling it before you’re sure if you want to buy it or not, RuTiLe Sweet added the first chapter of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13 tankoubon. They also added a sample story by Hirakita Yuya, who writes very cute stories. If you have time I highly recommend checking out those two chapters!

♔ → Est Em posted her NatsuComi information to her blogspot account. It seems she has at least two new books and then that *UCK shirt she created, and then three older books for sale. NatsuComi started today/yesterday, didn’t it? Are any of you going?

♔ → The cover for moca volume three, illustrated by Monchi Kaori, is quite stunning. You can check it out here. Gives off a very sensual feel.

♔ → In slightly more ‘serious business’ news, Junet just recently released a new anthology that has a few fujoshi upset. Omocha Pierce is a new shota anthology (that supposedly comes with an actual vibrator as the ‘free gift’), released by the same publishers as BOY’S Pierce and Boy’s LOVE and many other hardcore BL anthologies and magazines. You can see one review here on Chill Chill where a fujoshi raises her concerns and speaks her disappointment with the publishers for releasing something like this at such a turbulent time in the BL industry. She asks if the person who made this decision is someone who hates BL, or is maybe a man who doesn’t understand how delicate a situation this is for the reputations of females who enjoy BL. Personally, I am just sad that Gojoe Tiger is in it because I love her and wish to read all of her stories, but I’m not really interested in things like hardcore shota. Sorry, Gojoe.

♔ → Dear+ have updated their site with the cover and information for their latest release as well as information on the upcoming issue. The two color pages for this issue are quite stunning, especially the Hanamura Ichika one. Her art is really quite beautiful. Kobato Mebaru is in this issue, but will not be in the next one. However, one thing that will be in the next issue is a novel illustrated by Kazuaki complete with a color page.

♔ → drap has a new gijinka anthology coming out with a pretty amazing mangaka lineup. The names that stand out most for me are Ootsuki Miu, Jaryuu Dokuro, Yamanaka Hiko, Yamada Torico, Mai, Coga Mayumi, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, etc. but there are a lot of different names so I recommend clicking the link since I’m sure there will be many who interest you as well.

35DoBM: Day 29

It is okay if you think I’m (even more) creepy (than you already did before) when you read this. I will totally understand.

original post

Day 29: a BL manga that best covered your own personal kinks
Sawatte, Tokashite by Kobato Mebaru

This manga is pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted as far as my creepy moe points go. Plus the art is gorgeous as usual. Plus the characters are adorable. But hnggg the relationships in this manga. I love them so much. The first story has an older suave, sexy, perverted businessman who tutors a delinquent-ish yet cute and tsuntsun highschool student and along the way convinces him that they should totally be in a romantic, sexual relationship. Second story has a shy, pouty seme and airheaded dipshit uke, which I like for some reason. Third story is cute fluff between an older salaryman and a high school student as they warm up to each other and then get a bit touchy-feely afterhours at the bathhouse.

AND THEN! The fourth story: BROTHER COMPLEX. *Q* I always feel so creepy admitting it but I love brother complex stories sooooo much oh man. And this one is an ACTUAL burakon story—not one between cousins or step-brothers. Uwannnn~ the taboo romance makes my fujoshi heart feel so ~doki doki~ when I think about it. So good. *w* The amount of times I’ve read this story is really truly pitiful and horrifying.

Also, obviously the images I used to make my ~totally awesome~ collage are from Blissful Sin‘s amazing scanlation of this manga. If you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend you go to their site, download it, thank them and then read this. Because it’s sooooo good and not enough people adore Kobato Mebaru.

The Top 150

I was actually given this meme by K.Makoto yesterday in a comment because I had never heard of it before. It was actually kind of painfully long. orz And also just generally painful. If you want to waste time reading my (very boring) twitter you’ll see that I was quite frustrated at times about having to pick between my favorite mangaka. I even had to take a break halfway through just to get some sleep so I’d stop being so whiny.

But all-in-all it was fun. I was a bit embarrassed at times about how many of the names popped up that made me go “…now who is THIS person again??” (And some I didn’t know at all!) I admit, when I don’t especially love a mangaka I know them only by their art style and don’t bother learning their name. Oops. Sorry, BL fandom. I have failed you.

Understandably, a lot of my favorite mangaka weren’t on there (tbh, I was astounded at how many of my favorite mangaka were—but then, I’m probably just so used to my favorites being virtually known in foreign fandom so it always takes me by surprise to see Japanese fandom acknowledge them). That’s to be expected, since there are thousands and thousands of BL mangaka and the meme only has 150 names included. That’s good, though, because if it had only named all my favorites, the meme would have been even more like torture than it already was.

Anyway, click to see the rest of my results.
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& more Aniya Yuiji

Sorry. Is this starting to seem like an Aniya Yuiji blog? Is it really? Tomorrow (since I don’t have some of the items I need with me today) I’ll post a full snippets post and I promise it just won’t be a bullet-points list of why Aniya Yuiji is a BAMF.

1. Nakama released chapter two of Aniya Yuiji’s Kigeki wa Koi de Shinkasuru! You can download it here. Please please please read it! For me! I will give you a Gold Star in BL manga:

2. All the doujinka are setting up for NatsuComi and posting their placement and what day they’ll be there, etc. KNOW WHAT’S EXCITING?? (even though I won’t be attending, obviously…) Aniya Yuiji and Ogura Muku/Kobato Mebaru combi will be placed right next to each other:

I have lovingly dubbed this corner of NatsuComi day 3 “Niya Niya Sue”.

Will any of you lovely people be attending NatsuComi this year?

Snippets 017

♔ → The newest cover of Baby, themed “Kozure”, has been posted up to BK1. BK1 is evidently very good about posting their covers in a timely manner—even more timely than Baby, in fact, who released the anthology more than a day ago and still haven’t updated their site. Tokyo Mangasha #2 y/y?

♔ → Speaking of Tokyo Mangasha, they finally updated their site a couple days ago. Go there to see higher-quality images of the Nobara and Cab covers and also to see the line-up for Cab’s latest issue.

♔ → Good news for Kumota Haruko: Nobara is a compete hit! It was posted as a recommendation for the first week of its release on Chill Chill and is now currently at #4 on their manga ranking. I’m crossing my fingers for it to hit #1 any time now.

♔ → Kobato Mebaru updated her blog yesterday to talk about the Daria summer BL fair as well as the latest issue of Dear+. She also mentioned Ogura Muku’s meet & greet event for her upcoming release. I know it makes me a loser but awwwww those two are such cute friends! I love it when they talk about each other lol.

♔ → Joining the string of upcoming releases are two new book announcements under Chocolate Comics. The first is by Akira Norikazu and will be titled beast & feast. The second will be titled Teardrop and will be released by Asou Mitsuaki. Two very amazing mangaka, so please look forward to that!

♔ → B’s Garden, the website for Shy novels and CRAFT and HertZ comics, got a complete overhaul today. It used to be a sad, dreary dark blue but now is incredibly colorful. Just in time for the sunny days of summer. I definitely prefer this version of the site—nicer on the eyes and much easier to navigate once you figure things out. What do you think?

♔ → Speaking of B’S Garden, CRAFT (CLAFT, lmao) posted up the covers for their upcoming releases by Miyagi Tooko and Inoue Nawo. You can see them here. Hopefully in the next couple days the previews will also be posted.

♔ → Aniya Yuiji’s drama CD for Me wo Tojite 3byou comes out today! Exciting, exciting! /o/ Aniya Yuiji posted the cover on her site here and it’s so so soooo lovely. She is so amazing, I don’t even. BUT ANWAY, my sweet and lovely blog readers, I have a favor to ask. I do not run in drama CD circles because I don’t like seiyuu, so could anyone who finds a download for this drama CD when it’s posted please tell me? I really really want to listen to it because this is my favorite manga and. Yeah. PLEASE? 8(? I wanted to buy it but CDs are too expensive for me, especially since I’ll probably only listen to it once.

♔ → I don’t remember if I already talked about it so sorry if you’re hearing this twice, but Ootsuki Miu’s Melancholic Mellow Mellow will be getting a drama CD release through the same company, Fifth Avenue. The release date is set for July 28th. So congratulations to Ootsuki-sensei for yet another drama CD release from one of her plots!

♔ → BExBOY GOLD needs to post the cover already jfc.