Event Otsukare! Ensemble Stars “Checkmate”

Sorry about my absence. orz;; This past week has been filled with house sitting, school visits (kinda…), and quite a bit of paperwork. Also me being lazy now that summer is here full-on, let’s be honest.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do an end-of-event report for Ensemble Stars’ most recent event. For those who aren’t particularly well-versed in mobile gaming, Ensemble Stars is an idol-raising game for girls. I would say “similar to [xyz]” but tbh this is essentially the first idol mobage I played so I can’t compare it to any of its predecessors. What makes Ensemble Stars particularly interesting to me, though, is that it takes cues from both otome and BL so you have a breadth of interesting characters with equally interesting relationships that are often kind of… suspect. I would highly recommend it for its incredible characters, great story-telling and wonderful art, but buyer beware because it’s a money-sucking machine.

Of course, the most recent event was Knights! Which is inarguably the most popular unit in the game. As two characters from Knights are in my top five (unfortunately for me, because Knights events are ridiculously time- and funds-consuming) I played this event pretty seriously. Especially since Arashi was rank.

I ended up getting only two copies of Arashi. orz;; I’m not FTP by any means but since I have to start focusing on saving for school I couldn’t really take this event ‘seriously’ in an actual expenditure sense. So I had 250 dia to use on the event, as well as a stash of unused sports drinks, konpeito, and yakisoba from all the events post-April (and post-Mika). Luckily I also happened to get Shinobu and Mitsuru from the event scout, which also gave me a boost (though took away from my dia stash). Currently I only have 19 dia left, and my rank was…


…15,532, which put me over 500 below the rank I wanted to be in to get three copies of Arashi, but alas. orz;;; There was no way I was going to spend more dia to battle KnightsP just for one more copy of a card that will already be too weak to use on any of my teams. Sorry, Naruchan. ;;


But I got two copies of him, which still made me happy. Honestly, even just one copy would have been good since—like I said—anything under a MAX copy of a 4* is too weak to actually incorporate into my teams. But I went hard because I wanted at least three copies of Izumi, since at three copies is when a 5* card starts getting pretty strong in their respective field.

I got my third copy yesterday evening, so just in time before the event ended. I was a bit shocked I was able to get three copies with spending as little dia as I did, but I guess that was just a mix of maximizing my LP expenditure (though I refuse to purposely wake up in the middle of the night—over my dead body, happyele…), having a lot of resources saved, and having fairly strong teams.



I was also able to MAX Eichi, but that was only because he dropped for me once quite early on.

Overall, while I didn’t get the three copies of Arashi I was hoping for, I’m pretty happy with how I did in the event. It’s good to see I don’t necessarily have to spend a crap-ton of money to get serious results in an event. Of course, it helped that I was never doing anything this week that legitimately prevented me from using my LP.

As for the event story, it was pretty cruel haha. As someone who actually really loves Izumi, it wasn’t fun to see his whole world (his unit, his relationship with Leo, his dreams…) essentially fall to pieces and then also… blame himself for it…. lmao thanks Happy Elements. orz;; But I always appreciate more backstory on the units, the characters, and their relationships so I’ll get over the pain. Eventually. At least since it’s a reminiscence event, we know that eventually Knights is healed and reunited.

My absolute favorite part of the event, though, was probably Arashi’s boards; they honestly filled me with so much joy. Usually grinding for the mini events can get kind of tedious, but reading Arashi’s interactions with Izumi was so wonderful to me I played his board over and over and over just to make sure I’d gotten every different reaction to all the answer options. The way they play off each other is just brilliant, and since Arashi is the reason I came to understand and love Izumi in the first place I always appreciate the added bonus of them being around each other.


Arashi is honestly just…. so cute. So cute. An angel.


Arashi kindly asking Izumi to give him a better nickname than (essentially) ‘four-eyes’. Considering in present day Izumi calls Arashi ‘kuso okama’ I think we all know this request didn’t end so well. But Arashi’s reactions to both options were so cute ugh.


He got peeved when Izumi called him ‘kuso okama’ for the first time. I’m sorry, Naruchan.


Arashi upset at having to face the teacher he has a crush on all sweaty and red-faced. And then you can make Izumi respond “your face looks beautiful”… which I did make Izumi say, even though that is way too sincere a compliment to ever come out of Izumi’s mouth. Izumi isn’t even that nice to Yuuki, much less Arashi.

I honestly took so many screencaps of Arashi during the course events it’s just ridiculous, but there were so many cute interactions between him and Izumi that it was rough. I couldn’t help myself.


See? I have hours of content of just Arashi’s reactions to Izumi. I’m a ridiculous human being.


There was also an unexpected amount of bizarre flirtatious tension between Leo and Eichi. Leo/Izumi I expected, Leo/Eichi not… so much…??


And I will leave you, with Izumi’s beautiful face.

As for the next scout and event, I’m kind of nervous. I went rather all-out with this event because, like I said, I truly love Izumi and Arashi. And I don’t have to worry about a Mika event for quite a while now. However… it’s been a while since there was a Fine event (though they did have a fairly recent Scout) and if there were a Toori or Yuzuru 5* I’d be screwed since all of my resources are completely depleted. orz Thanks KnightsP.

I think it’s about time for a Hajime-centric event, though! Hasn’t it been too long since he was in the spotlight?


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