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Event Otsukare! Ensemble Stars “Checkmate”

Sorry about my absence. orz;; This past week has been filled with house sitting, school visits (kinda…), and quite a bit of paperwork. Also me being lazy now that summer is here full-on, let’s be honest.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do an end-of-event report for Ensemble Stars’ most recent event. For those who aren’t particularly well-versed in mobile gaming, Ensemble Stars is an idol-raising game for girls. I would say “similar to [xyz]” but tbh this is essentially the first idol mobage I played so I can’t compare it to any of its predecessors. What makes Ensemble Stars particularly interesting to me, though, is that it takes cues from both otome and BL so you have a breadth of interesting characters with equally interesting relationships that are often kind of… suspect. I would highly recommend it for its incredible characters, great story-telling and wonderful art, but buyer beware because it’s a money-sucking machine.

Of course, the most recent event was Knights! Which is inarguably the most popular unit in the game. As two characters from Knights are in my top five (unfortunately for me, because Knights events are ridiculously time- and funds-consuming) I played this event pretty seriously. Especially since Arashi was rank.

I ended up getting only two copies of Arashi. orz;; I’m not FTP by any means but since I have to start focusing on saving for school I couldn’t really take this event ‘seriously’ in an actual expenditure sense. So I had 250 dia to use on the event, as well as a stash of unused sports drinks, konpeito, and yakisoba from all the events post-April (and post-Mika). Luckily I also happened to get Shinobu and Mitsuru from the event scout, which also gave me a boost (though took away from my dia stash). Currently I only have 19 dia left, and my rank was…


…15,532, which put me over 500 below the rank I wanted to be in to get three copies of Arashi, but alas. orz;;; There was no way I was going to spend more dia to battle KnightsP just for one more copy of a card that will already be too weak to use on any of my teams. Sorry, Naruchan. ;;

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